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FR Legends

FR Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by TWIN TURBO TECH CO., LTD located at Seychelles. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good game. Love the designs and the cars as well as the controls Just hope that u guys will add more interesting cars and part. Would really love to see a Supra or a FD in the future as I think both of those cars are really iconic to many JDM fans and enthusiasts out there.
I would change nothing about this game and im addicted. Great graphics and a lot of custom options. But my only complaint would be is that you keep having to buying new tires. But other than that 10/10 would recommend.
really really love it... this game is already good (in my opinion)... by that I mean the cars and the tracks. but still, it got room for improvement... such as different time mode, different weather and engine sound... other than that its all good and need a little detailing.
A great game however turns becomes stale over time. This is due to the fact that the game os very repetitive and moneymaking is slow and buying upgrades make very little difference. The tracks are short and often lonely racing your hardwork on your own. The thing that will change this game is releasing ONLINE MODE were you can drift and show off your car. Other additions to make the game have somwthing ro work for would be morw cars and drag racing to put the upgrades to some use.
Ok... I NEVER write reviews, but this game is awesome. No bs pop up ads every 5 seconds, lots of customization, (body suspension engine etc.) 3 different control schemes to fit your play style, and multiple unlockable tracks. The AI sometimes seem tough and can get a little bumpy but it's not too bad. The money grind is a little rough, but im having so much fun I dont mind at all. Probably my favorite game on the play store as of now. Could use a few more cars but there's like a dozen or so. 5/5
Best game ever. The cars are amazing. The tracks are even better and car costomization is the best. I just wish the would update more and add a new track. But this game is still the best.
Glad we got this awesome game for Android, I know it's buggy but you already released and update. I have faith this will be a great game, already addicted! (update) the game is much smoother and more enjoyable, updates are always fun and filled with goodies! really love all the hard work put into this.
This is one damn good game and i know it only just had a update but you know what it needs a huge map that is just an extremely long highway that have turn offs that lead back on to the same highway do your thing
Okay. It is a great game. Yet they severely lack cars. But i like the fact that they have the underrated cars of the drifting scene. I wish more JDM and maybe a USDM series of cars. The Euro Scene is quite diverse so they can maybe implement the old rally or group b cars. Also, The 180SX has some... issues with the front bumper selection. They share it between the S13 front bumper where it really does not work together. Also needed more modifications and Tuning settings.
I hope in the next update theres a manual. Btw i play this game for a year now and its a really fun experience this game is amazing how the car can pop the light and everything. Ty fr legend :)))
The game is great but things are expensive pls make it cheap and pls the multiplayer mode do it on free
Favourite mobile game. So much fun playing with friends and offline. You can progress without paying money. Good attention for detail especially for a mobile game. You also have a proper livery editor like in need for speed and stuff which is sick as you can make your car unique. Also got great replays. Really has everything you can wish for in a game and this is a mobile game.
I love this game. This has to be the best phone game I've ever played. The only thing I could want more out of this game is if it had an original NA miata. I know it is hard to get out updates as quickly as they do, but every update makes the game even better. keep up the good work guys!
This is such an awesome drift game. It really captures drift culture and allows users to build cars in their own unique style. At first it's a little hard to earn money, but once you've built up your engine a bit and start competing in higher classes the money will roll in. You can play this game over a long period of time and just slowly unlock more tracks, more cars, more upgrades, etc. Anyone that thinks there is too much grinding is honestly just impatient. Thankyou Feng and Iiley!
This by far the best drift game I have ever played the controls are almost silky smooth when you get the hang of them and the cars are really nice(I was hoping you couls put a drift truck in the next car update) just an overall great game.
This game is very very cool and i like the vinyls,bodykits,rims,etc.But the should have more cars that tou can modify and different engines that you can upgrade in your cars and the should have more roads that you can drift on and the money should be unlimited because sometimes in the game its uneasy to make money in battles.
This game is honestly the best drifting game on Android. The physics are amazing and you can customize just about everything how ever you would like to the cars... The graphics are cartoony but by no means a negative! The only ads are when you select to watch for free coins for cosmetics, I wish there was a way to play multiplayer without paying even if it was only for like local connection but I guess its fair seeing as the game is mostly free. I love it and it's the only drifting game you need
Has good cars, and good maps, however the prices for everything is outragous, like 40,000$ for 1 map? How about 30,000$ For a car? What I am saying is everything is overpriced, but earning money is easy, you just have to do it for a while.
It's really fun and all but I will be better if they have more car, easier track and getting money it was really hard for me to earn money so I had to buy money in the game then I started to make money but so far this game is the best game in my opinion.
Im statisfied bcs this is one of the best game that I play..Ilove this game..but I think the developers need to upgrade more things such as add new cars. For example, nissan gtr R32, Toyota Supra mk4, Nissan Fairlady and maybe a Miata bcs we players want something new and I hope developers take an action to this..I lookin forward to this game in the future😊😊
Physic of the game is great, a lot of customization options for cars, overall a great game! Last but not the least, it's also free to play! :D I wish this game get even more updates in the future!!
Best Drifting Game on the Playstore. The physics are amazing and the customization is really thorough and versatile. One thing I would like to reccomend is to make the surrounding of the map look less vacant and bland by adding buildings, trees, and roads(etc). Keep up the good work!
why i picked five stars. i love this game. its vary fun and you can get creative with your car. you can make it all kinds of colors. red, blue, yellow and more. and the custom parts on the cars are amazing. the graphics and realy good to. no adds to. the controls you can change the way you like it to be. and i think you drifters out there should download this game. like fd people should to. and this game made me like or love drifting. and thats why i picked five stars. + i'm only 13.
one of the best drifting games ever !!!!! gives me the real feel of drifting physics. it would be more fun if more cars and parts were added but overall a 5 star for it πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Now this is a gem. If your a racing fan, this is a must. The controls and gameplay are so satisfying and pulling off a awesome drift feels amazing. And a cherry on top is the fun cartoony graphics.
