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Free Robux  - Fit Hole

Free Robux - Fit Hole for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Shapes Games located at Seskines 7. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I gave 3 because when i withdraw the rublins, it said it needs more 1000 rublins to withdraw. im starting to hate on this game and at the same time i love it. but why did you change it, pls bring it back to normal. :((
It's a great game but there are so many ads it would be a 5 star but since there are so many ads its a 3 star if you would fix that problem it would be amazingπŸ‘
It's great it really does give you robux but there's a problem there are WAY to many ads every time you finish a level there's an ad so if they wonderful people who made this game please get rid of the ads also I've completed an action on coin master but it won't give me rublins!
I have not played the game yet but by it saying "free" robux I can tell that it would be fake bc it can't give it to you unless it knows your personal roblox account information, so there is no way it would work, besides if it asked for it they would just hack it and change your password so you can't get it back and they would sell your account for money, I would rate this a zero star for lieing and for the scamming, they just made it so they could get a ton of five stars and get good reviews.
So dis game in great but when i try to convert to rbux its said ' 'oops only available 10 rs' 'and it doesnt convert to rbux,so pls fix that but everything else,great
This game does give you robux but it takes a lot of time and patience I downloaded this game yesterday and I just got 1 robux which is no alot but it works! 100 dimonds = 1 robux. This game is very easy to play, you can download it if you have patience!
I love it . This really helped me earn free robux. There are alot of ads but its worth it. Download it guys.
This game works and gives me 10 robux, but this is why i dont rate 5 stars, first, why would we watch ads and second is so laggy and may fix the bug pls, i already use my WI-FI "^CuteAnime^" but why is it laggy? ;-; pls fix this so i can play and no ads pls just 1 add if i deserve it and get no ads and no lag, ty i will rate five stars but sorry if i just rate 5 stars even the games laggy and pheomπŸ˜€πŸ–, now goodbye pls read this i can play alot
To get free rubox was hard but if you work really hard it will give you real rubox. At first I did not understand how to hoin the group but then I understand. Then I did not understand how to convert rublins to rubox but then understand. I recomend this game if you want free rubox πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
It is soooo fake after I played it a few times I checked if I had robux but I didn't.i hate it so much plz fix it!!
I love the app I have downloaded this like a month then I deleted it then I download it again then now it has minimum of robux a month ago It doesn't have minimum I have got 3 robux I want it to be 5 so I was getting rublins then it said it have minimum of 5 but I didn't get 5 robux yet
I can't even play it bc it won't load. This is a complete waste of time! I swear, I clicked on the game, went to the bathroom, got snacks and something to drink, watched a movie, then came back and the screen was STILL black. I don't recomend this app at all.
It's fun to play. It smooth, cool, and a chill game recommend (I don't know if this gives me robux tho... I hope it will)
I really get robux from this app!in the first u need to join a group then next is ur gonna make a gamepass and wait in 3 days and thats kinda annoying but i like this app so many ads but it doesnt bother me download this app if u want robux it really works no scam
This is a very fun game the ads are not a problem and I got alot of robux although can you atleast fix the problem in withdrawing? I can't withdraw robux and it says the minimum is 5 robux I used to only withdraw 1 robux also can you make an update where you get 100 rublins and it can be about 10 or 5 robux? Because seriously 150 rublins for one robux? I think you guys really need an update on that.
This app ugh it doesn't even give u robust .im playing this game for years and I haven't even got 1 robux yet .. plz fix it app and many ads too...
its Horrible!! I Try To Get The Game To work But It Just Wont load! I Kept Waiting And Waiting But It Still Wont Load Please Fix That I Need To Get More Roubux!
It actually works, even though there are way too many ads that is how you get the robux so you could give it to us so I love this gameπŸ‘πŸ‘
This app expires me because you don't really have to just get up and go to the store you just need to have to get a free app to do this free app and free Roblox who is not download this app this is a good app I really really like to download this app every phone I get this app will be on it it will be so much fun just to play one game and earn Roblox I just love it
Ok I get free robux and that's good but people can't be asking for no ads because ads are how the game developers get money and purchase the robux for you to get so it's a win win plus turn off your wifi and you get no ads
Its a pretty good app to be honest and when i see people complain about the ads i know a way to fix that you just have to turn off your wifi see simple as that! I havent tried the app yet but i think this is better than jet pack chicken i like the app make sure to put more free robux game it isnt a scam!
