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Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game )

Full of Music 1 ( MP3 Rhythm Game ) for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Handicrafter located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I only give it 4 stars because when I want to play always jumps off to me the option of "rate now or later". The game is so good and I enjoy it so much but that notification bothers me.
Quite awesome!, Love the style. Lack of difficulty, i thought extreme difficulty and x6 speed is going to be very hard just like other mania rhytm games, but i was disappointed. Other than that it's a great game, little ads, no bugs and also not a very tight accuracy on the game, makes it less harder.
Last time i played this it can't play the song and i waste a bunch of time And load You better fix it and thats why i didn't played it again #2 Stars
This game reminds me of Guitar Rock Tour, which I played on my Nokia X3-00 12 years ago, but much better. 5/5 ☆
the game was good. However, it's wayyyyyýyyyyyyyyyy too slow. at x6 speed I feel like it should be at least twice as fast. I know most players won't demand a high scroll speed, but it would be nice if this game could be a little bit faster for the few of us that want that.
I really like this app since its free and the notes syncs with the song (mostly) BUT IM HAVING A BIT OF A PROBLEM HERE. It says the current song isn't supported and stuff.Im very frustrated with that. I hope you can make it support more song files and I will change my review if you do that.
I like the game a ton and it is so useful that is has some build in songs to let you know the basics and it even has a difficulty changer and tile speed etc but I kinda wished there was a little more variety in the tiles I know this might be a bit too much to ask but please add a few more tile types or at least 1 if you would do that I would give it 5 stars instantly
Amazing, i have never found a game that converts mp3 to a rythm game. Though i think there can be improvements like having more variety of notes and more notes positions.
Wish you could use custom backgrounds and the beat is kinda off for me but probably cuz I'm using Bluetooth headphones😂😂
This game does not syncronize with my music and the tiles are all over the place when it comes into play after the song been playing for a minute. I do not think this game works except adding your song then not really feeling that smooth rythem. I tried playing instrumental music which seem to probably go well than lyrics, then I tried some with lyrics. They do not sync and tiles do not play right away. If there are grammer problems this rating sections does not show the errors. So deal with it.
Simple, and so good. I have many music In my device so it comes boring if I just listen those again and again and now I can play with it, thank you💗
Would prefer an option to turn off the double taps (I'm not very good at them) and to remove/change the sound on the score screen at the end (it's very loud, compared to the actual song) Otherwise, pretty good. I like the speed especially, most other similar games are way too fast for me.
This is actually a bit better than Noah's Bottle when it comes to playing with your favorite song but there are a few issues, one it crashes, two the switching between portait on menu select mode to landscape on the game mode is a bit offputing for me, because you cant swap it for the menu only the game. Other than these problems this is pretty solid for people who wanna play their favorite songs on their phone.
Dear developers,, maybe we players can edit our beats cause sometimes the music and beats doesn't sync the right time, and can you add some ,you know futuristic backgrounds and more arts. I like your concept
Much better analyzation of songs than most of the other free "your library" based music games. Makes up for it with a good amount of gameplay customization
Looks Good. But in the inside 🙃. Tried to play it but it keeps returning to game menu like 😑. Tried it a dozen tyms. But ehh. Well I tried. Dont mind my review peps. Better try da game first if it worked for yah. My phone is android 8. And my song is just youtube download. Maybe dats da prob?
Although I don't think the program gets the beat right all the time, it is about 80% accurate. Considering you can use this to any mp3 file you have on your phone, this is pretty amazing. Absolutely love the app!
i really love this, i've been playing this for about 5 months because of its music synchronization and it's really good even i don't like the graphics but anyway the gameplay are good could you please add more content in this game and make it a bit different from other rhytm games with more notes like hold notes,please notice me developers good job for doing such a really good game
Amazing Game 😊. I would say better than dynamics. It has too many complications whereas this app is easy, fun and addictive. Great work developers 👍
It's very nice and the songs from my device is at sync(at most). Sometimes it gets a bit laggy and the ads are there but all in all its good, you can change the theme and the difficulty from easy to extreme and the songs are in sync especially when its normal to extreme and has enough beat to sync with the system.
Pretty cool, and can be played with two fingers. The pauses don't give you a couple second before resuming, nor does it pause if someone calls you, which can be a little troublesome. The length of tracks don't show up accurately, but isn't too much of a problem if you just refer to your music app. Also, the little explosions that occur when you tap the beats may also obscure your vision from the next one.
It's really fun and addictive, and I really love the fact that I can add my own music. But sometimes when I play it lags to the point that I missed some notes. I don't know if it's just me having this problem, though.
Love this game but pls fix the note hitbox sometime they stack together or I click but dont registers . Either way would recommend other to play this amazing game
The notes are not exact at all on the music. It would be nice if users have the chance to make their own beatmap and share it to other players, similar to osu! game.
