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Free Bitcoin Cash for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Bitcoin Aliens located at 67 The Mead, Darlington, Co Durham, DL1 1EU. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Low pay rates and app is just slow loading sometimes. When I've closed it cause it's taking a long time it will say I've already completed claim when I open it back up.
Great app made by a great team! Never a problem with payouts! Thank you. Seriously the apps these devs make are the best apps out there like this! To all the people who say that this app isn't worth it are all insane. I even hit the max prize on this before! This is a must have app!
Great App Yes it's real and does pay people real coin exactly what is told is going to be told what is going to be paid out. We'll definitely be recommending two friends and family don't know why some people post and saying it's a scam or it doesn't pay that's a total lie that's not true but I guess you can't make everyone happy can you LoL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
Installed the app about 2 or 3 weeks ago, easy to build funds up with the paid gaming options, hourly spin gives minimal sat but worth it for the gaming. 200k satoshi earned, and will going into my bank Tuesday, happy with this and will keep playing as long as payouts don't reduce
The app looked good after first installing. I was a regular user and after becoming a regular user BCH Satoshi is providing less quantity. So now this "Free Bitcoin Cash" app seems useless. If you provide coins as before, we will encourage regular customers, otherwise we will say goodbye in a few days.
Good app and the payout is real ! Some have issue with tha ads but, i have found a way to fix it. When you open the ad it mostly says advertisment did not complete and the bottun " watch ad" turns into "cancel" . If you press "cancel" you will lose your reward , but if you wait just 2-3 seconds, and "watch ad" button will reapear. Tnq
Pays out when able to collect or access playwall. Cannot access playwall for playtime rewards. Rest seems functional. Payouts from ad sponsors are on the relative platforms to confirm before BTC Aliens distributes the share of the pie. Having the same playtime issue with LTC app as well. TCL970 Running Verizon pre-paid USA stock firmware and tested with fresh google account. Backend may need some work to continue providing this AMAZING hustle. Tsk tsk. Fix plz? Ty.
I actually do give this app 5 stars normally, however the last few days it won't load the home screen and just loads and loads on a blank screen. Before this tho, it has been great and always pays out to your wallet, which is worthy of 5 stars on its own. Hopefully I can get it working again and i will change my rating to 5 stars as soon as it is fixed
These apps want you to spend money if you don't they stop giving rewards.. *Update.. I contacted support as I'm not getting any rewards they don't care simple as.. I have emailed them I'll keep you updated.. they payout at first then cut the rewards for more game time! Why can there be just one genuine app.. for bitcoin all the miner's are scams! FFS I've had enough and will uninstall if not resolved!
If you want to make a few cents worth of BCH every week, this app will do the trick. The layout is pleasant and professional, and the payment is scheduled weekly and is reliable. All ads are opt in for bonuses.
I would love to rate this app 5 star however it says no connection when I open it thus I can't proceed. I got 2 withdraws already and I think there is glitch in the system. Could you please help me about my account? I enjoy using it and it really pays in my BCH address. I hope it will be fixed soon. πŸ™ - This was my concern before I rated the app 1 star but since they already fix the problem you got my 5 star rate for you guys! This is legit app. Keep up the good work. I'll pray for you guys.
I have been using it since that apps exist and its paying its easy and fast . Direct to your wallet og your choice . Again yes its small amount if you want only big money go find a work i guess . The point of that app its that its giving you the chance to enter in crypto world for free and if you keep holding it you will reach big and price might go up anytime . Its a should have that apps its that easy
The app is simple, often fun. Better than similar apps offering free crypto. You wont get rich, just something to do and pick up spare change in the process. Depending how commited you are, itll get you 20 cents to a dollar per week (also depending on current exchange rates). Its always paid out to my wallet BUT beware because sometimes some of the offers do not payout the satoshi as promised. It's happened to me 2 or 3 times, which can be frustrating after spending the time thats then wasted.
It appears like the inability of the app to run stress free isn't due to the fact that I mistakenly touched the screen. It's a system issue which needs to be addressed because it's draining both my data and battery power and I'm getting discouraged
Your poll fish surveys are not working and it makes me answer one question and kicks me off and says no cat nip for you one after another. Please fix this and Please refund me some of it for my time answering the surveys, I believe that's fair. Also, the payout never got to my wallet on August 25th. And my Bitcoin cash was gone pls fix this asap and give me my Bitcoin I earned please!!!!
