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Fruits Legend

Fruits Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by appgo located at rm 905 workingberg comm bldg 41-47 marble rd hong kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love this little game, i can play it with my granddaughter and she gets so caught up in it that she doesn,t want to stop.
The game is one of my top 3, been playing it for ages now, I need more levels.finished all stages like 10 times, what I do now is to beat my high score and get 3star on each leve which am also done with..... Fruity legends
Super game and very sportive....i like soooooooooooooo much. It's wonder ful experience 😍 😍 😍
Good graphics and great time killer but I don't like games with music that I can't take to hear through out the game! Especially corny boring music!
at level 10 one can longer move forward.its returning to play.i think something has to be done on this.for the previous ones i have played,it was an interesting game.
This game is very amazing l really like it πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ but eish too much ads please do something about the ads
The game is interesting and fun to play it keeps me busy it make me happy whenever am sad that why I rated it 4 🌟 I love the game
this has always been the best game , but get rid of the adds.the screen is blank.the game isnt working.
I love this game very much. This is very nice app. This game have Timer is up then restart. This game has also too many levels. This game is most helpfull for Children or Kids. I give 5 star for this app. Very nice App., πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
It's easy and I love it....it makes me relax for sometimes when am bored and home alone...u thought well when you decided to make this game and I can tell that no one can fell...hoping to receive more funny games coz I love to play games slot😍😍
This is a great a great app actually,they just have to work on the ads though 😜 but is a great app for sure . Great work πŸ€­πŸ’•
Very addictive even though it turns out to be difficult to some levels but I like it, its got no disturbing ads, thanks.
I actually download and play all stages then uninstall,then download AGAIN cause I want to replay(did this 4 times already)πŸ˜‚.. Very very good game even though level 50 annoys me alot but I really love this game😊
Too little time to win a level. Is there an untimed option to play ths game? I just want to take my time as I play. Every level I play I'm always rushing to finish it and I'm not enjoyingthe game. I like this game a lot but sometimes it takes me days before I finish one level because the time allowed is not enough. I have more time watching the ads than playing ths game. Is there an untimed option?thanks.
cool game though...but level 5 is a little complicated. it's difficult to proceed to the next level,no matter how much you try to win or play. I'm disappointed.🀦🀦🀦🀦
please do not waste ur time trying to cross level 50. stuck at level 50 as time permited to reach 6400 is impossible . stuck on level 50 for last 7 days. developers plz increase time as levels increases. uninstalling for now.!
You guys are not being fair and the matter of fact that I'm getting timed it's not really fair because other people want to play this game would you want me to keep you little stupid game I will let you guys but a change his attitude that you guys were denied to us and it's not fair so-and-so does to you you let it change it got there and saw the to to pay please could I wanna keep your game examine for I've been wanting to find a match of for game because I've been looking for it since I was 3
it as if the developers don't want you to go beyond level 16. no boasters at the higher level and the outlook of the fruit is very boring at that point. improve and make it more enjoyable
I love this game as much as i love my BFF but dont tell her that.9.28Million stars is what i rate this game.
interesting but limited options, you cnt challenge people of play in a different mode, cnt prolong time. u guys need to work on this game
At first the game was going on well but now it's pathetic its no longer responding , it's keeps freezing etc
It's nice game ever I feel gud to have this game in my phone,, but level 50 its very tight, and the fruits are not in the gud arrangement so its verry hard to pass that level
It's a wonderful game since it helps me to keep myself busy and avoid engaging myself in other activities that may put me in trouble with ppl😊😊 It's a good game for brain alert
i come her for my self.to give u five stars Because your the best.not like other app and games forcing and chet user to get star
It's interesting but you should work on it for one to play longer timing and not this short timing. Also make it to be played in levels under classic, arcade casual, or easy medium hard so that one can enjoy playing it. with the short timing it is not enjoyable. You can check the spider solitaire game since i installed it on my phone i never delete it because i enjoyed playing it for hours
I love this game I am addicted to it. Right now I am on level 38. One thing though get rid of the ad's
I thought i struggle to pass level 16,but level 50 will humble you, ive decided to stop playing the game because it feels silly to try n pass one same level over n over again
I'm touching the matching fruits but seem to not removing the matching fruits at times. Must repeatedly touch again. Causing a waste of time. Please fix the problem as soon as possible.
this has always been the best game , but get rid of the adds.the screen is blank.the game isnt working. This game wont go past level.16. Totally useless game. Hate it.Now it wont go past level 10. Useless game.the new game won't go pass 10.
