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Fruit Link - Line Blast

Fruit Link - Line Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by FunLink.Studio. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a fun app to play. There are cute characters, bright cheerful colors and calming music to listen to as you play. This games helps me to relax and unwind anytime of the day.
I've only got to level 12. I think I would enjoy the game if it didn't keep crashing when moving onto next level. 9 x so far
This game has it all. You destroy objects by connecting objects around them. The game is colorful, easy to play and best of all you may have to watch a 5 second ads. Most adds you dont have to watch. I recommend this game to any and everyone. This is my go to game when getting medical treatments.
great game, really fun challenging but never becomes so difficult you are forced to give it up!!!!! I would rate it higher but I can only give it a 5 🌟
Fun! The puzzles have a good balance of not being so easy that they're boring or so hard as to be frustrating. The ads are frequent and annoying but other than that, I like this game.
Enjoying this game very much. Find it reasonably easy. On level 450 after only a few weeks of play. There is no hidden blocks where you have to buy coins to carry on in game. GREAT!! Find it quite addictive. I did find that on some levels I could not clear the fruits I wanted, until I found there is a knack! Completed the whole game. Enjoyed it so much that I am now going round again.
It is a very good game even with the ad's it gives your fingers time to rest but over all its a nice gameπŸ‘
One of my absolute favorite games to play. I like how you can start with "power ups" or "boosters" to win the levels. I find the levels to be challenging in which I LOVE challenges.
Fruit link _ line blast is very good game this game is very easy and in next level is very difficulti
This link game is my ultimate favourite. When I get to the end, I uninstall and reinstall. Yikes. I reinstalled but you cannot complete level 100. There is a flaw!!
Easy, fun, and relaxing. 5/29/2020 Still playing on&off and still find the game fun, easy and relaxing. Great to play while listening to Audible books.
Just installed the game, so far so good. I like the colors and different things to capture. Yes πŸ’• the game, been playing since 2019😍
This game is so much fun to play! It doesn't matter how old you are you'll have a blast. It will cheer you y& lighten your mood. I just have one request ... How about a few less adds then it would be perfect! Anyways I love this game & I'd give you more stars if I could!!!
Absolutely brilliant game love it very adictable only down fall is to many adverts but it won't stop me playing.Well done
It's a really fun game, and easy to understand how to play, and the graphics are remarkable, one of the best fun games i've ever played, so happy ya'll designed this phenomenal fun packed game!.!.
Great relaxing stuck at end says coming soon for more levels still waiting will soon delete game if new levels don't come sooner
Love this game,but hate all the ads!!! As soon as you do one task, an ad pops up, very annoying. I highly recommend getting rid of some of the ads, they take away from the game.
I have been playing this game off and on for a very long time and so far it is the best game I have ever played. It has its little querks, but they are easily solved. As long as it doesn't freeze up I will play this game as long as I can. I just wish they could create a few more games like this one. I only hope I get to the end of this one so I can start it up again. Thank you !!!
Loved this game solid 5 star until I beat all the levels and they still have not added any updates with new levels months if not almost a year later
The game stopped at 14th level 1400 and it will not give me any more levels to play I want some more levels or I'll get rid of your game
Mostly good except after 6 games the ads started. Now after every game, ads. Going to delete this soon if it continues.
Great game! Im on level 281 and i cant finish game because its like maybe a glitch prohibiting me to beat the game. Would hate to uninstall so please fix it!
I really love this game... so interesting. I have played hundreds of games like this but none interesting than this. one thank you πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
fun & entertaining. you can actually win more then one game at a time! liked it so much I have run out of games. need more games!
