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Gaia Odyssey

Gaia Odyssey for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by EYOUGAME(USS) located at 05-06, PAYA LEBAR SQUARE, 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Don't bother guys with this game. The google reviews regarding this company where right. Many people complained about this company other games, that they use GM accounts in game, which act as normal players, but obviously with high CP, to motivate other players to spend. The tactic is simple: they put on random servers, a GM account. That account pretends to be a normal player, but all his CP is artificially boosted (that account receives diamonds for free, wins lottery events, etc). Those gm
Really good game love everything about it keep updating and can you add ships which we can use to sail the seven seas and there will be lot of enemies and treasure and mystery in the journey. And if you are looking at my comment right now then you came to the right game to play this is one of the best MMORPG i have every played and it is not single player it just says it in the game type icon.
This game is fantastic. But it would be better if you put a gender selection and more character like archer swordsman and a mage and it will be better if you let the player distribute their own statistics like agility, strength, intelligence etc. So they could change their character, if they want their character to have a high atk speed put in on agility, etc. And this game will also be good if you put hairstyle selection also haircolor so the players will be able to change their appearance.
Not F2P but it was good to play and some with a higher stats will kill you.. and keep doing that till you quit on the game.. the more money you have the more dominates the game. That's why is so sad for those who don't have money to play it. they will get bored from being killed always.
It's a good game, but why did I put 4 stars only? Because the game gets boring and boring, while leveling, you'll just turn on bot mode and it will itself, and also, if your at lvl 250-350 your just gonna turn on bot mode and wait till it lvl up, but it's still I good game, if the developer reads this, I would recommend something
pay to win. grinding is useless unless you're willing to spend tons of money to get ahead. it's a problem cause the game rewards the player not for playing, but for paying a lot of money. tons of ads. gets boring after a while. some servers are really toxic as well. a friend of mine was sexually harassed. the game is badly moderated and allows for this kind of behavior to thrive.
Have to be honest, played this game since the start up, pre - regeneration and everything. This game gets very addicting then boring fast. A lot of it, is just Auto Play and no skills.. To increase CP and get to the top you'll need to spend a lot of money. Very money grabbing. Wouldn't waste your money or time on this game.. It was fun while it lasted. 😕
If this game didn't have entire fuctions dedicated to taking your money, a screwy drop rate for important class-progression items, and a strong demand for you to be "VIP4" (another cash grab, 1 of 20 in this title) it would be a great time. But asking for so much revenue from the players kills the experience. (Edit: There are now players with 1 billion or more CP.. If you played all day every day since launch, with vip4, you'd probably be around 15-20 million CP right now. All hope is lost here.
after playing a month. Its ok for the auto attack.. but when you use the manual its difficult to touch, i think its because of the icon placement and sizes. There should be a change gender on every Job (Character e.t.c) which i think improve the game more because of the couple events. Also in cultivating partner and mounth there should be no reset within 24 hours remember that not all players have there money to spend on your game. im ok with the daily top up.. but please improve the game.
Kinda pay to win if you wanna be at the top in Power, but overall the game is great. You can auto or not auto there's an option in settings to turn it off which I really like. I've spent my fair share in this game. V5 currently however there are just somethings in game you cannot get without paying. Which is why im giving this 4* because its been about 5 weeks on our server & its already slowly dying due to p2w people making cs events impossible. You can't really fix this issue. Q.Q
I really like the game the only thing I don't like is there is two seals that I cannot unlock unless I buy the items I am not a person that plays a game and buys upgrades in order to unlock another upgrade makes me feel like I'm cheating at the game y'all should have made it to where you can either buy it to unlock it or like all the other ones playing the game and hard work to unlock it I Will never unlock the last to seals because I will never pay for it that's what I think is CHEATING.
My diamonds kept disappearing. .i was saving my diamonds. .just before i went afk, my diamonds was stil 130. .when i came back, I was only left with 1 lousy diamond. .i top up again 60 diamonds. And just before i went offline, i double checked my diamonds, still 60. .but twhen i came back, i was once again left with only 1 lousy diamond. .really feels like I'm being scammed right now. .
Overall this is a great game, I love that it has a anime-like graphics. One thing I don't like about this game is the P2w system. The vip players are dominating the game making it less playable for f2p. Make the game more balance and I'll give it a 5 star rate.
