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Free Solitaire © for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Free Solitaire. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It gets stuck way too often and when you're trying to play it all of a sudden it has no more moves but it keeps on suggesting stupid moves and it's the game is done there's nowhere to go with it so it just sits there and act stupid and actually does not know when to quit this game is actually retarded
this game is a little different on scoring, but I am winning every game so far. I am not sure about everything yet, but I'm still playing. I am wondering if the shuffle is better than other games that's all for now.///i have played quite a few more games, and now i see the other side of the games I'm still winning, more than losses witch is keeping me playing i would move it up to four stars....
game keeps closing with moves left. glitch. its really getting worse. update after contact from app: there are moves left, thats the problem. obvious moves like when a black king is open and you want to move a red queen over, and the game stops. im no dummy, thats an obvious glitch.
The game is colorful and the cards /graphics are clear and bright. You can change the colors of the deck and the background color. When there is no solution you will get a message after a reasonable time so you're not wasting your time trying to get it solved.
I have been playing this for ages but all of a sudden it went blank so I had to uninstall. I have tried to reinstall countless times, which it does, but it won't open. Every time I tap on it it just "flicks" & returns to all my other apps. I notice you updated it a few days ago, could this have been the gremlin that stops it opening? Today was sucessful. I managed to get it back working therefore revising my stars.
Great fun an amazingly non-intrusive app that my grandfather completely loves and he does not like technology he's very old-fashioned but he definitely loves this app I completely recommend
annoying nonsense goes on way too long after game won, cards flying around and 3 cards turned, not 1. so tired of that, all I can find in these games. Finally one ad I couldn't get rid of. Tired of closing game and re-opening.
love it, tried a different app before and this one uses less ads, different background to bright green, satisfying audio effects and on top of that it reminds me of the deck from my youth :)
I have never had a game tell me when I no longer have moves and I do not like it. Once I was moving my hand to make a move that I clearly saw and it ended the game as if there were no more moves. Very Irritating. Plus a lot of advertisements. I do like the play and look of the game though.
The game has display issues and locks up after a certain number of games. When a new game is started the cards are laid out in a random manner - and moves are locked. The problem can only be solved by deleting the app and reinstalling. This is on Android Oreo. This app also has extremely aggressive ads. They are redirect ads that force you to the Google Play site to download other apps. It is difficult to exit out of this ad. I will probably have to uninstall the app.
Game has locked up 5 times. Two times I have no idea what happened, but I got a blank screen that would not go away. Once I hit the reverse/undo key and got the same blank screen . The last two times I got the same blank screen when I hit new game button. I am done! I love the game, but this beyond frustrating! It still has not been fixed!
Dear developer. I know how to close an advert thank you. Not all free games have ads, such as the one I've replaced yours with (klondike). Those that do rarely have them interrupt your active game (sometimes on numerous occasions jarring the experience). Uninstalled and wont be touching anything to do with this company again.
What I like about this Solitaire is it has ads in between each game but they don't play loud. I hate games that are loud because you can't play them in offices and other places like waiting for the doctor, etc.
I have had this game on my phone for quite some time with no problems until lately. I now only play 2 or 3 games and it begins to freeze up. I am very disappointed.
Very absorbing time flies by Since update in August the app won't load properly and it's very frustrating..love this game but if it doesn't sort I will uninstall Why does this app refuse to load ? Had no problems whatsoever with it till update on Aug visits driving me mad...have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it works till I switch the tablet off.....help!
Love this game so relaxing. The biggest problem I have, is the sound keeps going away. That's part of the excitement.
to easy, not much of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, I do like the game, and your app. it seems as there is not the randomness, as if it were shuffled by hand. I don't know if it is possible to make it more random. keep up the good work
hello everyone I hope you are interested in this game it has infinite number of ways of keeping you busy day or night some of the games are easier than others and some really do test your knowledge and skills all in all a very enjoyable way to test not only your mental health but your social health as well so without much ado let the games begin.
excellent game. easy to read cards quickly, benefit at my age haha. only one glitch i would like to see fixed. when you select a card that should go to ace stack but it goes to play stacks first if it fits, then you have to click it again to send it to ace stacks. otherwise, best playing game ive found.
This game is a great time killer very fun and you can customize your cards and background. I highly recommend this game!! Edit: you are very welcome this game is truly fun and I play it almost every day!
I think it helps keep your mind and your senses all working together to make you quicker on you're thinking and quicker on your toes and your reactions
The game is fun. The scores are 700 Everytime ,even if you win it under 3 minutes. I like to see a running total, of how many games played,lost and won. Times. It's not specific enough. I wish cards could be a little bigger.I like to shoot for faster wins. Thank you though.Theirs hardly no ads at all.
