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Free Heroes 2 (T-800 mod)

Free Heroes 2 (T-800 mod) for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Bogdan Kozyrev located at Kazakhstan, Almaty. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please update now. The map things arent downloading. I swear Id give this 5 stars any damn day if it had new links for the downloads that no longer connect.
tried it for a few minutes. works. not super accurate on the touch screen, but it is heroes 2 on mobile :) enjoy
I love this game, thank you very much for it. I have one question, how do I transfer HOMM2 files from the game CD onto this app?
Would give 5 stars if the AI was difficult. You can just walk through the game. The later neutral mobs are more difficult than the computer players. I want to actually have a challenging fight with a computer player.
Absolutely amazing! The mod is an insane quality of life upgrade and wish for more maps as I played through most with how much I love this thing!
Free Hero is a better download. It's the same ehave but WAY more boards to play and no glitches. I wish we could get other versions of the have on here.
ai need to be more difficult. really good game. few crashes still great game. hope to see heroes 3 soon lol good job u tnx
when downloading the mega pack, fails every time, can't start Game to even try it.could be due to a typo in download url. your url is megamappack.zip/downlod download is misspelled
This is what I've been waiting for!!! The hands down best remake of heroes of might and magic for phones. I love it!
Constant crash with mouse emulation mode. Won't even open to home screen. Sad. This used to play fine until they updated SDL. LG-G6.
Stupid. Cant even get two turns played before it freezes. Multiple reports and requests for repair sent. No reply or help.
Thank you so much for allowing me to relive some of my childhood, done a amazing job and can't wait to see hero's 3 😊
My favorite phone game. Love how unbalanced the factions are on e you understand the game better. Graphics have stood the test of time. Controls can be a little tricky.
It's all fine and dandy, but I was playing that 1x1 map and at some point the opponent just stopped doing anything - huge dissapointment. Will try more, mb just random bug.
This is the very old Heroes of might and magic II almost to the last detail. The next versions III and IV would be very nice to have. In my humble opinion this series was the best strategy game that developed by New World Computing and it is still my personal favorite. Thank you.
Mouse emulation in this version is horrible nothing is in English and simply unplayable. Free heroes 2 it is thanks for wasting my time
Doesn't work. Buttons are non-responsive on my xiaomi redmi 4x. I've used many emulators in the past, and this one needs a bit of work.
Nice and nostalgic. Problems: 1. Computer is too stupid even on the hardest settings, I win every time. 2. If you minimize the game and come back everything become very laggy 3.Some missing features like portal spell, enemy view.
I have played this copy anout 30 hours bwtween 2 phones the longer you play it the more junky an clunky it gets and controling ur fighter must be a joke they run out of a winning battle to take a break not one but all of them they sometines do what you command but they mostly go where they want in battle it like auto is still on. There no sand box at all like the orignal had added to it. The maps all leave much to be cared for . Starting area mobs are to high thus you cant get resources.
Everything great. Except you can not use Dimension spell?! That is a shame! The most powerfull spell in the game and it is so buggy. Can you fix it? I'm on treasure island that i need to use a dimension spell and stuck there.. I will fix rating if you fix the spell.
Just like the pc version 🤗 Unbelievable. A must try. Noticed some issues with memory running low...could be my phone being a bit old. If you know the old pc game definitely give this a go
I had another version of this app and it stopped working. I just got a new phone and this version works better than expected. This is one of my favorite games so I'm thankful someone cared enough to make it available on a phone.
Heroes of Might and Magic. It is good as you remember it. It us free, with save games, evry turn autosave. Good game. No ads, no purchuse.
I can't download the game files from SourceForge during the game launching. "Failed to download" an error message.
Near perfect some items don't work, there is some setup at the start and I find even on the hardest difficulty it's still a little easy apart from that it's fantastic. It's perfect for the phone. Still the same old game from years ago. P.s don't haunt a mine as you will loose it and not be able to get it back
I was really excited to see someone actually have this game available on mobile! I played Heroes III growing up, but this gives me similar nostalgia. The controls are manageable considering this game wasnt meant to be on mobile, however it does have some issues crashing once in a while. One of the most annoying little bugs is that i'll set the character speed higher, but it will default back to being super slow- then I need to restart the game and set it back. Aside from that it runs fairly smoothly, and I hope you will consider maybe releasing Heroes III for mobile too!
Loved these games as a teenager and glad to find a mobile version. I wish the series would be continued on any platform! Pretty easy navigating with a stylus, less so with your thumb, and the only real issue I've had is the character speed resetting back to super slow every now and then and having to reboot the app to fix it. It also doesn't allow you to use some spells which is a little annoying but not so much that I'd stop playing. Could use some improvement, but overall great!
Just like the game i played so many decades ago. A small learning curve figuring out settings and how touch controls work other than that tons of fun and memories. Thank you so much for doing this!! And again why i get reven less sleep now staying up playing like i used to. Lol great game and memories. If having issues with download and install, only download whats already checked do not chreck more boxes it will give you errors and need to unistall reinstall.
I only have 2 issues with this app. 1: The signs say absolutely nothing... which is sad. 2: The Mega Map Pack download doesnt work... which is really sad. Can you fix these issues please? Thanks, otherwise you did a great job, I love this app.
Quite good, would be happy to give it 5* but there is so many important things that are wrong with the game like the input is extremely slowed but the character moving is super smooth, pointlessly. Also, you should be asked if you want to attack something or someone or add some informations about structures and enemy's you see. Could be a great game.
It works. The best port of homm available. Only problem is the mega pack download url typo, makes the game unplayable if downloaded.
A really great remake of HOMM2, but super hard to control since the interface doesn't react before your finger goes numb from clicking. Also same problem as with original game, when you misclicked and ran into a fight, or you see, that you cannot win the fight, there is no button to reload or quit. Also you cannot switch on seeing the hex fields, so you have to guess how far your units can move.
worked the first time, now it never does. can't connect, and that YouTube video if useless. tried it for last hour almost.
Works and functions. Its heroes 2 alright! The maps are not the preloaded ones from the CD, though, and they are...not very good.
It's a good game, I used to play it in the computer when I was a kid. I realized that in this mobile version there's a bug with the game difficulty, I raised it to impossible but the game is still very easy, is it possible to solve that?
Amazing game, just like the old days. If you're having trouble downloading, do not select expansion maps or mega maps at the setup page.
It is my favorit game from the past and i'm happy to play it on the phone. It need just a little fix and will be very good!
всё как надо, после нехитрых экспериментов настроил мышь для нормальной имитации тача и в бой :)
Don't bother wasting your time downloading as you won't be able to configure touchscreen. Waste of time!!!!