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Furies: Last Escape

Furies: Last Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Blue Ultra Game Limited located at 788 Cheung Sha Wan Road. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game has gotten a lot worse as for the beginners starting the game there is no concept of skipping the time taken to build or upgrade the building which makes it difficult to advance in the game
Your system said i should feedback and say that the system is kinda error bc I can't upgrade my medical tents xD
They push in-app purchases HARD!!!!!!! It's a cute game, fun. At the beginning it was easy to ignore the purchasing ads. But they are getting more frequent and extremely more pushy the higher I level up. I'm normally quite patient with in-app ads with free games, but these ppl are pushing hard for the $25 package. Ridiculous. Utterly annoying, deleted game now. Don't waste your time unless you have tons of spare money, or more patients than me. Games are supposed to be relaxing.
Pure pay to play and win game, now with a 50% quit rate thanks to mergers, devs destroy what took years of negotiating peace in state 40 now we're at war with heavy pay to win players in state 24, WE DID NOT WANT TO MERGE WITH ANY ONE! We're all prisoners of state 24 now.
interesting game but hate it when they attack me 15 times in 2 days and I lose everything. that's why I'm restarting to play a few times now oof
I do indeed enjoy this game, although there're a few bugs. But I would like to address that where you go to recieve help on different subjects (eg, Alliances) not all are clear and sometimes do not make sense, maybe you could make it a bit more clear? Also would there be a possibility of dark schools ever being added (They were fun to hold). If not, this game is still great in my opinion, but some things still need fixing.
I was enjoying this game a lot and I am currently still playing it. However, you should walk in knowing that I wouldn't have played it if I knew the devs use hidden underhanded tactics to profit off the playerbase. Bunch of people from my alliance and others are all clustered in one area after using the Random Teleport. Devs made it so there's a high probability of sending you to this cluster, probably wanting players to spend 2000 diamonds per Advanced Teleport. Who knows what else they do-
The game is really nice, I love the way how the system works. Pretty nice graphics, voice acting is superb, though the bgm is quite annoying at times but it's still good and has a competetive atmosphere while playing the game... So the reason why I didn't gave 5 star is because the game is that there's too many buildings and you can't enjoy simple previlages like having a custom avatar for FREE...
Have to downgrade my review. Love the game but I have to agree with other reviewers that the balance is way off. High level players can come and steamroll you, take your resources and kill your troops. Not to worry, you can get resources back and your troops can be resurrected...for cash! That's right, the ONLY way to resurrect the thousands of troops that a Whale came and wipped out is to pay either $49.99 or $99.99. Found that out today...And I was seriously loving this game. Shame.
P2W. even if you spend $300 you are literally no match for the people that spend literally thousands. theres even videos of people spending $10k+ and destroying everyone. no limit to how much you lose after attack. if you play clash of clans or have you would know they cant take everything from you. well in this they can take everything AND theres no limit to being attacked ALSO anyone can attack you even top players on the server
Some of their events are hidden in poorly designed menus, so be prepared to not receive rewards for a while. Hopefully you won't encounter any problems, because they don't seem to have a customer service team anymore. You also have to spend about $60 to clear the newbie challenges. The game locks away the best heroes behind $100 packs. They charge $24.99 a month in order to have a couple of extra buildings and a shiny text box. You could subscribe to FFXIV AND WoW for around that price.
nice game but the turkish translation is broken special letters like ğ ş shows wrong must fixed asap for now im playin with english language :/ p.s its been over 2 years now still no fix on the translation ???? comon :/
really fun game but i wish they would stop letting someone attack you over and over. If you are a lower level player. Then my best advise is to not join an alliance because stronger a stronger alliance can just keep attacking you for hours and hours until you have no troops left then right when you heal them. You lose them all over again. Wish they would add either once you lose a defense you get a shield or make it so you can only attack the same player once every couple days.
different from what I expected, but its great. the features are great, as in base, enemies, layout, etc. controls are simple. yeah I'd say its pretty solid.
