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Free Robux - Stack Blocks

Free Robux - Stack Blocks for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Shapes Games located at Seskines 7. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fun and addicting, but only 3 stars because eacg time you trade in you get 1 robuck. I think when you trade in 10 robuxs is still a good deal. And: some of the "Earn more rublins" are scams for you email. Please fix this.
I have not played for long but the game itself is pretty fun, and, hey, if I also get robux from it, that's a huge plus.
This game is pretty cool and you do get real robux but you have to work for your robux and watch hundreds of ads.
I really like this game as it gives free robux but there are few things you could fix. So as written in the quest I try to watch adds and countinue the game it did work for a while but than whenever I try to watch an add it says something went wrong. If you fix this I will definitely rate it a 5 star.
I gave it a four star because of the adds, usually the adds never change they just come over and over. But this app really works and if you're a patient person or not you might get robuxπŸ˜‰these apps are legitπŸ’―πŸ’―
This game is really good and definitely not a scam and fun but the ad well I guess I don't mind them bc I have a lot of them on my other games so I don't mind
I'd Rather Watch 10 Ads That Would Respawn In My Screen Fast Than To Wait 6 Million Times Looking At "Ads Not Available" In Granny Until I Finally Get To Watch 1 Ad But Still 17 More Ads To Go. This Game Gives Robux Though -=w=- And Way Faster. Uhm, This is an edit... What Is group name? After i've joined the Flight Of The Tadpols It didnt gave me robux. I also tried joining vile wobbly dessert but still, After it closed up, for no reason i got kicked! Please unlock "Vile Wobbly Dessert" TY! :(
It's a great game but the unfortunate thing is that for me you can only trade in rublins for 5 robux and that doesn't work for me.
i have played many level and i have some issue. 1) When i play levels i didnt have the rublins. (Note: I think you can get rublins by playing levels right? Im not pretty sure but reply me if you see this.) 2) I have completed the achivements the when i want to withdraw, the app crashes and i have to start from the beginner and i didnt receive the robux! I will edit if u fix this and i want refund! This game is free so.... i want robux to my roblox account as refund. My username is Imhemeler2
This game is pretty good the only thing I dont like is the ads they play an ad every restart the game is easy but challenging at the same time but its totally worth the play you do get robux it's not a scam download the game if you want to get robux but one thing you need to know it take 100 roblins to get one robux but it's worth it so if you have 1000 roblins you will have a total of 10 robux spend those wisely 🀯or it end in a tragedy 100% free game easy to download and get rich to tell you..
Pretty good.. BUT.. one thing it's way to expensive for 1 robux instead of 100 rublins make it 50 then I will give a 4 star!!
I guess its kinda good.... it is real tho but the ads just stop working! I suggest you can make a few improvments )
It's a nice game,plus you get a lot of rublins even if you have a low score example I have 10 points and i get like 14 rublins:D
This really works! I didn't really think it would work because I downloaded one like this before and it wouldn't work but I tried it again and download this game and it actually worked!! I'm really glad about this I really recommend it to everyone
Its AMAZING! I have been playing for 2 days now and i have 10 robux from this! I suggest you get this game if you want FREE robux, but if your not patient you might not wanna download it!! It takes 2 hours once u complete failing and watching ADS for 50 rublins!! 100 rublins=1robux DOWNLOAD IT NOW TO GET YOUR FREE ROBUX!!! Also you can play on a few devices and get EXTRA the robbux/rublins! Oh and follow me on tiktok!! username: emilysraines123 Thanks!!!
It is the same for all robux games they work and is I do two of my challenges I will have 1000 robux but it should be like 50 rublings instead of 100 I have enough for the mobile garage on jailbreak just from this and you should be able to cash then all out at once overall great (this is for all the robux games).
Its amazing. And there might be lots of adds but they need money the creators need the money and your getting a benefit ive gotten 2 pieces of clothing from roblox that arnt free. Really great game.And it fives you robux if you were wondering. Without using ur pass.
