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Fruit Splash Mania

Fruit Splash Mania for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Don't like the fact that u can't save your progress with facebook like other games each time u get a new device u always have to start the game all over again from level 1 plus am on level 48 an cannot move just stuck there makes no sense at all so i just uninstalled the game
I liked this game but it has stopped working, the game won't let me progress past level 48. I have had this game on another device & it worked fine. Please fix this bug. Update: still doesn't work past level 48, even on a whole new device!! Please fix this!!
I can't see past level 47. It has clouds in the way and I've deleted and redownload the app and that didn't fix it. I love this game but I'd like to play more levels without anything blocking me from doing so.
i enjoy this game but it cuts off after level 48. it's also a game thats drastically different if you arent willing to make in-app purchases, which i personally dislike, but it was still enjoyable overall. deleted though because I've beaten all the available levels and there arent any more
Super fun and so cute the fruits, can connect many fruits at once. Have to wait a while for lives to comeback, so worth the wait though. This is 1st game I download on all my devices!
Love the game, not big on having to down load other games for challenges. I could live without that part but I love the rest of the game
What's a stupidity!!!! I finished until the 48th level of the game and got 3 stars in each level, and despite that I am stuck I cannot continue after that because I do not have enough stars to open a new stage. how is that ??!!
Takes to long to regenerate lives and when you have a significant level up the game makes sure you fail a few times to waste lives.
won't let me past level 48 I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times and this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have reported this issue to storm8 within 2 years and it is STILL NOT fixed love game but just can't with the bugs after 2 years forgetaboutit
I Defınıtely Love thıs Game, ı really dont have any complaınts ! It keeps me busy when ı get bored ((lıke ıts supposed to!)) Ive had ıt on 2 phones and just put ıt on my tablet ((samsung, very clear graphıcs too)) the only Bummer ıs the Waaıııtttt netween lıves, an hour ıs quıte dauntıng when you're tryın to Beat a level thats Super Hard! I Love It ! ★★★★★
Update to my previous rating. I got a new phone and had to start again from the beginning going through the levels and now I can't go past level 48. There's a glitch or something that won't let me move forward even though I have enough stars to keep going
Don't download. There is no support for this game and it just stopped working. The developers do not care about this game anymore according to their email back to me how they are limiting the support services and cannot help me.
Can't get passed a level but love the game may need to update this game like add more levels and make it a bit less difficult for others like more hints more less harder to pass be fair .
I find myself always trying to kill some. I finally downloaded this game and it killed a lot of time and got very addicting. I love this game so much even though it is so simple
I like this game but It mostly stops responding and life re fill is too much time taking and no way to get gems and no more challenges.
Don't like the fact that u can't save your progress with facebook like other games each time u get a new device u always have to start the game all over again from level 1, plus am on level 48 an cannot move just stuck there makes no sense at all so i just uninstalled the game, even wish i could of given it a rating of zero stars, but it will not permit me to do that, since 2015 you'll haven't updated this app, you'll can do better than that such a lovely game gone to waste.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
I have played till 48th level and the further levels are blocked. Please update/unblock after 48th level
It takes tool long to get lives back. And the time games are too short for me. I need more time on them. Plus some levels to get keys is ridiculous, get 30 blueberries in a row and blueberries don't fall?
This game has stalled out on Level 48. I'm not sure why there hasn't been an update to fix the issue.
I passed all 48 levels with 3 stars still i am not leveling up in the game. I love this game but this is so frustrating. Please do something about it. 🙏
Game is fun but progress is impossible because levels won't load and support closes out complaints without looking into them.
I have been playing this game on my old phone with no problem. The newphonei can't get past level 47 due to the clouds. I don't know if it is due to the latest update
I played this game up to level 255 on my old phone. Got a new phone and it didn't sync so started over. Same as everyone else... got to level 48 and its blocked with clouds.
This use to be one of my favorite games but not anymore. I have been at a stand still & not able to play at all for about 2 months or more. I don't think a game should make it hard for one to play by putting you on a level where you can't play on without paying or being challenged to get a certain amount of stars to continue When I installed this game it was a free game. No matter how many times I take on the challenges, I am unable to collect enough stars. This is ridiculous.I will probably uninstall.
