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Furry Dress Up: Anime Creator

Furry Dress Up: Anime Creator for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Anime Dress Up Games located at 25 Novaya street. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Options are too limited and lacking in variation, color opacity doesn't blend well if very dark or light.
More body types would be nice, as well as a gender option (as not all furries are female), another colouring system (maybe a primary, secondary and marking colour?) Markings variations, more species, and giving the birds talons? Don't get me wrong; the artwork is amazing, but the game could use an update.
The issue is how limited the options are. There's only a set few species available (no rabbits which is big con for me) and it focuses on a femme/female body type and fashion. Birds also have paws for some reason. It's 2 stars simply because the graphics are pretty.
Meh...... Does what it says on the package I guess. Options seem limited: particularly in a lack of changes to the base and style choices. Despite using Unity it seems to do nothing but layer images (somewhat slugishly, on my device anyway) like a simple picture box. And the birds have mamal feet! Decent enough anthro paper doll, but nothing to write home about. And clearly not for designing.
tbh it is ok but it could give you a little more options of a few more animals like a tiger or something like that and a few more clothes
Very fun game I love it! But please add more outfits hairstyles and accessories. and make it so you can have 4 accessories or less thank you!
It's cute. Needs more furry types, maybe some anime types as well. Needs new poses, some "facial expressions" would be nice. Also needs gender swap, male/female types. Maybe even older & younger looks. Also, the picture for the app looks like you switch the "pose" from left to right but you can't. Just some ideas to think about.
I love this game it's very entertaining when you're bored and just want to do something to get your mind off of stuff! I'm not bored anymore and I actually has a lot of good options to choose from! I'm really say check it out if you're bored or into Furrys! πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–
Overall I like the app, it's cute and I have the biggest love for furries as I am one myself. I do think they need more options on fur designs/colors etc. I 100% recommend this app for anyone who is ok with using the same skin multiple times. But if you're like me and like complex designs I 60% reccomend.
I love the game and it's fun to play around with, but you guys need to put more flurries and some accessories on it too I'm just saying but other than that it's a fun little dress up game, not to mention it lets your imagination run a little wild for a bit.
it's a fun game. lots of clothes and hair styles. my only complaint is that you can't change the pose.
One star because you have to watch ads for lots of stuff btw my phone glitched and that my brother put five stars when I was going to put one star you're lucky
Bad app. Not only did I have to watch ads for items, there were ads in between too! Ads everywhere, barely any customisation options, NO color changing options, what if I wanted, say, a blue fox? Oh, and bugs everywhere. Fix this. Bai!!
First of all there are no males. Second aand most importantly there are no other species than cats or birds. It needs a wider variety of species; dogs, dragons, rabbits and rodents.
I am obsessed with furries because they are cute and they are the only thing I can draw they are awesome and I love how they are like humans but they have her and not skin I haven't played this game yet I'm still downloading it it takes a while to download but heck whenever I play it I will tell you guys about it and I will not like my parents will trust me because they know I will never lie and I will tell you I love them so tell me if you can draw them too Popeye
I feel there should be a little better of color options and possibly different poses for certain people instead of just the happy peace sign. I think a little more clothing options would be a bit better as well. A male option would be nice for the male people who download this. I don't know if it was just me, but whenever I tried to watch a video for a tail or wings, it never gave me the reward at all.
hate it doesn't work 😑 took all my battery power in 2 min. and i was at 89% now im at 3%. FIX YOUR GAME
good, could use some more species, and hair styles and some markings you can make each a different color
It's a very good app, but there is no male characters and when you tap the item they are already wearing then that part of their body becomes naked. Some might think this is sexy but it's not good for kids though. But there is many options so that's a plus. And whoever drew the formats and clothing, I congratulate them being an artist myself.
good but would like there to be different body types (eg chubby, gender, poses, hair), more clothing and make the birdsonas look a bit more bird like because last I checked birdsonas do not have paws unless what you're going for is a gryphon.