I'm liking the game BUT the number of ads in these games, albeit yours are only seconds, really do spoil the enjoyment. Why can't we earn rewards instead of having to pay all the time? Pay to empty the chest, pay to open your pigs for rewards you've earned...not all your game but nearly every one you play
This game is very very nice grafics too are good u enjoy this game if u downlod that is why i gave 5stars and also make it an end game up to level 2000 award people after they complete all the levels
Such a osem game...we cross all the levels...my mummy also love the game very much...if even i say my mummy is finished all the level
It's an Awesome game only there is too many ads.. it's like one after every game.. if not for all the ads it would be a 5
I love this game. Not too difficult and not too easy. I love the levels where you have have the crown. Only problem is that it maxed out at level 1350 and only states coming soon. Who runs out of levels. Totally not acceptable.
I enjoy playing this game and the fact I can play anytime for as long as I want is a bonus. The only thing I don't like is that only goes up to 1600 level after that I have to look for another game that I don't have to spend money on! It would be nice to have unlimited levels.
This is a awesome game it's like your dream come true I had to ski all my old tablet and I was on level 18 this game is so awesome and I just bought it on my new tablet it's like so awesome like wow whoever made this is so talented wow wow wow I just can't say it this is a awesome game that I ever had in my life it's just like so awesome and so good I give it a a hundred Stars wow wow wow it's just too fun if you can make a part two of this game I will be so happy like wow this games like Soul
Fruit Link is a very fun game to play. Playing it can help you do some exercises for your brain to help make your memory work better.
Love this game but I have been waiting a few months for you to add new levels..I'm at lvl 1400 and want more..please add some soon..Thanks
What is going on with your adverts? Now you have adverts that you have to wait 20 seconds before you can dissmiss them. I really love this game, but your adverts are starting to drive me up the wall.
Love the game but finished all levels at least 6 months ago & no more have been added. Ads are fine because they are so short...... what do you expect for free?! Hurry up & add more as I'm getting fed up now!
Its a very relaxing game. Even my 5year old daughter and 17 years old daughter enjoys it. It changes my mood from 0 to 100. Thanks to Fruit Link- Line Blast πŸ’•β™‘β™‘πŸ˜šπŸ“πŸŒπŸπŸ‡
Great graphics, fun challenges and multiple ways to make matches. A refreshing change from other match games.
Fun game I've enjoyed it for a while now. But level 1226 is faulty. The portals don't work at all, which makes it impossible to beat. Thanks for the fix But now it hasn't been updated in 2 months. I really enjoy this game but won every level at the highest possible score. Edit 11-13-20 It's been months without new levels. Very disappointed, I was enjoying this game very much.
This game is fun n easy to play. But once you get into the 1000 levels it gets hard n having no bonuses or power moves to buy it makes the level annoying. Wish they gave power moves you could use coins to buy n help with harder levels. The ads are crazy too. An ad after every single level
Totally enjoy this game BUT would love for new games. I can only get to 1400 - it says COMING SOON - I've started over (several times). Lol
Just started this game today, going to level 104. I downloaded it because I thought it would be a little more like the ad, but, It is so much more. The ads are not as aggravating as the ones in 99% of other games out there. The characters are extremely adorable and the levels are fun to figure out. I'm not stuck levels for hours or days as in other similarly played games. This game is fun, relaxing and makes me laugh out loud!! The developers deserve a standing ovation for simple creativity;)
I like the game because it is so easy to play even on hard levels.What I wish list levels I hope get harder.I'm on level 12.
Loving this game. I would be willing to pay a couple bucks for an ad-free version, but, sadly, thats not an option.
I love this game because it is very cool. my small sister like,s fruit that is why i dowloded this game. But this game is very coolπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‡. But on the other hand i dont like this game because of the add,s
Very addictive ! Really loves it !I was curious as to when new levels will be coming? I got to 1400 and now I'm replaying them....ready to delete game....