Love it it's amazing gives robux and it's fun but the reason I rated it 4 stars is because I never get a block fully straight but that's my thing maybe U guys can but I cant.Other than that it's good plz rate this game 5 stars because it's so nice,good,fun,amazing and cool,Thankyou
This app is AWSOME! Heres why: Its an easy game, they give you A LOT of rublins when you only get a small amount, for example, I had 30 rublins when my score was only 16, and it gives you rublins when you watch ads too! This app is awsome, I'd totally recommend it!
It actually works and the game is actally quite enjoyable! Many people reviews talk about 100 rubilns being to much for 1 robuc but its kimda worth it in my opinion. It takes aroud 5 minutes for me to get 1 robuc from this game and its the best and easiest one out of all the free robux games. (Best for android users so you can skip random pop up ads)
Hi, this app is pretty legit it does give you free robux but with your recent change in the game (22/7) I don't know if it's just me but he ads aren't working properly for the quest I have to complete and all in all it's kinda giving me a hard time
Rlly fun game can get hard at times. But the best part is there isnt 3000000 ads and it gives u robux so its amazing
Good things about this game: β€’ it's satisfying and easy to play β€’ there are mostly not unnecessary ads β€’ you can play it even when you have no wifi β€’ YOU GET ROBUX FROM IT!!! Annoying / bad things about this game: β€’ you only get a little amount of robux a day β€’ doing the same thing over again is a bit boring
This game works perfectly. The only downfall is that sometimes the tasks don't refresh and that leaves you with no way to earn. It's quick and easy, too! I would encourage people to try this app!
Its actually real, my friend recommended this to me and it actually works, at first i didn't expect anything big but then i got free robux from it, i've been playing for quite a while now, but then one day, i suddenly can't play the ads and can't complete my quests what happened?
Okay, great app! The only problem is that when you finish all the achievements you can't earn anymore! Do you not realise the main reason ppl play this game is for the Robux? Cause it seems pretty stupid πŸ˜‚
This is the best it really gives you robux there is ads everytime you start over but sds get you points to get robux its really easy snd fun aslo satyfing i recomend this!πŸ‘
I do agree in saying that you should make one robux = 25 rublins, I have played all the other games made by the developer, and found that this is my favourite game. If you can decrease the amount of rublins you need for 1 robux, Im sure all of your games ratings will go up!
This game is awesome πŸ‘Œ It actually gives robux. But it stopped showing the add now I can't complete My quests. But it really does give robux and it is easier than the other game that that give robux like strong granny, parking lot etc.🀩🀩
i like the game and theres not as many ads as ur other ones but theres too few quests and i finished the stacking perfectly one within 20 minutes of the install i think that after u finish all stages of a quest u should get like 10k rublins after this is fixed it will be 5 stars
Yes this app gives u robux and i have no problem about u need 100 rublins the only problem here is after you get the 50 perfect score you cant get rublins by winning so the game is completely useless fter you get the achievement you now have TO WATCH ADS to get rublins and my problem here is i cant watch ads after how much i try so i ended up with 2 robux plus this game is trash anyways.
Love the app! My only problem is the fact that you need 100 rublins for 1 robux. Instead probably make it to we're you need 100 rublins for 50 robux. Otherwise, I love it and I won't look like a noob anymore! (XD)
It's fun but theres alot of adds and it's hard to get 1 robuck out of this app but it's not a scam and I'm glad :)
Its a great app! It does give me robux but i thought it would not. The reason i gave it a four star is because it takes a long time to get diamonds. Atleast for me it is. I get no adds because instead of watching a add then continue i restart then i have no adds. Overall this app is amazing.
I don't mind the ads (especially sense I choose when I play the ads most of the time by clicking on the button) and the game itself it pretty chill. I play a lot of games from this same creator(s) and it does work. Ofc 100 Rublins = 1 Robux. If you're patient, then I recommend it, if you're impatient then maybe don't, either way it's quarantine though.
I chose three stars because I did the quest things where you download an app and you complete objectives and I did that and it did not give me any rublins and I am really upset that this thing lied to me.
