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Full Contact Teams Racing

Full Contact Teams Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Peylah Games located at 4 Amun Place, Rotorua, New Zealand. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would be good to have a single player campaign rather than just teams, and go through the different coloured tops
It is a good game but I've had one shocking problem. I caused every member of the other team to DNF, and when I returned to the app, that Championship had been removed. You should also make it Free for more championships and tracks. Or make them payable by in-game cash.
This game is limited and basic. This game sucks. Needs some work. Maybe start over completely. Yes, the controls suck too. Steering is so unresponsive and slow. And no, going to car set up does nothing but make it worse. Hahaha. Sorry man.
Great game a lot of fun would be great to be able to make your own team up and race against others. No complaints tho
I would love to play the game but it just crashes before I can race. I'm happy it's based in my own country but no stratford speed way
Great to see stock car game, controls need fixing, to much movement on the straight, steering all over the place, corners very little movement, crashes need work ran full noise into a car and it did nothing. Only putting these down to help further develop the game, cant wait to see its final development , definetly one I'm keeping. Keep up the good work guys.
Great game until the AI cars just try to crash you out constantly, otherwise it's pretty awesome, but that's not racing, it's almost like you have the demolition AI set on the Sprint series also, please fix for 5 stars!!
I would rate 4 star but the AI is terrible cause they always try to ram you off the track. Fix it. Please make it so you don't have your raced ruined by 3 cars that were parked up in one of the corners
I wanted to be the voice of reason and not come at this game with a temper or rage. The game should be free with adds, that's the only way you can save this game. It will never be worth a penny. The handling is so bad, a person how's grown up playing dirt track games can't drive. Devs, you can't change my mind with any amount of fixing. This game has left a stigma for me. If you want a game that's decent for dirt racing AND free, demolition derby 3 is the game. It isn't team, but you can drive.
Ive had alot of experience with dirt track games stearing sure is hard but its all to do with what tune your running its a good challenge game to play with tuning setups love it just need a better way to unlock other tracks and cars
Great game easy to control easy levels etc have played both of these and completed all still jam on them both.
Absolutely the best game ever created easy to play great graphics and physics amazingly realistic with parts that come off and the hits and the way the car reacts
I see a few ways to make this game more enjoyable 1. When u hit the other team hard enough it does damage just the same as it does to your car 2. Make is so your team doesn't think it's fun to take you out and avoid the opposing team 3. Add the option to do 30 lap races 4. Be able to change the difficulty to harder or easier depending on your skill level
Find the controls apporling the handling is horrible can't drift round the corners I tried and tried but can't get my head round how to drive the cars.im really disappointed thought it was going to be a great game
good but, i coudnt buy any teams for the durby mode. i was sad, the mafia is my fav team, but other than that GREAT game **** stars
I see alot of people complaining about the steering in this game. In real life, it's a 1 1/2 tonne piece of steel getting smashed continuously and big stagger. It's a great game and difficult to master.
Found more Typos for you to fix, in the ABOUT page. 'Once you lose you're championship is over' Should be: Once you lose, your championship is over. Under 3D Modelling - you've got Waikarka, Should be Waikaraka. In Textures - Emett should have 2 m's (Emmett) and Waikraka should be Waikaraka. Be nice to have a multiplayer option. The Incar mesh is too thick and hard to see out of, the bars need to be thinner.
Awesome game, one of the best dirt racing games I've played from playstore, but I'm having trouble with 1 thing, the game is really laggy. Does it have to be played with Internet connection? Apart from that it's a awesome game and I play it everyday even with the lag.
Needs to be fixed so your own cars don't spin or take you out, and your own teams mates not pointlessly running into you when they have plenty of space to go around, and being able to race your mates who also have the game.
Was having alot of fun with it. Noticed a bug. When you change car setup it reduces steering lock and makes it impossible to turn a corner and stays that way. Reinstalled it and it's back to normal
Impressive game however why the hell does it have a demo mode it screams money grabber...3.99 to remove demo mode? Does the removal of demo mode give you faster more sturdier cars? Gave 3 stars cause of that and the traction needs work but graphics are solid and its nice to see a game based on this sport of racing
Great game, are you going to add more tracks and championships, also what's the point in the money you win, you cant spend it on anything?
I like this game but it would be so much better if you could play against real people or your friends. Please make this happen because its getting a bit boring now.
Love this game but would really like it if u make the ai's a bit better and since this is the new game you should make dirt track gladiators free, should add online as well and please work on the handling
So, 1st, i dont even know what to say. This game is just... you cant even describe it. The only word i have for it is AMAZING. It's the 1st true NZ Superstock Teams game, and even if there were other ones, this is still the better one. It's so fun. Just 2 things. Could you maybe be able to choose what cars from what team go to the infield? And maybe night mode like in the other game? That would be sick.
Fix the steering like everyone stated. Do people not test games these days. All that effort for yet another game that's unplayable. Yes I did spend a hopius amount of time tweaking settings. I spent more time doing that than playing the dam game to the point I gave up. If I turn left or right i want it to do just that. It's as simple as that. Who wants to spend time tweaking settings just to be able to steer like a normal car. If it steered normal from the word go I would then tweak it.