A good game keeping u focused but level 50 hey I spent 4 days. The time is too short. good game though
loved it at first but Am stuck at level 45 and after reading reviews it seems leve 50 is the max so Am deleting it. I'd advise that increase time by as the levels get higher, simple!
This is the most addictive game I've ever played I end up doing nothing when I'm playing it ❀️ I just love love itπŸ’ƒ
This game is cool but am stuck on level 50 for like an year now.... But still can't delete it my stress reliever
Well I can't even win none of them, the timer goes on super duper fast, but it's still fun.I like it but I didn't like this game so I'm getting rid of the game.
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The game is verysuper. I liked the app . The app have timer when you play the timer is run away. The game have so many levels. The game have super graphics. They have beautiful fruits . The game is verysuper. The fruit colours are very beautiful. I give 5 starsin this app
If only this game would WORK/FUNCTION i.e. the 'fruits' would move as they're SUPPOSED to, then I'd give it at least TWO stars but they don't so I can't. I'M DELETING this app & I DON'T reccomend downloading it. 😑🀬😑🀬😑
you can only play to a certain level. even downloaded a game to give me a few extra seconds but it didnt actually give me any extra time. not to mention the ads that pop up while you are in the middle of a level. dont bother
Has no sound to it, and teaching with it the sound is a bonus of interest. How do you get the music to play.
Its an awesome game!! In the begining, it was really difficult. But Hey, i like a challenge!! And guess what? I completed all 50 levels Now I'm board again,,
Please get rid of that awful music. If I shut it off, all the other sounds go off. And I want those! Everything else is excellent!
Full wastage of time.the time runs very fast we do not have enough of time to complete the game stuck at level 5
It's great & needs u to think faster. But the ad keeps interrupting u. Some level has a higher target that is impossible to beat. Hence making me exhausted & hating the game
l love the game its a must download..you get to try your reflexes how fast and cordinative they can be..amazing game
DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!! I have to admit,it is a cute game and it looks like it would be fun to play~~BUT it does not work a lot of the time and there are ads every 30 seconds..Sorry to say but I am deleting this game....Maybe if the developers would get all of the bugs out of it,I might try it again some day..
I am the of all in playing games like fruits legend etc. Playing game is my hobby ,whne doing all this ,i released my stress and sadnesses .thank you
I love the game it's awesome, even my cousin have this game and she is stuck at level 51 and she said level 50 was very hard but I'm in level 10 and it's hard but I love it so much 🌹 It is good for people that want to challenge themselves and people that are smart πŸ’–
Interesting, but time given is short to meet the target. The reason for my three stars. Else i would have given five stars. Need for an update
The game itself is ohhhhkaaay.... Buh the ads can just get you off... Almost every other minute there is one....
The thing i dislike about the game is that in level 15 there are duoble glasses covering the fruits thereby making me not to be able to win it when i should have won it since
nice game but the time is too short. i dont have space on my phone to download other games for time bonus. fix it please. stuck at level 50
Its a very nice and addictive game but i finished all the levels and its boring now because i have to redo the old levels
It's a really fun game but level 50 is impossible. I get that the target score needs to increase but the time limit needs to increase accordingly as well. You need 6400 and best I can get is 4200. I've been stuck on level 50 for 2 months now with no luck. This game has literally now become a colourful way to waste my time and drain my battery.
Good to kick time off, got me off stressed coz keep me really busy that i can't even have thoughts in mind. So challenging but addiction.
The app is great but a time comes when it stops working,you see the fruits but you can't play until the time is up. I had to uninstall it.
This game is very interesting I would get distracted by playing it my brothers and I would take turns playing it
Really like this game, it teaches you that you should play with time and when you are going to xul u will catch the bus bcz this game gives u tyme to finish
I love this game, its fun and its challenging, you have to be really fast and focused to win.. Too many ads though
This app is superior. It has made me more sharp and brilliant.Its good to have this app on your phone but takes a long time to download
Loveble game i ll complete the all levels plz improve next levels thanks n m the delete this this game
This game is so good I can play it for hours it's really entertaining I give it there stars because of the ads that pop up, they are too much if you could reduce the ads it can make sense.
Why can I not pass level 50????? On both my cell phone and tablet I struggle with level 50 for months!!
This is a good game I had fun playing but I reached level 50 and could not proceed I played it everyday for over one month but still nothing.It is getting frustrating 😭😭😑😈 But all in all the game is roses and wines 🍷🍸🍺🍻
It I a nice game but pls remove the shuffle thing and add more time just add that and delete the shuffle thing and have a good day to all who read this pls don't change anything just add more time and remove the shuffle thing