This is a neat game that I enjoy.you get to take y time and no hurry up .it's got good graphics and y just play as long as y want come and enjoy and play along
This is a very fun and challenging game but you must think what you do it is worth playing to and it is interesting and challenging
|*ΛŠα΅•Λ‹*)੭⁾⁾ Δ± loʌǝ dlɐʎıuΖƒ Κ‡Ι₯Δ±s ƃɐɯǝ!! *i may have to uninstall. only bc level 929, every single time no matter what, it will glitch the eff out! then it will either freeze up an i will have to close app and try again OR it will freeze up, the screen will black-out, close itself out. is there a way i can skip this 1 level only?! I've been having this problem for over a month now. i donno what else to do! ..and yes, it's updated.. p.s. please, make more games!! yer pretty good at it! πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ˜·
Good graphics & addictive, but at level 834 there's a glitch - the correct coloured fruit won't go into the baskets.
Way to many ads. Watch an ad before a level, after a level and again before you can play the next level. Uninstalling.
This is a good game to play. It has good variety on the different levels and keeps you interested in playing
Love this game. Ads are short so it doesn't matter how many there are. Wait time between levels is quick. So far I have found nothing in this game I dislike.
The new color baskets don't work. I am on level 858 and can't go no further. Please fix the issue. The game will not allow me to go into the colored baskets
Relaxing game without any hassles - well put together graphics plus the ads in the game aren't much of an intrusion. Enjoyable.
This game annoyed me as it's tutorial never seemed to stop. Each level was with the hand guide marking selections without giving options to choose differently. And then the hints are too quick popping up. I mean am I even playing a game? Cause it seems like the game is playing itself.
Yes, yes, I love this game. This is a new version than the one I finished a few months back. When I couldn't update to go any further I went back and redid each one without a crown. This time I won't settle without getting a crown on each level everytime. I'm addicted, you will be too!! Try it now!!!
I am played last level that's Level-1400 so please update more levels it's very interesting and amazing game so please give us more levels in game as soon as I m waiting.......and I am giving you 3 star rating because you doesn't give any updates for increasing levels till now it will be convert in 5 star after update and I am thinking that isn't anyone here who reached at last level okay but....so give us soon more levels...
Update the game and increase the level of intensity of boosters in the game otherwise update to the previous version. In previous version intensity was excellent but now intensity is very low and because of this player can't enjoy while playing game.
This game is perfect. It's amazing. I am fully satisfied. Please install this game. It's wow. No ads also. The level are easy but when it increases it gets a little tough and that is nice.
Great game, different format makes it more interesting, the variety of the characters, gorilla, butterfly and roses gives the game an added bonus as it stops it getting boring. Well done.
This game is too easy to play, if you like to be challenged, this game is not for you. If you just want to relax and pass time, by all means enjoy, it won't get you frustrated nor get your blood pressure up. There are lots of short ads, but since it's a free game, you can take a rest in between.
So far My grandchildren like it. My objection is that it has too many females inappropriately dressed and these are children that are looking at this.
Would give 5 star but been stuck on level 883 for a week because its not letting me put the fruit in the baskets for some reason?🀦🀦🀦🀦
The levels are too easy which makes the game boring. The ads are also overwhelming regardless of the fact that they are only 5 seconds. Finish a level in 5 seconds...watch an ad for 5 seconds. Uninstalling.
Love this Δ£ame, but you have a bug on your advirtestment about a khaki shirt. The game freez when that comes on.
Fantastic game love how to work out the water will flow good for 7yrs up to what ever age I'm 63 and love it
I'm on level 3, and so far I love this app. It's perfect during breaktime during school. Since the school doesn't give the wifi password.
This is very addictive and a great time waster. You can get on and play and not realize that an hour has passed by. It's great for all ages.
Hi I love this game.Only problem as I have reached level 1400 and cant play any further.It says comming soon
Fruit link iis i like very much i played it easy way guide and make feel happy when the gorilla was angry and go away...i feel awinner too! Also i addicted ,it simply and you have given a player a chance to win a game..
I love this game. Its not too easy like another person remarked. As u go on it does get more difficult, just like all games but all-in-all, its worth every tear. I would like to know more of what im doing though. I get NO tutorials, and the boosts arent great. In fact, theyve changed completly from good when i began playiny to trash over night without warning.
