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Fruits Bomb

Fruits Bomb for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Mobileguru located at 1 Yan Shing Lane, Fanling, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The key to a game like this is the environment you provide. The mechanics are timeless and unchangeable, so the best you can do is make a colourful atmosphere out of it. This nails it. The colours, the sounds, are great. The music is a bit repetitive, but I don't care since i hate colourful music anyways. overall, solid 10/10.
I like it.. It passes time damm it sure did all my games did and my scanner did during the boring bull SB but oh well we all know who the real goat is all time.. Galaxy and all other games passed games for me here. I am on level 55 or 57 i believe no problems so far. Some are a challenge more then others before u get to the other levels,, a few earlier levels have been more a challenge then others.. Solid gm it has been so far
fun, addictive, but the commercials should be softer in sound, just saying we aint deaf! work on it! & the commercials repeat to much; we get it! money talks! say it don't! otherwise you'd get 5 stars!
fun game, not too hard but have only played a few levels. your questions are stupid, you did not put yes as an answer, and why put 'was it a breeding game'? that makes me want to delete your game as I don't know what you might put in the game after seeing these crazy, dumb questions. bye, you just lost a player.
Great game. Only problem now is no more puzzles. I finished level 487 an no more levels. Please add more. Its been saying more coming soon for weeks now. OK SO YOU DID AN UPDATE BUT STILL NO NEW PUZZLES.....WHAT'S THE STORY??..????😕😔
Install it if you're interested in watch advertising, it will take as much time than actually playing.
I've played plenty of games in the past like this, all with ads, BUT THIS Game is a game of ads. Talk about taking the pi**. Got rid, onto a game that is a game.
Fruit Dessert number 18 have bug. The fruit not drop no matter how many tries. I am going to uninstall it.
after crossing the fifty stage it started too much difficult can't able to cross some stages without internet connection and watching advertisements to get help now got stuck on 69 can't able to cross without internet access and that game waste so much data and in our country data is expensive plz make stages a little easy to cross don't let them impossible to cross without internet access
Enjoying this game loads, usually I get board but loving this not to demanding on my brain just fun thanks
The game starts out being entertaining and fun, until you get to the second level and #19. It is virtually and literally impossible to get 3 stars. There after, some levels will have to be played more than 10 times before you're able to win..., that's not fun. That means you're not playing or making a decision, but at the mercy of the program. It decides if it "wants" you win or lose, which is extremely frustrating. So what's the point of the game? There's no skill or wit involved, why play?
I enjoyed the game and was challenged to strategize the moves to get the best result. Have reached 10-487 and will wait for the next level to be availableb(soon)
Level 10-248. After you eliminate all the 🌟, silver and gold, the count remains 5, so you can't complete that level and move on to the next level. I have tried for ages, even scored 2 million plus, but cannot get rid of the five 🌟 count
Fruit bomb game is super play with fruit bomb and bomb game is wonderful but give fruit bomb and bomb I will stuck in finca 41level let me win me please please ......................^_^^_^^_
Great game. Only problem now is no more puzzles. I finished level 487 an no more levels. Please add more. Its been saying more coming soon for weeks now.
I just played a round where other than the initial suggested round I didn't touch a thing. If I am going to play a game... I actually want to PLAY the game. No fun to watch the game win the round for you.
Love that the colours are not too gaudy. The ads appear after every stage, quite annoying. Not complicated, gentle learning curve, good for newbies like me. I find it relaxing and addictive.
At some point you have to play long enough to allow the game itself to win. Like game 39 of stage 10, we finally got to play after 1,000 times, and now we have game 51, which we have to break with 35 moves of 64 ice moulders, that is, 7 moves for each ice that means a star with a bomb. It's very low, but you have to play it a thousand times to give it to you. This tenth stage itself has 471 games. I think I'm already cutting out my cellphone.
I am enjoy thiss game.. Very traf..this game is play to long time...1 to 10 level game this playing.. But 11 level not coming.. See this level comming soon.. 1 to 10 level is complete..
I enjoy playing this game emensely. It is one of my favorites. It is both relaxing and fun. Thank you for developing it
i used to like it, i hot to a level where its impossible to get it, not enough moves , to many moves that are a waste of time cause it only gives that to move been on this one level for over a month its irritating me, I've had enough, so im saying good bye.