Great ! However cannot seem to change deposit address. No field appears to type new address. Also no contact button to reach and inquire. Otherwise nice app.
Playtime OfferWall stopped completely working, tried reinstalling several times, used different account and different devices. I sent email to the developers, no answer yet. Btw. I have the same problem with Free Litecoin app too. Besides this problem, it's otherwise a nice app. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Nice easy app. Doesn't pay out much, but it's always timely. The only problem I have is it doesn't always register playing time. Not a big deal as I enjoy playing they games, but just wish it tracked the games properly.
Was going pretty good until Jan 16th it stopped tracking my app usage and has not added anything to my account in 4 days except for the faucet witch goes in as soon as u use it everything just dont count for me at all would give it 5 stars if not for 4 days of using the app with no gain that makes me go the other way but until the 16th i was very impressed.
I like this. It pays out no problem but the only issue I have is that the playtime offers all doesn't work anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it completely doesn't work. So that is the only issue I have
Really sucks. Just downloaded. But ads are freezing. Unable to get rewards. And if you download promotion apps you won't get rewards. Really I hate this app. And norw payouts also not credited account.
Use to work ok but all of a sudden I have been blocked from using the PlayTime Wall and the app altogether! Basically the best way to earn is through the PlayTime Wall but they obviously don't like this as they actually have to pay out a decent amount !! Deleting not worth the effort
Keeps on saying there's no connection when i can literally download at the same time, im waiting for my payout on Tuesday, September 1, I'll change my review if it's legit. I don't mind the ads at all it's just this "no connection" thing
RIP OFF. I spent 8 hours a day for 5 days completing an offer, the offer was complete level 21 of dragonscapes for 176000 satoshi(about 77 cents.) After complete, I didnt recieve my reward. I emailed 3x with no response. Finally they emailed back and started an investigation. I sent them screenshots and proof of offer and completion. They emailed back saying the investigation was complete and my reward had been released, but I still DID NOT receive it. I've contacted them 5x since with no reply.
I think it is not a fair spiner game all is server controll by the fix programing bcoz when I expect to win a big claim maximum stohies after consuming large data it's give me a chance to only smallest unit of Satoshi there fore I don't trust it. Even I could not claim 100000 satoshis one time with in 6month although I explore this game regularly
It does pay so a good start. However it doesnt track your time played offerwalls correctly. And the app has refused to work on any WiFi connection for over a week. So all the adverts I usually don't mind watching would eat alot of data for such a little reward. Poor execution as an app by the devs
Worst app, I have ever come across in my entire life 😑😠, it is my 8 time now I have completed some offers like donwloading octafx app, ayoba and even completed some quize but no award so frustrating, anytime I went back to my account after the completion of the given offers I won't see any increase in my account just earning the few satoshis I could per hours,I'll give it a 2 star.
It's really good app for everyone loves to earn money but the thing is once you uninstall the app and reinstall again you can't actually access the app anymore you can open but, you can't play the game the game play was smooth the control was ok the problem is the bug that's the big problem
Works fine at most times. But annoyjng part is sometimes it goes to the center bonus, and starts to hang. You re-start the app, you lost all the bitcoins and have to wait for another hour. Fix it man!
Great faucet, just make sure you meet the withdrawal limit, and the withdrawal is done for you directly into your wallet. Thank you, I hate having to put my wallet address each time on other apps. You make it simple, easy, work.
It pays, but you have to watch a lot of ads. I gave it 4 stars, instead of 5 because some of the ads will open the play store automatically. I don't like that.
Great app... It pays BCH in your preferred wallet, but the thing is the reward is very low nowadays... I can payout every week before, but now it will take me 3-4 weeks to earn the minimum withdrawal... Please raise the reward...
I like the App. It really pays when you hit 10,000 Satoshi or more. I've received payment twice!! It pays every Tuesday and takes no cost.
Playtime offers stop working after one payout ... I got $0.30 . DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! PATHETIC that the devs respond with " it is a third party problem and is not the main way to earn BCH " fix your stuff and stop blaming 3rd party!!! After trying to contact support in this matter I've discovered that the "submit" button for a support ticket does not work. This needs to be removed from Google play store. UPDATE. banned from surveys now because I didn't take them seriously though I did. SAD APP
App was initially consistent in rewarding the offers that were posted but when i began to claim more and more often they just stopped working, contacted their support and I received was an email requesting proof after proof was returned i received the same email as before requesting proof so they are of no help whatsoever it is all a scam. Dont bother with this waste of time app
The more you use this app , the less the rewards ... rewards start out high and once you land on the number it goes down so on and so forth... not worth playing after you see rewards go down!