I'm legally blind & I finally found cards that are easy for me to see. These cards are so easy to see. The numbers are a little larger & bolder than other cards. Started playing & now I'm hooked. This game is the best if you have trouble reading small printed cards. Give this game a try & I am sure you will get hooked too. Good luck! Have fun!
Loud ads. Cannot concentrate. Cannot recommend. I understand that the developer needs to be compensated for their work, it is the selection of ad provider that dishes out the ads won't be so intrusive. There are several apps of this type. I just prefer to go to one the has less intrusive ads. And if why don't I mute my device, then how to I hear other notifications when tha app is in full foreground.
The first few games were great. Then, as the ads became loud and sometimes didn't end, the game started glitching. On occasion the ads didn't begin, just a black screen. The slow response want an issue, but the rest? Uninstalled.
Its as its always been Solitaire, but much more modern than a pack of cardboard cards... It's a great way to pass time... However I personally think that when you win a match the animation is a bit long... But it is still enjoyable. Thanks
Love this app, love this game. Hate that the game decides you can't win and closes the game. I hate that! Let me decide. Let me ponder. Let me stare at the screen, as long as I want too. And on a few occasions while looking at a move the damn thing closes. That drives me nuts!!! Otherwise I love it.
An excellent choice for those who love card games, especially the kerchief. A nice interface, good graphics. You can write and write, but it’s better to download it once and see for yourself! recommend!
At last I was looking for a normal solitaire for a long time. The rest were terribly lagging, the rest did not start. And the graphics are extremely pleasant, thanks to the developers. 5+
It has been an app that has been great for me to play when I have to keep my mind off of my pain from AVN.
Lied, ads removed from device, tell truth .. ads are ads are ads, I downloaded a different game with no ads, as they advertized
Very well done nice graphics unfortunately alienating a lot of people by not having left hand function.
screen rotation will not turn off. battery hog. game ends while there are still moves. bugs the hell out of you to rate the game. Despite FREE SOLITAIRE's response I stand by what I posted, the game ends with moves to be made and it is also a battery hog and screen rotation will not turn off even though it says it is off.
I LOVE Solitaire! I get Terrified on Airplanes, taking off, landing, & more importantly Turbulence!!! Solitaire, takes my mind off of Hyper-Focusing on my Terror,& I'm good! I use it when my husband is driving me somewhere, his driving,....Not my Favorite Thing,...again Solitaire takes my Hyper-Focus Off my Terror,I use it to fall asleep at night & wake me up in the morning. All in All,I Truly Love It!
The game will only play to a certain point then will block the reshuffle so the cards can not be used to finish the game! We would buy a no advertisement version if crashing mid game and being able to use all the cards until the end would work. Why block the cards from a reshuffle midgame? We did turn off timer. It still does not go to the end of the cards and after midway crashes toward the end!
I had Solitaire on my device and enjoyed playing every day. I figured out that if I went off line I could avoid the ads. Next thing I know Solitaire "closed" and I can't get it back! That stinks
I'm going to try to say this tactfully but......if you're looking for a free solitaire game... you can probablly do better than this one, if you press the undo button 3 times the game freezes and you have to close the app and reopen it, for it to work again.
I really like solitaire and have searched for one that doesn't have too many ads. This one is okay on that front but it makes some screwy moves. Like when I want to move an ace up it moves the ace to the bottom of a column requiring me to waste a move to get the ace to go up. But I really don't care about the moves but some players might.
Too many ads but the game seems good so far. Upon further use, I discovered there is a glitch that has you lose the game with " No further combinations" even when you are looking at an obvious move. I had a decent winning percentage until a few weeks ago. Lately I have won twice in the last 40+ tries.
The settings should include an option to swap the card deck over to the left side of the screen so lefties don't have to keep pulling their hand back to see the whole screen. Also you need to add a quit button to the play-again screen. Thanks.
I'm talking about Free Solitaire. I play it all the time..too much! About ads...it doesn't always work to hit the "X'. Sometimes you have to click on Home and then the Free Solitaire icon I have on my home page. Ads are excessive but a small price to pay for a free game!
crazy ads. And they must have access to location very creepy. be careful with children. Never know what they plan to do or who they will sell info to. they responded with no comment regarding their need for your and your children's location.
Love this game since childhood! One of the first games that I have been recognized) no special skills and strategies are required, just play for fun! Time passes with her very quickly. Who has not played everything I advise!
On this app, if I choose "Windows style" rules, I can only select draw "3 cards". I can not choose to draw "1 card" like you can on Windows Solitaire... I hope this is just an error that they can fix, because it is a very good app and I will change my review and rating!!! I would even pay for an ad-free version!
Ads,ads,ads,ads! Bet you made your first million in one day! Other games keep them real short and not after every game! Simple game! Should be FUN, RELAXING! NOT YOURS!