It's really a nice game......but i have resetted my phone ...........even though i have copy the data from Android and paste it to atter update.....but it's still not working
It's a nice game yet I am at level that has what appear to be unhappy gum drops that you can't get rid of. First attempt at playing that level and thinking it would get rid of the bad guy once at the bottom of the game and no dice. Not fun when you can't compete a level any longer.
I am playing this game since long time, but now lots of add are coming every time & its very strange that bulger adds are also coming between the games, I am uninstalling the game due to this, kindly filter adds before uploading.
10-39 no level not complete. how it solve can you give extra chance to complet this level. Can I delete this game
i love it so much!!! and i also like what you have kept like" bonus time" thats the best thing!!! ....... each level had 35 moves so that time when i was in " fruit house" i was in 9th level i just played till 34 th moves and then the rest were " bonus time"...... and it also gives compliments like" good, incradible....and alsothey give us gift boxes inside them are some varitys of colourful fruit bombs!!!........ begginers please intall this wonderful game.......thank you!!! 😍😍😍
I am playing this game since many months and I have passed many levels but now one level is not completing because of less moves..so it's my request that please give some more moves so that we can solve that level..
I enjoy this game but now I'm stuck on level 10-39 and its now 4weeks still stuck, please do something, Im losing my mind now 🙄
Frankly speaking our whole family is addicted to this game. Thanks and keep it up but now we are stuck on fruit finca 8th level. We tried so many times but its not getting cleared. There should be an option to skip the level.
I am addicted to the game,, very true, it's so amazing to play it, but unfortunately am stuck on the second last level and the number of moves given are just so impossible to complete the game, i wish you could update and add the number of moves,, but i love the game
Good fun , my only grumble is that there's no option to buy boost or extra lives , so can be particularly annoying when you are so close and you run out of moves also i detest the time bombs , but i am thoroughly enjoying play this game x
flaw in this game. there is a flaw on level 6-18. the last nut/mushroom just won't come down no matter how much u bomb it. very sad. this is such a good game by the way. please do something about the flaw. or if it is not the flaw just tell me what level 6-18 want actually?????
I enjoyed this game until level 10/39 which I have been stuck on for 3 weeks, which takes the enjoyment out of it. Don't want it to easy but don't want impossible either.
Was enjoying the game but to many damn ads which caused the game to freeze so I am uninstalling would like it better if it had no ads.
too frustrating and too much advertising, way too much it's really annoying. I can see having some but not like this and there is no way of getting ahead if you can't finish the one you're playing. much too frustrating. not even one star. none
Felt cheated, the keys get automatically redirected to some others directions specially when last few moves are left. Ridiculous game. Have uninstalled it due to this reason. I'm very much disappointed. Three games I have uninstalled.
It's a good game as it include challenge so it's a fantastic but it includes a little bit adds which irritate me otherwise it's a quite interesting game
i really love this game. I got to level 10-248 and it says there are 25 coins in the gsme when there are only 20. I cant pass the level to move on because of this problem. Can you please fix this problem?
It is amazing and enjoyable 😁💃👎 but very challenging and I have been working on it a quiet awhile and I am in the last level and very hard but I have finished it huuuuuuuuuh
This is a wonderful game, I really liked it and I used to play this game to relax myself. But in Fruit pasture, level 39 is too difficult to complete, where the it is impossible to complete the level with the given number of moves. If you could update it by adding more moves, it would be helpful to continue further. I'm stucked in there and couldn't pass the level.. Please update it by adding more moves if possible.
Challenging; I hit a snag with 3-5, trying to figure out how to clear chestnuts. Do I need to take them off by moving to the far right side?
I am playing this game since long time, but now lots of add are coming every time & its very strange that bulger adds are also coming between the games, I am uninstalling the game due to this, kindly filter adds before uploading. 2nd jan uninstalling game now due to bulger adds are coming again
Fruit Bomb Is A Bomb To Play I Really Enjoy Playing A Game That Is Fun To Play Thank-You Give U AAA 1/2 +🏆
Interesting till the game goes smoothly. But after 4th level winning and moving further is very difficult. Always should update
The game is full of ads, I'm not complaining about it, but the dev gives level that you simply cannot complete is not acceptable. Level 264 cannot be completed due to glitch and I end ed up uninstalling this app
I like this game but lots of ads wasting my time and there is only few moves& it's little boring game also. Don't install this app.