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Free DS Emulator - For Android for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by CPU Studio located at 10+, Mandarin Garden, Hoang Minh Giam Street, Hanoi. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
For the most part it works well I like old yugi games and it runs well however, sometimes it just doesn't want to open a game at all but I leave it alone for a bit then it works again will give 5th star if fixed but till then 4 it is.
Works great, but there have been two times where it tried to load an ad while I was playing and crashed. I lost 3 hours of gameplay the first time and then another hour the second time. Very irritating.
Very good free DS emulator, however, I have been experiencing some issues with some games. When using speed up to play through Pokemon White, sometimes the game will crash.
Really good emulator. However, only use this if you have a fair amount of memory and storage on your device, or it'll crash. It's deleted my saves a lot in the past, but hopefully it won't do that anymore :)
It's good, for the most part. I haven't had trouble paying the game, the built-in cheats are super helpful. The only thing I'm not sure about is how to play with other systems, if you can at all (me and my sis have been trying for a while.)
One of the best emulators I've played, good graphics, good button layout that can be customised, game cheats in app is a nice feature to have aswell and its free. However since an update to my tablet (Samsung galaxy tab A 2019 model) the app crashes everytime I try to load a rom. It would crash but not very frequently before the update. Tried re-installing the app but it still crashes. Would like to know if anyone else had this problem and if it was fixed, how it was fixed?
By far the best emulator I have tried on the phone for sure. Compared to other emulators I have tried, it can actually play the games I want to play. It also has controller support, so I'm able to use it with my switch pro controller! My one compliant is the first time I tried using it it took a few tries to start my game up, but after that first time I have experienced no issues.
I like it because it has many practical features and auto cheats on it. But since I lose my saved data multiple times and the emulator kept crashing whenever I opened it, I rate it 2 out of 5 as an appreciation to the convenient features earlier. Please fix this.
Best emulator but having some problems. 1st problem for every loadstate it loads an ad and sometimes ads are not there so I can't loadstate. 2nd starting problem, doesn't starts at the first it takes 3-15times to start. If these two were repaired this will be the best emulator for ever than drastic.
This app is now not loading. What is wrong here. More than 100 hours in game, and now it wont load. Whats the glitch? It will let me open it and get to the part where it pulls up the saved. Then straight back to the home screen it goes. If i could put no stars, i would. This is bull. Fix it.
Before I was usually able to do it then didn't work then few years later it worked then failed to work again and tbh this emulator is amazing and I wish the problem can be fixed sooner or later but for the creator: ur emulator is awesome and I will be patient till u maybe fixed the problem 😀
This is a pretty reliable app. It has minimal ads, works just fine, doesn't interrupt gameplay, and the layout is user friendly if you read the menu. The only bad things I encountered was that the touch screen will glitch sometimes and flip around, but a quick restart will solve that, and also the mic doesn't work.
Honestly I love the Emulator. I appreciate the cheats already being implemented, it's not really a complaint but if cheats could be added for future updates it'll be nice to randomize opposing trainers Pokemon and field items to give you that full randomized game instead of just finding random encounters. If this could be implemented it'll be undoubtedly the best NDS emulator especially being free and will have features ppl have tried for years so we can enjoy randomizers on mobile
Update: App keeps crashing whenever I try to open it... Would consider giving it 5 stars if not for this... New review! Upgraded it by 1 star because I found the fast forward button! :) It will be good if there are a few slots for the save function though...I will gladly rate 5 stars then!! edit. There are save slots! 5 startls it is! I hust wish there can be more than one game :(
It's a great emulator experience, probably the best one. But it has a couple of issues. 1. It sometimes doesnt want to work. Like when I want to continue or start a new game, it will just crash the program and exit. I have to keep doing it a while until I'm lucky and it works. It's like starting a car with cruddy ignition, but the engine works. 2. The ads, this is the least issue though, since they're short, skiable and only play once when you either start game or load one.
The sheer amount of crashes in certain games (e.g. Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon Platinum, etc.) is unbelievable. Also, being forced to watch an ad every single time you load the save state is as low as an app titled "free" can get. Avoid unless you have no other option.
