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Freerice – Learn, Have Fun, Help End Hunger

Freerice – Learn, Have Fun, Help End Hunger for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by World Food Programme located at Via Cesare Giulio Viola 68 Rome 00148 Italy. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like Freerice but it seems the experience of one of my favorite categories, identifying countries, has become more of a headache both on the mobile app and the website on desktop, due to the question box covering the map image and forcing a tap (on a specific spot on mobile!)/click and a very slow animation for the box to slide down/up. Sliding box up/down with finger on mobile would be nice but I think a snappier animation, or even no animation, would be good too. Thanks 🍚
I love it. I love the idea and even though its not a lot i like that im helping and sharpening and refreshing my mind. Though its been really glitchy recently. Might be something someone should look into or I can try to uninstall and reinstall. Either way, thanks for creating this.
I love to play this! It's amazing and very informative, love about this app is that it donates food, its very kind! But one main problem is that the sign up or login way is very complex and doesn't sign up properly... otherwise it's amazing 💜
I love the app BUT I had an account called euph.x.ria ARMY but due to shifting I didn't have wifi for a while and now that I came back to it, my name is anonymous and I'm kicked out of the group that I created. When I tried joining the group or editing my profile, it says expired token. I would be extremely grateful if you could fix it for me.
Love the app. Love the cause. But man this app eats away the battery for some reason . I installed the game. Started playing it. My battery was at 97%, after ONLY 40 min of playing I get a notification that I am at 10%. I was playing it with my phone on the table, so when I picked up my phone it was scorching hot. And I take look at battery consumption, this app ate all of it. Hopefully it gets better in the future. It should be better its for the right cause. So make it better.
The graphics are great, but the pictures for the anatomy quizzes can be quite pixeled and blurry. A good range of different types of games and quizzes. The few other complaints I have are that the English vocabulary used for the quizzes can get very advanced, but I guess that teaches you at the same time in a sense. Sometimes I find myself tapping an answer, it registers it and then unregisters it, then I need to tap the answer again for the answer to go through and move onto the next question.
I have always been a big fan of Freerice and how easy they make it to have a positive impact on the world.
So, I'm giving this app 5 stars because I absolutely love the idea behind it and what it's trying to accomplish... But the app is buggy as heck. I can barely answer 3 questions before I get an error notification and I have to restart which makes it really difficult to use overall.
I love what you're doing, keep it up. I think it's cute when the question stalls when the same one repeats (that sort of thing is inevitable with random shuffles). The only thing I wish I could do is zoom into the pictures. More science and math categories are welcome.
Fun. Enriching. I have been playing since the pre smartphone days. Kate Russell had recommended it in her program Click on the BBC. That's how I'd come to know about it. There are more categories now. Especially useful during these lockdown days.
Lots of different trivia for a great cause. This helps me learn French since my girlfriend is French and donates food at the same time
Good, but needs work. I love that I can make a difference just playing a silly game, but please fix the images. Whenever there's a question that asks, "Identify such and such in the image," often times it's blocked by the "TAP TO RETURN TO QUESTION" button. There's plenty of screen space to accommodate the image and the graphics you have in the app.
Love the premise earning points to support a charitable cause!!! Feed the hungry!!! All while learning! More games like this please! It would be such a wonderful idea if all games did this! Especially the ones that have you buy specials to move on in the game? Could be an end to world hunger!
Been a casual user of the site for over a decade. The app has potential, but needs improvement. It would be good to have more reinforcement as was present on the old freerice site Also, you should have the image of the country/flag etc and the multiple choice on one page, not have to click then click back. Half my screen is dead real estate with a bowl and planet. Also, it might be nice to have the option of having a sound effect when you get the answers right or wrong, like Duolingo.
This application is taking good initiatives to feed a hungry person... It is a pride to help the needy with just our random education and knowledge. Good Luck to WFP!
