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Fruit Master - Adventure Spin & Coin Master Saga

Fruit Master - Adventure Spin & Coin Master Saga for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Radar, LLC located at Россия, Москва, ул. Моховая, д. 11, строение 3, комн. 4. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Does everything coin master does but alot lot less memory used maybe graphics cud be a bit better but no problem upto now
Love this game, but at one stage was getting no shields. Using all monies to repair village. Finally moved on and enjoying game again, think the daily bonus wheel is rubbish but that's ok. Think shields need to be a bit more evenly spaced, it's either nothing or they all come together. Great game, very addictive, graphics comical too
Extremely irritating that other players can raid and/or attack you while you are in the game. What's the point then? Definitely not to make you want to continue playing now, is it? You can't properly accumulate enough coins to upgrade anything and then boom, you get raided (while you are literally playing the game). Nevermind the fact that getting shovels yourself is super rare. Compared to other games like this, this one definitely sucks.
Bubble boom has'nt worked for weeks. Daily bonus never falls in red segment you should give players the will to play
Sorry not enjoying this so far. I think your attack settings are way off. I was attacked 3 times in 4 minutes earlier as the fruit master while playing,which completely wiped the coins. Then leave the game for a while, with full shields, to come back to find everything destroyed, with no coin to repair. The revenge option does also seem not to work. Coin Master it ain't.
This game is quite like coinmaster which will be brilliant so come on everyone come on and play this game its really great and good
This is the worst game of it's kind, the negative reviews that sound like exaggerations are totally accurate, there are dozens of games that are almost identical to this but dont make me want to die, if you want the exact same thing but better install coin master
Whatever you build it will have to be rebuilt quicker than you think hardly any shields are spun to protect yourself,getting boring now
Compare to coin master this game is totally worst. Attacks and raids are too fast. Building the village its will take sereval weeks.. Don't trust this game..its my humble request to all reviews..
I have been playing a lot of games I really enjoyed this, I know I'm getting to the end of it and maybe this is why you are not answering my messages on problems with my roulette spins I'm getting to spend but the bar reward at the top has been stuck almost 18 hours now and no one seems to care Like I said it's just a game but since March this is just about what I do So please fix it
Its slow. Not much thought was given tongame play. This game is suited more for a toddler. You dont offer much such as better rewards or offers. This game is weak and lane. Its boring🤕🤕
Its really 2fun!its seriously colorful and easy to play this game! I'm enjoying meeting new ppl to play with and my older friends on Facebook!thank you..TASHA NICOLE WIMBERLY
I Love the game because it isn't as easy as some to complete and yes that gets tiresome but I like it anyway
People are nasty and rude. Rather than make friends to help each other out, you get singled out and your board destroyed. They totally get off on destroying things. I won't be staying in this game. I'm uninstalling as we speak.
Love this game 😍❤️ please can u tell me when u r going to open more cards collection it's still saying soon it's been like this for a long time please help your sincerely Susan 🙏
Now today the game will not stay open, very disappointing. The game is great but needs more card sets.
I really love this game. I tried many apps before I settled.on this one. It's challenging without being so difficult you want to throw it at the wall! So, I haven't regretted it thus far.
Cute and fun game just wished all these games was free because it takes up space on our phones but i love playing games have a blessed day keep up the great work
The game is really fun. I know you have to have ad's to help pay for this, but, enough is enough. Tired of same ones over, and over, and over.
I would never rate this game at all,most horrible & worst game ever seen..,too much of boring & very hatic rubbish.
I enjoy the game so much. It will makes u excited everytime u hit a 25x times the steal from other players. And use the money earned fast cuz u will be afraid maybe someone will trigger a steal also hahaha. The most coins I ever steal with a 25x : I got 200 million plus! And I hope now i completed level 40 .. hope i can receive my reward now in tapjoy
Hi I can't find my Facebook friends on this game I use to have them now they have gone accept one person if you could help sort this out I would be so greatful my thanks wendy
Good game needs more updates better graphics the game has some bugs to work out in this game the spinning is a little bit laggy
This game is a joke. No way to build when attacked every 2 seconds. I'd give it zero stars if I could.
Good game had to restart again, won't but you back where you were in your last game if you have lost the game or it say like your internet has gone down, The game puts you back to the beginning again.
Enjoying the game but please get some more card sets sorted. I have completed all sets and have nothing to aim for apart from building.
Not giving a rating. It says when u complete a building u get 40 spins but u are just get 1/2. Everytime I complete an islands it says I will receive 40 spins but it only gives me 20
I am so disappointed with your team. After downloading this game from 猫咪大战争for the sake of rewards, and after finishing the requirement as Reach Village 40 and no rewards granted. I did revealed the matter to Tapjoy but was notified that I didn't download properly and the game I played is not from Tapjoy. What a fool after days of playing and was tell not to be awarded. Can you both make sure that as we press down the button to download games from 猫咪大战争is legally what we are getting to start.
