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FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Solitaire Card Games , Inc.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game to play intriguing. Have played during school childhood days. Very entertaining. One of the best by Microsoft to keep my mind occupied and engaged. Also thinking process to to put things into order.
I like this game but it won't stay open on my Chromebook, I don't understand it will work for a few days then it just keeps closing itself
I have tried to play free cell so many times but just couldn't get the hang of it. I absolutely love it. I have been playing it for only about 4 hours and can hardly put it down. I guess maybe I'm just glad I finally learned. Give more rates later.
think about it, while playing your game, and arriving at a point where there is no forward progress, you can hit the back button to undo your futile moves, while trying to restore the game to a point where you can replay, right where the "undo" button is also has the advertisements, so while trying to use the undo, the ad pops up and viola!, you go to google games, because maybe you want to load a new game, or UBER to set up that ride u need or to a law firm about injury claim, or real estate...
I only have time to play for short periods of time and don't really care to be competitive. The game must have a timer that will deal you out because I have had it start reversing all my plays. All my cards start flying back where they were. It's very frustrating.
Winner Every Time, have yet to find an unwinable solution. I admitt it may take several attempts on some dealings, but there is always a positive solution.
Great classic game. The app though has important buttons covered with ads! So when you try to use buttons ypu constantly clicknon the ad! Im pretty sure its agains google rules. Im surprised google is not taking measures.
When I was in the hospital I got hooked on a few games (1) being freecell & when I got out I continued to play these games, hearts, freecell, Bingo etc. for
Yeah I've been playing FreeCell Solitaire for a long time and I find the game very relaxing and very easy to do
Played this game a few times now when I try to start a new game it just loads ads. Once the ad finishes the new game isn't loaded and the cycle has been going on for hours as I've periodically checked it. Fix this ASAP
I love the look of this game, they actually look like real playing cards, but the ads that pop up go RIGHT OVER the bottom where all the game buttons are and it's too annoying for me so I'm uninstalling.
Ads aren't too terrible for a free game, but how the heck has it used over 2gb of data in a month? That's with background data turned off. Advertisements shouldn't take that much data. Will unfortunately have to uninstall.
Graphics are great, the loading is quick, and it doesn't take up much space. It's a simple game and a great time waster.
Cool game! 🤣 Turn off the hokey music, and it's a great game. Not too much thinking, just "something to do with my hands!" 👐
Really good app but it randomly stops working. It won't load a new game but will show you ads. Have downloaded three times and it has happened each time. Please fix this
This game is so satisfying! Simple but great. I love the effect when the game end tho. It's satisfying to see and the most thing I like is how the ads only take about 5sec! 💙
Love this game, spend far too long playing it sometimes! Super relaxing, yet challenging, perfect game for passing the time yet keeping your mind active. Would like to see a version where you have a leaderboard of top scores and top times that include everyone who plays the game, not just your own stats.
Clean, ad supported but they don't get in the way of enjoying the game. All the settings I use are easily available. Interface is simple but fully functional.
The game is great! Thank you very much! What I like the most is the interaction of the cards at the end of each game. It's like getting an extra bonus. I love it!
Updates are destroying this app. The Update places ADs over the undo function forcing you to click the ad when you try to quickly make several undos. Also the 'one tap automatic card placement' almost always will find a much worse spot to move on. You have to grab the card and move it to the best position. It seems the developers are trying to have the game work against you so your moves increase, which is not what you want! Very frustrating. I have lowered my rating significantly.
I try to click Random Deal and it keeps coming up with an ad and then not dealing the cards. Repeat over and over again for indiscriminate amount of times.
I have played on my old XP computer. It had 30,000 games and I played small of them. I didn't win them all but IN the past I had a loving rate at 85%. I am still playing FreeCell every day. I can't number each game but I still enjoy the puzzle. Thank you Jo William's. On March 1, I turned 76 years old.
Really enjoyed it. Haven't played in over 15yrs. Truly challenges the mind as well as eye 👀 and concentration strengthen
Invasive ads that pop directly under your finger when you're trying to cancel moves, it's infuriating and straight-up dishonest.
