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Mystic Slots® - Casino Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Ruby Seven Studios Inc. located at 275 Hill Street, Suite 230 Reno, NV 89501. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This slot game is absolutely slow sorry i love the slots but I wont waste my time playing in slow motion. Deleted!
This game is tighter than the actual casino machines. Like loosen these up a ton to pull in people to play at your actual casino.
I had 50 bonus free spins left on a slot game, and the app lagged me out. I went back and and ended up in the lobby. Could have won alot of coins
I like playing the daily quest. It gives you different games to play. I also love the 5000 free coins you can get every 2 hours.
When you can't go to the real place, cause of covid or the snow, this App is the next best thing to being there, great fun, very entertaining give it a try!
Game tells me to update but will not allow me to without uninstalling it. I do not want to loose my credits but doing this.
I wish when you tap on Bingo on the main screen, it would take you directly to play Bingo. I don't like Keno at all.
I enjoy playing the games, however, the games lag and glitch, severely. I can only play 2 of the slot games, which is sad. This is on both Wi-Fi and regular data connection. I thought it was an interference with other apps, but uninstalled and cleared things out. It's annoying.
Went to update the ap and in uninstalled. Reinstalled the ap and it won't even load. Mystic Lake Casino really wants to be associated with this ap? Wow.
Lags badly. Game spins wayyy after you spin and you cant see ot spin. Also spins not going towards the progress bar. Really wish it worked properly; maybe I wouldnt be losing all my coins. They only give you a few to begin with.
The games I play like however there's time the system get interrupted all of a sudden I have post my point I have play @lost where I have started to play my bonus and lost that
Horrible!! There is hundreds of slot games available and that I have played and this is by far the worst! They have a nice selection of games which is nice, but the slots are just like the casino.. Tight!! Can't hit anything!! I used my free money and spent 15 dollars and lost that within 30 min!? You literally never hit! What a waste of time and real money!!!
I absolutely love this app...so many of the games are the same ones at the casino! My favorite app by far!
This is actually my second time installing the app. Same thing both times, download & open app it's good for a couple of minutes, then totally goes out of the game. Alot of hesitation with the slots game specifically the chili slots. Get the kinks fixed & I will definitely play more!!! I visited casino for the first time last week & had a ball!!! & I won!!!
Lots of classic games and links to website for everything about Mystic Lake Casino. Also you can use your members reward card with possible benefits.
Loved how this game had some of my favorite slot games, but every time I go to spin it just spins and never stops!
When you look at the ratings the controls, gameplay etc have an average of one star. And the overall game has almost 5 stars. Can someone explain this??? Support, hello support! I smell some bull! This game is a joke.
I love anything Mystic Lake, but this is the best casino game out there because it has bingo, dice and keno.
Some Slots have horrible odds of winning and even if you do win the pay outs are so low it doesn't even matter.
Terrible lately, Seriously! I make sure App is always up to date, Everytime I make a purchase game crashes, and, or glitches i never get the extra free coins ,shame!
I'm very curious about the this game and then I need to know if your company is giving away cash for playing mystic slots machine for real money and I never won anything in the past but right now I will give it five stars if you are giving away real money or cash for playing slots machine and I really want to win it all
It would be awesome to win real money to deposit in a PayPal account. I play everyday if possible. I'm at Mystic at least a few times a week too. If only we could cash out with instant money wins.
Horrible game, keep your generic responses claiming it's the same odds as a casino. It's not. Pure garbage.
This game sucks. The games are all great but the payouts are terrible. I saved over a million in coins and then managed to lose all of it in 1 single play session, betting the minimum amount i could. With Blackjack the table managed to get 19 20 or 21 every hand, and after losing half my 5money on that i went to slots, where i would win 1 out of maybe 10 spins and that win was usually less then my bet. Over 2 hours later and not one single bonus. Not reccomended if you are trying to win
Large variety of games. Downside is many of the games have low playouts and are slow loading at times.
Need to fix the lag problem and add beter game the game they got on there look like is was made in 1976
Overall it has excellent slots although a few are slow to load & do not operate smoothly on my phone.
The app is defective. Steals chips when playing blackjack. The people running it won't fix it or give proper credits. Don't spend money for play chips on this app! * * In response to the reply from Ruby Seven. I have provided MANY examples if the app failing during the blackjack game. Many over the last year. 4-12-21 update. You ask again for me to email developer. I did! Days ago! They haven't replied. Update 4-16-21. I've emailed them, they don't respond to my email. They keep repeating.
Constantly freezes up on me, and then kicks me out too. I have a different slots app and it NEVER gives me issues!
I really enjoy this app! Love the variety of games, and their customer service is awesome! All around enjoyable experience!😁👏👏👏👍👍👍
The experience is great👍👌🙌😀 , I would enjoy a greater experience if it paid you real pay outs
I love the new slot games,great way to pass the time with and I love the Mystic LakeCasino going there to tonight with my husband
It's just ok. I love gambling and slots but I feel like these games are dated and most I've never seen. I tend to play slots that resemble or the same as the ones I actually play in the casino. I also love rich graphics and the Mystic lacks in that dept. Mystic slots also doesn't provide a good amount of daily bonus money. If you like playing slots on your phone I'd suggest Gold Fish slots and/ or Jackpot Party slots. You'll see lots of familiar games and a fair amount of daily money
Awesome ... The best online casino I've ever played... I can't wait to get there in person very soon.... Give it a roll, you won't regret it....
Sometimes in various slot games, I have lost points due to errors game play caused. Or, my bonus won't be given.
All the Slots you love to play at Mystic Lake Casino! You can play the same Slots at home with going anywhere got to love!
It's fun and exciting. And get to play all kinds of different games that you don't get a chance to play at the casino.