This is such a good app!! Really good to work on your skills especially since we're in quarantine. However I did have a problem with signing up my keyboard kept going off the screen when I was trying to type but that could just be my phone but u can still play anonymously thankfully. You can work on grammar, learning the countries, the Coronavirus, and even learn languages! Extremely fun for people who like to challenge and better themselves by learning. Even greater app knowing I'm donating.👍
I have been having issues recently. I would be in the middle of answering a question then the question will disappear and it will show 1 blank rectangle on the screen. And wont bring up anymore questions. And it will show my donation back down to 0. I close the app for a few minutes and go back to it. Then everything is back to normal. But it's done this more than once in the past 3 hours.
I love these quizzes. It's free, no full-screen ads, and the bottom banner ad funds are for fighting world hunger. The more people who play, the more funding per right answer (because then the ad market wants to pay more).
Excellent trivia app that gives back to the world. Could do with a competitive, multiplayer, or pvp option.
Great program however some of the words are off. Example: tights=leotards.....no, no, no. Atleast not were i grew up. Tights = thick pantyhose and leotards = activewear bodysuits.
It's a great app and you can learn something while helping others but I can't sign up. Its lagging all the time when I try to write my email address or my username. Pls fix. Thank you
please add a daily weely monthly and yearly leaderboard but also still keep the lifetime leaderboard. Also you MUST FIX THE ANNYMOUS PROBEM IT IS SOO ANOYING AND IT IS HARD TO FIX!!
the game is easy to use and surprisingly fun. plus, it makes you feel like you're helping save the world, which isn't typical for a mobile game haha. it's also cool to learn new words. i would recommend it, especially during these times where people need even more help.
Great concept!! I use the app and website at the same time for about an hour everyday and I use it in my English class as well. It makes me feel great that I'm helping someone get food
Fun and educational. I was very pleased to see that the difficulties are vastly different from each other. The highest difficulty is HARD, which means this isn't just a do-good timekiller app, you can actually learn from it. The only issue I've seen is in the account creation. If your submission doesn't meet the criteria (passwords don't match, username taken, etc) the system won't tell you what needs to be fixed. There's no back button to close the phone keyboard there either.
This is an amazing Idea for people who lack money for donations(like myself) it displays all your progress well I love the set out of it
The app is great but I want to join a group that I don't know the code of. There is no instructions to know the code of a group
Seems like a good idea, however the app doesn't work. The calendar doesn't have a drop-down menu, trying to get there via tapping is tedious and one touch on a day of the month instead of the "previous year" arrow, and it's back to 2020. I can't enter a username because the keyboard keeps vanishing. On the whole, I'd say this app was programmed by the summer intern.
Good Good Good app that is all I can side aboat it nice work Job!!!👍I love this app😱It cost *13mb of data🤝
I love the overall concept, but man are you mining Bitcoin in the background or something? The app is so slow and glitchy it's unbelievable, I actually had to restart my phone after about 10 minutes of using it because everything completely froze. Not using it again until you fix this, it's unbelievable how you even released it in this state in the first place.
This is a great word game. Test how much you already know and pick up new words along the way. It is also a way to make your idle game moments meaningful. Collect up food donation as you go. Every little bit counts. I only gave it 4 stars as I felt there could be more indications of progress. (for the words like how many you got wrong, last 5 so you can learn about them sort of thing) food progress is good as you can see overall as well as the bowl feel.
such a good app and for a really good cause! I love that I can compete against friends. the questions are quite fun as well. it's a shame there isn't more categories but overall it's a very good game!!
Simple. Entertaining. Profit goes to a good cause. What else can you ask for? My respect goes to the developers!
The game and program it supports are both great. Excellent range of categories. But... Since it's update last year i can no longer log in to my account and save my progress. It just keeps me as anonymous and when i login it says "expired token". I've even reset my account with the same outcome. This has been happening for a long time now. Needs fixing. 5 stars for the game, but the app glitches have me rating it lower.
It freezes at the loading screen at times, effectively "locking" me out of the app for up to a few hours. Additionally, I wish the questions for some categories were more diverse (ex: multiplication table). Other than that, great app!