Everytime I try to play a game whether starting over or from a save it just shuts down an gives me "the app is not responding" I have completely deleted everygame, and save file, as well as the app an re-downloaded everything even from different places an it still keeps shutting off when I try to play a game. It really sucks because I have never had this issue, an I love the fact that it has the cheats loaded up already for each games. Does anybody know a FIX, or anybody have the same issue?
It's an alright emulator, it doesn't really crash for me, but something I don't like is, that to load a save file you need to watch an ad, which is pretty uncool.
This is a really good and free way of emulating your ds games. The controls are ok but nothing great, sometimes it's hard to play some games with the Controls but you can connect an external controller like an dual shock 4, xbox one controller, even Nintendo switch joycons. What is a bit annoying are the ads. The ads are always the same sometimes unskipable, and they are after you exit a game or enter a game. Otherwise, this app is good.
There are constant unskippable ads, and it crashes several times on launch before successfully opening your game. That being said, it doesn't have fps drops like some of the other nds emus, so once the game starts it's pretty decent. It's usable, but there are much better options.
I was using this to play Pokemon Black and White since it was the most recommended by the internet. Everything was turning out so well, no lag, smooth gameplay, it was perfect. That was until that I accidentally pressed the option of folding the NDS (pause, I don't know). Once that happened, my game froze. There was no way of turning it back to normal, so I had to exit the app. So much progress wasted just because of that single option... Everything was working so well... Such disappointment...
So far been very good. The sound is a little sketchy sometimes and the UI is a bit confusing. But everything works, it's lag-free, and the ads are just a banner rather than horrible interruptions. Overall, satisfied
I remember when this emulator was first released it was amazing it could runs tons of game, it came with cheat preinstalled, it was the best then recently I redownloaded it and for some reason whenever I try to opening a game it just crashes i canct even get to a loading screen I don't know happened while I had it uninstalled but I hope they fix it because until then its only worth a 1 star.
works well on every pokemon game. very functional and useful 6/5. Edit: I wish the button size can be enlarged, I am currently playing Pokemon White 2, and it's hard for me to walk around. I can't press the buttons cuz my fingers are too big. Also there is no button to add cheats on the cheat menu? Please fix.
I really like this, it's one of the only emulators i've found that actually works! but sometimes, whether or not the internet is on, it refuses to open a game. it just crashes?? but never in the middle of playing a game, which is good! if you could fix that since it happens often then this would be 5 stars
One of the best ds emulator2 with good performance, but why you need internet connection to load a game? For ads? That's annoying af, and I can't customize the size of the button (it's too small imo for Android)
My only complaint is that the buttons on screen have larger hitboxes than their graphics make you think, and cannot be moved around. Plus, make sure FrameSkip is set to auto, or the lag is unbearable. All I want, and in order to get my final star, enable the ability to change the size and arrangement if the buttons. 7/10, recommend to broke DS lovers, but a real one is a better investment. Update: Thanks for allowing the old style menus! Take 2 stars!
Every thing is great except crashing. Whenever I try to play a game, it crashes. I need to open the app and try to play for around 20-30 times and only then I will find a time without the game crashing. Please fix this. There are no crashes while playing though. Only while opening the roms.
A pretty good emulator all around. Most features work flawlessly, and the few that don't, don't cause any detrimental damage to the experience. How what I can't overlook is an insesivly annoying bug in where instead of loading to the a game, it just crashes to my home screen. This is particularly painful, when it happens right after an ad has played, and in my opinion boggles down the experiences this emulator provides.
Yep, am old user of this app,but for some reason i reduce the star because of this: 1.we have to wait ads to load save states even there are sill ads on the top. 2.some of the save states corrupt and we have to start the game at the begining 3.crashes regularly, the game wont start after 1 crashes occurs If the developer could fix this ill give 5* for sure.Although,the performance is great faster than te others free downloadable DS emu and included Cheats too. Thats all, thanks.
Fast and better than all the other free emulators but 1. There isn't a way to add cheats, 2. You can't just add a rom to a list and 3. Too many ads so that's why I'm giving three stars
When it works it's a perfect emulator. The problem is that it almost never works. When trying to continue the game the app almost always crashes. In my personal experience it took up to 16 crashes oncd before i could continue playing my game. This needs to be fixed immediately.