Protip: if there's a cashgrab looking game with "Roblominer" in the title, you're most likely gonna get some robux like this game for example. even though these games could spam you with ads, it's worth it. (Might be a bit overpriced but it's still worth it)
People saying oH theres ads its many, but i'll anwser your question why it has many ads, bcuz if watch an ad its also a way to earn rubox,.
Its very good app but there is one problem there are so many ads if we complete 1 stage it comes ad again and again but thia app is cool its really give us robux its only get 5 stars no 3 stars,no 2stars only 5 stars
IT ACCTUALLY WORKS!! But the reason why I did 3 stars is that it takes a very long time to collect at least 6 robux. After you change this bug I promise will give 5 stars (This is not scam not fake and not a bot review!) Install this but just have to know that it needs a very long time to get Atleast 6/10 robux
Super easy game to earn Rublins. I have many device to use this game I grind some rublins for Robuxes. The ad(s) doesn't bother me much. I just go to the home and I came back to the game, skipped Ad(s). Such a helpful game. Most easiest game to EARN ROBUX. Thanks to the developer of this game.
Really good I like how you play to complete the quest for robux it's really good it's real download this now I recommend it if you play roblox
I have had this game for about two days now and earned one robux. Every 100 Rublins, you get 1 rubux. Its 1 star unless you REALLY want robux. But it does work!😁😁😁
This game does give you free robux but if we complete the quest we need to watch like 21 ads to get only 50 rublins! And it keeps on crashing..! I hate this app because of ads but the only good feature is that they give you free robux! Pls make 75 rublins = 1 robux
I love it but the ADS are so annoying! Theres to many and it makes the getting robux slower! Over all, 4 stars
The reason i have 4 stars its because it have so many ads and the 100 rublins is too much to get plss fix this and can you make 100 rublis for 10 or 11 that will be pretty much use full.
It's legit! But it takes only a long time to get at least 5, but I'm consistent so I don't mind. The ads are annoying, but I support the devs. Free robux isn't easy, keep that in mind. :)
At first it started working but then after a few hours it said sorry Try again later now it has been almost 12 days it wont work fix th is an di will give 5 stars
I love the game I get free robuxπŸ‘πŸ˜ but the problem is the are too many adds that appear on each level please fix this
I kinda like the app but since l watch this kind of app and i decided to download it and i didn,t get robux i only collect tokens and adds keep popping up every single level i completed and maybe the fit hole app was lying please fix your app.
I'm very disappointed in this app I has a lot of trouble firstly a lot of adds secondly it says I'm not in the group when I am thirdly when you forget to claim you rubin's you don't gte the reward I was going to suprise my little sister with robux but I can't any more :( if you know my apps that give free robux plz tell me
This Game actually gives you robux. Lots of ads which sucks. It takes a long time to get 100 rublins just to get 1 robux. But 4 stars.
I really love this app but I will explain why I rate this app 4 stars I got 108 rublins and I want to trade them but I am in the group but when I trade them it says β€œMinimum withdrawal amount is 5R$ (500) rublins”whattt ?pls fix them I will give you 5 stars if you fix that β˜ΉοΈπŸ™πŸ₯Ί
Ok so great app overall I gave 4 stars because there is too many ads .But I definitely recommend ,even though I just downloaded it and I have yet to get free robux.
Yes the app works and all but there is literally 10000 ADDS! it's supper annoying and I can't even play 😑
Okay this app is great and all, bit I'd appreciate it if you make to where you get more amount of robux with each rublin you get, instead of getting 1 robux for 100 rublins. Something like if you earn one rublin, you'll get 50 robux. And if you get 2 rublins, you get 100 robux and so on and so on
Amazing game! You actually can get free robux! It is very simple and for doing that, you get robux! Wow! Well, you can actually get free robux on any game that this owner made. I love this app! But, it DOES take some time to get robux. Only when you get 100 gems or whatever its called, you can trade the gems for robux! But you only get 1 robux when you trade the 100 gems. That is the problem. Please increase the robux amount. That was all. Hope this helped! ^^
Ok, look it ain't horrible but hear me out as this might be long. So I been getting a bunch of lag that when I go through the holes I don't get my turbo leveled up, nor can I actually get in them they, just lag and let me go through even when I'm the wrong size, and at this point I'm not disappointed, i'm just very very confused and worried the game will eventually break but it's not THAT bad.