BEST GAME EVER!!! Amazing artwork and good gif animations. Uses a similar UI as my favorites but its an ANIME-POCOLYPSE!!! I already love this game!!
base building is fun. but being constantly accosted by players x3 my level with no penalties or anything is tiring. Game is veey rudimentary and needs a lot to be worked on. Game is a cash grab. New players stand absolutely no chance and will get farmed by older players. I regret spending money on this game.
Poor IT service. 3 years in and it STILL has so many bugs and items that say STAY TUNED for more updates. Obtaining orange heros is next to impossible especially the ones that are from specific seasons. Sure if you have all the money in the and you were filthy rich you could buy everything but at that point so what? 1 star because there are so many updates and fixes that are needed to this game.
I love this game,the characters in this game is so cute I really love it a nd the gameplay is cool too
Its a good game and pretty fun. While development and wars are fun, it can get pretty stressful with how competitive it is. The fastest way to gain resources is to raid others. If you are in a weak alliance, you will get targeted. Its a social game though so I do have fun fighting with my friends. But its horrible losing all resources you harvested to opportunistic raiders. Its a competitive game so be aware you can be raided anytime. The worse part is when your friends get fed up and leave.
Nice game the graphics are great cause it is very addictive , in order to prevent that they used this kind of poor graphics nice move πŸ‘ designers . I appreciate πŸ™ 😌 ..
Guys. If you have login issues (like mine) just create a new google account. And attempt to bind your previous account. For my case, it worked!
Overall people make it really hard to like this game. Can't farm in peace and if I want protection I have to pay in-game currency for it. That is just 80% of the annoyance. 20% is slight bugs trying to accumulate chips for missiles but doesn't grow.
A Lot like how the Frist Zgirl is play but with Zgirl 2 lay out. It is a bit glitchy, half of the things won't even appear, like the sound box, it as a potential to be a really good game as Zgirl and Zgirl 2 but it need a lot of work. I hope one day I can get see it as a 5 star.
Its another linear build troops and smash them together game. Come back in a week and only one clan will be left, terrorizing whoever stays, and a million empty bases. This one has ladies you can date. It doesn't change anything. These games are a great metaphor for something, they rush out a copy of something almost no one wants, knowing that the people who are addicted to this stuff will make them a bunch of money before they abandon the game. Rinse and repeat, but nothing of value occurred.
not bad for a generic clone of a generic genre of casual mobile games built to extract as much cash as stealthily as legally possible
Last game was unbalanced as hell, new players bullied a lot. Now? An hour in, you have to pay to construct buildings and they have the annoying notice mark thst stays there until you buy a pack do you can construct those buildings. THAT IS A MASSIVE RED FLAG. And there's still the city shield that protects you from getting bullied but you will have to buy them after so long. This is gonna give off that Pay2Win feeling. It's such a shame that this game has good art. PS. The ads were hilarious.
game is actually quite fun, there is one big problem though, there a lot of griefing clans. The dev team needs to impement a system to prevent this. Either after being attacked too many times a peace shield is activated or people can only attack others with the same or higher level then themselves. It's only gotten worse since I wrote this review. I've moved location three times now, and am still being ganged on. Until this problem is fixed I'm keeping this review at one star.
Game is okay but strictly pay to win. If you don't have money to blow do not get this game. I can't recommend this game to anyone. There's a lot of random stuff put on the screen and a lot of it you have to pay for. I don't mind the occasional like 5.00 or 9.99 one but some of the items are a ridiculous 99.99 which is far too much just to flex your "superiority" to the others in the game. Devs are probably rich.
P2W... I'm deleting my account after resetting to level 1 so as not to feed the P2W players. Defending isn't useful. Would be better if there was a hard limit on how far down you could be brought after an attack... like... losing 1/10th of your current resources and that player not being able to attack you again for a week. That would actually encourage higher level players to attack other higher level players, since they have and can store more than the lower level players.
Love the game, 3rd day, bust lost a star due to unable to download resources, for heros and lab research.
Copy paste of every other base builder game.. Except done even worse some how. The interface is horrible and there are some mechanics that I get are kinda neat but end up being annoying like how your army have to eat and drink so you have to constantly refill a building with food and water.. Every building has to be connected to a road to your main base build.. You have to constantly fill up power plants with oil to get more power..