I like this app a lot although it would be better if you could add more options more like more animals or more clothing especially more backgrounds
Now that I've checked out the majority of this dress up game I can give an honest review. I think its clever to lock certain things behind an AD. Considering this is a FREE game, the creators need to make some revenue back. Its not a problem to me to watch a quick AD to get something new to use. I think there should be more to choose from (Males, more species etc) but over all, its a cute game! Its free! I think the art style is adorable, and its easy to use.
I really love this game ❀ but there aren't many options ( T Κ–Μ― T). I would love if there could be more body types and a male body type maybe some more hair styles and tails some more species and you can color some specific parts, and some more clothes and accessories
This is an over all great game but I think there should be more animals to choose from. ORGANIZE put tails seperate from wings and add horns also let us change the muzzle, nose, ears! Also put different fur color options or better changing. Also let us change the poses bc the same one all the time sucks. Also birds dont have paws for feet its talons. Add pericings/ jewlery and when we save our furries the oc an background should only be there. ALSO add more/better clothing/shoe options.
This game is good there's one problem I can't change my skin color when I want to it finds another thing to change the color of and I can only change the skin color when I first got on now it keeps on trying to change my eye color so please fix if you can please and thank you next
It's a good game. I just wish you didn't have to unlock everything again everytime you opened the app. Ooh, and add more animals.
I like this app it is fun cute and can inspire people with the cute outfits. But I gave it 4/5 stars because there aren't many veraitys of clothes and you can't change the pose of your character, otherwise I would recommend this app.😊😊😊
I really like this game but when I take pictures when I'm done making the character how am I supposed to see the character again because I don't know how and I have to like restart my character even though I tried my hardest making the first one. So that bothers me
You can't choose a male character, or customize it that much. Also, the name of the company is "anime dress up games" and the title is "furry dress up". I don't think the people who made this game are furries, or even know the basics of what a furry is. I, Hate it.
Good for maybe making some concept work for your fursona, but if you want a male or a large base of choices(Posses, weights, speicies, and gender) it doesnt have that, but otherwise super well made, and everythings free just watch a video.
I think its a decent character creator. The art is beautiful and there's quite a few choices. However, I wished there would be more animals to choose from and also have an option to create males aswell.
It is a cute game, and the color scheme option is a nice touch. But i agree in being equal with the gender options, and maybe some body modification options. Giving fans more options to develop their own character in gender, size and maybe even some mini games to collect accessories could boost interest in the long run. Plus for future, if you guys are unsure what direction to go with for furry games. The best route would be maybe asking Furry artist or youtubers on suggestions. Some wont bite.
this game isnt very good id give it a better rating if you could change the character colors but you cant there isnt very good options either i was a little disapointed
This game is really fun and entertaining but this thing about I gave this for stars because if you listen closely there's just a noise that sounds like static it's kind of quiet so you just have to put your ear really close to your device and it sounds like beeping or static I still love this game I think the sound won't haunt you it's still really entertaining
not all customisation work. sometimes the game crashes and its kinda buggy. as I a furry i would recommend a 3 set or cc d. but all i ask is to fix the problems I experienced when i was playing. so just please
Ok,but more customizations are needed to make it a good game. Like tons of body customizations such a breast and height. More clothing options would be good too&adding accessories aswell.
If you could fix this game so if I close it accidentally I wouldn't lose everything I watched an ad for.
This is okay if you want to make a basic designβ€” Maybe adding more body markings and a much better looking colour changer that doesnt change the lineart (and deep fry the body) would be nice. Also the feet dont change to bird talons with the bird avatars? That's pretty odd.
shrek is not in this game. shrek is a furry. they should have a freaking SHREK OPTION. I have never seen anything more disgusting than this game. You need to add diareah pants, you're discriminating against bloated furries. They also need more crosses because we all know shrek is bible based and shrek is a furry. they need to be thiccer also their noses are too small and they need a sub to pewdiepie shirt
I would like to say this is an excellent app! I am saying this to see if you can inprove your app. When I watch an ad to unlock an item, if I go and close the app, it will lock that specific item again. I also want to inform with saving the photos of your imaginary character. It does not save the picture on my phone, so I will have to screen shot the character instead. But I hope you know this an wonderful app! Please keep on improving and adding more customizations for your game!