I found it easier to download one of the games offered on their Playtime offer wall during a double or triple Satoshi weekend they promote once or twice a month. You will not become an instant millionaire overnight. It takes time and patience to build up funds just as anything you set out to achieve.
Terrible App. You have to typically watch 6 ads just to earn 50-120 satoshi. App is highly intrusive and will constantly load up your google play store (after EVERY ad you are forced to watch) Phone over heats (went from 60% to 8% in bat life in like 10 minutes) You can make more money looking under couch cushions. After testing the app for a week the rewards are now drastically being throttled. Before the earnings on hourly were 400-2000 and now they are 40-300. SCAM App
I've been using this and the Litecoin app for over a year. It does screw up occasionally but works fine otherwise. Payouts each week are solid as long as I reach threshold level. It adds up. Just keep digging!
The app is okay, just that, one of their faucets the "AD GEM OFFER WALL" does not pay satoshis in every finished tasks. After completing them, I did not receive the 90k and 2.4k satoshi rewards. Click everything except the "AD GEM OFFER WALL" It's not worth your time. 😑😑
The good thing about this app is that you can gain real money every tuesday however its so small that you cant even buy candy with it. And please fix the bug, at first im getting a lot of spin to give me the chance to get the golden bitcoin, but now its only giving me 1-2 spins and it will not allow you to spin
Completely legit! It works and it's really easy to get BCH, doesn't waste a lot of your time. If people are saying it barely gives them anything, this app isnt meant to be a job or whatever, it's just to have a little extra BCH. thanks developers 🀩
Easy collect and receive. This game has ads for spins but they are usually 30 seconds or less. Payouts are on Tuesday and link well with Coinbase for deposits. There is a minimum to collect to achieve weekly payout. Won't get rich but if you are gonna play a game, why not get paid.
Problem with hourly claim..... I like the app , even though the ads get frustrating. But a lot of times, I won't open my app for hours and when I eventually do, I see that the hourly claim is still counting down. And one time I got a message saying "someone in my network has already claim" there is no one in my network or WiFi..... I need to know how to stop this. Thank you and I'll give it the rating of 5
Fabulous app. Its genuine. Got paid 20 times. All legal. I earn points from referrals. Its a slow process but sure to get the cash coming into your wallet. I dont get to watch the apps. I can easily skip the apps. So it saves up my time
Legit : ⭐⭐ Yes Content : ⭐ Easy to use and play ( the ads are not a problem to me , when it comes to bonus survey it always said it was eaten by others πŸ˜‚) Payment : ⭐ I got couples of payout direct to my wallet when I reach the required amount. Total : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm happy to use the app. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Good app, but very less revenue, you can get each week rewards, but some cents, I don't think most can get more than 10 cents per week, the best 2 try is without add, but next try is after seeing add, while the revenue most of time after seeing ads is less than or equal before. It is important that the revenus will be stages, and with each ad, goto higher level instead of staying with same rate., it it not logic to put some number with no value like less than 100 satoshi.
This app is straighttttt! Good looks to the devs. It's a little bit here - little bitthere..I've gotten payout both weeks I've used (we'll see how it goes for 2m bc it's my best one yet) But to the crybabies, you won't get rich off this app (or any apps tbh) so if you expect to - you'll be disappointed...it takes a little each day you can find the time to participate & get your satoshis up, and then get paid out each week. I think a genious app, and once again thx to developers!
What the developers get compared to what they pay out is peanuts. It will take forever or watching a lot of ads to spin an hope for a good bonus.
Definitely the best mining experience I've ever had so far, payouts are every Tuesday and all you need to do is spin hourly? Wow! Surveys are good too to boost up your Satoshi's. But why can't I ever get a 100,000 Satoshi? I'm notified at the top about other user's top earnings and I always see (e.g) "Romino claimed 100,000 Satoshi just now..." when will it be my turn???
