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Fresh Deck Poker - Mafia World & Texas Holdem Gang

Fresh Deck Poker - Mafia World & Texas Holdem Gang for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by GSN Games, Inc. located at 100 Summer St. 11th Floor. Boston, MA 02110. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
What the hell you guys did to this game you messed up the whole game it's was my favorite game when it's was the old one.. never forget what made you successful dummy
2018 I said: Works great, fun play Now 2021, the just play poker is gone, now it has lots of extra graphics, quests, sound effects, and stuff. Still plays well, but loaded with extra distractions. And if your not a Facebook user, you loose all your earnings if you get a new phone.
Changing review from 5 stars which it was since I've been playing it since 2013 to 1 star. Latest update ruined this game. There are never any higher stakes tournament rooms open and the glitching and delays during the game has cost me just over 25 million in chips. No longer a fan of what was my favorite app.
Great game but I lost over 2 billions chips and had to start over because now you only can login as a guest or Facebook, I use to use my Gmail account now the option is not there anymore 😕😢😞
Most recent update (1/20) is a giant step back... Layout is clunky, app is slow and lags often during play. The "check" and "check/fold" options were great to help speed up play if you wanted. These have been switched out for a strange new "call anything" or check/fold" that don't allow gameplay to flow as well...
App fits my phone vs when it didnt. Best poker game on the market in my opinion. The card shuffle seems alright. Doesnt feel rigged like other poker games. I like how this game doesnt tell you what you have, that you just have to figure it out. Unlike other poker games that tells you that you have a pair/two pair ect.. easy for newbies but its better for the game to not tell you (make you lazy) vs just learning.
Everytime I have a set of good hole cards, the game goes into freeze mode and sits me out I use to think it was because of the service, but it does it on my computer, phone, tablet, and laptop. My phone and wi-fi are not from the same servers, so it's in the system.
i was playing this game up to 5 hours a day few months ago now on every level you have a cheating squad that sit and wait for someone to come along and they gang up on that person to take all their chips its you against 3-4 of them. this used to be the best poker game out there but allowing these groups to gang up on one is horrible. i have a 100 million in chips sitting there that i wont play because you allow this to go on.
I've played this for years. New update changes everything. It's absolutely horrible!! Haven't played for weeks now. Had to get off this sinking stinking ship! No chat? Go to a poker table and listen to see if anyone talks. This has turned into a JOKE!! KEEP IT!! How do you give it no stars?
Seems like a legit game, but the 6.99 scratch tickets are a rip off. Makes no sense to buy them. I only got a total of 6.5m for 7 dollars, not one ticket even had over 2m top prize yet it says you can win up to 100m. Not impressed with that so I'm giving 3 stars.
Just glad to have a way to touch up on my poker skills before deciding whether to play at the casino.
It's a fun past time, but somewhat rigged by the program writers. I don't like the fact that there's so many knuckleheads who, because there's no risk involved in betting, sit at a table and bet ridiculous amounts just to try and buy the pot, or irritate people players who're trying to play some semblance of poker. I wish each table would limit bets to maybe 3 or 4 times the pot. I also don't like the fact that the game writers periodically push you into a very high stakes game when you're signing in to the game. They need to let folks decide which game limit they want to play at.
the game is fun and all, however, when betting, think I'm going to win, that is a sure win, I end up losing so I don't know...
If I was the creator if this game, I would into fixing what everyone is complaining about. That just shows me that you people don't really care what the reviews say... I can't get passed the loading screen... I don't need a response from you, can we just get it fixed... 1 star cuz I have to in order to post.
Seems fun but I'm doubting how fair the rng. I suspect that paying users get the better cards. Although I might have just been really unlucky. I played about 200 hands. Anyway I'm uninstalling
Very glitchy. Ive played for almost 10 years on multiple devices. Has always been glitchy. Will disconnect at the worst time. Hardly any players these days. Definitely on a serious decline. Too bad, it's fun when it works and you don't have to wait forever for a table to fill up. I should lie to get more people to play, but I just can't.