I like it. I'll admit that the controls are a pain sometimes but hooking up my PS4 controller solved that issue easy. All in all a really well made app. The one issue I have trouble with is not being able to sync up GBA games for events that require GBA like the Sol Cross in MMBN5. Other than that props all around.
Very easy to use good emulator. There is a glitch were sometimes when you try and open a game it kicks you from the app and sends you to your home screen. Also there is a small banner for ads at the top. The controls are kind of annoying and not adjustable. When I was playing a game the left and right trigger controls blocked part of the screen because of the deadline so I couldn't do something. Be it overall it is a Very nice emulator.
I really like it despite the mlm ads and how it sometimes crashes. But I've run into a problem. I accidentally closed out the app without saving, and now when I go to the home screen and press continue, it won't let me continue. All the other buttons work fine though
I love this! And when it says it's fast, ITS FAST! But I DO have some complaints, my most notable one being that theres so many ads, like I know you need money and whatnot but its still irritating, but its only while navigating the menu so it's not that bad. Speaking of the menu, it's just confusing, It took me like 30 mins to know what button does what, but after you get the hang of it, its not THAT bad, and my last complaint, is that you have to manually save and that is actually very annoying
Pretty good. The only thing miss is my phone battery life. But it the best emulator sometime I feel it doesn't but that might be me and it hard it load because when your offline it try to load an ads and sometimes just shut the whole app down all there good all my work?(idk the best word to use) got a wiko ride 2 about 40$ dollars and it runs great. I didn't do so well on the moto 6.
Very very very very very perfect excellent and good app like if you had some troubles with games level you have cheats to make it easy and controls oh they are perfect I love every body who make and create cheats and more and I just love everything in this app but there is only 1 trouble with this when I tried to load a game the app closes 3 or 2 times by the way I hope you make more emulators like this have wonderfully days in your life
This is a good emulator there is more ads then expected along with good background support so if a ad takes the player the app store all it needs is a back arrow tap and back to what they where doing and I think it needs Somthing i can't put my finger on bit is slightly noticeable or the style needs a redesign and at the same time the system time in the emulator needs to be like it has its own time like animal crossing for example.
still works well but im having issues with just one rom so far; its Pokémon Soul Silver. everytime i get a call in game and i try to answer it, the game then the app crashes. i also cant seem to get some cheats to work properly (specifically the gender+nature modifiers). other than that, i have no real issues with this app. maybe theres something you can do to fix those things...
Good, just two suggestions, the ability to press both A+B at the same time(on phones its quite difficult, unless you simply cant on this, but its required in some games) and the ability to change the touch control layout (size, location,etc so they wont conflict with games) these are my only issues, aside from that its great, rarely crashes
I've emulated games on this for years to come, since it can do what Emubox can't, such as save on the emu and on the game, but now playing this on a Samsung Galaxy A01 it crashes like emubox. PLEASE fix this now!
Crashes every once in a while, but overall it runs games very smoothly, and fast! I've been playing Pokemon Platinum, and it feels the same as when I had played it on my DS... Very great emulator app!!
There's this one Final Fantasy XV ad that takes up almost half the screen with a video and makes the buttons nearly impossible to press and you can't make it go away; your only hope if it shows up is to close the app and it shows up constantly to the point that I can't even play anymore. There's some other ads that break the game too but that annoying Final Fantasy one shows up all the time.
I like this emulator. It's fast and easy but when I open "Continue" or choose a ROM to play, it takes too long to open. The best thing about this emulator, fast and smooth. If you want to slomo your game, I adjust 50% forward. Why there is an ad on the top of the screen?
This emulator app is the best among others. It has the smoothest gameplay, and all cool features are for free. This the best emu I could ever had. For others who are saying bout the issues on saving and data loss, we all know how it feels as gamers, just always make sure you've got backup files, this app will still reads it. Thank you devs
Stellar I've been useing this for years I started use it when I was 8 and I'm 12 now I have ran into no problems with this app all of the game I want to play work flawlessly The controls are on point and if you have a problem you can change em. Overall best ds emulator on the app store good job.
The app was great until it started crashing a lot and it didn't even load the right game. If you're looking for a ds emulator where you play games that take time I don't recommend this. Kinda frustrating.....
