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Is a Board game developed by Platsera Apps located at Suite C-2-9, Glomac Cyberjaya, Selangor. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game would get 5 stars but for one issue. When the last ball is called, the voice declares "No more bingos" BEFORE you can tap the number called especially when 3/4 cards are being played! There is NO pause as there are when the game is being played. I have missed several bingos because of that and I don't always have enough 'gems' to play extra time. That issue needs to be fixed.
I like playing this bingo game compared to some other bingo games...and I like the free bingo tickets given every 1 hour. Will give more feedback after I have played all the other bingo rooms. thank you.
Dont waist your time. They wont give you even in just a free game. They have no tech support. I spent 3 days filling in puzzle pics filled them all. Got nothing.YOU ASSUME IF YOU COMPLETE A SECTION YOU WILL GET A REWARD. ALL GAMES ARE BUILT THIS WAY....EXCEPT THIS GAME.YOU GET NO REWARDS.....ITS A SCAM......DONT PLAY
The only problem I have is the game cuts off too quick and several times I had Bingo but it closes too soon at the end. You have to fix this it frustrates me. Also at the end the numbers go really fast at the end and sometimes three numbers go by and no numbers are called. Please fix this. Other wise its a fun game.
Free Bingo is alright I don't like that you can only bingo once on a card and it takes a long time to fill up the board with those 24 tokens.
I have this game on my cell phone. I like it so well I want it on my laptop as well. It's the first game I turn on in the morning and the last I turn off be for I go to sleep !.... I would like to download it to my laptop I've tried to add it but it won't let me.... can you help me ?
This is exactly the type of bingo game I was looking for. Simple fun gameplay with awesome graphics. I love opening the chests after every round to find out what I've won. Great bingo game . Thanks guys.
Put and option to slow down called speed . Also I have to tap a number that has been called eat to many times before it's accepted. Then I would give a five star.
I can't say enough good things about this game:) It gives you free keys,and tickets and starts you off with 50 gems. I revised my review after playing this game several times a day for a week. GOOD JOB YOU NAILED IT. BTW NO!!! ADS!!!100% FREE
Half in my sleep,I FINELY made a bingo(tee-hee)What a crazy way for me to win a bingo game(heh)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
I enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰โ˜บ playing this game but I play it when ๐Ÿค” want to play it so have some fun and play it when you have the opportunity to play it
The most frustrating predictable yet no way in hell that just happened piece of .... I've ever had the misfortune to play! IT SUCKS! Two days(seemed like years) after uninstalling and leaving a ridiculous post I felt like I had lost my best friend (I know, I should have more friends) I realized what a grave and rash decision I had made and went crawling back and I don't regret it, Free Bingo World is by far the best bingo game ever. I apologize for my tantrum.I love the game but hate the caller!
color of balls with number called should match the color column on card. should be able to have more than 1 bingo on the same card with numbers called out, or a instant bingo power up used. should be able to control the callers speed espically for three or four cards played at a time.
It's ok but the problem is when the games is almost over ,the voice comes on and you can't hear the numbers begin called at the end.. why they tell you the games are free and when they ask for credit card??!!
well you play upto level 8 then the screen develops asmalker oblong white sheet accross the screen. I have tried numerous things to put this right but no, this is not cool,so for this reason i am sorry to rate you so low.
this is a good game for me call my disability I like this game it would make me think of when I used to go play bingo with my mom is very relaxing and I can concentrate more cuz my depression had me all over everywhere this is making me very thankful that I can keep my cell Focus for how long I play this game I wish I had gotten to this way before or you're mated with before Scott County trailer on staying that Nina Moore to me and that's not only having fun but keeping my mind I could buy with t
would have prefered a regular voice, the whiny female that over emphasizes certain numbers drove me crazy. a voice caller option would have been nice. also missed bingo's when numbers called n clicked didn't daub out. bye!!
This is a really fun game that I enjoy playing. A glitch of some kind caused a few issues, possibly my phone was a part of it, but the Developer responded and after a couple of emails back and forth everything is now working well. You can trust that the Developers will work hard to fix any issues you might have because this game is their baby and they truly want everyone to love it and have a positive experience.
its a good game but in order to play more then 2 cards you have to scroll down and that is annoying. you should be able to see all four on one screen. The time limit should be displayed and after all the Bingo's are gone you should not have to pay for more time. I found a different bingo game that's more accurate than this one.
i just downloaded this app to give it a try. Im slightly confused about a couple things. Unfortunately, this app has no instructions or explanation to what certain items do or why you need or want them which is very disappointing because you have to figure it out on your own and i don't see anywhere how to contact someone for help. For example, it says you are supposed to be collecting items for something but i don't know what items to collect or how, nor where. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿคทโ˜น๏ธ
If PLAYING more than two cards you get a bingo it's almost impossible to play your cards. I LIKE PLAYING four cards but forget it,it's not worth it...
hate the adds and it takes so long to collect items in collections. otherwise, great game.. also, put all 4 cars on screen without having to scroll up and down.