I really love and support this concept, its got some cool categories which are helpful for my revision of geography and the SDGs... But the app could really use optimization for mobile users.. We can't view the image and the question at the same time!! there is so much unused dead space below the answer where the photo could be, i really think that would be better than the space allocated for the bowl of rice/ score in terms of accessibility. Would also like to be able to look at past answers!
Very educational, you can feed the hungry. I love how you can support a good cause and expand your knowledge
I love freerice and have played on the actual site for years. I don't know if it's the ads, coding or what, but my phone completely crashed and restarted three times during the first ten minutes of using this app. For reference, I can play Pokemon GO for hours, so I can't really come up with any excuse for this app. Will wait for a more stable version. The interface itself looks nice.
Lacking; I'll rate this five stars when a custom test is added so that i can simply make my own test, since FreeRice will apparently never add more languages. Untill then; uninstall.
Questions repeat themselves a LOT but still it enjoyable to play while waiting or multitasking (during a Zoom call for example :)))
I really like this game, along with it's mission. However, it will not load adds when I play on mobile. The adds only load when I'm on my computer.
Please change birthday look up. It is 2020 and it's really time consuming to hit back repeatedly till it gets to, say...1979. That needs to be fixed, but I do like what this game is doing for people who need food.
It does seem to have some bugs, the game freezes on me once and a while. It still says I've downloaded 0 grains on my profile even though the # on the bottom of the screen keeps going up. I'm not too concerned though because other people seem to be having this problem, so I'm sure it will be solved soon. Definitely a 5 star concept though. Imagine if every smart phone owner played this!
Glitch makes it unable to use keyboard to login, create account, or sign in to facebook. Keyboard appears for a brief second then disappears. Samsung J3 Orbit. Can you please fix? Thanks.
i think it's a great game with a beautiful purpose. just for improvement, sometimes the stats lag, like i've already accumulated more than a thousand grains but my ranking on the leaderboard doesn't change. also i think the game would be more socially fun if the groups had a chat section. that's all,, wonderful game overall!
It would be 5* except it won't let me log in. I played this game a lot before and I was hoping to continue my progress, but I try to login and it says "reset your password to verify email" I reset my password, go to the login link "expired token" Try to log in again, same thing. It's ridiculous, just let me into my goddamn account! I'm not going to reset all my progress because your broken system refuses to let me back in.
I am giving this app 3 stars because qhen the world needs food the most (with the effects of pandemic) every right answer to a question get 5 grains of rice when it was 10 before. This might be with the ad companies steuggling with finances bcz of the pandemic but still i am dissappointed. Still will answer questions tho
I like this app but I was wondering if you could add Japanese on Language Learning? Other than that I love it. It helps you learn and helps the world.
I really like this website, but the app asked me to put in my birthday. The only way to get to it is by scrolling back by month. I'm not going to scroll through hundreds of months just to get to my birth month. Please change it so I can type in my birthday and I'd be happy to try again!
I'm changing my review. I rated it a 5 but after doing some questions on the English grammar that were correct, it marked them wrong so you need to fix that because your correct answers are wrong. it's annoying. You said that it's doesn't need an apostrophe when it does as there's a missing letter the apostrophe replaces the I. Also I get 10 or more in a row and get no badges so your games broken.
A great little app to kill some time and learn a little and all for a good cause. My only ask is that they add some more stimuli, such as animations, as it gets rather repetitive after a while
A great app for conversation starting and time killing. I enjoyed the different levels of trivia and low stakes gameplay feeling.
Love Freerice! Wish the answer buttons were larger and closer to the middle or bottom of the screen so they were easier to tap.
This is an amazing app as its allows you to donate to a good cause with ease, especially if you don't have a lot of money. Ad revenue is really good and clever way to donate, and the quizzes are enjoyable and informing. There are a few glitches, for example it will make you restart the app or logs you out and you lose your progress but apart from that you can't fault it, especially as it contributes to the WFP
I praise the good efforts to help others but this app needs a lot of work. It gets super sluggish very quickly, made other background apps crash like fitbit, then crashed my whole cell twice within a few minutes of playing. I couldn't even shut down. I had to pull the battery out to restart. I haven't had to do that ever since I got this phone about 2 yrs ago. Didnt realize it was a beta, I would have waited to download. Sorry to say I'm deleting the app.
