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Frantics for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After update to android 10 and 11, can't use keyboard to type name, there is a work around, first open the app and put it in split screen, then open any chat app and bring up the keyboard, then you can type your name. My family love this party game very much, please fix this issue.
Broken, after playing for a while and I try to enter again. It doesn't let me type my name so I can't even enter any game. What a let down.
The game designers need to fix the keyboard please!! Everytime i try to play it does not show up, very frustrating!!
I commented two monthes ago!!! And still you haven't updated your application on android !!! The keyboard is not working !!! We have paid for your game! And this is your duty ! To keep it update!!! Lame! Seriously !!!
Fix the frikin keyboard. I want to play. It's never done this before and now I've wasted an hour of mine and my friends life trying to get it to work. One of my absolute favourite games and now my fun time is ruined.
I think this is really nice and. fun game to play with your family and friends, and if you dont have anyone ro play with you can play with the bots. I love all thhe characters and the fun games and challenges they have, so I recommend you downloading it. I gope this helped you.
Unusable on Samsung s10 as you can't type your name the app fails to identify the text box as a text box so no keyboard comes up and you can't paste text
Doesn't work on Pixel 4 XL (Android 11). Recently updated to latest version of Android and after the keyboard doesn't show up when using the app. Due to this I am not able to enter my name and hence I am not able to join the game
Same issue as described by others! Paid for this game but no support for the mobile app necessary for play. Really disappointed that PlayStation will not offer a refund for their defunct game!
The irony, I can see the keyboard to type this review. If only the same could be said whilst in the game! I cannot play the game as Android device will not show the keyboard when I need to add my name and you cannot progress passed it.
I was really happy about playing frantics but as people wrote before me KEYBOARD IS NOT WORKING! I used old iphone 6 to play this game... shame that application is not taken care of no one
Unable to play with my family thanks to the lack of support for this app. Either fix the keyboard support in Android 11 or allow users to play without a custom name. Please fix!
Great game if you can bypass the bug. In order to bypass the no keyboard bug you need to open the app in split screen with an app that has a keyboard •open the frantics app •press your "overview" button (rightmost of home) •click the game icon (on the top of your current window) •select "split screen" •open an app that uses the keyboard Now you can input your name and play!
Hey guys! I buy your game, and it NOT UPDATED FOR ANDROID 11!!!! I can't play, because when I need to write my name to start game, keyboard not working. How I see from another people and their comments, it is really problem on your app! Pixel 3, fresh version Android 11. Come back my money!
No possibility to play on Android 11 (Samsung Galaxy Note 10+). No keyboard on trying to enter player name.
Just bought the game to play with friends at a party, the keyboard does not show up on any of our OnePlus devices, from 5T-8, so we cannot get passed the enter name stage. Please fix this as i would like to get my moneys worth !!!!!!
Should have read the reviews before paying for this game. I have a Samsung S20 and the keyboard doesn't work so you can't type in your name (to begin the game). Surely this is illegal? Selling a non-functional game and I see the same reviews have been going for months now..
Used to love this game but as others have said - since the android update I can't log on. No keyboard shows so can't join the game 😕
It is a really fun game but got a new phone and when it gets the inserting a name, keyboard doesn't come up on the phone ( galaxy S21).
I can't even start play game with friends, because keyboard don't shown up, that's why I can't enter name!!!!!
App seems to be unable to bring up the keyboard for Samsung 21 Ultra to key in names , devs might have to do some testing to update the relevant features.
Disappointed. I haven't even played as the keyboard won't come up to type your name and you can't bypass this any other way. Please fix this.
You cannot enter your name when trying to start a game, the app needs to be updated for Android 11. Looks like this is a common issue at the moment from the recent reviews.
App glitches on Android 11 and the keyboard doesn't come up to type in your name so you can't even begin playing. Very disappointed. Developers need to fix this glitch. Google pixel 4a 5g.
Doesn't work keyboard, xiaomi MI 11 ultra. When I want write name, keyboard doesn't open. Please fix it.
Using Pixel 4a 5g. Can't type in name like other reviewers. This game is not that old, please fix this.
The game is fantastic but please fix the app, after updating to Android 11 I can't type the name of my character therefore can't play the game.
Some rip off of Crash bandicoot won't work on my Google Pixel android 10 at all just keeps crashing with no appropriate reason
Unable to play. Keyboard doesn't show when asked to enter my name during setup. Contacted support several times but haven't had any resolution. Pixel 2 on Android 11. This app hasn't been updated in over a year. Come on. I can't believe I paid for this and can't play. And of course, PlayStation won't give me a refund. This is ridiculous.