Trying to get shields is impossible. I can use 100 spins or more and not get one, all the while being attacked every hour. 😒 Dont know why i even play this stupid game other than being bored, it sucks
After 52 levels not getting new chest card. Only showing coming soon...i am now 80 level......but not getting new chest card
I love the game and the levels are so easy to get through but the level repeats it self back to square one half way through the game plus with events, i was playing one event then it just went on to another
Love this game but i wold love too see more than 50 powerups in fact id love too see some free power up starting friday through sunday at mid night
I wasn't completely convinced this game was for me... But after a few days, I found myself out of spins and about to freak out. Lol I love it!
Love this game my only thing I would have to say if you have thousands of spins I think you can put it up to maybe 5 or 10 that would help get your village done as well
Love the game some times run out of spins pretty quickly . Only if you could get more spins to okay longer... fun game ..
This game sux camei balls i was going to change my review today until I blow 75 spins without hitting any shields attacks or raids !!! smh what a rip off
Never get shields and all you do is repair.4896 I'd no deleting game needs spin and wheel update never mind not getting shields
This cash master game is different from all the rest, it is a whole lot more friendly and looks and sounds magic...The Best!
Really good game but at the moment Ive been waiting 2 months for an update cos I've completed all the card collections and waiting for more to open up
I like the game, however i never seem to get the bonus from the Fruit Village when i finish my villages. I just finished 2 and didn't seem to get prizes. Hopefully that can be looked at and fixed soon.
Unable to send and receive gifts. Facebook shows that I am connected with the game but game shows I need to connect with facebook... I have been trying to get game fixed for well over a month now... Nobody can seem to fix the problem but the game creater can continue to update the game 🤷🏼‍♀️
Wish I could give 0 stars , this is the silliest game I've ever played full of shambles this is and a waste of time
Hi more than 25000 spin i played. 2 times strucks. I didnt get prize. This is cheat. My id no: 147830 I played 250 super bet.
1 star is being generous.Trying to get shields is impossible, I can use 100 spins or more and not get one all the while being attacked every 30 minutes. You can NOT build an island. 😒 Dont know why i even play this stupid game other than being bored, this game sucks
NO, YOU FIX IT. GIVE ME MY COINS OR DELETE THIS REVIEW GIVE ME MY SPINS AND COINS. 2 times in a row i didnt get my coins s or my spins for finishing a village, so I tried again same thing,Didn't get my coins when I finished a village, pretty bunk if you ask me, what a waste
Terrible and why can we only bet x3 all the time when its hard enough to play the extra wee game can't you put up more spin like x5
Well, a game that ties together the music group, Korn(or cartoon-likenesses thereof), w/ Corn Flakes, & makes me want to "Defend that village" w/ everything the game has, well, I just find myself attraced hithertoo🤗
Not as good as others. Can't up your spins. Never get shields. Even when you have several spins, stuck on same place way too long. Fix this, and it would be great!!!!!!
It's a spin to win game. But need to take less time to get ure new lives refilled, so u can get back in on the winnings of the draw.
It won't upload the new update I will try again over next few days if it won't work I will have to delete the game.
Extremely irritating that other players can raid and/or attack you while you are in the game. What's the point then? You can't properly accumulate enough coins to upgrade anything and then boom, you get raided. All this while you are busy upgrading your village. Nevermind the fact that getting shovels yourself is super rare. I do get the fact that you are wanting the game to be competitive and that's great. Let players attacks other offline players. Still competitive and less in game irritation.
All you do in this game is fix and restore. You don't even get enough spins and coins to keep up with that.
Can you please fix the problem I want to send cards to my friends but can't as its not finding my friends when I add them from Facebook.
I love playing this game, such fun to attack & steal from others all over the world! The lands you build are aesthetically pleasing.
It's a great game, but it still seams a bit to high to get. But in all fun game. Thanks, Beaverton Michigan...
Well as of 2 weeks ago lost sound, then u all had me up date new version of it n now it's a joke to play for when you get ure money up there n u take a spin its always getting taken away. I'm not liking this game now its becoming to hard to build up ure cash to build. N when I got up this morning u all got another new version to download wats up with all the updates. N I'm tired of getting my spins I earn taken n not giving to me. I think it's time to delete the game n then I'll have no problems
On coinmaster you might get attacked 6 times a day and be the master 2 times. This one you can be the fruit master 12 times in an hour. Then get attacked 20 or more times a day. That's so much fun when you get attacked 3 times as much as you get to do. It's so much fun not being able to progress. Like I said in my last review go play coin master instead. Not only did this game just recreate it with different names but they make it way harder to progress. Steal a game and make it worse.
Funny the big guy is my favorite everyone is trying to get your money or your village blink the eye and they are there to take