AMAZING! it has lots of categories. At first I downloaded with the purpose of helping, but now It is about general knowledge. Currently I am trying to learn about geography and it is way too awesome. Congrats, this deserves a top 10 games of trivia.
I love games like this. My one complaint is that when I went to verify my email with the link, the cookie agreement wouldn't go away, so I couldn't do anything after that.
My mom uses this as a teacher and the kids love it and I remember it from my school days to! Learn and test your skills while proving food to those in need super cool, id love to see more apps like this
In order to sign up to use this app, you first have to select your birthdate using an interface that steps back in time just one month per swipe. I'm 65 years old, ffs! Uninstall.
As of right now, it's been crashing a fair amount, and amazingly, the app has no support or reporting features. Along with that, some of the answers are incorrect/outdated. Kazakhstan and Palau's capitals have not been updated, and those are just the ones I've noticed. There are likely more. I think it'd definitely be worthwhile to get people to continue playing to have a support network, and to ensure that the app doesn't crash, and that the information people are learning is actually correct.
Really wish I could rate this app properly as I would love to help the world with what the app promises. Unfortunately, it just doesn't behave on my Sony Xperia L2. I was happily answering questions when the app slowed right down after 10. I carried on so as to give it a chance to speed up again, but my phone completely froze for the best part of 15 minutes to the point where I feared it had bricked... Please fix this problem so I can support your cause!
I've played it many years ago online on their website im so excited to see their application.i love it they have a beautiful purpose.
This is a great idea however I hate that I have to restart the game over and over again because there's always an error. I hope you will fix this issue because I would love to continue using this app.
Excellent app for learners of all ages from tots to oldies...helps improve vocab, knowledge of geography and art and all the sciences but also let u graduate from one level to another..I e increase difficulty the more u practice which equals more food donated via sponsors. Ads are not intrusive. Great wee app.
I think that the idea of donating while playing a game is really cool. I would love if the app was translated to other languages, this way we can reach a lot + people! Also that besides the banner we could watch ad videos to help us become able to donate more. I'm playing for over 20 min to donate 1,000 grains a day, at least, & that's not enough. We only donate 5 grains at a time now & I'd much rather donate + than 10 as well. You should really consider playing some videos like other apps do!
It's a well done app and fun to play especially when you know you are donating at the same time. I wish it could have more learning options, such as more Asian languages to practice or social subjects like History or Geography. The app also lags a bit sometimes and the difficult level unfortunately doesn't vary that much. Aside from that it's a great educational game.
I've been a longtime user of the original site, and I've always loved it. I will continue to use this app, but I do look forward to them fixing the kinks. Currently it's so glitchy that I have to uninstall and reinstall every few days. Side note: a widget that pops up questions on your homescreen would be really cool! Then people could do a few at a time even when they don't have the time to sit and consciously think about it.
I've been playing this since 2010 but stopped after 2 years then returned to it via mobile this year. Work got in the way, that's why. Anyway, what drew me to them is their intention and initiative. I love the concept of 10 pts. is to 1 grain of rice (if I forgot the ratio, do correct me). 10 pts wasn't hard to obtain with the varied topics and levels they've put in but some questions tend to be repetitive. Then again, since this is educational, it's a win-win situation.
Questions are easy but thats even better because i spend 2sec per question so i can gift you more rice... Wich sounds odd hahah but what i mean to say was its working correctly and proplerly and it does what it was promised so 5 stars from me :)
I love the sole purpose for this game and appreciate everything you're doing. I wanted to report that I am experiencing "Error Happened" constantly which makes it near impossible to actually play the game. A pop up happens on every round, and as a result, I'm unable to make a selection in the game, or it lags like crazy where I have to reselect my answers.