Great app. The only two things I can say about it are, sometimes when you click a game to open, the app closes, but this only happens occasionally. Also, the sound does not sync perfectly with the games, but for me that isn't a big deal. Overall, great app!
Hello,your app is great,from all apps on play store I like yours.But At first it went great afterwards on pokemon black 2 when i go to dragonspiral tower i cant jump but its first. Secondly I cant go through or come out of house.I was struck there.When I restart app it Crashes sometimes but if it opens I was still stuck Cheats or no cheats nothing helps.This was my experience.. Thank You
This app is no longer the great app it used to be. Just recently the developers or admins of this app decided to add a "buggy" feature to this app! They added a feature that tells the player that the "memory is getting low and the app is going to close soon". The app then freezes and crashes soon after. I don't know why they like messing with the players, but this isn't right. I definitely won't be using this app anymore, until they can remove this buggy feature that they place in this app.
Can you please fix this bug where if you take even a small break the emulator will just crash over and over again. Please fix this because this emulator is the only one that works. Also I can tell, this will be ignored. If not I'm sorry for wasting youre time. PLEASE IM ASKING YOU PLEASE DEVS PLEASE IM DESPERATE I CANT FIND MY BLACK 2 AND ITS MAKING ME WANNA DIE PLEASSEEE THIS WILL BE MY FINAL EDIT BEFORE I NEVER UCER THIS APP AGAIN
Was fantastic and my favourite ds emulator until I tried loading a new game to play instead of my original game. Then when I tried opening the original game again it was frozen and wouldn't respond to any buttons I pressed or anything. I don't know what happened or if it was my fault but it's really disappointing and I don't know how to fix it.
Perfect! My first DS Emulator that doesn't have massive lag, and I don't want to pay for DraStic. It is great how you can import saves to .sav files the same was as DraStic too! No fps drops, and no video ads (in game)! If I could suggest one thing, it would be the ability to move the menu button in the controls editor, but other than that, it is an AMAZING app! I highly recommend!
Have tried a lot of DS emulators on Android and by far this is the best and most stable. Just perfect. Controls are smooth, though I wish they were more customizable. Ads are fine considering it's free. I thought there was an option to pay for premium/non-ads but no. Why is that so? I'd definitely buy it.
Highly recommend! I have been using this emulator for years and it is perfect! There are some bugs sometimes when trying to open games, but other than that it is amazing. You can even change the layout and size of the buttons for any games separately. And if you like to use cheats, they have built on cheats that you cam just turn on if you don't want to go searching for them. Again, highly recommend this app if you want to play DS/DSI games
I guess it is a good emulator...Theres a few problems like 1.How do I delete roms that I dont play anymore 2.I downloaded a new rom and when i rescan it,it wont appear in my emulator.Ive tried redownloading it again but it wont work 3.The buttons are kinda blocking the touchscreen(Maybe it doesnt block on certain devices....) Theres like more stuff i need to say but im lazy so i guess thats it.... in a nutshell,its a decent emu with a few problems
The emulator is fast and speedy. The ads are tolerable when you consider the fact the emulator is free. What's not tolerable are the frequent crashes. A good fifty percent of the time I try and launch a ROM the app crashes.
Similar to DraStic emulator but free and much better. I would say this is on the top teir for DS emulators. I see people complaining about the mic button being in the way and I've found a solution - for me it dissapeared after I turned off button display (for controller) then binded the buttons on my xbox controller and didn't see it anymore :)
Very good! There are minimal pop up ads, and the banner ad is inconspicuous compared to the emulator size. Be wary of using the save and load feature because a full screen ad will pop up every time you load a save state. Also, I wish there was a way to adjust the button size, as it can cover the a sizable portion of the touchscreen. However, it's been awesome with no glitches! Best one out the play store!
It's a great mobile emulator, but I'll have to give it a 4 star, because it doesnt automatically have Landscape enabled (the thing at the top menu when you swipe up on you're phone) I'm a person that always lys down sideways on my tablet so it's really annoying to keep my finger on the screen while I'm playing pokemon, It is a great emulator tho and I would recommend it
Best free DS emulator on mobile... If you want quality. It offers the best response time on the touchscreen and quality of visuals and audio. However, when opening the app or starting a rom, it crashes a lot but once the rom does open it doesn't crash. It also could maybe be virus-y(?). I haven't noticed anything wrong with my device after download but it opens another version of it's self when you open it that just has an ad on it. Best quality but not too much better and most virus-y.