I love the game but why can't I log in when I'm not on wifi. It won't load my game unless I'm using wifi, I checked all the connections with no result
overall a fun free game as far as playing goes. The app however freezes after the showdown it plays better on a computer than a phone or tablet. I'd rate the app higher if this problem could be fixed.
worked fine for a while now wont star past home screent or apply bonus, unfortunately I'm uninstalling it.
I have played this for several years and have yet to see anything to rival it's quality. A great fun to play poker game. Unfortunately the new update has trashed the game on android because it wont let you return to the lobby after you have finnished playing. What a silly mistake to make all for the sake of a badly tested update.
At one time this was the best poker game out there, was fun & challenging at the same time - but that's not the case anymore! It takes 4 ever to load & the game seems rigged to me - I got the same cards 10 times in a row (2 & 4)! Also other players make deals with each other at the table to take everyone else out & cuss at the other competitors at the table! There is still good & fair people on here, but not like before! Once a 5 star game, but basically trash now! I'm uninstalling this game!
I had this game on other devices a while bacj and thought i would try it again. For some reason it gotten slower and the yame freezes alot. Go back to the old version and i'll give 5 stars but this version only gets 2 and i'm being generous. Please fix this game. This was a good game at one time but its not not. Please help.
What is it with the Mafia edition?! I just want to play like before and it won't let me! My old avatar gone, my progress gone wth! How do I go back? It's either that or uninstall.
Like the sit n go like mostly all with this game. Been playing since 2013., dont like no chat or chat choices and some connection problems.
and OMG - TAKE AWAY the "show" button. Stop encouraging morons to show their cards. Please. It's decent if you don't mind waiting for forEVER for the sit n go seats to fill. It's really frustrating that you took our chat ability away, and you took away the ability to play this on my computer via Facebook. Also, you need to fix your "randomization" algorithm because it sucks, and please do something so that I can see who I'm about to get stuck playing poker with. There is no way to contact a "player services" team through the app. What are you talking about?
I returned back to fresh deck after a year of playing zygna. I feel fresh deck is a thousand times more fair play. I bought a huge chip package but the sit and go 2 players 5m or higher stakes are now gone. You can only play small 100k. Please bring back higher stakes for the 2 player sit and go. Thank you.
like the rest of these poker apps, they tell you "most legit shuffling program there is" but 1) theres a reason they "allow" chat, but mske it impossible TO chat, once you do (after you purchase & give good rating) then AI takes over (just like the other"free" apps) everyone you "chat" with cant ALL be on the SAME downswing consecutively. again, another "clown" show dressed up to be legit. dont waste time OR the$$/"same as it ever was" (now ill see the typical:"our shuffling system blahblahblah
Whatever you did with your last upgrade, this game now sucks! I spend more time waiting to find people to play poker with than actually playing poker. I can sit for 10 minutes before getting enough people to get to a table The new user interface is clunky, for lack of a better term. The old interface was smoother. I dont know about other users, but i would like to see the old version back.
Wow you really messed up. This used to be my go to poker game. Now I just played the garbage (updated) version, and just wow. Took all the good things and shoved buying things down our throats. Well unless they put it back to the Way it was, I will for sure be playing anything else. Such a disappointment.
Dear Fresh Deck Poker developers. For God Sake.. You said to me Mafia World verison will come soon in my account but Didnt find any Mafia version Kindly Fix That issue i could not find mafia world version yet even You Dont Know. how much i am waiting for that version since very long time
i played this game on my laptop . And absolutely Loved it . Just got a tablet , and the experience is different . Still fun on Android .
Mafia game is the worst, cheap and trashy. And to get out of it you have to uninstall fresh deck poker then reinstall it again, if you have a 1 year old Huawei tablet Don't touch the Mafia icon,
Great poker game but can't talk to anyone anymore, just dumb saying you can use. The bantering of each other good and bad is all just good fun but not anymore, "oh well" I guess we play in silence.