Game bhut hard h .but phle isme ads ni ata tha or ab ads ata h Bhut bekar lag raha h baar baar ads display show krta h. Give me a new best updates . It's ok ni hua tho unstall the game ...🀬
It's fun & a great time killer.the ad r hard 2 close sometime r they don't have an x 2 close. The game is sooo cute,& fun!
Amazing🀩that's all I can say But I wonder if you could produce a little bit easier game for my mama she's crazy about this game but she finds some levels hard I've just finished the game that was amazing
I really like this game, but I have to uninstall it because I've been waiting for a month or so to see what's coming up. But there's Nothing, I'll try back in a few months!!!
I like this game but when you reach level 850 you can't put the fruits in the basket, it's so hard I lined them up going into the basket but nothing happens, feel like not playing anymore
Love this game!! It's not easy, but it's also not so difficult that you can't pass a level even though you strategized. That's what makes it so enjoyable! With some good strategy and FREE, YES FREE boosters, the levels are both enjoyable and beatable. I definitely recommend you download and enjoy loads of puzzle fun! Don't forget, FREE BOOSTERS and VERY LITTLE ADS! It's worth your time, promise!
This game is very fun and addictive too. The animation is cool. Very enjoyable for all agesπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘
Nice game with new different targets we will be more enjoy with more different targets in each rounds, it is different from other games
This game is amazing. It's so interesting and satisfying at the same time. It refreshes the mind as there are different ways to do the same task.
Love this game! Almost to level 900...it is a must play game! Its funny too! Go beat up corn cobs! Lol
Interesting...but I have not found any explanation of how the game works, IE where can i see what boosters or tools are at my disposal.
It's a very interesting game for anyone's like little ones and adults also. When My five year boy play this game he lost in the same and it happens with me also.
Its ok, its just level after level after level. Theres no story line. It could do with a bit extra,ie town building or story line.
Absolutely love this game. However, I've just reached level 809 and the game keeps glitching. Ive tried restarting the level, the game, my phone...nothing works. Hence, the 4/5 stars.
Completed till level 1330 and waiting eagerly for the next new levels to come since they said it will come soon... This game is so addictive n I love it
I had to uninstall the app because it kept going to the ads, but now I am unable to install it again. It sticks on "waiting for download". Really disappointed, as this is my favorite game
Very Addictive and playable☺️ this game get more updates like you have give us an update in which we can save our game progresses and also like we can Play with our friends and other players. Thankyou ❀️
Hard levels are very funny. Even my sister like it. Like the game very much. Every one like it in my home
this the 2nd time i've installed this game.the 1st tlme i got to level 590 and could go any more.it froze up and no matter what you do it will NOT unfreeze.please fix before i reach 590 again.thank You again your game keeps blacking out. Would please fix this? I really like this game. I am still here. Relaxing and enjoyable πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ Thank you 😊😊😊
I play this game a lot untill I got on level 1226... That level is faulty I can't able to free the last dog... And also there are too many ads... Even if I play in offline mode still the ads pops up regularly after every level... Still I was enjoying the game... But I can't able to complete level 1226...
Lov the game. I have got to level 1226 can not get passed it. Ive tryed every possible way. Can you check the board please. I would hate to stop plating the game 1 of my favorites. Thank you.
It is too good game !!!!! Liked it too much because of it good to see the fruits sound plick plick plick it sounds good os that's way I will give 5 star for this amazing and wonderful app 🀩🀩πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Fun game I've enjoyed it for a while now. But level 1226 is faulty. The portals don't work at all, which makes it impossible to beat. Thanks for the fix But now it hasn't been updated in 2 months. I really enjoy this game but won every level at the highest possible score.
Love this game, its very addictive. The first time I played it before in knew it its 4 hours later. Keep up the good work on games.
I cant stand a game that has ads after every round you play. So im deleting this game. Cant even enjoy playing the game its so many ads.