Works perfectly fine for me on my old Galaxy S6 Active. Sure it's got an advertisement as you boot it up as well as a small one at the top of the screen as you play, but it doesn't cost anything. I think it's crashed one single time over the week I've had it so far. Plus well, it's free.
Update made the app a horrible experience, automatically starting up ads apps even though i did not click on them, EVEN when i didn't reload my save. It was okay when the ads played only when i reloaded my saves. That was alright. But automatically starting lazada while i play is awful. Pls change, thank you
Its ok... So far some issues are that the buttons "stick" ill be moving in a direction and take my finger off and my character will continue to move. Second issue is the save file... I saved my game 4 times. Waited for the circles to stop rotating. Went to load the game later, hadnt saved the game. Really frustrating... Other than that, not a bad emulator
App keeps crashing when I try to load or start new game. I've tried everything restarting my phone clearing cache and even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Same issue occurs. Please fix this ASAP and I will update my review and give you 5 stars. It's worked perfectly in the past with no issues. I have a samsung A10e on android 10 version
Amazing emulator, but there are now drawbacks. Until late, I had nothing to complain about. Now, whenever I launch and many others, the game crashes over and over. Over the course of a number of months, this problem worsened to the point where I can't even get it to open anymore
This Emulator was really good! Keyword being "was". For some reason, recently, the emulator crashes every time I try to open a game. I don't understand what's going on. Literally unplayable now. Maybe you'll have better luck then me?
There's a bit of a glitch that needs a fix, where the top and bottom screens will randomly flip,but leave the controls on the bottom, if this could be looked into or fixed somehow, I'd happily add that last star, as, other than that issue, this emulator is great, actually runs well, and feels good!
This emulator is amazing and I've been using it for years now, I'm only running into a problem just recently though, so I've been wanting to replay pokemon white on this but when it reads the rom and loads in the game, it goes straight back to the home screen, this didn't happen when I tried playing pokemon black, if anyone knows why this is happening, can you please tell me?
This is hands down the best free Nintendo DS emulator on android! There are ads, but there's only one banner ad on the top when playing games so it's not THAT annoying. The games run pretty smoothly and well! The interface is quite ugly but it's easy enough to use so no complaints there! My only complaint is that it doesn't have "class"... The only way to fix that is to make the app MUCH less ugly! Maybe even remove the banner ad for extra points!
Couple of problems. First, that irritating microphone icon that we can't hide. Second, the menu setup, the reset button is next to the sub-menu button. Third, for some reason no matter how many times I edit the controller layout, it always just go back to the default setup. Instead of getting better, it's going worse as time goes by.
I have only a few complaints about this; 1. The ads tend to freeze up the app and force exits a lot when I play. 2. Certain cheats from one games ruin the entire emulator and I can't play at all. 3. There are times, but very seldom, when the app just shuts downs all of a sudden. 4. When I disconnect from my wifi, the game stops working 5. If we could customize where to put the buttons, it'd be easier to play certain games. Other than that, I've had a great experience while playing.
Fantastic emulator, I'm yet to run into any problems. The visual buttons are slightly off of the actual button placement though for some reason? Like you have to press a bit above or to the right etc to press certain buttons. It's a really great emulator though, the rest I tried hardly worked or didn't work well.
Awesome! I've been using this app for almost a week to play some Ace Attorney and Pokemon, and to be fair, it is actually useful. It's very handy, and it automatically selects the ROMs for you! The audio is also great and not glitchy, compared to the SuperNDS. Sure, there are instances where it will crash, but it doesn't happen very often! Anyways, good NDS emulator I've used (I haven't used Drastic before cuz it costs money), and I hope it's also good for you all! An 11/10 for that.
PLEASE LET ME ADJUST BUTTONS. This would be a perfect emulator if there was an option to adjust the positions and sizes of the buttons on screen. The face buttons get in the way of the touch screen and the buttons are too small. If I could adjust this wouldn't be a problem
This app is really well designed and fun to use. the only complaint I have us the microphone button in the top center. it just gets in the way and takes the experience from you ya know. Please remove it or have an option to relicate it thanks.