I love this app! I wouldn't say it's a 'game' so please hear me out, the fact you are saving lifes is a amazing experience and for it too be still called "game" is not worth that title! I really like the U.N in the first place and to hear it is taking part in such a program with others that I also adore makes me more confident about the process! I came here when I thought I wasn't doing enough for the world, then my mom told me about FreeRice, there is so many options and fun! 5 stars! Thank you
It's a good game I would prefer if there was a way to flag parts of the game that are wrong. One minute he said,"..." is correct and the next he said."..." is correct. Seems a little sus to me.
Really good educational game. If a school what's to download it then that would be awesome. This game is perfect for any age and the more answers you answer, that's 10 grains into your rice bowl. Again, an amazing game.
The games are fun but some of the questions are continuously repeated and sometimes there are wrong answers too. But in general I like the creative solution to donate by taking a quiz
This is a great game, it teaches categories up to high school senior work, and on top of that you are helping out with hunger.
The intent is great but we can't make an account. No matter how many times I set my username/email/pass it never saves. I will be just an anonymous forever. I can't link it to any platform, not even in google play.
This is one of the best ever made because you get to help and you learn as well as keeping your skills up to par. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. A great use of an app.
installed the app. after about 20 questions the back of my phone was hot. after 27 questions the phone froze. had to power off the phone. tried a second time with the same results. uninstalled the app. Nexus 6 with Android 7.1.1 not rooted. not quite sure but it looked like it used up a lot of the battery for that short time. update 10/11/19. tried it again. after about 20 questions slowed down after about 30 questions it bombed and asked if I wanted to send feedback and I did. uninstalled.
This app is amazing if you want to test your knoweldge. It also helps people who are in need, so that always a plus.
fun, educational & totally supports a great cause... ive been playing this off & on since i first found it (15)
Amazing app for educating and also time pass And especially for a good cause. Thanks. I hope more features and questions are available in this app.
I try to join few groups but all of them are getting expired token. But others can join with them. What is this. I lost interest.
I couldn't sign up because whenever I would click anything which would make a keyboard pop up, it would just glitch right back down again... I know you can continue without an account but I wanted to make one. Amazing idea though.
I didn't expect to find this again after years. I played it on desktop when it offered only english synonyms at the time. It's a great idea to include Covid trivia in this. I had a problem at sign in, scrolling for your birthdate takes toooo long for my age. I hope you can improve on it.
It is a great game for a great cause, however the app is pretty buggy. The way the answers slide off a few seconds after the answer is selected is pretty clunky. Images are often not shown correctly and must slide up over the questions to be viewed which makes any category that uses a map of very difficult. Answers will not be selected after clicking them, which will freeze and then cause you to click the wrong one. Difficulty level can get stuck at one level no matter how many correct problems.
Nice idea. Fun distraction that has real world benefits. But I have noted several issues on my first day. First, the program repeats words very frequently, including words that I have gotten right. And second, the leave group button is placed far too prominently and does not require confirmation. While checking on my stats, I accidentally brushed the "leave group" button with my finger. After rejoining, my stats within the group were reset. Extremely disheartening.
Very easy to use and for a great cause! I actually am learning because of all the categories they have available. And I enjoy how they show the difficulty level of questions, too.
I really like the set up of the game and I feel like I learned a lot while using it. The only downside is that it tends to crash or freeze quite a bit and I have to close the app and reopen it again. Otherwise, this app is a really fun and educational game with a great cause that I would definitely recommend others to download and play as well!
I would give this game 5 stars, but since yesterday I've been earning a single grain per right anwer. If you could fixed this bug, I'd really appreciate it.
great but 1. it says I've passed 100000 players after every single question 2. it suddenly started only giving one grain per question instead of five.
I love the game because it tests me and I fibd that fun. However, the game kept freezing, and eventually it froze up my mobile device. It took awhile to get my phone sorted enough to delete the app. :( Im sorry. However, I will be checking back frequently to see if the problem has been resolved.