Does not work anymore. Was a good app which I opened daily. Watched the ads (nothing is free), and it always paid. However, it has now stopped working. Was a decent faucet and a way to earn a few Satoshi in return for playing ads but it no longer works.
I really enjoyed this game when downloaded and started playing. I no longer can play this game. When I reached a large $ amount this game just quit I can't get a payout. "Sucks"
Very easy to get points but somemtimes the ads lag. Even right now, im struggling with logging in because it stopped working while i was claiming my bonus spins (still cannot login). I got over 16000 satoshis in about less than 3 days though. Update: developer responded to my email and review quite quickly omg ty! Yall the best. Edited to 5-star!!!
100% payouts completed. Play and win. Have always got the payout within a respectful amount of time, over and over and over!! I dont have a lot of time to play, but still get a payout weekly. Wish I had more time to play, could actually make a little bit. For me, a GREAT time waster that REALLY PAYS!!! Love the app!!!
This app is legit as it gets ive been using it for over a year. I took a break for awhile too about half a year and the app was still exactly how I left it. No deletion of my account due to inactivity. You can look into all of your previous transfers in your settings. And as far as issues with getting bitcoin cash deposited to my bch wallet I dont know why the other reviewers are experiencing any non-deposit events. I personally have never had that happen to me this app has always delivered.
For se reason it stopped it self a few times, just closed by itself, and i can't log in amore since yesterday. I.unimstall it for now, and check up on it later. If you fixed it, I'll install it back and keep using you app.
UPDATE: I WILL GIVE NOW A 5 STAR. THEY FIX THE PROBLEM. THANKS! "I don't know why my review has been removed. I just saying that this app is not responding and always say that I have no connection even though I can stream on youtube and play mobile legends without lagging... I didn't know if this app is really paying app because on my second day of using that app, it didn't respond anymore. My satoshis will gone... I will change my review into 5 star if you will fix it. Please fix it!"
The app works, but it will take you at least 3 days of all-day playing just to earn 50c. Every time you play your rewards get exponentially smaller, until you're wasting your day just trying to get an extra 10c. It's a waste of time. Life is short, go do something worthwhile.
Pretty big time and data rip-off. They say you earn satoshi. 10000 satoshi should be $5.00, but when it comes to payout, 10000 satoshi is converted to 0.0001 BCH, which is more like 7 cents. Rather mine $10.00 on Stormgain in less time. Or go for Bling games - same amount of ads and time frames, but payouts are more and in bitcoin. This is a waste of time and data.
Great app..it gives real bitcoin cash...even if its not that much... But the amounts are strictly deacresing and it's really hard to achieve the target... Sometimes can't get more spins because the videos are not loading... It's getting really bored these days
very good to earn. just wish the surveys would be more useful cause always says stuff about needing someone specific. also need more games to earn more. and also can you not increased the gold amount of the roulette.. do these then will give 5 star
I thing i rate this in 2 stars beacause the spin is setted to not hit the big price i observe it 45 days untill now i did not hit the big prices sometimes ill watch 40 seconds ads to spin again aand same as old it will not hit the big spot its realy pay but it will make You watch ads again and again 20 times spin for 0.00000340 bch Make this app fair.
Don't waste your time for few cents. Big prizes never come easily. Bunch of adds. Displaying huge amount of prizes here. But after you installed the app see the big difference between screen shots hear and the real one. This is another trick of developers in this crazy world.
The app is amazing but payout is too little. After over a month of playing i was credited with just 2cents. Play if you enjoy it but you can't make any tangible cash from it.
THE PAY OUT IS LEGIT. Today is Tuesday and I just received my Bitcoin cash today. I rate it 5 star for their honesty in the payment. However some of the tasks don't give points after completion. While some tasks give points after completion. I'm still yet to receive my points for the game tasks I completed from AdGem. Secondly, the developers are prompt with their response. I love that they come through whenever they are needed.
I understand that advertising pays the bills. But after having to wait thru a really stupid 40 second advertisement... having it say "ad didn't load properly" then making me go thru the same thing is just to maybe earn a half penny. Just not worth what you are offering.
Grinded for 2 weeks watching their ads to get the = of $0.06 CAD. I figured it was worth a shot but im going to uninstall. Needless to say they made way more off of me watching hundreds of ads that i recieved as a reward from watching them. Personally i wouldnt waste your time or data.