I tried to enjoy this game and it is well designed in many aways. The downsides are too great for me to keep playing, though. The worst is the gem situation. There is nothing free about this app, because you can't play even one full game without using 30 to 50 gems to get enough time. The gems are expensive and can only be gained with hard cash. Also very frustrating is the lack of a set of rules. It doesn't play like regular Bingo and nowhere do they explain what to do. Go back to the drawing board, Platsera. I won't be back given your greed.
I've had a Bingo four different times and it didn't take when I pushed Bingo. So, I uninstalled this game for good!
It crashes constantly! Updated: I am fairly tech savvy and of course I tried all of that first before I gave up! It's just when certain ads come up it freezes as so does the ad.
At 1st I absolutely loved this game. However, it just makes me mad now! The powerups are mostly treasure chests. The # of chests you land on at the end of that round that's how many keys ( another powerup ) you have to pay, if you want to open that chest. I have gotten 3 chests in a row! If I refuse to use the chest powerup, it's still there for the next game! If u don't have enough keys to open the chest they want u to buy them! So they bombard u with those damn treasure chests!!
I Really Enjoy playing Bingo World. It has been addicting at times and I'll purchase gems in order to continue playing because I Can't wait for the hourly ticket bonus...I've also purchased boosters and I haven't been able to apply them. I'm also getting a blank white square after each game, I have to close the app and reopen it to continue playing...Sooo Annoying
it messes you up saying you have so many bingos left cannot hear the number they said ยก!!!!!!!! need to do something different.I like bingo but not this
I enjoy the free coins. Yes, I do purchase coins from time to time....It's nice to know there's a game you can actually enjoy. Thank you. ...
Classic bingo game.. I like it. Gameplay is fun and simple, great way to pass time. Love that the collection pieces are unique for each room. It is quite addictive to win all the collection pieces for all the rooms. Am a long time bingo player and would have to say this is one of the best bingo games I have played in long time.
Love playing this bingo game. Have played quite a few games , would say this is one of my favorites. You get free tickets and the payout is ok. Wish there were more ways to get the boosters, anyways this game is quite addictive!
I was liking this game until the one room froze on a white box. Had to restart my phone 3 times. Shame, I liked the game.
The tech needs to be more giving when the numbers come out electronically. So specs need match up to the modem. plz keep tweeking it. Technically speaking overall. FREE GAMES ARE ABSOUTLY FUN..
Way to slow until the last ball and then you don't have time to hit any number before it's over unless of course you use your gems to buy more balls. Also when you're playing it doesn't show you how much stuff like keys, gems, boosts,ECT. You have to go back to the lobby to look every game to make sure you're not out.
Great game but after game just get a white blank square and nothing else i have to go out and come back to play very frustrating if that was fixed i would give it 5
The person who said that is a joke is exactly Right!!!!& To me that isn't right.It says it's Free u shouldn't have to buy just to play. I loved playing Bingos, but I can't afford to Buy,. I'm 75 & on a fixed income .
The free bingo tickets given every hour really does it for me. I love that the game gives you these free tickets so that you never have to buy. Other games make you buy bingo tickes all the time. It is pay to play. Not this game ......that's why I love playing free bingo world. I think all bingo games should allow you to play whether you buy or not . It is upto the player if they want to pay for other items. Thanks Bingo World.
you are supposed to collect all of your collections for each bingo state and special room and receive bingo tickets. I was on haunted and collected all 24, 5 times. the app would shut off and collection were taken back. so you can never finish this game! I became so angry when you stole my collections from my phone again I had to delete the app...i then looked around to find this to tell other people what you're doing! A game is supposed to be fun not aggravating.
It was good till it has this white loading screen that supposedly ment for the next level which it just wont load nor disable till you restart your phone. Waste of time.
what an absolute joke! if you dont pay, you can't play! so much for FREE!!!! its ridiculous, houses called on about 32 numbers. USA based and you can't change it unless you PAY. I'd give this zero stars if it were possible! Sort your app out jeeze!!!!!!!!
I like the layout & the way the speaker tells you the number. the more cards you play, the bingo game goes faster. making it more difficulty to win.
Addicted!! Great bingo game.....it's addictive and hard to put down. I love how it tests my reaction time, especially at the end. Nice classic bingo game. Love it. Thanks guys...
I like playing your bingo game. The different collection pieces for each room is great. Over time I want to collect them all. I have a question though, how do I open the chest at the end of each round? All in all, a great bingo game.
It was ok as Bingo goes. But I didn't like two things:(1)The game cuts off with approx 7 seconds left, and ask if u want to continue for a price. And (2)This one was frustrating. Many times I'd get a bingo and hit 'BINGO' with barely enough time left. At times it was real close but it SHOULD have registered a win and it didn't. THAT eventually became the reason why I uninstalled it.
Would be better if there was a few seconds to finish clicking on the numbers before the game was "over". I've lost out on a lot of bingos!!
Its an fun game. Just not the same playing in a real bingo hall/ plc, win some you lose some. & Lose some now that's the same way๐Ÿ˜„