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Frontier Warrior

Frontier Warrior for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Dino Go located at 21/1/10 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam . The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is kinda fun, but has a really slow start. There is also no cloud save. As such there is no incentive to pay for anything with cash because if I ever come back I won't get to keep my purchase anyway... Updated: I beat the game and I'm disappointed. There is a lot of grinding to make progress and you don't get enough gold/gems to unlock all the heroes much less level up a skill near max before it's done. As a completionist, to me this looks like I should grind for no benefit to me.
Neat little game full of glitches(troops disappearing mid battle and unable to use heroes ability all of a sudden)and erased my character/equipment that I paid real money for. Other then that it was ok.
So far so good. There are times where I have to wait for my soldiers to die before adding new ones, but it's quite good.
It's really a nice game. But can someone help or tell me how to change heroes. I purchased hero Eric using my collected gems but I dont know how to use him as a replacement for the free hero archer. Please help me guys. Thank you so much.
I think it's a good game, but too short and easy, kind of finished the game in one day or ells I'd say 4*/5*
This game is one type of game that I had been searching for after countless days, that free AI that does whatever it can when close to an enemy. Simply Amazing!
I would give all stars but it need more, like the charters need to have different voices than just one for all the characters so please make and update I'll be sure to give five stars and recommend to my friends
Would give this a 5 star but all the abilities of my units have been reset and lost all the stars i put into them and my cash and gems went down to 0...
Bit grindy to upgrade skill. But fun timewaster indeed. U can reset skill, but loose the coin used to upgrade it.
I love this game. So much in fact that after I beat the game I deleted my save which had 130 gems so that I can try a speed run. I never spent any money on the game, but I watched so many ads that I'm sure I paid a good amount of money that way. Great game.
Love when u make a purchase and receive nothing...decent enough game, but unfortunately it's run by a bunch of theives
it's a bit repetitive, but very well made. Doesn't try to grab your money too hard which is nice. great job!
This game is awesome the only problem I hope gets patch is I found my priest healing the enemy sometimes and it makes it alittle hard to kill some
I like the idea that you dont need to pay to beat the game just spent replaying maps and gold, gems, equipment or charms can be acquired thru chest reward on just accomplishing 3stars on map downside is theres no trade system, I dont know what to do with rxcess equipments I have. I hope add sell option on shop and add more heroes, expand te map too.
It was fun until you need to spend money to play two heroes in every level. Another wasted game because of greedy developers.
definite 4 stars everything works great adjust your screen a little so that everything fits in the screen I'll come back and give it another star
Screen cut off for S10. Unplayable. Was looking forward to it but hugely disappointed. No way to adjust the screen setting.
Definitely! I would love to give you an effin' 5Star for this Game!! I really love it dnd also if you can add more slots for the troops that would be fantastic, I am so fascinated at I'm enjoying it. Hope to have you know? more heroes in the future, I'll wait for further updates though. Keep it up yow!! Braaaaah!
The game catering on tower defense games the genre is really good on mobile like this one it need more love and privileges the concept of merging is adopted on idle genre this have potential and immersive strategies hope it will have more update to sharpen the quality of this game my hopes are up for this app.
The game was fun until it kept closed by itself. At first i thought my phone's problem. But after many trials, it still kept closed by itself. Disappointing.
i dont see why but this game is sooooo goooooodd ill play till death for it guys i only wish to rate more than 5stars because of how good this game is the controls the graphics theres amillion things i could explain but its too much
Would have loved to keep playing the game. Doesn't seem like you are obligated to pay to advance and doesn't seem like a game that makes you grind in order to progress. Didn't force me to watch ads, which is pretty nice and i personally respect that a lot. Didn't get to play past level 8 because of the huge frame drops that would not let me finish the level. If it wasn't because of that, i probably would have given it five stars.
First of, really nice offline game. It's really rare nowsaday to find a developer not trying so hard to grap your money. You deserve a five star. Second, I think it's nice to have an option to buy 2nd hero slot permanently with higher amount of diamonds. For 3rd hero, it's balanced right now to have to pay diamonds every match. Thanks for an awsome game. Keep up the good works!
This game is very good but its hard to get money💰 and the equipment and charm are so expensive could you please add some mini game to get many money or low the price of equipment and charm...ty..
I have an ultimate suggestion if you made this game have an arena like pvp then this game would most likely soar in popularity because everyone wants a balanced skill based pvp game right? Plus this games gameplay is already fun if we could have pvp and try to kill eachothers bases that would be AMAZING.
Offline. Free to play. Dont have to grind to progress. Can earn gems without paying. And obviously its enjoyable. Deserves 5 star.
Doesn't fit the screen of the Galaxy S8. Still, fun game. Not sure what to do once the field is full and all the queue is full. I can't place anything till something dies. I'd love to be able to toss characters I don't want, or something like that.
Why I bought charms, weapon, arrows etc. It doesn't show to my heroes? Why?!!!! Got NEW style of play & idea in merging but getting additional troops is too stiff. The priests are meddling(it should be ONE "only"). BUT congrats & Thanks for NEW & FREE game, Devz.
This game sucks !!!!!!!! >:( the texture is the best but the animation and the controls are baaad !!!!
I read a bunch of reviews where people say this game is impossible but it's qwite easy when I think about it to the people that say it's hard try going back over the boards u beet and gaining gold yes it is less but then u can upgrade and grow stronger
Forced to rate after lvl 3 = poor review as I have not played the game through yet. Watch out for inflated high rating due to this.
OK this game is awsome!!! but one part stopped me from play thing agsin, that would be because they charge you every time u want a extra hero slot. you pay 2 gems every game. also you font get gems for every 3 stars. so with out that extra hero that I payed for, you will spend days farming gold to rely on your tropes. yhea I'm deleting after this.
Not very interesting I don't see an objective with these levels and I can't find a strategy against certain things but the hero bit is pretty cool and I also like the store for like equipment for the heroes and stuff. Maybe find a way to give this more of an objective or make strategy a better concept I have no ideas but yeah.
EDIT: I don't know why everyone is complaining about having to pay to use more than one hero. They game isn't designed in a way that makes more than one hero a necessity. And you can watch an optional ad after every level attempt that gives you 3 gems. You only need 2 gems to use a second hero... Some levels are randomly much harder than others even when implementing several different strategies. The fact that you can't keep combining units infinitely is very disappointing as well. Not being able to destroy your own troops or cards is very detrimental to the overall flow of the game. Despite all of it's flaws it is still one of my all time favorite mobile games.
Doesn't fit the screen for a Pixel 2 XL quite right. I'm positive I'm missing something. Game is great so far though. Will change to full 5 stars when I can see the whole game
The Desert - Stage 3, boss appear and game crashed. Play again many times not finished. Please fix bug
It's simple and fun, I would like it to have different warriors and you can discover new combinations for them or something like that, but it is still a good game, as I said, simple and fun
The concept is simply awsm but ... When i started playing it ... i njoyed for the 1st couple of hours bt later on my fon started hanging.... n thn a msg popped up that my personal info was beong encrypted ... i dun know what happn bt i dun feel it safe now.... though i must admit developers ur concet is simply awsm loved it bt now i dun feel it safe anymore...