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Fruit Nibblers

Fruit Nibblers for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was a great game, until recently. Now it can freeze in a middle of a level and the only way to unfreeze it is to kill the app. And, obviously, you loose a life. πŸ˜₯
it has been nearly 24 hours that I've been stuck on a claim prize page after getting a bingo. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, waited, hoped. this game has been a favorite for wire some time but it's time to give up. I've dealt with the same problems that other reviewers have with waiting 10 minutes for it to load. 2 minute lag between games. glitches after glitches no matter what device I have tried. I'm done
Great game! Been playing for a few years, never gets boring! Generous with bonuses. love the weekend bonus levels. The critters are unique to this type of game. Highly recommended this game 🐍
Very Enjoyable!!! Having great fun!!! This game can be frustrating and stimulating all at the same time!!!
I've been playing this game for 3 years...or more. It never gets old, I love the green squid. He's so sweet!! I lol that the nibblers and lizards have a little push fight if they land next to each otherπŸ€£πŸ˜‚ My kid likes to play all the boss levels.
This game is interesting once a week, so where the Hell is the Friday bingo? Update.....still no bingo and still no explanation and it's Saturday
I'm only giving this game a 1 star reluctantly because of the loading time to even start the game. I had this game for years on all multiple phones and I'm in the 1000+ levels but its just almost not worth it to keep because it takes forever to load. I do love your game, but seeing as I'm not the only one having this problem it might be time to check into the problem.
The game's good, but not great. For example, the sound designs. When you deploy the main character, Coral, she growls. Fair enough. But, why then do the Bitelings and Octo make the same growling sound when deployed (not counting as starter powerups in the Tunament)? Speaking of Tunament, the gameplay for some reason reads how much lives are left from the single player campaign, which isn't supposed to happen as it turns out, specially the "Out of Lives" warning. (Oh, and it's pay-to-win, or pay-for-3-stars very often, even for stages not marked as "Hard" in single player.) Otherwise, from the characters to the premise of fishes going on dry land to savor variety of fruits, "Fruit Nibblers" had the potential of being Rovio's other "Angry Birds". I was actually waiting for shorts based on the Nibblers years ago.
This game used to treat me right back in the day. Now it freezes up on me when I'm in the middle of a game (killing it), I would have to close it and it'll just restart all over. Sometimes it'll make the purple monster go the opposite way I wanted it to. Now it's not letting me log into Facebook so I can pick up where I left off because I had uninstalled it thinking it would stop freezing. I was on Level 493 now that it's back on my phone its says I'm on 290 and it's not letting me log into Face
I ha e played this game for years and I love it. While it does lag a bit it is worth the wait hopefully they will fix that soon though
This is the slowest game I've ever played in my life. Major updates needed. From the start up of the game taking 3+ minutes to transitioning from 1 level to the next taking +/- the same amount of time.
I love the game but it freezing when i run the app. Also freezing after started at the stage that it shows daily task, and also freezing after the rounds. I thought its about the connection but its not. It ruins the experience of fun and turning into a torture. Pleasd do something or im getting colder against the game...
Very Enjoyable!!! Having great fun!!! This game can be frustrating and stimulating all at the same time!!! Unfortunately, I have been forced to play level 139 three times - I just finished level 143 and am - once again, and back to enjoying the games!
Recently passed level 230 after 2 weeks of playing. This game is a joy to play. The art style and music is delightful, the gameplay is fun and challenging without being insurmountable. The microtransactions aren't necessary to play the game in any way. I have used none. The ads are not aggressive or numerous. As far as I recall you only see a small ad for Rovio's other game on the title page, or if you want a bonus Nibbler in exchange for 1 ad vid. 5 lives + wait time is annoying, but tolerable.
The game itself is really good. However, it loads to the map then...nothing. I wait so long either my phone switches itself off or im asked for feedback. Ive missed out on tournaments and bonuses, which is all part of the game. Completely ruins it. VERY DISAPPOINTED, as i have reported it a zillion times with no affect.
This game got me through half of High school whenever I was stressed. The landscapes and characters are diverse, though I'd appreciate if Rovio gave this game the same recognition it gives angry birds. I'd Love to see More nibblers (like the blowfish that was cut during production) and more Bosses. The least you can do is give it a chance.
It's an addicting game. The gameplay is good ,story of nibblers and lizards is also awesome they fight all time when you come to a new world... Although it's a bit hard to get coins and boosts but still this game has its own versatility.. I fully recommend to play this game 😊😊😊
I love this game, it's been a favorite for years. One of the few I'll spend money on for coins/powerups. It really deserves 5 stars in all areas except that it freezes up so frequently it's annoying. I lose lots of those coins, extra lives & powerups. Starting to resent paying money for these things. I don't think it's my phone, Samsung Note 10, & I have the fastest wifi I've ever had. Please, can you look into this problem? I would like to give this game the 5 stars it deserves.
I'd give it 5 if you can fix the intial login time. Takes about 1-2mins until you can actually select anything, over wifi also. On airplane mode it starts right up. This is on an S7 Active & S9. 9/16 update, still takes forever to start with a internet connection. Can you do all your data snooping in the background to make it start faster?
Nice game.. Playing since last 5 years.. I m at stage no 3000 but its not displaying any more stages.
Love this game.. One of my all time favorite.. EXCEPT for the once in awhile days on end crash! Which I have right now.. Game loads then freezes.. It says last update was Aug 2018!! 5/20/20 Haven't been able to play for quite some time.. Either won't load or freezes. I keep hoping you will fix it before I decide to uninstall...6/17/20 Hasn't loaded for months so had to uninstall...sadly...