Beautiful Start. This character creation game has a lot of potential. It is beautiful art! There is a glitch in the color changing and not enough options to make toons unique. Ear changes and markings (i.e. stripes, white tummy) would very much bring in unique elements that would get more people to download/keep. I cant wait to see what the game has in the future.
Like the game but needs more oppions like bunnies and other animals, bugs, more birds, and lizards etc.
I like the game, don't get me wrong, but the thing that bothers me the most is the pose and the face , if the player could change the pose and face to the one they like, I feel the game would be better.
it's good over all but theres some stuff that needs to be added.. the wings and the tails should be separate categories.. I need to be able to put on a tail and wings .. and when I save the image it should just be the background and furry not all the buttons .. there should also be more catagories for things like horns and stuff, and theres should be more animals to choose from .. also having all things separate would be nice. like a category for eyes, muzzle, nose, ears, paws, stuff like that
Therjo made a critic review, and it's hilarious. AND THE DEVELOPER COMEBACK WAS FLIPING AMAZING! PROPS GUYS PROPS. 1000/10 BRAVO, BRAVO! -Clap- The characters are cute, good app, would love male bodies and more details for female bodies and stuff.. ʕっ‒α΄₯‒ʔっ
It's a good app but when i unlock items and the next time i open up the app they are locked again and i cannot save the avatar that I have made too
Its really cute! I do suggest adding a few more body types, like other species. Thank you for making this!~
This is not bad dress up game. The reason I'm giving this 3 β˜† because the game is decent, but there are problems. β€’Coloring Pad- okay, you can only color one thing. You can't do the ears one color and then make a body a different color. There is a way you can do this, but it makes the character all pixelated This is the same with the clothes and the accessories. β€’Accessories- PLEASE MAKE IT WHERE YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOR PLEASE. I tried changing the color but it didn't change. β€’BUGS πŸ™„
it is really good but i think you should be able to pic s different pose and have fluffy fur,also it would be cool if you could make the tails and snout/ mouth longer.
I needed this game to help me get some ideas. Thanks. Also can we add wings and tail to the birds. That's all.
This game is really good and nicely made. but it would be cool if you could also make male character. What also would be nice is if there were more animals to choose from for example deer, dogs, bunnies, cows, horses etc. And not just cats, birds and foxes. And it would also be nice if there were a section if accessories to choose from for example earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Thank you
It amazing love it so much they made a good gon ty furry dress up for making it but why no horns and all the wings and tails you have to watch videos
Very Kawaii & Style is Beautiful!!! Wonderful work & everything; please advance + keep up your efforts= love it!!! πŸ˜ΆπŸ’–πŸ˜…πŸ€€πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ΊπŸŽƒπŸŒžπŸŒœπŸ€‘πŸ€ πŸ‘½πŸ’€πŸ§ βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸ’«β­β­β­
Not the greatest or the worst.Wish they would add more pants, or pants that would go with the fantasy tops.
as i am a furry irl i feel its nice for kids to see what it is like to grow up and maybe want to be one?
I like it tho it could be updated it's very good and you make it however you want cant abit for new updates keep up the good work
The game won't even open. It constantly crashes and the first thing I saw when attempting to open it was an add. Kinda dissapointed about it
Wove it! But, I wish the game had a doge tail and make a dragon furry and give them stitches and stuff, but mostly good!
I give it a four out of five Because the actual cover up the borrow it for the clothes and everything but overall it's a really good game and keep up the work
it's pretty good, but i'd recommend adding more stuff in the future to attract more people, after all people might get bored with the limited options and eventually delete the app. my recommendation is to give more options of species and clothing along with a male option, my other recommendation is to study the different popular species in the furry commuity to max out the apps potential. anyway thank you for reading my review if you do.I look forward to seeing what you mighy to do in the future
Needs more animal choices as well as matching clothing for outfits.... Would be cool to have a male gender option as well instead of just female
i absolutely love how many color options there are. It's basically endless! I think there should be more fur patterns, species, tails, and maybe even a second gender option! Maybe also different wing sizes. Final thing, please put an undo button for when people mess up lol. Still love this!
