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FZ9: Timeshift - Legacy of The Cold War

FZ9: Timeshift - Legacy of The Cold War for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HIKER GAMES located at Hiker Games Company 9th Floor, 315 Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Theres not much conent in the game so once your all out of energy you just gotta either buy the unlimited or buy gems to only play for another 5 minuets like i have NEVER played a game that slows down your whole progress and any fun from being had the way this game dose, hell once you beat a chapter you cant even play the next one right way you gotta upgrade a bunch of stuff which baisiclly stops you from playing for days at time and it really sucks, devs please fix this!!!
I love this game!!! But it will be awesome if there was ragdoll physics. This will make the game more realistic and enjoyable.
OMG! Its really fascinating game! And its made in 2016!! The graphics, the simple and smooth control system! Its marvels! I just purchased the unlimited power to just play with no stop. Thank you all team makers about this game its really great. and for gamers its absolutely recommended.
the game is good but your energy system and the tire upgarde system sucks,after finishing a chapter I can't play next chapter because need to upgrade tire,but tire upgrade ar costly and when i want to earn bp i run out of energy.i can play only 5 match with 10 energy
Hi devs. So this is he problem. Ive benn playing fz9 for a while now but since i uninstall this game when i download it again and start it it says " connection lost. Please try again" over and over again even though our wifi connection is pretty strong. I dont know what to do to stop this from happening. So please devs help me with this problem 😒
So the storyline is nice, but the fact that i need to do such a big level jump to reach chapter 8 without anything i can spend my battle points on is ridiculous. It has made me abandon the game
it would be so kind of you, to add save-load features in the game. could make it more enjoyable. now, when you die, you must begin the level from scratch, it is very annoying, ruines all that gaming pleasure. if you do not have gems, you die also. for this, only four stars. when save-load features will appear, i d gladly give it even 10 stars, othervise is a good game. thank you.now how convenient! you cant even watch videos for gems. not niceat all. from four stars to one star
Every thing is fine, but somethings need to be okay. First, the game size is so large. 2nd, i can't play in offline.
It's a great game .It's not just shooting but different levels have different strategies. The time slow motion part makes different from the other FPS games.
I like it very much.... it is the best shooting game in the world...... My personal favorite game after FREE FIRE......... 😎😎😎😎😎😎......... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and reduce the mb as it takes up all the 2 gb net and I had problem in doing online classes
Thats me done chapter8 rest in pieces all ways will be, heres an idea take my time 10 sets of lasers seven soldiers five armored, poor way markers for the FIRST TIME ,lasers have no effect on them no weapon pick up no ammo oh they fire at will ,just take time thru lasers jumping waiting to move under fire 1st section ok 2nd section read above no time to think 3rd i will never no THIS IS a great great game1 shot 1 kill them and you ,you can't make a mistake be prepared to get STUCK SOMEWHERE
An excellent game. One among the best games played. However, it's been a year since it has been updated. Pls introduce new features.
One of the worst games I've ever played. Do not get this game. Countless ads, pricey weapon upgrades, and clickbait game thumbnails.
I seldom write reviews for games, but this is awesome! I like how you can freeze time, The storyline and artstyle is good, decent graphics, and the most important of all, ACTUALLY fun gameplay! On top of all of that, there are near to no ads for a mobile game. One complaint I have though is that you need to grind quite a bit to unlock new chapters. But overall, very solid game. You won't regret playing this game.
great controls and good gameplay. There is one problem: the energy. You start with ten, but just playing the daily event takes almost half of it. Game would be better without it. If it's an issue of money, consider that both in-game currencies can be bought with real money which might even it out. Other than that, similar to superhot in gameplay. I heard people were unable to pass the crane level. There is enough space between one spike trap and another to walk in. Use this to get around crane.