I get to the intro log in with Facebook an hit a loading screen that will never load people say the game is good I can't get it to load at all its stupid just sits there forever I let it sit for 1 hour it never loaded I love poker an was wanting 2 try this game but today since I got it on the 19th of June it loads the intro ask if I want to Facebook log in then just sits on the front screen attempting to load such junk ill uninstall for good none of my other games have this issue just this GAME!
Game needs bugs fixed bad when it says no connection someone is hacking you and cheating. Covid 19 the hacker virus
Racial comments and inappropriate chat not taken seriously by player services. I've been playing in Fresh Deck since early 2013. I've had occasion to mute other guests for their rude and excessive comments. I contacted Player Services and was told to get a player ID next time. When asked, I was not told where to find the ID. I gave all the information they should need to find and reprimand the player. I haven't heard back. I mostly enjoyed the app but I will be finding another to play.
This game use to be fun Now its rigged!! You get one good hand out of 20. Then if you win a big amount ( which is rare) they make sure you have trouble logging so when you finally do all your money is gone. Too bad I really liked the game. Now I will get same answers to this.
1/14/20. Update was a step backwards. No more friends list, very slow and glitchy. Some visual improvements but interface is degraded. Wish I could give this one negative starts. If it weren't for playing with friends I would have already dumped this worthless app. Might anyway since I have no more friends list.
Where is Texas holdem gone? The default now is mafia world! And no option to come out of it and play the usual Texas holdem? Why is this app turning from being great to dumb? The Texas holdem characters, UI, speed and all other aspects were so good! Why impose your mafia world on everyone? Not liking the dumb char n appearances and unwanted story lines at all! Let poker be poker, for animated and facy appearances you could perhaps give choice to the customers to choose from??
Can't join a table, Keep getting Connection Issue: We can't reach the server try again. Fix it... so I could change the review depending on me winning and gameplay....
Probably the best poker game out there. My one and only BIG COMPLAINT is that this game assumes everyone has a Facebook account....Please make this game available to all and be able to create an account without having Facebook....
Best poker game I've ever played, and believe me i think I've tried almost all of them to find the best one. The players are real people not all just AI bots with rigged hands. The only complaint i have and the reason for my 3 star rating is those people who play and go all in ALL THE TIME pre flop.. they completely suck the fun out of it so i would really like to suggest some kind of PRE FLOP RAISE LIMIT instead of being able to go all in pre flop. I like toast.
Great app, enjoy playing, but it wont let me install the update & wont let me play until it is updated. I see others have made the same complaint. I dont want to uninstall & reinstall the app & loose all my points/coins & standing in the game. But that is the only option it is giving me. ...YOU TELL ME TO CONTACT THE PLAYER SERVICES TEAM THROUGH THE APP FOR ASSISTANCE BUT THE APP WONT OPEN UNTIL I UPDATE IT SO I HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING THEM. CAN YOU GIVE ME AN EMAIL OR LINK IN YOUR RESPONSE?
Stupid play now button, i have lost more chips by that button than through game play. Stupid stupid stupid layout for this app!
Loved this game until last update. Slow to respond. Chat is all but gone. Freezes every game I play now. If it's not fixed, I will play a different poker game. Very disappointed in update. Almost like sabotage.
I took a break from this game because the cards were so bad. I tried again but when you go hand after hand after hand with not even a pair you know something is wrong. When I have lost the rest of my chips and I am sure it won't be long I will uninstall this rigged game and never return. I advise people that want a fair game not to play this one. Even the responses here aren't original as they repeat the same robotic explanation over and over.
They used to be amazing with an RNG but they got greedy and now use an algorithm to feed their wallets. Notice the surges of good luck to not being able to win a single hand in many many hands. Its zynga poker all over again. if anyone knows of a good poker app that actually uses a certified RNG, let me know.