A standard strategy game. This is obviously a P2W game and it's totally okay if it is. However, I do think that some VIP content is way too advantageous, it makes it unfair for those who have it. But the game does give you a lot of resources to grind which is a good thing, yet sometimes people doesn't get how to fully exploit this resources, especially the one that are supposed to be done in groups/rallies. I suggest that you encourage people who doesn't want to pay to do those rallies with their alliances so that they can still compete, and make so that the purchasable resources doesn't give an unfair advantage to the player. What would be optimal is to balance between the impact of purchasing stuff and the difficulty of grinding. You don't your player to leave because it's so hard to grind resources and the only way to compete is by paying, that wouldn't be fun. So yeah, that's all, I wish that you the developers can improve this game even further.
Comparing it to the original zgirls i love how you can format your own base and there are more aspects to leveling and growing in game, its definitely more of a challenge. The game has more of a immersive feel to it due to its complexity, throughly enjoy the three different types (farmer, raider, trader) and how they can benefit they type of playing style you prefer it has opened a multitude of playing styles to be efficient at. The different RSS ideas to accompany everything else helps making the game more entertaining, all in all, great job star ring.
Another awesome zombie survival mobile game. It has a unique setup, and is the easiest to grow and expand. Not to mention, in game purchases are cheap with huge rewards. However, like all the other games in this genre, the bigger players ONLY attack the lower and new players, and that makes the game not fun and becomes a hassle trying to get caught up again. I really like this game, so i hope it grows a lot into a great future. πŸ˜πŸ‘ πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘Š
The game's great but there's a problem, after I installed the game my city's ground is all black but the world map is working fine. I cannot see the road and probably right now its messy but I cannot arrange it since I cannot see the roads. Please fix it. Overall, my experience has been interrupted by the "black" ground.
I was enjoying this game when it started but now its starting to get on my nerves. I was hoping this game be a little more casual, especially for free to play players like me but I've reached the point of the game where the whales are just attacking me and my teammates just for easy wins since we're so under-powered. I've used all my teleports just to try and get away from these people just be sent right next to another hoard of players way beyond my level looking for an easy win. I don't like having to come in and babysit my base for over two hours just to get things back under control when I want to go and do other things or have to work or need to sleep just for me to come back and have all my progress removed almost instantly. I don't like how terrible repairing your base is. You repair 20 points to its HP and have to wait 30 minutes before you can do it again. The shields to protect your base are to expensive which is understandable but they don't last as long as they should given their prices. I want there to be for me to play in sort of an offline mode where I don't have to fight other players and can just casually play, coming back every often to upgrade stuff or go fight zombies, not to come back after working or sleeping to have everything taken from me by someone who has a bigger paycheck than me! Being the weeb that I am I wanna stick with the game because of the waifus but the game needs its flaws fixed and the pvp needs to be balanced and I'm hoping the devs listen to these reviews to fix this game up and make it more fun to play for both whales and casuals.
I usually don't like this kind of games but this one is different, what I most liked about it is, it's super fast to login, and everything is so cute and cool. But! What I hate about it is, that there is no safe zone or anything, any other player can attack you in a second and take everything from me that I spend so many days to gatter them. And I was really sad and disappointed to uninstall this game that I played more then 4 months 😞
Love the game it reminds me of generals ,it has both my favorite things anime girls and and defending the base ,the only thing i hate is the loading takes too long be other than that its a good game Thank you for this game.
Was glad im a f2p player, the packs are so ridiculously priced. Battles are highly influenced by marginal difference in base level. Graphics, sometimes when viewing state map, it has problems loading. Events, have regular events like rewards for consuming speedups for all, and special events for p2w players. Not a long term game. Old high level players p2w β†’ newbie player (joins old player alliance and grows) β†’attacks other newbie (begins vicious cycle, ain`t a solution). Legend `β†’`= kill.
Unable to adjust the troops number in APC formation setting. It would great if can manually add the troops number.
Played for a few days. It is a heavy cash grab. unlike other similar games it doesn't really give you chance to grow unless you pay since newbie sheild expires at level 6 some building paywall. At level 6 anyone higher up can raid you for resources and amount of resources for some buildings on level up even at low levels is ridiclously high. Since you can't really expand your resources stores till level 6. 10k protection of resources for farmer class is nothing. Translator is in a odd location.