This game is awesome, just the AI is a bit haywire but either way it's still an amazing game!!. I just want this to be multiplayer then this game would be so much more fun.
I watch racing in real life its the best I should play this for ever just saying they push you off the track for a reason to stop you its called teams mate
Good played it for a couple of hours. Alor of things could be improved such as graffics or maybe even making this into the full game as most things locked due to being demo so this and graffics would make it so much better make this happen and it will will be 5 stars
This game is awesome however there are a few issues with AI being quite dumb (getting stuck AGAINST walls in reverse, the second runner will stop and block giving up their placing/points on the first night of championships) and rollover physics, lets say, not very fun. Reds need to be called sooner for cars stuck ON walls allowing for AI to work out if they need to run because their runner is out of the race ect. And need I point out that Palmy is NOT that banked? Apart from these issues, EPIC!
So good! Realistic physics and audio. Takes a few races to get used to it and SETUP the car how you like. Multiplayer would make this game unbelievably fun! Possible?
Fix the steering. Even changing settings it slips slides wont turn or overturns and spins you around. Detail the crashes more, I slam into a car does nothing. Get us off the wall, you just get close and you're up on the wall. If you want to advance it allow us to upgrade parts and tyres etc. Apart from that great game even paid for full version. Keep up the good work.
Cool game challenging but down fall is can only get 1 championship and thats it when there so much more to the game but to further any more have to pay 😒 could at least give players quarter or half the game to play before purchasing to go further... but other than that like the game... hopefully bita alteration with being able to go bit further in the game ill redownload and play for sure 😁
It a good except for the part when you have to pay for the rest of the game once you get bored with one car and one map
Awesome game I love it. A few things can we get a beachlands speedway track and also be able to design or own team like be able to name the team and change colors of cars I think that would b awesome
controls have no options. only a lousy digital button control that does not work. too bad it looks fun if i had a car with steering to race with.
It is a very good game, but it is getting boring not being able to play online and also an all in would be a good thing to add
Great game very competitive, but you should be able to earn currency rather than just buying currency and also earning tracks shouldn't need to have to remove demo mode. Just ruins the game
It's a fantastic game but the graphics aren't the best maybe fix that a bit and the way that the car sound you can only hear your car or im just not hearing the other cars so i hive a 4/5 but try the game it's good fun
Great to see stock car game, controls still need fixing, even with steering assist you're all over the place, also the moment you near the wall you're on it. Crashes need to be more realistic, I run down the back straight hit the opposition and nothing. Top notch game though keep up the good work.
This IS a serious racing game, NOT an "ad generator faking as a game like so many others. It\the developers have a lot of potential. With some tweaking & a few minor improvements this could really be a MAJOR hit! I completed 6 races, "quick race" and career mode and never saw a single ad! You CAN buy (not must) things, but the prices are very reasonable. Like .99 cents to $4.00. So it's clear these devs are serious about GAMING not just duping players with ad generators. Great job devs!
Just AWESOME. Thanks for all your hard work. Best game ever. No glitches for me, playing on a note 9, runs smooth as. Future update ideas.... legend drivers? Scotty Miers, Dave Evans, Shane and Sean Penn..... too many to list..... Now i dont wana pick faults with other peoples work, but...... Cmon Peylah, XBOX, PS4.... This game is so much higher quality than madcowies attempt.....
I payed for the full game but got new phone and tried to restore purchases but did not work says failed to restore
When cars are on their roof they flip back on wheels when u drive away which is annoying apart from that the game is great, can you guy also add multiplayer (if you can )
Handling is not as good as dirt track gladiators. There seems to be a weird traction control which means you can't 'throw the car into corners nd powerslide like you could on the previous game. Also can't spin the car from stationary. Ai could do with improvement but otherwise the game is fun, good value and most importantly time consuming. Would be nicer if it was easier to roll opposition cars.
How come I have to re-buy this game after I had it on another phone?? I love teams raceing I pay the $100 to stream in love. How do I get all cars back like I pays for. Be 5stars if I cam get them back
Love the game. What are the credits for if you got the full game? Need more tracks or bonus tracks from over sea... what about a ramp for the demolition derby or a single demolition derby....
The game is great but steering is horrible. And can you make it easier for us to unlock other cars and tracks please. Not all can afford to pay real money. Love speedway as I'm a big speedway fan. Thank you.
Great game. I would reccomend. it's a laugh. Needs stratford speedway and nelson too. Can you also add some retro teams from the mid 80s to mid 90s also the stratford gladiators. Just make it a retro vs retro. Could you add a stockcar championship too
Only giving it two stars because the concept is good but the delivery is poor. AI spend most of the race pinning each other to the walls not racing and the handling is terrible.
Love the game and how there's nothing else like it but the AI are just ridiculous sometimes, if you could fix this or put some more track rules for them in this one or future games it would be absolutely awesome
You should let people who do free to play unlock one track and team. This will stay 4 star if you don't do this. But if you do, this review will go 1 star higher.