First of all you have no humans in this game but I think it was good but there's girls that has no respect for girls whoever's doing that is being an appropriate
Can't be used as ads cover the item bar at the bottom of the screen. They don't go away long enough to do anything. Would give less starts, but can't.
I love the game but there's only one pose and there isn't a deer. Ide like a deer skin added instead of famouse animals. I also want a bra in shirts. Please add this and I'll like it even more. I gave is two star's because the art can get boring and you can barely do anything.
actually very good, can make a concept for a fursit [maybe?] one thing off ONLY. can you please make the screen bigger for PC? i got an add and i couldnt X it off so i had to X out. TYSM!!!!
me love it i did not know u can change color to the stuff the furry was wearing so five star review then OwO
This is a pretty nice furry maker. But it would be nice if you could include more kinds of furries in this. Like maybe bunnies, other kinds of birds, foxes, lambs or goats or cows, dogs, monkeys, or better yet horses or ponies. Still a nice game though. I just think that might make it better cause it would allow us to get more creative & have fun.
Very boring app. The clothes and stuff where cute but when you delete the app cause you don't want it the screenshots you take are corrupted. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! It's not worth your Data, Wifi, or time.
It was OK, there was atleast a color changing option on the right side of the screen, but the options for dressin were super small and I was not able to make one.
You can't get rid of the pictures once you have taken the picture they never look good there isn't many choices and if there was I would have put no stars
It has limited options, there's not a whole lot of clothing to choose from, also there's not very many furries to choose from. Also there's only female furries, no male furries, and there's only four background options to choose from. It's a good game but it would be a better game if it had more options to choose from.
I love it and all, but it could be better.... 1) We wanted to save it, we could just put them in a little gallery 2) Us users can also put little detail like... patterns, body structure, position, and etc. 3) We could name and edit them.
It's good as a generic, base fursona creator... It COULD use an update for picking the color of a specific area, though. Maybe add a few new body types. (I.E.; chubby, lean, muscular and busty.) The option to FULLY customize them would also be great! The addition of male bodies, 3 poses for male and female bodies and a few more things could work for this app/game, too.
This game is an absolute waste of time. Not enough options plus you cannot switch the gender to male which is ridiculous! This game should have more features but it doesnt. You update it and add more exciting features and make it so you can switch the gender, I will give it another try. Until then uninstalled.
I know they are animals but they should wear under wear and bras. I mean this is a kid game. So maybe change the rating to 10 or older
people should be so mean so what if someone says your game is bad or fix it ypu dont need to you need to fix your attitude like on my opinion is that this game is really fun to play like bit one wish plz make males plz thx
I love this game so much to do I even like the character's it's very good and my sister try she's like omg this is the best day ever!.I like it to tho it's a dream come true I always wanted this to happen
The game is cool but maybe add some more species from the furry fandom like Sergals, protogens, lizards, wendigos, demon furries and others
its good i wish there were more body options and tail items good game but if there are ads after this review i will delete the app....
Oh my FRICKING god this is AWESOME!!! I love it! My friend and I are making A UNIVERSE of this! I love it! Could you add more stuff though? I'd love to make a bunny whose crosseyed! So kawaii! Please update! Keep up awesome furry dress up!
cuz they are amazing and they're cute and I wish they can make some more I love this but don't tell anyone love you guys
Love it! Would like if I could change or customise fur colour but over all I love it! Oh and if you could make the tails longer a fluffier that would be even more perfect 🦊
This game was the best way i could think of to show my friends i am a furry. It worked 10 - 10 would download again.
The color picking was too confusing and limited. It would have been nice to at least have the option to change the pose. There are not many clothing items to choose from. Giving the character wings or a tail requires watching an ad. Overall, this just wasn't for me.
Its pretty alright but there's a lot to desire. For starters the pose in the pics is the only one so more poses would be great also only get to do a female character. Having a male version would be fun too. Obviously there can always be more clothes too. Very limited.