Excellent game. Some ads, but nothing that's intrusive. Edit, September 2020: The game is now so polluted with ads that is becoming unplayable. Every time i hit 'Random Deal', another goddamn ad pops up. Not once, but 10 times or more. Dropping this rating to 1 star and uninstalling.
I've always loved this game, when I was kid and teenager we (my sisters and I) would play this and all solitaire games with real cards. I do enjoy playing on my phone, so easy to take along and play anywhere.....😘
Game keeps not showing any cards. Makes the card noise but nothing happens. Then all the buttons are dead.. Sometimes i can hit new deal then get and ad but it does the same again.other times i have to quit the game altogether and restart it. Sometimes a few times. Also have built up 1300 gold coins. Dont know if thats a reckord or summat?
It's free cell if you want play free cell this is the app. Its small and has a lot of unlockable themes to give you a sense of progress.
Fun to play and doesn't leave you guessing if you can make moves or not. I'm on a few winning streaks which isn't easy with this game. So glad
Finally, a solitaire game with great options & effects that is not Klondike. I'm really enjoying this app. Now when my husband is bingeing on his Klondike I will be enjoying FreeCell.
A great free game, so don't mind the ads. You can turn the sound off on most. A bit glitchy on the Chromebook.
I've been a FreeCell player for decades. And a loyal player of the Mobilityware edition of FreeCell for at least ten years. For the past several months my copy of Mobility FreeCell has been very glitchy. I un-installed and re-installed it several times. No joy. This version is everything the Mobility version is and so far no glitches. I'm happy.
I want a simple free cell that I have on my other HP--no timing, but rate as far as percent won. I like the game that you start with Aces and goes on from there
Very nice game play and I love auto complete. I wish there was a way to take away ads. So far there are not too many. It is definitely worth downloading.
I just love this version of free cell..... specially the auto fill. Saves me having to complete the whole board myself. I'm totally hooked. Thanks so much. Loz.
They cheat with ads by sneaking in the button into the same spot as the undo button. Besides being annoying, this defrauds the advertisers.
The touch screen is real stubborn about not allowing me to use my left thumb to carry cards from the right to the left, kinda strange. Maybe it's my droid? Other than that, great job!
I looked forward each day to playing Free Cell and by mistake I somehow deleted it. After breakfast each morning with my coffee and IPad it started my day off. So glad I found the game again. I have to tell you that I am 96 years old.
Game is amazing, I tried to solve all by numbar one onwards. Solved 715 without help (magic stick) except two games till now. Now I changed phone, my previous data could not be transferred. Give this option for backing data of game to new phone. Thanks Dr Jiwan jot kaur Faridkot
I enjoy playing this version of FreeCell. It is many times challenging for me, but that just makes me more determined to win each game.
I'm all for ads and ftp apps... but they put the ad screen in a critical part of the screen and have it pop up every 10 seconds (max... could be 5)! As a result, I've clicked on the ad 3 times in the minute up to leaving this review! Very annoying... app is good apart from that! Would've been 4 stars with more reasonable app frequency/placement!
Terrible game! I keep repeatedly tapping "Random Deal" and it pops up an ad. I close the ad and try again. It will not let me play a game. I'm deleting it from my phone! 😠😡🤬😠😡🤬
I like that the Aces and other cards are not automatically going the the home piles. And I like the auto fill at the end. Better than other games. Also the highlighted cards that are connected is different and I like.
This was a great app ... however it is now incredibly frustrating .... when I tap random deal it either defaults to an ad or stays on same screen without dealing cards. Even if goes to ad and I tap close screen x it reverts to deal opttions .. and guess what ... back into same loop. Fix it please
Just played abt 5 games thus far, bt so far best freecell I've found! I actually enjoy the most creative animations I've seen also!! Good job❣🥂❣
I understand that you guys have to pay for this but all these commercials are ridiculous. Other than that good game.