Terrible App. It will take you weeks of dedication just to earn $0.04. You are better off finding pennies on the street. *edit* App mined all my personal data (profiles, passwords, bank information, contacts) my contacts are now being harassed by scammers and mysterious purchases of crypto currency have been purchased via my bank account and sent to unknown users. It is obvious that all the positive reviews are fake profiles and bots.
It only worked well the first day or so. After that no rewards were given for e.g. watching ads. And the third option on the menu, 'Bonus Claim Available!', didn't work at all anymore after the first day or two. Now about a week later and I'm uninstalling as none of the issues I mentioned were fixed and the app keeps loading, but nothing happens, so it's basically become unusable.
Pretty legit app but the payment rate it's low. Ads sometimes are glitchy and have to restart the app. Fix the ads issues and raise a bit the prizes, I'm not saying that we've to get 100s o 1000s per week but a few dollars/euro will be fine. For now 3β˜† and I'll see in the future if you fix the ads problem and raise a bit more the prizes.
It's an ok game it does pay as have just had my first pay out after playing for a 9 days. The only thing I can say is a bit poo is u watch a lot of ads and u only get silly small amounts payed out to u. so I would have to say 3 star cuz it it dose pay but would ask the game makers to make it so we could earn a hole coin in a good time frame or at least 20 pound,doller or euro any would do as we as the players spend a lot of time on the game and watchin the ads so would be nice to get something.
It all works..the only scam is playtime offer wall pays the most...and they disable it after one day of making less then 1/10th of a dollar..so yeah ..scammers.that only want to pay u cents while you watch their ads to make them dollars
Legit app! At first I thought it was sketchy when I got my first payout but I got the amount they sent me. It wasn't much. I watched a lot of ads and played lots of games. Only made like $0.98 of bch in a week. It doesn't pay much compared to how much the developer is making. Kinda a waste of time if you think you are gonna pocket some money on the side.
IT'S NOT WORTHY, after 2 weeks of playing it, to only receive $0.14 cents, IT'S NOT WORTHY, on average is like playing 6 full hours daily watching ads, and the data you use, and battery consumption, is like wasting my resources. If your time is worth less than a 1/128 of a second, then play. Even, I do drive for uber and the app for drivers, in the 2 weeks "WORKING", besides the making more and real money, consumes less than half of data. I know a better app that makes bitcoin.
Used for 1 day now just crashes everythime its opened* **So realised many apps were crashing on my phone due to a System WebViewApp which has been resolved via an update and my apps no longer crash. Free Bitcoin Cash was never the issue.
Most of the offers don't pay as they should. But the main features pay normally The most frustrating is that the playtime offerwall can stop working. And is the one paying more... Also frustrating is support seems to be non existent, or at least only answer if they do know the answer to your issue.
Takes time to gather but it actually works got my first deposit today directly in my wallet (i use binance), also check out free litecoin, pretty much the same πŸ‘πŸ‘theres just one problem with both apps, i have some difficulty getting my rewards sometimes...im still waiting on 2 rewards 🀷
The app is very simple and easy to use. The amount you earn is small but it PAYS, for real. Your cryptos goes direct to your wallet of choice once you reach atleast 10k sats. The transfer is fast. Unlike others that would require you to undergo a lot of verification and etc. Then your withdrawal gets pending. This is one is LEGIT PAYING APP.
This app is 100 percent legit and really payout. every Tuesday automatic payout to your Bitcoin wallet. but very low reward. you must to play everyday. 10000 Satoshi exchange $0.04 cents. to get 10000 Satoshi, you have to play 7days. so this is totally waste time. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Not recommendable... Did surveys and don't get rewarded, claims are too small, watch promotional videos to get more chances turns out it a waste of data course at the end u will never hit a good number. Total waste of valuable time and hard earned data. Wish I could rate 0 star...
Decent Faucet for doing what you're already going to do, play games. A buck or 2 a week in BCH if it pays out properly in play time, but it doesn't always. App alone without the playbill pay nothing. Maybe cents a week, if you collect religiously.
Used over a year now. This app should pay better and/or have less ads. I like it though no complaints, and it definitely pays out. I have cashed out several times
The app is legitimate and quite transparent in transaction. But I can't give you 5 star for now because of the survey misbehavior. After attempting surveys, they would give reasons for not giving the allocated points for the attempted survey. But the App is absolutely fantastic, Tested and Trusted 😊