I would really love to give a 5 stars but i want you guys to fix this bug. I just recently downloaded the app and im very excited to try it, but when i tried it i was stuck at the entrance, and that's it. even tho my internet connection was stable it still won't work. I'm literally stuck at the entrance. like I've waited for 2hrs thinking that maybe I was Just impatient, but believe me I've waited but it just wouldn't work. I'm stuck at 'checking updates' pls fix this!
This game is great, lots of stuff to do, many players to interact with. But i have two suggestions... 1) make a manual controls in the arena fight cuz its hard to fight a gunner when your a berserker in arena cuz you will use you'r ultimate skill while the enemy is so far away so she will hit you till you'r health is not enough to kill her...2) pls make the prices of enhancing equipments lower cuz in my case the gold coins of mine are like passerbies,they came quickly and disappeared quickly...
The game is good as far as I go but eventually the game started to have problems wherein the buttons cannot be seen even the NPC , mobs and characters are all gone . I hope for immediate response so I can play it well.
Not bad. Although it is hard to level up without the dungeons. The chance are limited. Nice Features. I kinda hate the VIP thing but still playable. Its just hard to lvl up without the dungeons. You cant level up easily on Mobs. But all in all I'm enjoying it so far.
Seems there's a few people not aware of the EYOU circuit- all their games are P2W all items and upgrades locked behide a paywall. Once one game starts to slow down they pop out another game- just look how many games they have. Running of the games is poor content stops after a while and all that matters is cash. Server merges are unfair and aimed to get the whales of the servers to spend and compete against each other and a total disregard to other players. Dont spend.
I have been playing for over 1 week now and it's great and beautiful. But there is a flaw which some people would agree with me. This is game addictive but people who wants to play with skills and not money would delete this game in 24 hours. I have spent money in it but for some difficulties I stopped and I experience how the players who doesn't spent money in it felt. It need some more 'none money' spending event if the dev want more people to play. I meant no disrespect but it need some more.
Seemed like a fun game at first, until have to deal with customer service. They argue with you and provide no support at all. I had items disappear behind lvl walls I've never gotten back. Glitches when items you sell on trading hall sell for different prices then what you set. Huge player gaps for those who p2w. If you not toping up over $6,000 usd+ you will never rank in anything and lose constantly by being one hit. Its not a in-depth game so you will be doing repetitive stuff none stop.
good game BUT, very low drop rate of items , it always give 1s item in boss, this game is for money player only, And one more just open the demonic temple and shield ,why we need to more 40days to unlock if you can open it early so we can enjoy the game, The item stats is so very bad, if my set is g10 2s or 3s when i change in g11 2s or 3s the stats are the same, like damage reduce 3percent, so changing equipment is uselless its only boost your cp, pls can you do something ,
I rate this 3 stars.. it really is a great game but during events it keeps on lagging I can't perform well due to this issue it keeps on reloading even though my internet was just fine.. I hope you notice this and do some improvement I really like this game cause it has nice graphics and not that hard controls.. that's all thank you
Good graphics and good content. But I strongly not recommend this game for f2p players. This game is too reliant on p2w players. Just a week since the server opens and your power is 50 times less than those who spent lots of money even if you're active to all events and dailies. Obviously just 1hit from them.
4 star cause i injoy it so much. but Not enough thangs to do everythang is limited or u dnt hav enough trys in boss realm. Or some thangs r limited to only v4 ppl. Would be much more fun if u could think about fixing that. Cant really get the gear required for certain gears if u only hav 3 trys in boss battles. : if u could maybe turn the peace boss into unlimited and hav a limit of trys on the unpeace boss trials. Think ppl would injoy the game better i knw i would. Just a thought tho.😊
The first day i gave tou 5 star. But when i play it its a 100% pay to win. I've heard that all of your games was a pay to win . and not for minor. So many bad experience including sexual harrastment and bully, spreading bad words on world chat. All of this are allowed . now i'm gonna report this game. You are creating demons with this game
Ignore haters reviews, they just don't know how to appreciate the "auto-system". Players like us who have to babysitting, driving, cooking or do housework, the only way to make progress in mmorpg is with the help of "auto-system". Not everyone have the luxury to "eyes on game" like most players do. Auto-system haters, stay away and don't be negative about the game. There are also other players love this game. Thanks Eyougame for this enjoyable amazing game.