The game went smoothly 👍👌. I really enjoyed the win, that's why I play the game. It was difficult 😞 to win maybe a little bit more challenging.riptionsedeyeahscriptionpurposedeyeahscriptioneahscriptionscriptiononpurposedeyeahscriptioneahscriptionscriptiontioneahscriptionscriptioniptionscriptiononpurposedeyeahscriptioneahscriptionscriptiontioneahscriptionscriptiontionpurpose
Worst ,if you want to exit the game,at back button location allways their more games strip advertise. If you try to press back,. One more game opens to install. You need to swich off mobile to exit
Wth why are any of the setting buttons working . ? The hightlight and sound won't shut off. very annoying and distracting for that I must give a 1 star I have to delete this game because its to distracting with highlighrs on.. If you fix the settings so They work to accommadate the players need I'll reconsider reinstalling.
Was great and addictive; worth 5 out of 5 stars. Now however, since it is updated to version 3.7 it is no longer fun to play; some of the card animations when they hit the pile are annoying and they can't be turned off, the play is no longer smooth but jerky, the card taps needed seem irregular and, especially, since it no longer keeps score, best times or any stats. Just playing with no stats it now gets old fast. Too bad I can't go back to the previous version. Now 2 out of 5 stars.
This is lots of fun . You will be playing thinking you are safe and you get blocked. I'm hooked. You must try your luck.
The only issue I have is the individual deals are not numbered as a result i cannot remember and play the same deal again after a day or two.
Wow what an AWESOME game! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Best free cell game I've played in over 30 years of playing FreeCell! I highly recommend this game! Very few interruptions or ads just a really nice game that we can play for free from a company that cares more about the user than it does the advertisers! I can't say enough! It keeps your stats!
Nice graphics. Sick of clicking the undo button and hitting the click point on the damn banner ad. Oh well...nice gimmick...you get paid by the clicks, I bet. WILL DELETE!
Besides the ads is this a marvelous game i can play it for hours on end, anyhow that's my opinion...thanx
Sometimes the cards are never delt after watching many ads and force closing the app doesn't fix it. If this was fixed it would be 4 stars You could add more themes backgrounds I have 2000 coins. If this was improved it would be 5 stars.
I don't like that the stacks shrink and you cannot see the cards underneath and you cannot pull the cards back once they are shunk & stacked. Shrinking the stack is bad and unnecessary.
Advertisements play with full audio even though the audio setting in the app has been turned off. 1 star. App has since been updated to make clicking on a banner by mistake an almost certainty.it also blows up the app so it's harder to see the close button.
The game is wonderful. Just the thing I don't like is the ads it has. After each game there is an advertisement. Those breaks can not be skipped and the duration is very long. I am tired of this. Please get it fixed
It's very relaxing and helps the memory for older people. A good mind game for problem solving too. I like it alot, and the commercials are just very very few, that's respectful. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars....I think it would be alot better accompanied by meditational music. Otherwise I'm quiet happy keeping this one!
The challenge! The breath taking moment when seeing the WIN!! Best challenging puzzle game of all time. Tetris, word search has NOTHING on FREE CELL!!
I have tried several Free Cell games. Most of them had a flaw that was large enough to make me try something new. With this app you have crisp graphics, back grounds you can change, and software that won't crash mid-game. I really enjoy playing a lot more now. Thanks!
Well made game, simple, fun, classic free cell we've all come to know and love, bit too many ads but not very intrusive or long.
Great! I like that it doesn't place the cards for you. Like automatically put the aces in their spot etc. Most other apps do and I prefer it this way. Thankyou.
This is a great FreeCell game. The controls are simple, the ads are well timed, and the different deals you can select are clear. I've lost hours to this game and will continue to do so!
Great game!! There are ads, but they're fairly short, which I don't mind. Also, no permissions, which I appreciate. Love the way the cards move at the end when you win.
Simple game, and very relaxing to play.One of my favorite games. Simple graphics.But after some games are all fixed.
Love it!!! This game doesn't take us thru all them unnecessary screens or videos.. Definitely recommending this site to others.
Started off well, but after a few days play it takes several attempts to load a new game. Otherwise, it's OK. Usual amount of ads for a free game.
I've been playing this game for years. There has always been too many ads. Now it's getting buggy. The "lock orientation" button doesn't work and it often fails to deal a hand.
I love this version of Freecell. Only trouble is that eventually it stops working and I have to uninstall and load again. If not for that it would have gotten 5 stars.