Excellent emulator, i always play Pokemon diamond and pearl, black and white etc. good virtual buttons and fast emulator but, it has a problem that it hangs sometimes and game stops! so, i start it again and do all the things in the game (Pokemon diamond and pearl, black and white). that's why i like some few. so, please solve this problem.
controls are adjustable. Lots of people here say controls aren't adjustable but they ARE and they have been for years. This emulator is HIGHLY customizable. You can even change the background and stuff. Go on screen and gamepad layout in the settings while in game and you can find it.
Just a bad emulator i have to watch 6 to 10 ads just to play my game. It keeps crashing. When you do get past the ads it a good emulator. But if u press new game by accident even if u dont click anything. The current game you were playing just dissapears.
Very good for emulating most if not all ds games. A lot of ads, though. They get very annoying. And for some reason, after scanning, the emulator doesn't detect the ROMS of Flipnote Studio, DSi sound, or DSi camera. I also seriously wish there was an option for button resizing and a bigger deadzone or hotbox, because the controls are really jarring and clunky to use.
Good Emulator. Or at least it used to be honestly, I can still run and play games on it but every time I'm in the middle of a game it just crashes. And I can't get back into it, no matter what I do. I try unstalling the app, I try deleting the rom but nothing works. It's fine but I won't be using it anymore. Not unless they can fix the crashing situation anyway.
I love this emulator becuase it works so well, the controls are buttery smooth for me and I'm currently playing Scooby Doo First Frights and it works so well! Edit: So um I was going to finish the game when I realized all my save data was completely eradicated. For no reason. It just disappeared. Now I have the redo the entire game all over again. The 2nd ard 3rd boss battles got om my nerves sooo much. And now I jvae to redo them! Not that but the ENTIRE thing! I was almost done!!!!
This app is PERFECT! i was looking about a good emulator to play games and I found nothing that doesn't crash except this app. Others are hilariously bad, random crashes, too too slow. I even used to have a mindset that every emulator Is like that. When I found this app and found that this is so SMOOTH, SO FAST, literally NO CRASHES , I... screamed with joy. I wonder why is it so underrated?
Good app, but since I did the "Complete sinnoh pokédex" cheat, the app keeps crashing every time I play pokemon diamond. I just want to enjoy the game again after 13 years. I would like this fixed.
It's good, but has minor bugs. I play sonic rush and anytime I select a level, I am instantly kicked out of the app . I don't know why but as soon as I beat the game it just kicks me out. And now the menu isn't working and freezes my game anytime I press "Menu"
This emulator was working great for me, the only one that ran with speed, the controls felt a bit wonky, the movement in particular, even with a controller, however ever since I updated my tablet, it doesn't work at all anymore. Please fix this!
The ads make the app worse, I dont even use the quick load without the ads show up, during when I close the mobile data, and the ads always show up on the top screen during playing to landscape mode
[EDIT: Was a 4-star with potential to hit 5 until they added banner ads that automatically expand and screw up the interface.. Greed ruins another neat product. Doubt it will be addressed but if it is fixed I'll remove this edit and add the stars back.] Wonderful app. With a volume mixer and a cleaner interface this would easily be 5 stars. Ditch the banner ad at the top too. It's very distracting and a little unnecessary considering all the ads you get anyway.
this works. it really does but when it doesnt, god its a chore to try and get it fixed. when im playing this game called solatorobo, the game always gets choppy and slow even when i have frame skipping on. you could say its because its a 3d game but i have another 3d game and it is so smooth. the frame skipping barely works.
Every time the app is closed and re-opened the screen is zoomed in too far and the only fix is to uninstall and reinstall to get the original sizing. Control configuration and frame rate is brilliant. But having to either reinstall the emulator every single time or to keep it constantly open is not the intended experience and I give up.
I don't mind the ads, but this app crashes every 10 minutes and is very buggy. Many of the cheats do not work. And the buttons are far to small on the screen. Needs more customability in the layout. I'm going to find a better emulator because this one wasn't amazing
This has to be the best DS emulator I've used. Graphics are great, frame rates are good, and I can use two touch screen buttons at once, which is needed to play Pokemon Pearl.