IT'S GOT TOO MANY GREAT FEATURES AND IT'S KINDA OVERWHELMING, however, nice looking, and very anime, but it feels a bit empty, including how fast the story goes. I think that's a good thing, though.
In my experience its not bad. But for those non vip.. Spend lot of time.. Haha. The drop rate of red gear maybe only 5 % haha gold gear 10% - 15% maybe. Limited dungeon.. Only for vip 4.. If ur non vip.. 😅😅😅 maybe u need uninstall this game.. Haha. You why EYOUGAME create lot of games like these. Everytime they have new games released did u notice. The graphics and function of the games is all the same haha. I think they copy their other games then change the icons and appereance .
People leave 1-2 stars reviews without even getting lvl200+, that part is where things get fun. its pay to win to get ahead really fast but grinding is faster. Besides, if you have expedition cards thats literally the best way to get ahead faster and you get those cards pretty fast, even when lvl50. There is one bug for me, when using one of the skills my character walks away on its own. Tho, its not that big of a problem. Overall, Great game!
Its n awesome game, but it is pay to win, I'm in the top 30 without vip, all above me is vip people or a few that played longer than me, im good at the game. But farming xp is soo hard if all the quest are doen. Please help the people whom wants to play but can't pay, even only a little will help.
I love this game very much. So I have to thank all the makers of this game. It's nice to meet new people from other countries and have fun together. But some uses money to raise their cp and became undefeatable and called their selves God. That's nonsense. Looks like some people are here to ruined the game. Killing each other for no reason. But they are some few bugs in the game. Please fix it.. Maybe I will consider not to quit playing forever.
The new updated game don't even work anymore on my phone it's just stuck on frozen. It's been working b4 the server merge or update. Losing interest if this is not fixed and with a few more bugs as well. Been playing fun game since the beginning of it's launch.
I love this game probably been playing it for over a month, it's fun and addicting for me atleast but i kinda regret choosing the berserker sjpbpjsvjpav. There's nothing wrong about it, i just thought the name sounded cool and didn't even look at the stats so uh- i wanna change to canoneer i wish we could that and I'm pretty everyone in my server thinks I'm a boy when I'm not but overall it's a good game
*edit*Please fix urgently. Scapular system does not have dismantle or normal sell for blue or purple items. The inventory becomes full *edit*Most of the things that you can buy are a bit too expensive unfortunately, I guarantee that people will enjoy it more if the prices were a bit toned down. Another thing I would advise is to fix the time limit in Illunom Realm. You are given 20 seconds to get 3 stars but by the time the monsters spawn in some challenges, you are left with only 15-16 seconds.
Putting 3 star because I enjoy the game. But for some reason there's a lot of code not open for everyone and there's a way for leveling that is open for others and it is hindering even a vip players to get top spot. I may suggest to check this out to the fair with other players.
Pay to win. If you want your character to get stronger you have to spend tons of money or you'll lose to people who way lower than to your own level. I'm legend 115 (don't know how to convert it to level.) I'm always online just to play this game and just to keep up. My char cp number is lower than other char's cp whom it's level 200+. Top up to be one of the top, right, eyougame?
I recommend you guys to make the daily quest, guild quest, sign in daily, dengeoun instance etc. reset at once, like all of them will reset at 12:00am not just the sign in etc. that's so messed up, I've played alot of mmorpg's and this was the 1st time I saw a game that is like this when it comes in resetting.
This game is awesome.....its cute! NORMALLY MY FIANCE AND OLDEST DAUGHTER HAVE STARTED BEFORE ME BUT I AM FIRST THIS TIME. I am trying to get them to play the game as well even my youngest can play this game. I thank you for making a game that I can play with my daughters and all of us enjoy while being able to do something together!!! So I say Thank You and Bravo. You've done a Wonderful job on this game !!!!! Keep up the awesome job and updates as well. Thank you once again. Luke Combs
The game has potential, however, the drop rate should have more success rate because in boss you can just have good items 1 out of 3 times. It's f2p but the merge server is too soon that you can't stand against other player from different server because you can't be strong enough before the merge. example if you just started playing from server 10 after like 2 weeks it will be merge to servers 1 to 9 which is too soon
Before i can invite on facebook and get rewards in game but now after several updates there's always an error on invitation giftpack whenever i try to invite and i log on that facebook icon in game.. im not the only one who notice that but also my friend in game got error too on inviting.. Hope itll be fix.