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Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers

Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Phoenix Online Studios LLC located at 8124 Pershing Ave. Clayton, MO 63105. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood, Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs, Language) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Conflicted... Your monetization mechanic is disgraceful. The game is good. Nice nostalgic trip down memory lane. I like the rework on the original. Be transparent, put the price on the front of the play store. Id have paid the €20 on PC and would probably have paid similar for mobile but I'm incensed by the route you've taken to monetise. I despise the gated, day by day pay to play mechanic deployed. (Its also difficult to access, no option to buy in full, no incentive to buy in full.) Not even a "we hope you've enjoyed day one, please help support development of future titles" just: finish day one - cut sequence - give me money to play on. TBH im buying the full version "all in" on PC for €7 in the November sales
Awesome game but had to drop from 5star to 2 star because it no longer allows you to save/load saved games. This effectively makes the game unplayable. Please fix so I can change the rating to 5 star.
I'm enjoying it every bit! LOVE everything about the game. The only thing I don't like, is paying for the other chapters:( would recommend it definitely to others to play:)
Voices are not so good. buggy, menu sometimes disappear, journal has too small font size, you can only change size of dialogues. I don't like the logic of the game, like bringing mime to police officer, without the hint I would not know what to do. The first day is way too short. Worth it for $3 for full game not just for another days. I like hint system I like the graphic.
Bought the complete game 2 years ago...but after I uninstalled the game...the game acts like I never bought the chapters...very disappointed by this. Nothing has been fixed to resolve this even after I sent emails to the developer...so I'll be giving 1 star and that is being nice.
really needs a full version option and needs to be clear in the description that the in-app purchases are actually most of the game.
Love GK stuff but, should have said up front that you must pay to play after 1st chapter (aka Day 1). Really unfortunate. I would have been willing to watch ads, but I don't pay for games.
Cannot control PI in the Park at all ! So frustrated trying to control movements after hours I deleted the game! PLAYING ON GALAXY NOTE 9
I loved this game when I was a child playing it on PC, and was psyched when I learned there was a remastered version available. And I thoroughly enjoyed all two minutes I was able to play. The game locked up three different times in the introduction sequence. I don't know what on earth would compel a developer to release a title so buggy. All I'm grateful for is at least they gave me the ability to find out how poorly the game played before taking my money.
It's an awesome game. I've always loved the Gabriel Knight series. ( Even named my son Gabriel lol) but it's stuck in day 7 in the crypt, after I've opened the coffin door to get the wallet. I can see the whole screen to exit from the small window, so I'm stuck inside the crypt. What should I do?
2 Stars for the good graphics. Controls are slow. This 1st day is free - day 2 costs $2.99. No indication if you must pay for each day. W/ these short games it is not worth purchasing. I'd be willing to watch adverts so the makers can make money. Uninstalling.
Looks like a good remake but as far as I'm concerned it's definitely not worth the asking price! In my opinion it needs a permanent price drop to half the price to consider.
Using a Pixel Slate, and the game is literally crashing out every few seconds; try to read the newspaper, crash; go to the bedroom, crash. Real shame; I loved this game back in the day, and this remaster looked good (even if they didn't have the original cast audio) but I can't even play it. Wish I would have known that before purchasing the other days content.
This game looked really good from the outset but nearly £11 for the game is ridiculous! Wouldn't mind paying maybe £3/£4 for the whole game but definitely not £11 .. There's no need to make an android game so expensive, that's just greed from the makers.
When walking behind objects such as desks, walls, etc.. where a character's body is covered, there's a black shadow-y outline of the character instead. Very first character in game, the boy riding his bike in the intro does this. Can see him behind the building before he appears. Same for the woman who picks up news paper and walks into building. Can still see her after she walks in. Same for player character. Happens to ALL characters. Game unplayable. Using a Galaxy 10 to play.
It took me a while to get into the game and just as I was starting to somewhat enjoy it, Day 1 was over and I would have to pay to play days 3 and 4. And then, I'd have to pay again to play days 5 and 6. And then, I'd have to pay yet again to play Day 7. I wasn't into the game enough to make it worth it to me. Uninstalled after the first (free) episode.
I would be willing to pay for the episodes if the protagonist didnt clip through everything that blocks the rendering of his legs. I dont know if its a feature or what but it looks terrible. Update this design choice and youll get a better rating from me.
I bought day 2 to 4 and realised on comparison with the walkthrough, a few important things were missing. The Grandma's home doesn't appear after talking to Grace on day 1. UPDATE: Giving it a 4 from a 2. Looks like some of the gameplay has changed where grandma in concerned. Things I thought were issues, so far are my own incompetence. The support page of Phoenix was very helpful for clarification.
A very good game and definitely worth your time. Looking forward to the rest of the series being loaded as well. 👍😎
Please fix that mime! I hate him! He doesn't even follow me. How am i supposed to get the information from the radio? And because of that the rest of the game has become unplayable for me. Please fix him, i request you.
I really like this game and the voice acting. Only gripe is that on Android 10, Gabriel is this black blob and so are a number of other items or characters. No amount of display tweaks under settings help. Edit: Seems the issue is fixed, this is really a fun and engaging adventure game remastered for better graphics and controls, and the voice-acting is superb. This is really one of the best adventure games given when it is originally created.
I can't download this one. It reaches 330 mb and then it shuts down and says that my Wi-Fi isn't working right. My Wi-Fi has never had a problem with any game but this one. I believe the download link is broken. I tried three days to get this and now I'm giving up. Never again!
Almost identical to original game. Diffrent voice actors, but everything else that made the game what it is remain. A great throwback for those who played the original.
Not playable on smartphones, it seems to be made for tablets. Text transcript too small and some bugs (pixelling) on Android 10.
Loved the Adventure back in the day, and still having fun playing this type of adventure game. Thank you for bringing it back to the smartphone.
This is one of the best click & point adventure game in android store. Story line , graphics , mechanic is nice. However , there are some bugs (on Android maybe) : 1)Sometimes can't find objects, even if you click on the exact point. 2)Sometimes , in certain scenes, Gabriel flies himself on the screen unintendedly. This is a bug. 3)Again, sometimes , menu , inventory , etc.. buttons disappear and you have to restart the game.
Being some one who has played the original this is the perfect remaster, I hope you guys find a way to possibly do part 2 and 3 as well as maybe other sierra products like police quest and space quest would be great in this format.