Games broken as hell. So many textures and graphics missing uninstall twice and still not working and chat is dead as well.
Much of the preliminary information about the water heater and the other side of our garden is an example of a great place
Stupid app update.... cant even see the value of everything. So many player reported and they still refuse to do anything... only know how to keep adding new pay to win characters and doesnt even check on the update before uploading to a exact server... very disappointed
I love this game a lot ^.^ It's truly fun to play. But it's unbalanced. High players can attack lower ones which isn't okay. I'm not giving it 3 stars to be harsh. I want this game to be oneof the best. I am looking forward for the next update. I hope you'll fix where high levels can't attack new low level players. Oh and I'd love if you can fix the cafeteria. The food and water run out too quickly, and I go to bed and wake up to it being empty. Can you make it longer to deplete? Thank you ^.^
It was a blast sure I got raided a lot in the game. In the end it matters where you spawn at and for me I spawned in a war zone but still made it in the top 80 in my state the bugs with the units kills and ranking slowed down and some weren't even on there and if that would have been fixed I could have moved up the ranks more
Why is this game even tagged "single player"? It is a complete pvp chaos and absolutely p2w. If you are a no-lifer and have nothing better to spend money on, then sure, play this game and suffer.
Not bad, good graphics but it's pay to win... Who in the right mind would buy 2 million gems for an event!?!?!?!?
Nah, this is more interesting than any games that bring ads on social media. At least, this game just upgrading to the next step. I will play this to make sure I don't miss some event! Uh, is this new?
Props to the devs, I have a bug that made the game unplayable and the same day, the devs released an update to fix it. Now I'll go back to playing this fun game.
If been playing this for 5 God damn days and guess what I'm already loving it! I recommend you playing this game! 100%
I lost my account, base 15 and top up over $30 just for this game.. and now they just deleted my account ?
Honestly. I'm sick of these developers that make a game get a bunch of feedback then make another game that ignores all of it. I played the original game they made and a high level player just kept raiding me when I was still a low level. It drove me away from that game permanently. Then I see this two years later and think that maybe they fixed some things, but they managed to make it worse! Don't even think about playing this game unless you want to throw cash at them until you're max level.
This would have been a good game if it were balanced. It doesn't matter how hard and long you try, people with a big bank account will end you, and any hope you have for having fun. There is no strategy to this game, just a race to see who can spend the most for the longest. This is entirely a pay to win game. Free to play and moderate spenders have no hope. This is not a strategy game, it's a blackhole for your money. Would NOT recommend playing. I suggest FE:Heros for an actual strategy game
Base management game set in a world full of zombies with cute soldier girls. Been having fun so far seems easy to pick up and I look forward to see what comes next.
SimCity (build and management resources) + Panzer Girls (lost alot resources by plundering other players) most correct describe of this game. In general Pay for Victory game (all best output building only via real money). Not for solo style players (boss and defence style battle only for Alliance, so solo players lost around 80% free resources). Go uninstall this app. Last edit 11 December 2020.
This Noice Game ,im really Hope more Player come ,welp just dont have much luck for getting New Heros ,But im really reccomended this game ,it can make u relax from ur work if u have,Thanks for Dev ,Hope more Events Coming
I don't know why but I can't see the things. Like when I want to build something, there's always a white square that covers the thing. The walls are not visible to me and some characters too. I reinstalled the game but nothing changed. I restarted the phone and nothing changed. What is it? Is it only me that has this kind of bug or even others? :(
I've enjoyed talking to my clan mate more than the game itself. it's riddled with pay to win system. I started playing and no more than 5 mins, i already got attacked. expected a fair level system? don't expect that here. Level 17 could kill a level 6 in a blink of an eye. Just saying. 0 star if I could give. 😠
After a year and a half of playing the Devs have given up on developing the story and there even Support no longer replies. Heroes are still locked away behind 100$ packs with low chance rate and every new "content" is the same. F2P players are just there to boost the egos of whales and I would spend more on thd game but the Devs seem to think that this game content is worth 100$ per pack. Don't play unless you play on spending at least 2000$~4000$ to be "top"
The game itself isnt as bad. It's hard core pay to win. If your not willing to fork over the cash then be prepared to get smashed by groups of other people. You'll probably hit level 8 before everything takes a toll. Worse if you throw yourself with an Alliance group and teleport near them. Mechanics are pretty simple with enjoyable moments. Yet, I'm afraid the cons out way the pros. Get the game if you have a lot of time on your hands. If you don't, you'll be constantly checking your phone.