I really love the controls and that I only play J-rock music rn till this day and I am off to a great start. Please keep the game up.
The game overall is one of my favorites. Only thing I don't like especially since I've been playing for yrs, is tge constant lagging in the notes every couple of songs and the long pause before advertisements pop up after you go through a song on the game. once those bugs are cleaned up the game will definitely be a 5 star
I rate it 4 stars because sometimes it will just stop working and I find it very much annoying but this is a very good rhythm game cause you can choose any songs that you want to play, it even gives you the opportunity to play your own songs that YOU downloaded so I give this a 4 star rating
It's great as a music player that gives you something to do besides stare off into space, but there's a pretty major bug. If you quit out of the game at the results screen instead of pressing "continue" then force stop the app, reload the app, and play the same song you just played, your score and combo carry over. This effect stacks so insanely high scores are possible. Hi, I'm FaultedCosine, find me on the leaderboards.
It's ok. I think the only problem I have(and it's the main reason why I uninstalled) is that the images that are displayed on the songs and playlists from my phone, if you know what I mean. I didn't give permission to let them simply use the photos I have to become the display image or something but they did. I don't know how to change the images so I had to uninstall because if I play the game, other people will see my photos and some photos are supposed to be private. If there's any idea how to change the images, that'll be great. But for now, I have to not use it first.
Great concept, love the idea of having your own music. Only problem is that it takes any loud part af a song and makes it a note, it's good for certain songs. Either it works with that song, or the notes are all over the place. (Idea?:Maybe we can make out own custom notes for a song, then we can upload them online for others to play) Overall it's pretty good, I actually really love it, reminds me of Cytus and osu! but it Guitar Hero layout. Looking forward to see where this leads in the future.
this is a very nice game , I like the concept , and you can practice your attentiveness and reaction time just wow , and you can get the vibes while listening to a good music i never gonna get bored of this
Generates a chart for any song you have an MP3 of on your phone. Literally play your favorites in your music library, no need to worry about whether they're included in the app. Easy to play, hard to master. Depending on the song, 'Hard' setting can be REALLY hard. Great for passing the time when you also feel like jamming.
One of the better rythm games out there that allows you to play your own music and gives you the option of vertical play so you can use two fingers. My only complaint is that it doesn't do that great of a job generating music notes. I don't expect accuracy to be the same as a game like TapTap where a person creates the notes but there are games out there that do a better job. 5 Stars if the algorithm is updated to create harder and more interesting notes. At the moment notes are simple/boring.
Well its a good game but its responsive because u have to Make your fingers in the SAME position and Its uncomfotable to play especially you need to Put your fingers close together.
Good game so far. On the fly generation is about as great as you'd expect. Probably one of the better generated rhythm games out there.
Best of its kind, wouldn't mind the option to enable a "stamina bar" though. (missed and "bad" notes deplete bar, good perfect etc raise it, if it empties before the song finishes it automatically fails) and maybe like a "favorites" list. I have around 300 songs in my library so sorting through them and remembering which ones work and which don't is kinda hard at times.
5 stars definitely but the difference in the horizontal note speed and vertical note speed is so different the vertical one is still slow while the horizontal one is reactable only to those who has higher than average reflexes and the chart generation is fine tho, but some songs are not that good but this definitely deserve a 5 star if improved
Dear developer, please ignore haters reviews. This game is so COOL!!! The fact that you can import your own songs really make me love this game even more. Keep it up the good work!
This game is for perfectionest the notes say miss even though i hit them spot on, not only that even if i hit the note when it is close to the button it gives me a bad, i wouldnt recomend this rythem game.
It's a good app but most of the songs do not synchronize with the tiles. Sometimes it's synch in the beginning and then will be out of synch in the last part or vice versa. Sometimes it's just so weird the tiles don't give any rhythm at some part. If you make the synchronization more accurate, this will be the best music tile app. Another problem is when you miss a tile, the next close tile can't be pressed. Other than that, everything is great.
the game design is neat if im honest but, clearly i cant get started playing it. the app would simply teleport me back to the main menu or kick me out of the game. please fix.
amazing game but well doesnt "convert" the music too well but i still like it!!!!!!!!! I'd also like to see more designs
great game. very responsive and i like how it changes and matches to each track. my only issue is a bit of a problem with double notes. it doesnt register all the time. but great rythme game for free.
Wow!! The creator of this app is absolutely genius. I've been wanting the app like this for so long I always play piano tiles and I really want to play my songs. This app Is really amazing
IT WORKS! i git this thinking it was some rip off but oml it actually works. i used ny hatsune miku mp3 song and i got to play it!
The sensitivity issue: the gameplay is so laggy, when i clicked it doesn't even react, i'm back to playing melobeat until this problem gets fixed
It's not perfectly in sync, but it is enough to enjoy. I'm a huge rythm game fan, so I love it to death. -Smallberry
Great game but plssss for the sake of god can you just make the slider a long hold note because it's pain in the ass sliding from one corner of my phone to the other side in 6x speed
I love how I can choose my own songs. It's simple and doesn't have bugs. Perfect if you love music and simple games.