Say you buy 80 million chips for $20. You want to play at a table with max buy-in 4 million or 10 million. They put you there all by yourself and send in no other players. Eventually losing patience you find the only way to get action is their "play now" option where they send you to a table where buy-in is usually like 100 million or 120 million. So your $20 could easily be gone just like that. They should let us play 4 the stakes we want not for all the stakes we have. Contacting is no help!
Used to be my favourite poker game, but now after an update, the screen wont fit, cant see the names, amount im betting, etc. A shame tbh. Have millions but cant do much if i cant see. Using a Samsung Galaxy S7 active. Used to fit completely fine before. Now its not. Even after resetting all my phone settings. If this is fixed, then yeah this is definitely a 5 star game.
I like the poker play but, the app always has some looping going on. or it freezes. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it doesn't help. I am like level 75 so I've been playing awhile. most people that play are nice but, once in awhile there is a jerk. I will keep on playing.
The app worked fine until the last update. Now it's buggy , hard to connect , no communication available to others at table except for canned responses, you will sign up for tournaments and then get kicked off and they keep your buyins. I've told them multiple times about problems and still nothing gets fixed. Don't play.
Used to be some much better on facebook, cheap bastards. Need to be able to chat during the game ? How could you remove that feature ! Censorship is everywhere, f*clking democrats can suck my weiner...... One year later STILL NO REAL CHAT FEATURE FOR ALL? I see that some players can actually enter text so I asked why can't everyone? The reply was that I need to wait to be okayd to update the new app to enter unique text? CRAZY. Why not let everyone update the new features? Censorship dammit!
Rigged for bots can go as long as 20 handswith no pairsand no face cards yiour generic response will notimprovr your lousy algorithim not working on moto g6. again
Like the old freshdeck better dont get me wrong I like mafia world just wish I could still get the regular freshdeck still
bs server so fake and so jocke site .look at the tables and results so open 1 vodka for yourself because its so funny for u
Honestly it sucks. Confusing menu, annoying in-game ads to buy in game boosts. Gameplay is way too damn fast! Can't type a msg to players fast enough before it rudely prompts you to play your turn and erases what you typed. It's lack luster boring. We want to ENGAGE with other players. App poker is supposed to be social. You'll have to fix quite a bit before I return. I suggest viewing other similar apps and see how it's done properly. And if there's slots on here, get rid of them. YW 👍✌️
Dumb to remove regular poker. Fine to add the mafia/gang OPTION, but why remove the option to play regular/original Fresh Deck Poker?! Dumb.
You play with awesome 3 Dementional characters. This makes it fascinating to play poker with real people who want to express themselves through intriguing characters. This is my favorite poker game so far.
No players, empty tables. Accidentally purchased $100 worth of gold coins, they wouldn't refund me even though I contacted them immediately and told them the amount I meant to purchase. New avatars few and far between. Was a good game but horrible customer service and lack of players really irks me when I spent $100 on the game to PLAY it. Oh, and now it won't even load. Go figure.
Your new update absolutely sucks!!!!All it does is freeze up ALL THE TIME!!!And the bonuses are terrible. I'm looking for a new poker game.You took a great game and made it frustrating. Wish I would have never updated!!!!!!!!
I've been playing for about 6 years and is the only poker game I like and I really enjoy it thank you
one of the worse poker games I ever played, I'll get it up to million and when.I log on again to play again all the money.is gone and they set you up to lose
it keeps asking me to log in every time. and then when i finally get on ima at a 25 millipn table and guess what it played (app) the ante,
Never finds a game for 3 days. Wifi, 5g, doesn't matter on connection. Just loads and drops and never even get to play.
Used to be some much better on facebook, cheap bastards. Need to be able to chat during the game ? How could you remove that feature ! Censorship is everywhere, f*clking democrats can such my weiner......