Great way to gamble when you can't be on the floor, all the games are really close to the ones at the actual casino too.
Afternoon 😁 who has played it, what’s the reason that I always get headache with the regular hangup? 😪 The spin game is not too bad, as I understood, this is a crude edition of the original website winrespin ⚫️ com, only this site works under license, offers a lot of free spin bonuses and also very many gifts 🎰. Just out of curiosity check it, play and entertain yourself😍💋! If you went for it, then leave a like! 👍👍
Ok. Some comments I can relate to. Right now I just tried to claim coins from tha page and got nothing. This app has allot o bugs, kinks, flaws and pause. Half tha time I don't even get what I want once I hit the link to it. Rubyred, state 24, 36, 48hrs till expiration of you no longer guaranteed coins after a certain time. You faked me out by enticing me with $500,000 coinage, and have me nothing.
The app froze up .. Why ? This happened before back in September so i deleted the app out and now it did it again Id understand now I cant play. Ill try it again but if i cant thru Ill delete it out again and will not play again.. I will not star the app because why star it if the app freezes up and you cant enjoy what you play..FR
Yes I been laging alot and I've lost money on here before. But due to the fact that I was the one that might have lost signal and cont retrieve my money it's still fun to play on your device and enjoy it.
Keeps freezing up no help I am done...I have all ready done that once. By reading other reviews I am no the onlyone have probles fix the bug
Another typical money hungry app. I have more chance winning at an actual casino than in the game. Games will drain your coins quick without even paying out. I would spin over 40 spins without winning a single thing.
I would love to use this app, but it lags and freezes 100% of the time; it's completely unusable. I will keep it installed in hopes that they can fix the issue in an update; it's a cool concept!
I installed the app tried to open to enter sweepstakes then it flash to update screen then kept going to FB webpage or ??? That's when it tried to redirect me somewhere and it opened up to one of those about blank pages, kept glitching and kept opening up page after page after page after page after page after page till it opened up almost two hundred freaking about blank page windows!I don't know how I got it to stop or if that was just all the windows could open, MAJOR GLITCHING MY PHONE 🤬😠☠
What is the point of playing, especially purchasing coins if there are no real rewards to be had? The tier credits for spending money is inconsequential. The response provided by the developer below has nothing to do with my comment. I wasn't commenting on winning more coins in the game. I was stating that there is no real-world rewards for playing the game to begin with. So why would someone spend money to win worthless fake coins?
Crashes all the time. After 8 months i just tried again and it still crashes all the time. Complete garbage
This app which I uninstalled a week ago pops up every time I toggle between pages on my phone. I have cleared it multiple times but it won't stop inserting itself into any place I change pages. It's annoying. Will never reinstall it.
I've put REAL MONEY....now it won't load. I'm next to a HUGE city...I have a Samsung Ultra 20+... SO WHATS THE EXCUSE??..
The overall game is wonderful but it glitches out on a lot of the different types of games do you like halfway through a spin and then the whole app shut off
I really do enjoy and look forward to playing Mystic Slots as much as I can, I try to play daily and Hit big jackpots on this app I also enjoy going to Mystic lake casino I've never had a hand pay before but it is nice seeing other people enjoying themselves at the casino and plus I like socializing with others who are not my customers in lawn care and think I dont speak english and only understand Spanish and make them laughing because they think that I'm for real funny.
Not that bad of a game, I experienced connection problems (game closing) a few times. The reels on some of the games kinda lagged, again probably connection problems. Keno, Blackjack, bingo all fun, video poker is ok. Slots are ok also.
Very disappointed with the new choice of blackjack dealer voice you went with. To be honest it was a lot easier to deal with the old voice. Can we stop changing the voices and start changing the odds of getting a win. I mean come on you, can't keep giving quests that require more coins than what's provided with wins or anything to remain relevant
It requires an update in order to play but no update is available in the app store. Do I have to uninstall it? I'm worried I would lose my coins, I finally have a nice amount. I'm giving it a 5 star review because I really enjoy playing it.
I love playing mystic. Its It's something me my sister and mother all play together even though we live across the United states from one another. We only wish we could find a way to gift one another more coins when one of us runs out🤣
The update isn't working. Just goes back and forth between the update page and play. Does not go into the program.
Lags, lags, lags, lags again, kicks you out. Nothing more to say about this app. Two slots actually work almost all the time. Spell of Odin almost never works, neither do any of the rest in the legends area. Back to myvegasslots for me.
It's an awesome game, all the games to choose from and the many coins you get, I like and enjoy playing games
I love Mystic Lake Casino! Been a loyal customer for 30 years. There are some bad glitches going on in your Zeus Slots. My device becomes overheated badly and when winning big, it tells me my connection has been lost when it has not.
Doctor told me I needed to relax more so I downloaded this app. I love playing the new games which I believe could be changed up more often but I have a ton of fun & don't lose a ton a money. Wish these was a way we could qualify for the giveaways by playing the casino games on our phones. I believe that would change alot & bring more players.
Extremely slow to open any game. Then when you go back to the game, you have to load it all over again..as if it had never been downloaded!! I spend 5-10 min waiting for a game to load over 4G!
In comparison to other slot games, this one is pretty atrocious. The bonuses received bi-hourly aren't enough to do even 10 spins on 99% of the slots on minimum bet, the odds of winning are also way less than other slot games. This app also freezes up a lot on my Pixel 4xl and drains battery like crazy. The back button also stops working and I have to force close the app via task manager, which is just a cruddy experience. I wouldn't waste a penny due to the odds of winning being so terrible.
Great game I love that most of the slots on this app are actually at the real casino... I would recommend 10/10 now yah u don't make real money but it's a very good substitute when u can't go to the casino due to covid
At last I slot machine that has.no commercials during play an play without added noise. Great colors good musical score.