I love the game the way you can search for your song instead of scrolling through the list is great great game guys keep up the amazing 👌 work
Its not a bad app at all, but there are some songs of mine that can't be used, so that's a little upsetting, and adds play after each game but that's not too much of an issue
i love it... just i think it would be good if u add a hold note... it would be more harder and fun, but this game is very fun, good job
I hate the ads like seriously, there is no x or skip. I am faced with the ad like the whole time. Need to exit then play again so stupid.
A very good rhythm game. Occasional lag spikes make it almost impossible to F/C a track over 3 minutes.
Excellent. Great hit accuracy most of the time. Patterns good. Little too many spaces- needs held notes. Fav.after trying many of these games. Agree with other reviewer about letting players design/upload tracks. Can imagine how difficult a program this is to write, without human input to say where&when! Graphics all nice. Well done!!!
I think it is great music game ever. Since i played a lot kind of games(Play own music),this one is very fantastic. In my suggestion, it could be form level system. And when more higher level, you could unlock more style of music platform. Because now only three(Normal, Contrast and Pink art),not enough attract me. Need improved, overall very nice
To be honest this app is amazing, the songs sync up most of the time and UI is clean and easy to move around. One thing I would like is to fix the syncing for lyrics, that's the only little reason why this isn't getting a 5 star. Like said this is a really good app and with a little update everything will be fixed in my opinion.
PLAY THIS. NJOY! Hav bin thru bout 20 of these apps esp.if you can play your own music. This is now my fav. Luv the monotone themes-album art one good too. Going thru many combos of speed/difficulty/etc to get most playable results. Looking good, timing seems pretty tight- I play real instruments. Yes, cud b tweaked on what it chooses to hit- patterns?-sure it's not easy to program, still amazed it's poss.wiv a free app! Needs held notes,please. Thank-you kindly. Hope this helps. Please do more.
on the japaness song at hard mode 6x vertical, there often laggy on the tiles while the west and chiness song don't laggy. but the beat of the tiles 97% match the song really appreciate it. but need improvement on japaness song (anime song) thank you
Best mp3-based sound game i've played! unlike every other sound/music game that just throws lines at you, this app keeps to the song, no matter what song. love it!
I'm honestly a big fan of this game! The songs load very fast and the beats are almost always in sync with the song! If I'm being honest,i only have a few issues with the game and even those are pretty small and more about the look of the game itself. For example, i think adding more themes or be able to change tte color of themes would be cool. Overall, this is a really cool game and I'd recommend others play it.
I've played this game for a long time but only remembered to review it today. I really like rhythm games but being able to only play popular songs are kinda boring, y'know? But with this, I can play the songs that I love. I also like that you can change the difficulty and other settings that I don't remember.
I give it 5 stars because I like so much this game and the "rate now" pop up doesn't bothers me now ( I have to leave clear this part, it appeared to me when I have already left my rating of this game). The game is really entertaining and I enjoy it so much, the only thing is depending the model of the phone it appears some tiny problems but besides that the game is nice.
its great! its exactly what I was looking for. Its awesome for a person like me who downloads all their music to mp3 and puts it right on their device! Edit: is starting to have many bugs, and also doesn't appropriate notes/difficulty for songs (songs with same difficulty can be on completely different levels of intensity)
Its a good rhythm game if your difficulty is at most hard. The main reason for that is the fact that though the rhythm is on point, the notes are randomly generated while it's loading. I don't know how many times I played a song and got caught in a huge net of spammed swipes and taps. It wouldn't be so bad if the controls weren't so precise. Other than that, the game is pretty good.
Well, first of all. The visuals are amazing, I'll give you that. But the thing is, the game itself is not challenging. there's this one song that i played, both in this app and another app called ”Melobeat”. I got about 2k notes on this app and 3.4k on the other app. (Note that i play on the hardest difficulty in both apps) And you can't die, so that makes it way easier. I would really love to see healthbar added and make the note respawn more frequently. But overall it's pretty good. 3 Stars.
I rate this 3 stars because this game needs a few minor adjustments. 1. For the vertical orientation, the notes should definitely go much faster. I have the speed set to max (6x), but it's just way too slow for me to do good. 2. For horizontal orientation, it's really hard to see notes coming from the background because how they fade in. The speed I'm comfortable with doesn't work well with the fade in. 3. How the game maps MP3s needs tweaking. Overall a decent game, but it needs some changes.
The game plays the music well and it is like if guitar hero was on your phone. The game runs well and you can get the beat the way you want it to work.
This is a great MP3 Rhythm game I love it so much that i can play it without the use of internet connection. I hope this will improve more in the future. Thank you for your effort into making this and I can also play using my mp3 songs from Dance Dance Revolution