Sometimes game just getting stuck after opening app 😑 no matter how many you try to connect to server it's not working πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜’
The game is nice, it's got a nice sci-fi story on to it, good graphics, game control is awesome and the freezing of time is excellent. Plus it's way easier to get gold for buying and upgrading guns in this game than most. The only thing I didn't like is that those weekly challenges are very few and I always finish them in less than 30 minutes then I have to wait till next week again very long time for them to come again, why???
I honestly like this game the things i hate about it is the graphics are really bad and if you get hit once you die even if you have all the upgrades and there is no story at all fix all this and all your reviews will be 5 stars
Amazing graphics & no ads but the game becomes a bit too difficult very early on into it. This seems to be a bit of a regular thing with similar games that start off by looking "too good to be true".
Good game. I play this for long time but there is not a 4v4 mode.This is not update from long time. It need to update.
The best think of this game is slow motion when the enemy's firing the bullets very nice game I like to play and I am playing right now thank you for reading my rating and feedbook
Excellent game.....I am searching for this type of game.only one thing I wanted to mention is that include more chapters with thrilling tricks and also like Zombi waves .
This game is good but no check point is available in Chapter 3 so mission of Chapter 3 are hard and if we fail to done mission then we have to do that mission from start so a lot of time is wasted I requested please update this game and take measures for check point
Really interesting game with a time manipulation concept. It favours planning and ammo conservation over quick reflexes. Some deaths can be arbitrary and surprising, such as going out of bounds, which makes starting the entire level over a bit annoying. It is a fair to good game. There are better FPS out there. It appears to deliberately inconvenience or cheat you so that you will make in-app purchases to not have to start over. Bullets will appear out of nowhere and you have no time to dodge.
Personally I love this game as it is the best slo-mo concept on mobile. And the graphics are super great. The story is also good.
Great game but 1 star for antihomosapiens bugs Have you played your own game ? Shield at half and i died shooted ????!!!! Fired rocket launcher with some "fog" in front of me from previous shoot and died !!!???? Headquarter attacks for experienced players only ( 50+ years of playing). Different attacked bases with same dificulty but at some you earn 90 gold at some 300... after 100 tryies ( so you spend 1000 gold to earn 90) Really ????
It's a lot of fun, great story, however trying to get upgrades is a serious pain because it takes to long but it's still a great game with a great story.
I don't know why people give negative comments for this awesome game. This is not to be played like PUBG or other games like that. I think some people don't know how to play this game properly. If you figure out the technique, you will enjoy a lot in this game. Edit:- i came again to comment, because i am enjoying so much guys. Thanks
The game is fun, challenging and little addictive. Section 2 of 4th level seems to be very difficult as can't pass the moving trap. Is there a way to escape it. If yes then please share. I have tried 30times with jumps and freezes but still can't pass it. Helllpppp
I like the game but the issue that made me give this game 3 stars:1 *The control are not great enough :2*Change the background of a game that background is not dope like other games :3*The sound of a guns are not different they all sound the same :4*The person you killed in a game sound like killer bean after shooting and may you update the quality and graphics just a little and update guns and more missions thank you
The game is overall good one. But make some checkpoints and pain killer it makes to play continues. Some non patient person won't play longer why means if we shoted the level start from first. Overall a good game. Please make some changes. It makes interest to play.
I love this game and control is very easy but I wish you could buy jetpack for shop Add the jetpack in the shop...
Superb game...Graphics & controls are awesome... The locations in cycle mission is boring because at all levels we have to play the same gameplay... Try to give more energy or reduce the energy required to play the game... Otherwise it is a perfect entertainment game...
Awesome game until you try to get to chapter 8...according to my calculations you will have to watch approx. 600 ads to start chapter if you choose not to pay!!!😞
It's a good game. Unique in it's own way. That slo mo feature is good. I would've given 5 stars but energy is limited which is not enough. It takes too much time to refill energy.