Mm... This game rlly.. I cannot trade the rublins. At all. Is this a problem or something?? Its says something when wrong everytime i am trading the rublins. What is wrong?
I wasted all my time on this it doesn't work I have 100 rublins but it says that I have to join then I joined the group and I tried again and it didn't work I'm deleting the game NOT RECOMMENDED
Ok so my problem is that it barley gives u robux. Fix it. Each dimaond she be a robux like 100 diamonds should be 100 robux. And when i tried to widthdraw my 114 diamonds it said try again later!!😠😠😠. Pls fix this.And its too many ads like everytime i pass a level a ad pops up. PLS FIX THIS!!πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
I know the app is legit but when I'm redeeming my rublins to robux it tells me to join the group,I do join the group but when I get back it tells me I didn't join the group.if you would fix that problem it would be perfect.It happens to the rest of the games of the site. Every site and every app must have a problem for me.
I wish i can give this app an 0 stars.the fact that i have been playing this for 3 months it kept on saying "server error" when you want to claim for robux (i kept on installing the app to make it work but nothing) this app is trash it just wasted my time dont download πŸ™„
okay so this app is really great but maybe this app would be helpful if there a LOG IN thing so you know who to give ROBUX to and all but maybe this app would be also helpful if there were no frickin lags or ads but again this app is great
I love this game. I know that this game has alot ads but some ads are small some are long.I most good thing about this game is it give you free robux.after i day you will enjoy the ads cuz i enjoyed after one day.
I love this game it gives you a robux but it need a patient to get a 100 rublins and the ads doesn't bother me
I dont care about the ads...I have a game like this but it doesn't give me robux...this game actually does...I give it a 100/10
This app is really amazing!! It really give robux!! Its a well-made game. Even though there are ads your still going to get robux for free!!
Many people are saying there are adds but u can turn off the Wi-Fi connection and the adds won't pop up again. After u turn off the internet it can give u adds for a couple more levels then there will be no adds. I hope this will help people that see this πŸ˜ƒ
This is game is SO MUCH FUN it's not a scam but it does take a but long to get rublins (sorry for bad grammar)But there more ways to get them it's a really fun app and I probably spend all day on the game I just downloaded the game today but I only have one robux but Im working on it but it's a bit long to get the robux but no complaint keep up the work ✌️✌️✌️
THIS WORKS I LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH!! All you need to do when you buy it is put your username in and join the group!! I also love how each three stages you get 25 gems! There are a lot of adds but there short! Thank you for whoever made this!!
It is a great game i totally say you should get it but im a bit confused on how to get the robux because when i try to trade for robux it won't do any thing so bit confused but it is still a great game totally recommend getting it
Its amazing i thout it dosent work but it does the problem is to many adds and it takes so many levels to conpleate just,for one robux of these problems werent there i would give 5 stars
I think it's a great app first of all it does give free robux which I'm very happy about and it didn't give any lag the only thing I don't like is the amount of adds
Amazing and creative and actually gives you free robux! So far ive got 60 robux from it and i love it and recommend it so ya
Ok, so the levels get harder as you go along and I have to wait for tasks, but if you click on earn more rublins you can look for the easy ones like "open app and apply" and bam, 500 rublins, I did that twice and already earned 10 robux! (Your welcome)
Thanks for this app but there's to many ad plz fix it by the way I'm working on the jems I only have 75 jems install this app right now
I thought that I should have this no star because when it said you have to join the group. It doesn't let me click on join group when it finally worked it said verification when I clicked on verify I doesn't let me click on it. This is a total trash and roblominer is the worst robux group ever in the world
I'm giving this 4 stars because well yes, they give robux but at the moment no. The problem is that I already joined the group but it said that I didn't. I even restarted my phone but nothing happened. Please fix this. Idk if it's just me but yeah. Is there a limit to how many robux a person can get? Because I tried this with my other account and it works but not my main account...
Awesome game to earn robux only the ads a little boring otherwise very good game. I recommend downloading this game.