It keeps closing whenever i try visiting my attacker. But, a good game nonetheless. But can you make it so that only raiders and merchants get attacked? I just want to be a farmer who attacks low leveled zombies.
spent lots of $ for this game and because of different time, they said I'm not eligible for compensation, and that's not small amount of $..really unfair...if you come here as a F2P then you will know the limits of your forces since its P2W base game
100% pay to win game. If u dont pay into it others that do will destroy you. Its filled with people with huge egos and liers to couse wars in i playd this game alooot. And u hit a point where if u dont pay to go further u wont.no such thing as a peaceful state in this game. Do not play
Can't see anything on the menu, I played before but this bug is something else , I can't buy anything or see what I'm trying to buy.
The game is nice, ngl, you just sit, attack, get some supplies... But the events. That's where my one star comes up. Everytime there is a new event, you need to buy it. Like jesus Christ, why won't you make it that you can atleast grind some prizes from these events? Nope. The only thing you do is only buy them. I saw one of my clanmates bought like 100 packages that cost 100$. Dear lord...
like the game but needs work on the potential risks of auto updating notes couldn't hurt in each download.
I enjoy the zgirls series but it would be nice to have a offline part where I wouldn't need to use Wifi all the time but over all good game
I love this game. Unfortunately I found a minior bug. When a notification about some research pop up it doesn't show the correct information. Instead of showing what you have been researching till not it show this. "%s" I hope that this will be seen by the devs and find out why the place holder is not working correctly. Best regards, Jack
i really like this game but after reset my device cant use my account and even mail to them but no answer . i start again all of game play 😑
I got this game assuming it'd be fun. The grind is annoying. You have 0 ability to delete your game after level 10 meaning if you DID want to start over, you have to either make a new email which is stupid, or you have to use a fb account, and even then not being able to delete a game is ridiculous. Im in a state where one alliance is stronger then almost every alliance put together because OF PAY WHALES WITH A THOUSAND DOLLARS TO BLOW ON A GAME. I have so much more to say. Youre awful devs.
The game is filled with tryhards that would rather pay this game than pay there bills. Don't download this game. I will repeatedly be attacked by these tryhards and nobody else. There is no balance and you can't have a fun battles. You will only win against new players and afk people. You can't progress in that game because some low life 5 times bigger than you will repeatedly attack you and take your resources. If you somehow become stronger than one enemy then he will bring hes wallet Paytowin
SUUUUPER pay to win. so much so that you can have someone dump a ton of money into the game and skyrocket to #1 in a week. then bully anybody he wants, knocking everyone back. also, the draw rates are terrible. in 10 orange (super rare) tickets, youll get maybe one rare/very rare hero and all others are repeats of your common-level worthless heroes. and everything is super expensive in real money. definitely pass this half-finished game up for other, more well thought-out/balanced games
Have toxic players, its okay if its pvp but players seriously just gonna trash talk because they feel want to bully you, if you dont have cash you will not have a chance to win
This is literally a weaboo version of the more original "last shelter survival" game with their own story, a few tweaks, additinal gameplay, and different face with anime girls to seduce neck beards. just like last shelter it has p2w players that have a huge advantage over free such as buying into vip. having played last shelter for over a year with 4 accounts, this is no different.
Good games but pay to win.i recommend you to change fake picture.I know it's strategy to attract people but it's disappointing to customer
I downloaded this game on my old phone a year ago and nothing's changed. I don't have very much experience with this game but I can fully assure you that the "screenshots" were made explicitly for fanservice and downloads and is nothing like the game, which is just a clone of all the other base-builders out there with some anime girls thrown in to try to keep people playing.