It's great, all in all. Menu UI for the initial load is super clunky, needing to hit New Game to continue playing other roms, so a library to select from out the gate would be nice. The only big problem is you can't seem to add cheats, only enable/disable them. When clicking on "Cheats" in the menu mid-game, it only gives you the option to clear all cheats, you can't add any. What's the point of a cheat enabler and clearer when you can't add cheats. Being able to do that would be wonderful.
The last time I used this, I never experienced any technical errors or anything, it worked pretty fine. But now I downloaded it again, and it says "Kill all file explorer (file manager) app before tap OK button" and "Please copy the nds, zip, 7z file to your sdcard and try again" And I don't understand what it means
It would be better if it didn't always rotate when I'm trying to play laying down, but otherwise, I like it. Would love to see an option to purchase ad free, though.
Pre 3/15, app worked wonderfully. Occasional crashes when I pushed cheats too far (which is to be expected), but post 3/18 the app doesn't get any farther than selecting the rom. Edit: As of February 2021, app works much better than when I reviewed it before. Only real issue is that I have to open, close, and reopen the app for the emulator to load the games.
I give 5 stars because it's a great emulator and very useful ! But it would be even better if we could have a save on each game that we have. And then play on a game that we haven't played for a while without deleting the save of the last game we played. Idk if you guys understood me. And for people who lost a part a their save because of the freez or the single button on the menu. You just have to enable the save on : every 5 minutes Hope you're good
There may be a delay in loading. And there are some annoying advertisements But overall, it is a very good app, able to use various options without spending any money. Importantly ! there are a lot of cheats to choose and can be used practically every one. I really like it.
Honestly the best DS emulator I found so far. If you do not know how to use it just download a DS game .rom file. This app automatically detects rom files on your device. It also saves progress! I love it. The only problem is when I turn my phone it gets a little weird but I eventually get it. Overall amazing emulator.
The emulator was worjing perfectly without a single issue or crashes, but my phone had a system update recently to android 10 and it wont even open any of my games, please fix it and i'll be more than happy to change my rating.
This is the best free emulator that you can get hands down. Every other one I've tried doesn't run the ROM's properly. The ads are a small inconvenience at best and they don't charge you for anything or shove anything other than a request for a review I haven't been playing it for long but it is so easy to use and overall has been a wonderful experience.
Very good overall but does crash without reason sometimes. However, when I was playing Pokemon Black I tried turning on the alternative Nintendo Network in the cheats and that apparently has made that game unplayable, it crashes every time I try playing it, even if I chose to start over and it continued to not work even after I deleted and downloaded the game again. Would very much appreciate it if you could find a way to fix that.
There are two problems and the first one is that when I am playing any Ace Attorney games sometimes the buttons wouldn't respond however the game would still go. The second problem is the button because when I am playing the game and I need to give evidence however the buttons are close to things like when a character is near the X button and I try to tap it then I accidentally gave the profile of the wrong character and I either have to load my save or get a penalty. Please fix the issues
Emulator works fine and there is no lag in the games. There is a bunch of ads while you're playing, but it's just a small banner on the top. Whatsoever, I definitely recommend downloading this. The only problems I have with this is the "New Game" button on the home page is for when you want to keep playing, which doesn't make sense because there is a "Continue" button which means picking up your progress from a game. So the Continue button is completely useless. Still, the games run excellent.
This was a 5-star app at first. The last few updates have SERIOUSLY done something with it. I used to play(and still play) Pokemon Black 2 and the updates since April have ruined my experience. Now while playing, my app crashes whenever I try to use the max EV's in all stats cheat. This is getting out of hand. Please return the app to its original and I unupdated form. It's a kind request.
Best free one out there. No lag, and now I can relive my DS memories! One thing though is maybe can you add a button that allows you to touch the touch screen instead of going in the menu? It would make gameplay much faster.
Use to be good but after the update this emulator seems broken and lots of bugs. I was try to play my DS game then its crash, any of my DS game is crash. I already try everything from reinstall, delete my old DS file, until re-download my ds game. PLS FIX IT!