This game is gives you free robux! I give you only 2 stars because when i was playing my rublins was 95 and then i got lazy and closed the app, and then when i came back. I only got 45 rublins!!!! This happened twice!!!! FIX THIS! I WORKED MANY HOURS FOR THIS!
Ok i explain why i give this 4 star i know its legit but the ads is so annoying if i finish 1 level its shows ads and also if i click X its bringing me to the playstore so thats my problem
It's great it really does give you robux but there's a problem there are WAY to many ads every time you finish a level there's an ad so if they wonderful people who made this game please get rid of the ads thank you
It's good app it really gives robux! But it takes a really long time to get gems. And to get robux you need gems on this app. And it bearly gives gems in to robux. And there so many adds you can't even play it
Very good! The only problem is that there's too many adds. The rest is fine, I like the way you need to get 100 rublings to get 1 robux, I have earned a lot of robux because of this game, thank you very much :D I appreciate it.
I really love it casually and it's so fun but the problem is about ads its keep appearing and that's I hate the most I will rate it 5 if u do remove many ads cause sometimes it's kinda annoying too and it's very hard to earn when I got 150 (r) i got 1 robux??? That's very hard and ads oh don't even talk about that so yea please that's i wanted to write thank you
Omg this is 100% legit!!! But sadly u need 100 r for 1 robux but if you're a gamer, it shouldn't be a problem. Ads? Turn WiFi off! I was so shocked when my balance dropped from 2 robux to 3 (I only tested it out) so if you have time, it's worth it.
This game is 100% true!!! Its the best free robux game you can Imagine also the games are really fun! Try it for yourself!!
It is easy I barely even have to do anything all I have to do is swipe up. and then it will jump all by itself I can even get free Robux. and THAT'S COOL AND COOLER. oh and the game is fun.
This game is perfect!!! And it's true that they gives you robuxs but it might take a while to get it . I don't really mind the ads always pop out after finish doing one round 😊. So I'll give it a 5 star!!!
This used to be a good review but I had to take that because it stop giving me rublins and I tried everything but still recommend this game because it still works on another device
It actually works but i have one problem for this game u need to collect 600 robox to withdraw it. You cant withdraw it in how many robix u like.
This is awesome when i always got 150 rublins it gave me a robux but there is ads but i know how to take out the ads just exit then back to the game
I'm sorry but until you change it back to group instead of making a gamepass I am giving a one star rating.. You should have known alot of people are on a phone.. a ton of people wasted there time for no reason which is really annoying. So until you change it back its a one star rating.
This actually work! But I would have a problem with the ads but just turn your wifi/data off if u dont want ads!!
1 I have never played this I'm scared if it worked for u people but I think this game mite be fun I saw the ad I'm like I want robux on Roblox I'm a noob on Roblox I want robux I see all this fun passes and and new character and other stuff I'm so excited
This is so cool! It is a game and you do quests and get rublins and you get to bus. I also downloaded strong granny and jetpack chicken so it saves my rublins!
At first, I thought this game would be a scam. But it actually works. The reason I put a three star rating is because it barely gives you robux. It only gives you one rubux per 100 rublins. I had to finish 40 levels to get one robux. There is also WAY too many ads. Every time you finish or die in a level, there is an ad. You can also bang into as many obstacles as you want. The only things you can die on are the parts where there are two rails . Other than that, the gameplay is fun. 3 stars.
So this app is real, it give you real robux but for some reason the ads are to many like I'll go like 3 ads and the game crashes bc of lag so yea that's all πŸ‘πŸ™‚
That's is the best game in the world! It gives as free robux there is not problems in the game! But it takes long to earn rumblings.
Its a good game and it does qork but u need 100 coins for one robuck. And the ads oh god the ads! There are SO many ads! It does give u robux but it takes a long time to give u it
It really works I thought this would ba a scam but it works that's why I put four stars because every game you finish you will want a ad
I love this game. Its very fun and it actually works. You need to join a Roblox group though. It takes a long time and after weeks I got 6 robux. There are too many ads.
This game is not bad but I do love how you can get robux off of it so I'll give it a five star review Also the graphics are good to
This game actually gibes you free robux!! But why is the max limit 5 but you can get so many rublins and can't even spend it?? Please change that and I'll put it as a 5 star. I know free robux takes a long time to get but still. Change the max limit to like 7,000 robux so you can actually spend your rublins.