I really enjoy this game. The commercials aren't bad. You can get rewards for watching, and they really help. I can't put it down sometimes. πŸ’™
I like the game!!! Hate all the ads!!! Way to many! If I wanted to watch ads I would turn on the tv. I came to play this game! Not watch ads!
This is an exciting game. I enjoy it though i have just started it. I hope there would be no interruptions from different ads.
I love the game but it stopped at 2 levels . 1350 is my last level and its saying it's coming soon. Why is their a problem and it needs fixing. I'm being discourage from playing now.
Fun game l have enjoyed it for a while now.but level 1226 is faulty. The portals don't work at all, which makes it impossible to beat.
There isn't anything that I don't like about this game . Loads of 5sec ads so short you don't mind them. Highly recommend
Couldn't ask for a funer game ,it's challenging to figure out how beat the levels in just afew moves. Come and play the game.
I like this game very much . This game is easy but really relaxing . I like the dog . I really like this game . πŸ‘πŸ‘ . For small kids . This game is really good .
Fun and simple concept makes it easy to play, with just enough tactics to keep you thinking. Not so hard I can't share with kids around me and not so easy I'm board with it.
Game is great! Colorful. Love how the game helps you along the way if you are stuck or not sure what your next move should be πŸ™‚
Liking the improvements to this game. When i played it before, you didn't have the crown. Really like it. I am enjoying playing the game again. The one thing i don't like is there is no way to get additional moves. Some games will give you move moves if you watch a video. Here you have to finish the level, if you don't you have to redo that level. Just giving you some input.
I enjoyed every bit of the game. I can't wait for the new levels saying coming soon to finally drop❀❀❀. When is the coming soon going to end?
It is a very fun game but it is just like a lot of the other games out there just way. way to many adsβ€’ Hell i Can see having Some.but after and before every round , NOW THAT IS JUST TO MANY ADS. But besides that I realy like the game . But i will not be Playing it that much Because of all the ads. sorry But that is the way i feel about it . . Mary T .
for children it's really a good game but higher the level up it's more difficult la but it's very interesting.And when I play this game their Is no ads disturbing like other game la.Im enjoying a lot.πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ήβ€οΈ
Not too hard, can shortcut the ads after 5 seconds, except the ones you watch for 5 extra moves. Those are a must-watch 30 seconds.Decent rewards. Overall 4 out of 5.
Game is good and relaxing. I just need to know why after every game a chest pops up but won't let me open it? This is very confusing to me. Help anyone?
You know,i'm done playing this game last year and my goodness i really top it all(all levels),the only not good in this game is you cannot save your progress!My effort went to nothing when i uninstall it waiting for another update about new levels but there is no updates til' now!So disappointed 😞😞😞!!
It is good but if u hard installed this game before then you unistall you should let the person continue to the level he or she was now you start again the game again to level one
Loved the game at 1st. Starts out easy, then gets harder and harder until it is almost impossible to win. Had to uninstall and reinstall and start all over with too simple game to be able to win. Undesirable! And here I am again. Too hard to win. Only alternative is uninstall. Too bad!
Fun game to play to pass time.I like beating on the heads of the monkeys,it's funny watching there reactions when they know it's about to happen.😁 Fun game guys just too many adds after each win.But I gave it a 5 rating!!!
It's a fantastic game and I enjoy it a lot but there should be more difficult level then I will rate 5 stars otherwise it is a perfect game πŸ‘
I like this games so much and I want to play more levels ,The levels are so easily and hardily also and I able to play the app easy and that monkeys so funny I like that and I want to water some plants in this game so badly I give 5 stars and one more time this app to come in my life I enjoy this game thank you I was play the game happily..............
I am giving this 2 stars only because, I can link my Facebook account to the game that's the only reason other than that I would give it a 4 stars
Before I play it level 1200 above but when I update it can't play easily ,it is very hard to play so please again update it and make easy to play ,because playing game is only for time pass and mind fresh not to load on brain.
Got to 1400 end of games still waiting for future games to be added, notification States no games will be added on it has been over a month and I'm still waiting