Doesn't work correctly with my pixel 3a. Can't enter my name as the on screen keyboard doesn't appear. Other playlink apps work fine and works fine with other phones. The game is great but can't play using the pixel 3a
Game is good fun for both kids and adults and makes good use of controls available to smartphones by allowing you to use touch and movement to control your on-screen character. App was easy to install and setup, even for the technophobes. Worked across a range of Android & iOS devices for us with no performance or battery issues to report.
While buggy, works well and enjoyable. For those with keyboard issues on Android 11, if you open the app in split screen, and then open the keyboard in another app, you'll be able to type your name
I would have given this game 5 stars as it USED to be great fun. But unfortunately after upgrading to Android 11 it no longer works. Half the time it just closes on its own while trying to connect to the game. Then, if you do connect, it won't let you enter your name, as the keyboard doesn't appear (and you can't get passed this bit without typing your name). PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!! Sony Xperia 1 II, Android 11.
The app won't let me type my name (Pixel phone) so never got to play and wasted my money on game. Fiance's phone wouldn't let her type either. Dumb.
This is one of the worst PlayLink games I have played so far and I have six of them. It is essentially an anthology of mini-games that you play in succession. It just isn't much fun and a large amount of luck is involved rather than skill. Don't waste your time with this one. Luckily I bought it second hand and as its a disc, I can trade it in for something else.
Keyboard input doesn't appear on Galaxy A71 when prompted to enter name. Unable to advance screen to join a game.
Fix this app!!! I spent $20 to have fun with my kid and it doesn't even work with our phones!!!! Scam!!! Fix it....
Unable to get keyboard to show to enter name etc since phone updated to the latest Android version. Lacks update to fix this problem. And refund through Sony isnt an option because of their policy. Wasted money without a fix. Not happy.
FOUND A SOLUTION TO KEYBOARD MISSING! A silly workaround, is to open the app in Split-screen mode and then try to click on the text box. It worked for me and my gf on our S21 Ultra's. But it would be great if there were to come an update fixing this. Other than this, 5/5 stars!
The keyboard doesn't work on Android 11. As a workaround, you can launch the app in splitscreen and that gives you the possibility to see the keyboard. After entering your name, you can go into fullscreen again and continue the game
-5 I bought this game for ps4 and was so excited. We tried for hours to get it to work with the app and was so disappointed. The game downloaded fine on ps4 but the app that you "have" to download was unexpected and didn't work at all. Why do we even need the app to play when our controller's are completely compatible?? So disappointed. Seems like a cool game. APP is useless and doesn't work. Pointless to pay and have to download app just to play!!!
Used to be a fun game for the whole family. With Android 11 it can't be started because you can't enter your name. Needs to be fixed ASAP, but doesn't look like it will be fixed given the time since the error started to pop up.
Slow, uninspired cutscenes with glitchy controls at best. Games are close quartered and you are easily killed off just because of a lack of ground to cover an escape. The more directional levels fail on the attempt to bring control to the player, I'd swipe once up and go three spaces with no one pushing against me, just a random slide. Wish I could get my money back, but alas I fed into the hype and bought a digital download and now I've wasted 20$. Do not recommend at all.
I give it four stars because this is a fun game for family and friends but I wish they could put a wardrobe and pick the outfits u get when u win
While entering a game, I cannot print the name - keyboard is nor appearing. It creates when Android got updated . PLS FIX!!!!
Constantly disconnects on android, I've tried three different devices, all are up date and it keeps happening. Fix it.
***keyboard issue workaround**** As mentioned below, so thanks to who it was, the workaround for Android 11 keyboard issue on the name box is to just open the app as split screen, then they keyboard comes up! Then once entered you can return to single screen 🙂
Keyboard doesn't pop up when I get asked to type name. It didn't work on my Pixel 2 so I tried installing it on Pixel 4 and still doesn't work
There arw some bugs, but it's playable. To olay on android, go in splitscreen mode, type your name, and then go back;)
Game doesnt support Android 11 or newer. So unless you have a old phone tucked away, dont waste your money like I just did. Very disappointed.
Very bad! I have 11 android and I am not able even join to the game because the keyboard has not pop up when I have to write my name (((( In 10 android all was okay
Bought a game and I can't use it. Won't allow any of the Android users in the home to write their name nor will it let us bypass the naming option. Please fix!
Crash crash crash! It's a fun game when it works. Not really worth a the effort of having it crash a dozen times before you can actually get the game to load. It's a POS. I've been sending back feedback for weeks with no obvious resolution.