Spent weeks playing this game. It was great, but then it stopped working entirely, after the most recent update. Tried reinstalling but no luck. Shame I was enjoying while it worked
I've deleted all of my games besides this one. It's one of my favorites, i highly recommend you play this game!
Game requires an update since 2015. I like this game,visual is great and the icons are big enough for those with sight challenges. Unable to progress pass level 48 due to some cloud visuals.
It's a good game but after level 40 something I can see the levels they are blocked by a blanket of clouds
This game is my favorite. It does lock up sometimes and the algoritims can be off. No rules for the Fruit manis. Level49 stuck
It get blocked many times, on different devices. I can't select a higher level than 75, even after I uninstall and install it again. I like the game but it's not working.
LOVE THIS GAME! BUT SURE IS A CHALLENGE Uninstalling lastest update this app won't connect to internet. Uninstalled played one evening now i cant access next level 48, screen wont stay All map. Uninstalled again... CAN'T PLAY makes me mad.!!!!!
I used to love this game so much i was addicted but now I can only play up to some 40 level and then it all says loading the whole time and I can never get back to the level I'm originally on I have uninstalled clear the cache a clear the data and reinstalled it and nothing works please help
I really like it except i dont like how it doesnt add up the points on a final move if its your last life, and its annoying because it could save your life sometimes, but it just ends..you lose the life and you don't know your final score with the extra points from the last move. If this was fixed I'd really be happy with the game.Also if you are in a middle of a game and need to close the app for some reason, then you lose a life automatically.Thats annoying.You should be able to pick up where you left off
Love the game fun simple yet challenging too. I just have a problem, can't play beyond level 48 on asus zenfone max
Had a big issue with the game and couldn't move on to the next levels... Contacted them and they never bothered getting back at me! -Uninstalled-
Same as everyone else is saying. This is my favorite game to play but after level 48 I cant go any farther. I use to be around level 200 but got a new phone & it didnt save but now I can go anywhere. Can we fix this PLEASE?!
I would give zero if I could. No help at all from developers about not being able to get past level 48. Don't waste your time
Just downloaded it a few days ago, now when I go to play all I can see is the first few levels and the rest of the screen is clouds. So annoying.
Very nice game its develop the brain in solving levels but unfortunately the levels are not seen and we can't reach the new levels
Great game but won't let me get any further and don't know why or what I need to do no instructions like there used to be as I was way ahead and then my tablet broke and game didn't transfer so had to start again
It is really fun game. I really like the power - ups. I also really like how there are a lot of levels. But I wish they were trickier. It is also really cute. The little fruits are sooooo cute!!!!!!
Addictive game but can't get past level 48. Can't see the levels on the track. Like a cloud effect . Have 3 stars on every level so getting bored now as can't go on
Had game installed on older device and loved. Installed on new device but hate needing minimum stars to move to next region. Makes playing NOT enjoyable. Other games preferred. Consider changing please.
Stuck at level 48. Have collected 3 stars on all levels and stick can't get any further. Shame, as I enjoyed the actual game!
I have been playing for awhile and now I'm locked out at level 48 I only am short 8 stars of having all of the stars for everyone of these levels. I used to play on a different phone and got way further than this? I don't like the difference to the game. It use to be fun, someone needs to fix it! I am going to uninstall it!
I have a problem. Sky, I mean graphic clouds, closed my way to open new level, I can't tap on them. That's why I deleted it last time
It was a 5. A few months ago. There has been a glitch with my game, and I asked for help. I filled out the forms and stuff. They have now "blocked" me specifically from getting help. I know this, because I was getting "help" for another issue.
I really like the game but I wish there was a way to play and compete with friends and ask them for lives. Instead of having to wait. Otherwise it's a super fun game, would give it a five if I was able to play with friends.
This game is a lot of fun and challenging. I agree with some of the other reviews, it takes a long time to get another life and it would be nice to keep a little more than 5 at a time.
I have cleared level 49 it won't let me go to next level as all I can see is clouds. Contacted support got a email saying they don't support this game.