The app is working at robux and its awesome but theres so many ads i cant even skip some random ads if i were you i should stop those ads cuz you cant even play with bother because os those ads
This is amazing but the bad thing is I need 500 diemes to get 5 rubox!!!! But it's noooo scam it's amazing I love this 5 star's ❀
I like this a lot and I've downloaded a lot of these kinds of games. It worked and I've gotten 3 robux so far, but there is a glitch and every time I have enough rubluns to convert to robux it says that the minimum withdrawal amount is five robux. Ibe only been entering one robuck, Please fix this glitch for me! This would be a five star review if it hadn't glitched:( Please fix!
The best app ever!!!finnaly I got free RobuxπŸ‘ but only one problem why is 150 rublins for 1 robux why can't 150 rublins 50 robux atleast....I really like this how it gives robux also why are reviews 500 words???? I read the reviews what others said has anyone played blox burg ??.???????????????????!!?!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„I really enjoy this app ....also play atleast 30-40 round there are also other apps which gives robux..type 'rublins for robux' many apps will appear by
It is a great game there is no lag I would give it a five but the levels are a little short but I love this game.
Good game!!!!! I really like this app✨ I give this 4 star it's take so long to get robux but I love it βœ¨πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
This game is amazing! Now i got my robux and this is my only way to get robux but theres too many adds it bother me to play please fix that.
Great app, my daughter wanted robux but I couldn't spend money yet, so we thought we'd give this app a try and there was a lot of ads but just turn WiFi off' great experience go give it a try!
I love this game so much you guys should get it cuz it is awesome so get the game now because it's the best game ever and if you have ROBLOX that's kind of a good sign so if you can read this you need to buy this game I love it you guys should get it because it's one of the best games ever so you guys should get it now.
I love this game I have gotten 3 robux so far all you need to do is join a group and thin tell your user name no information needed except for your username I mean it's not the best but it's better than games I downloaded only one robot for 100 Rubens I mean that's okay
Sorry, game creator of this. But I think it's a waste of time! I believe it's not scam. But the thing is! Whenevee I try withdrawing Robux, I can't find the group. Now I'm wondering does it even exist I even copied it to see if I spelled it wrong but no! I can't find it.
I love this game and yes it gives you free robux. Why dont you get robux? Well the site where you earn the robux is broken. Please fix that! Then I will change it to 5 stars!
i guess its a good game but to laggy no one wants to play a game that is laggy and has a lot ads so u need to fix that pls read this
This is pretty good game and this is working..but yeah it's good, so this because why I give 4 star so..this game good but it's so hard to get free diamond cuz I have done some quiz but I didn't get 100 score and I didn't complete it that why a give only 4 star so please..
I Absolutely Love this app!!! And At first I thought it was fake but when I played it and earned 150 rublins I withdrawed it and I went on roblox and It actually worked! I told all of my freinds about this and it worked for Them if other people are reading this it actually works!
Fun and addicting game but a bit slow to start in gaining Robux. Will continue to play in case I'm missing something or just need a high level
Dear : RobloMiner Its So Great!! I Collect All My Rublins And Then I Deleted My Other Free Robux Games App I Didnt Lost My Rublins!! Evendough I Lose My Proggress Its Good!! I Can Start My Progress Again So I could Earn Real Robux!! My Dream Is I Wish This Game Would Be Popular Than Another Scams App!! This is also 100% Legit I have Redeemed 5 robux!! Tysm!! Good Games And Fun!!
I like it but theres to much adds and i dont know if this is a glitch but when i press trade it dosnt let me andnon the other ones it does the same . if its just me ok but if this happenes for other people please fix it i restarted and evrerthing but it wont work.
I LOVE THIS APP!! it actually works!!! U get rublins and you can trade them into robux!!! Also there is multiple ways to get rublins too like completeing challenges right now I have 4087 RUBLINS!!! it does take 2 days to refill the robux when it's gone but I'm not complaining it's soo fun and cool!! Not a bot message this is my opinion and u should download!!!
Its really good it works all lot of ads but it give free robux so it's good it might take a while but it's still good
I love the game but I Hate this it has too many ads and it doesn't even give Robux waste of time don't download it it's a scam😣 don't trust any of these Robux games and now we just have to buy Robux everybody stay safe and don't get scam!!