The game was good till it made me join more than 1 group and I am still waiting for my robux and it's not giving it.
its good it really gives you an robux 150 rublins for 1 robux so you can buy a 5 rs dress but sometimes its error and it says something went wrong but i reccomend this game its super helpful to me i give it 4 star bcaus it something went wrong so youll beed to fix this gameee thanks to the creator
I haven't tried to redeem my gems for robux but this game is great!! There isn't as mush ads as the other games that give robux plus of you want extra gems you just need to do simple instructions! So far this is the best game that is giving out robux but before you guys get to yelling, yes you need 100 gems for 1 robux but if he/she does 100 for 10 he/she Won t be able to give us all robux
I love this game! Also people say that you can't play it anymore when the Achivments are over but you can do your Quest every 1 hour and the good thing about it is it gives you 50 ruby things! So keep the game! It's really easy to get more ruby things if you have more then 1 game to! Also you really get robux! Cause i just got some!😊
I enjoy this app greatly because it gives robux and you dont have to pay for it and its just amazing.i understant why there is so many adds its because they must have a way to get the money for robux. I love it!
It's awesome for giving robux but watching ads don't work for some reason. My WiFi is fine and it keeps saying something went wrong when I click to watch an add. Apart from that keep it up. It's brill
Its very good! It actually give you robux!! But the reason is i gave it 4 stars its because Everytime i want to get 1 robux you have to trade 100 rublins just for 1 robux!? So pls fix this problem cause its super annoying, it isn't fair that 100 rublins to get 1 robux, if you fix this i will give you 5 star i promise.
This game is amazing!πŸ˜„i don't have any problems what so ever and at first i thought that it was a scam but i found out that you can actually get robux from it😲it's a really fun way to earn robux and maybe the best wayπŸ‘
A nice game, but it takes awhile to do all these little challenges and it actually gives you robux!!!
This app is great,i can say its great because this is not a scam u can really earn robux, but it takes time which is really fun because u can really get the robux for free and cuz u will not pay for anything. The game is actually really fun it is so easy, you can even earn a lot of rublins if u watch ten ads plus the ads are not boring to watch. That is only what i will say to this wonderful game.
I'm giving this a 4 bc it's really fun but for my achievements I got up to 50 and it stopped so know I cant get rubux and also everytime i play a game and die theres awlays an ad
This is a great app! You should totally download it, It does give you free robux. For the complainers out there who say they don't get the robux, they don't know how to play the game and earn the robux.
Kinda terrible the ads don't even work! When I need rubies I can't get I have to be online why and you know I'm not using WiFi I'm using data !!!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
This game worked for the first few minutes then it wouldn't let me watch ads it would say "something went wrong" but immediately after make me watch one and not give me anything so it tells me something went wrong BUT A SECOND LATER BOOM GURSS WHAT AN AD
That app is so amazing and I played like 3 hours This game is amazing! This actually helped me to get Free Robux! I am enjoying it it's my first time getting some Free Robux. I'm glad it helped me a lot!
I love this game its fun to play and you get FREE ROBUX FROM IT! The only problems are that an ad plays every time you restart and 150 rubins equal 1 robux so its would be great if its 50 rubins equal 1 robux or 10.other than those its great
To be honest i know this game works but. I already join the group but it still saying you need to join the group before you can withdraw. I mean i hope you guys can fix this lag. I have 225 rublins but i cant still withraw it because saying im still not in the group. My username is XSofiaxChanX . The group i joined is the The Complaining feet. I hope you can fix this lag πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ im not lying that i have 225 rublins and i joined you can still see my name in the group The Complaining feet.
Ugly game bacause the ads is not working and said *went something wrong try again* and i click the try again now its not working again
I love this.Even tho I wish they didn't make to were you needed 100 ruby's just to get 1 robux. If your not really that patient, I wouldn't recommend this game for you.
The game is fun and also gives you robux, but after you finish the achievementsand get robux from it, the only way to get nore robux is buy watching ads, and also sometimes the ads keeps having trouble so I cant really get rublins easily, and also, can you please make the offer cheaper, instead of 100 rublins for 1 robux, how about 50 rublins for 1 robux, because it is quite hard to get
It's a good way to get robux but it takes time too.and ads don't pop up or any problem but once u complete achievement it's get a little long to get robux and this app don't have any purchase.Everything is good keep it up.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„