Excellent game. I just started and I'm looking forward to more challenging levels and events. Keep it up😊
Very intriguing has to have patience and time a perfect game to play while waiting at airport, doctors, hospitals or just relaxing.
Been playing game for yrs. Sometimes the levels are almost (or are) impossible. After so many times of trying to clear level, game stops being fun and you feel frustrated. In particular level 99. There are others but since I can't reach 3 stars on this one, I will mention this level. Graphics are good and game does not ever freeze up as others do.
Love thatcit moves quickly through the levels. Unlike other games that make u click a million things just to start a level, 2ish more game were like this
I love it but I think the authority is faking the game. You give 10 to 15 moves, may lears of grass, the lizards die after attacking 3 times and most importantly no maximum moves get waste! So how will a person can clear the puzzle! There are no option to solve these after going to 65 level!
Im so addicted to this game! The characters have the funniest antics! Even when you are just watching them and not making any moves, they are cute and entertaining!
Disappointed, addictive game, when I am almost finishing with a task, the game freezes and I lose all the credits...FRUSTRATING!
Getting really frustrated with the amount of time it takes to load, (not my phone, all my other games load quickly). I always look forward to Fridays when there's something different, like bingo. It wasn't there last week and I made the mistake of contacting the developers. I should have known better, they never reply. Are Friday's going to be the same as any other day from now on, does anyone know?
When this game isn't freezing up, I really like it. I'm getting really tired of losing money and Points from it constantly freezing. I've had this game for years and it's always froze once in awhile, but now it is so often I just don't play it as much anymore, so sad & frustrating.
Really love the game but the developers have not put much effort into making the game more advance. No options to watch videos for free lives, no options to earn more coins, beside the spin to win option there is no other boosters beside the free nibblers if you watch a video at the beginning... I still play the game but it would be nice if more features where added.
It's a awesome fun game, totes enjoy playing it on the spare odd moment with the kids or alone to pass time. Wonderful graphics
Constant network connection failures,with full strength signal,i am at level 640 and have no achievements due to all the failures and have no coins or power ups and i think it's on purpose. I have fun with this app but get tired of freeze ups and long load screens with fails at the end. Annoying
Addictive. Cute. So far on lv 1326 and still going, dont tell anyone. :) Edit- game isnt loading. Once i have pushed the play button, the screen freezes before letting me play. It is trying to open the competition complete window, with the daily challenge window and the game info, all at the same time and has a panic attack. I have tried waving lavender oil and rescue remedy around but alas, to no avail.
so far its fun but I just started. Been playing for awhile now an its so much fun. One flaw i see is , I have the friends list but they say I'm not on their lists so I get no help from anyone. I have to wait the time out to play again. It' still the same. I have no one sending lives. To bad I really like this game. still the same complaints and i still really like this game.
Its a beautiful game but it is jnsane that is not letting me pass level for more then a year..i unistalled it before and reinstalled and still missing moves toneliminate lisards..basicly 2 per lisard...too bad and irritates me
2019.10.10 update - game performance and load times have been more or less back to normal for 2 days now. Game no longer playable. Something like 2 months ago, there was an update. Now the game freezes when you open it. Every time. And it still hasn't been fixed. When people can't use your app, that's a pretty big deal and something you usually try to fix right away. But these developers obviously don't feel the same way.
A very balanced match 3 game. Graphics and characters are cute. Gameplay is engaging and varying enough to keep you engaged. The hard levels are hard but not impossible.
I love this game and introduced quite a few friends to play. I am not is it just me, the recent updates removed the daily rewards and the weekend rewards. I am not sure when this was being removed since i was busy for a few months. But, why remove? It seems like the game is making you use money to buy extra lives to continue..... Pretty upset with it...
When are you going to take action and fix the problem with the loading process??? All the users are complaining, but you still do absolutely nothing. What are you going to do when everybody uninstalls the game??? I was playing it for years, but now it is a total flop. Arecyou even reading the reviews? I don't see any answers or apologies.
I enjoyed the quirky ness of this game I've played almost 2 years and had to start From level one numerous times due to Glitches freeze ups it is becoming very annoying I can't get past level 500 When I do I'm uninstalling it. Hope the developers can get a handle on the problems I and other players have voiced. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
BEST GAME but just try to make grand tunaments without data or airtime because some people can not afford it
I love this game and would play all the time if getting it to load wasn't such an exercise in frustration. On average it takes 15 minutes to load and then freezes after one or two rounds. Please fix this!! I see numerous reviews on here saying the same thing, isn't it time to listen? UPDATE!! Nothing. Has. Changed. 😐
Newest update: Crashes constantly and has to be reloaded. Extremely irritating. Update again: Thank you for fixing the severe lag! Much better! Update: Still freezing on a new phone. Mostly good. Keeps crapping out and freezing though. Edit: Freezes constantly. Drives me almost as insane as the five minute load time.
Unique game. If you like match games & youre looking for one thats not just more of the same, this is the game for you. the characters are really cute. Just challenging enough without being frustrating Edit 1/30/20 someone said u cant get past level 68 without paying but I passed level 68, haven't bought anything Edit 6/12/20 i WAS about to delete the game I even said it out loud I should just delete this and then all of a sudden "level cleared" hope it doesnt remain this difficult
I've played this game for years and only complaint is its so God Damn so to load. You'd think they could have fixed it after all this time