Ok I love this game and it's extremely addicting but 1 little update I'd looooove is the ability to zoom out a little more so I can have a full look at my base! It's a little to close and it doesn't let me admire the full look at my base so it would be very nice if u could do so!
This game has Beautiful Graphics & the Character's look very we'll detailed however that's where they compliments end. Unfortunately this Game is a Complete Cash grab which is ashame but i can't say I'm not surprised.
lol.... sometimes I get into trouble with this game. what about the server? even though the internet connection is better when i play it but ever since I waited, I always can't. Is there any maintenances? btw, your game is amazing. I love it.
It is a good concept, but could you look into a glitch I have found, it makes some characters invisible, hid certain resource plots to where there is only sparkles, and the building sign is a white block. Could you see if you could fix that because overall it is a great game, thank you and keep up the good work!
DO NOT START NEW PLAYERS. Been playing for three days, I've got 2000 or so troops. Just got hit by a guy with over 300,000 troops. That's just what he sent no telling how many he had total. Unless you plan on spending huge amounts of cash buying speedups don't bother playing, as there are no safeguards for weaker players against bullying older players
I love the game. It's pretty challenging , I love the characters even though they give weird jokes sometimes xD, and the atmostphere is intense. But one thing is that the players don't have the FREE previlage to customize their own avatar since the players need to buy it. Custom avatars are important because the in game avatar is too limited even though you'll make 20 or more of them plus the free privilage of costumizing avatar is what makes the players motivated. I hope in the near future, we can change our avatar with the Diamonds. I hope you will keep up the good job and more power! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
This game sucks and is way too embarrassing to play especially since the GAMEPLAY is way different from the trailer so no the game is not good, it's only for fan service, and some music where taken from red alert 2 and the gameplay is very much the same as the zombie survival game: last shelter: survival, this game and that game are both trashy bootlegs.
great game but a bit to laggy and there are alot of bugs viruses ect. but overall it's fun entertaining and they should make more updates to the game
From first look, the game is great. I'm not doing this for the free rewards, just based off of the tutorial and what the first look of the game is. So far, even if it is just the beginning, the game looks amazing. There are not a lot of resources to handle and it makes a strategy game like this much much easier to handle. Also, I have experienced nearly no lag for the tutorial and the first cutscene, which automatically receives a thumbs up from me. Strongly recommend for a person with simplicity
Definitely the best anime style strategy game. Yes it's copied from other games, but it's still enjoyable even with high price for development depends on your country currency. Overall, awesome game.
im hope the building when upgrade th graphic also change. make this not too boring. and not lazy designer .dont care if need extra memory. im play for fun. hope this can be more fun and exciting
This game is amazing I highly recommend it. I could play it for ages and not get sick of it. The characters and the game itself is amazing 😍
graphics and gameplay are good. small gripe is that it was somewhat laggy but that might just be my phones problem.
Its an alright game but the best part is talking to your alliance mates. If you get into a good alliance youll be taught the game and looked after. Most states have a government and rule system set up to defend against scaring new people away or burnings run by older players. Pay to win is a challenge but working together with others will help alot. The is no storyline really. Hopefully the devs come back to it, i hope more people start playing again
Good game! 1. This game helps me practice my social skill through chatting with players, there are a lot of friendly players (Raids a lot). 2. (Edited_03/26/21) The new update. Clown search function is very helpful for players. 3. (Edited_03/26/21) This game is fun with friends!
I really love and enjoy this game. I got addicted to playing it for a month or so and it's fun! But right now I have an issue. I deleted the game, tried to reinstall it but the entire thing is completely glitched.. I've also tried clearing all app data yet the outcome is the same. Please help, I'm not sure what to do and I'd love to get back to playing again.
This isn't fun anymore. I teleported to a city with a VIP player who is relentlessly attacking me. Why would you give your players that kind of advantage? I'm upgrading like crazy, but unless I upgrade to VIP status, everything is a long tedious grind and i dont care anymore.
so far looks pretty good the graphics look nice, and it seems pretty straite forward might keep playing this game as a pass timer.