Good game i would have rated 5/5 but rated 4/5 because while at the mainscreen where it says "tap to continue" my screen freezes for many minutes and then starts game. My phone has good space and ram and still it happens. So devs pls fix it. Thanks for a good concept game.
The game is overall good but the upgrades later require too many battle pointes. So in short going on to the next part of the story requires too much time.
It's ok. The graphics are not really good but not bad, same for the controls. Although I just don't like grinding everything on the menu so I can continue the story.
Good about this game:- 1.Control superb 2.story nice 3.Super graphics 4.bullet firing and time slow motion when u still is brillant. 5.Quick game load. Bad about game:- 1.Only single gun can keep one time. 2.cant go to next level even completed previous level with update all in armory which very boring. 3.Died in single bullet hit u.
This game is one of the best game of mine....The graphics are awesome😘😘😘......This is also a realistic game like which happen in real life....The slow-mo effect in the game is beat.........
this game is really addictive but graphics could have been better its really hard to shoot enemy from long distance because i cant see them properly even on my 6.4 inch sceen they are too small i need magnifying glass to see them
It's a good game but having to upgrade a full tier of upgrades to be able to access the next chapter is a bit ridiculous. The teir 4 upgrades are ridiculous and cost way too much
I absolutely love this game...however in 2018 I purchased unlimited energy forever, and paid 5 dollars for it. I then deleted it and downloaded it again on a new phone, and its gone. All the other games that I paid in game money for still saved my purchases. But this game did not. I still have proof of my purchase because Google play saves them. I emailed them and they have not responded two weeks later. I'll happily change my review to five stars if I get my money back. But they cheated me now.
Amazing game πŸ‘ I like how you can control time and move around, I trie this game before 2 years ago and now I'm going to see it's the best slow mo game, and I hope to making offline mod with no wi-fi connection
It's a cool game and the in game paid items are relatively fair, although, it would be a lot more enjoyable if it had controller support. If you add controller support, I'd gladly make my rating 5 stars.
I've played this game before and it was perfectly fine, but for some reason, now that i try to install it the games stays in a black screen with a few color glitches and wont open, i need help
Horrible! The controls and field of vision is very lousy.You spend so much time trying to get the man moving in the direction you want that you get muddled up and end up getting shot.Is this game for fun or what? It sure as hell feels like it was made for torture...EVERYTHING about it is EXTRA difficult! Developers need to do better.
Amazing game little bugs, fair system, responsible levels. Not a money grab constantly asking you to but things and hardly any adds. Makes for a very enjoyable experience. The story line is great and its an excellent idea put out very very well. Controls are also optimal. Thank you for the great experience.
Absolutely loved it. Great concept. Decent graphics. Good story line. What i hate about it is no check points, long levels. If you die right before the finish line, you start over. Not fun. A lot of effort to reach the needed level to play chapter 8. And yes, i am stuck at chapter 8 at the hell's gate. Can't kill the boss. Is it a bug or just me? A little help. Tired after playing the same level countless times. Deleting now. Till this level it was fun. Overall a good decent game
this game is actually one of the best games ive ever played the controls are great gameplay is amazing the game is awesome but the game stole my money. I tried to purchase both unlimited energy and the 4.99 diamond pack and they both say I've bought it but no diamonds and no energy
The game is really good! And you know what makes the game even better? The infinite ammount of unskipable ads! So, y'know in the beggining of a mission it gives you a gun so you can shoot the enemies, but to buy one costs like a billion gold! Also the game is offline so only for that im giving this game a 1 star! And also it has some bugs and a ton of lags and glitches. Bad game! DO NOT INSTALL, ITS CLICKBAIT FOR SOME OTHER GAMES........DO NOT INSTALL AGAIN!
This is the best game I played on the go, add controller support for the computers players. The game should have female protagonist but that's my opinion
Although it is a very good game,the only problem is that it has nothing worth for 885 MB. Also, it's energy refilling time is a large issue. Reduce the time and storage required,my request to Hiker Games