The game is great an very fun an addicting. I've been playing it for awhile now. But unfortunately probably wont be anymore. I've been waiting on bundles to arrive for a good 2 weeks an still nothing. Not good πŸ˜”. I've bought numerous bundles in the past an now they ain't showing up on my profile? Even after uninstalling the app an reinstalling it. An it didnt help. Can the developers plz help? thk u.
This game is amazing it's so much like drifting and customizing and modifying a real car. And it's really easy to learn and play. It's a little frustrating at first because your not really used to it but once you get the hang of it it's so addicting. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚
This game gets a four star because the game sometimes glitches and I had to pay for repair for no reason pls fix this and pls add the honda civic , Mazda Miata, supra , Nissan s15 in the next update that would be great.
Close to perfect drift game! I've spent allot of time playing this game and it is perfect for car or formula drift fans. The customization is next-level and the cars you can get are amazing. I couldn't recommend this game more 🀘🏻
Great game, just want more updates, cars, tracks. Maybe a full released multiplayer, the amount of people that play this game is more than you'd expect and it would be a better game if there was multiplayer or even a fully working local game. das it
This is truly wut a driting game a suppose to be , the customisation and tuning are probably the best one I have ever seen on a mobile game , the graphics are simple which is not a bad thing it actually rlly nice this game truly is addicting and very well done so I give it 5 stars although the one problem is you have to pay for multiplayer πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Overall a great game and its definitely worth to be downloaded.
The game is good, but when i go to play today it was written that my version is old, but i was bot allowed to update the game, so i can't play online with my friends.
The best drifting game by far. When dev focus more on the gameplay mechanics rather than the graphic. It is so enjoyable to play.
i love this game! it still needs some work, money is really hard to come by, and rhe AI in battle mode dont get penalized for hitting you. besides that and a few other small things, this is a five star game through and through!
I honestly love this game. He cars all feel different and the mods actually affect the feeling of the cars instead of just making them faster or slower. But a problem I've run into is that Todd's A.I is broken? Halfway through the drift park c course on 400hp battle, Todd starts slowing down to a stop and you lose the round.
It's a great game but the powers that every time I log in it's telling me to erase my data and I have to restart everything I don't want to do that so you can you please fix it
Thanks for the new update is awesome we love it excellent job of adding new car they are cool add more updates like global chat add more cars and can we have all take out all body car of the car to make our into a go kart can update it in the next version I would recommend this game is awesome I like playing with online players
Great game, graphics are great for game type. Tracks are expensive to unlock and the scoring is very precise. But you will learn the real basics of momentum drifts.
The customization is near perfect, and the game has functions that other modern automotive games lack. If I were to critique, it would be that I believe it's actually ridiculous to pay for Multiplayer. Because of that, I can't experience Multiplayer and give a much more detailed evaluation.
This game is mind-blowing: It's my first feedback on an app. The game is fantastic can be played offline with AI, multiplayer is excellent. Customisation:Literally every part of the car is customizable and even interiors are customisable. Parts can also be removed and be damaged. Graphics:Graphics are good (cartoonish). Cars can be made smoother, tires can be made rounder.Cars and upgrades:Car selection is awesome but please add more cars. Can swap or upgrade engine and it's parts. Love it
okay so basically I would rate this five stars because of how good it is I'm so addicted but after all the time I've been playing I wish there was more cosmetics I mean the last car is fast though and it's you could easily get a the second car and get that at 717 HP but it's a lot of money so recommend adding free cosmetics like everyday or so like a chance to win a free car or something like I was spinning wheel and that would make the game a lot better but please add that
Multiplayer only works in sessions. In battles mode your opponent doesn't move and then the game freezes.
this game is epic, i play this game for about 15 days and its great!!! developers made good job, but there is one thing.....in the game, when you want to buy the body kits (its body kit b in this case) he is twice as much. (i bought evry part of that body kit and it was about 10000$,but the kit is about 20000$ now its a thing....i saved 10000$ for it an i expect that this body kit is gonna be cheaper) bc its not kinda fair tho, now this body kit is 11000$ for me but for nothing......
The game is really good and its fun but its a little hard to get gold, you have to grind a lot to get a new car or cool parts for it
This drifting sim is the most wonderfully fun drift game that I have ever experienced!!! I really want to say thank you all for creating such an amazingly well made fun to mental game!!! I really love it and would recommend it to anyone who loves the art of motorsports!!
Honestly really fun. I have a suggestion though, you could add many more cars, maps, customization options such as Tunes, Tires, Windows, Gutted Options, Colored Tire Smoke, Taillights, Headlights and such.
This game is absolutely amazing. The grind for money can be a bit of a struggle (still using the s13 without purchases or mods) but it is expected for a free-to-play, please do consider those who would like to enjoy the game without making purchases, however the Twerkstallion is tempting. Also please pleasee fix the problem where the car shadow shows over the Rims/Tires at certain angles. Thank you for creating such a unique game for the community to enjoy, I would love to hear back from you.
Its a fun game, but big problem is, i spent money on this game for the Twerkstallion, but then while doing a livery, my game crashed. It said my data was tampered so i had to restart my progress. I lost the twerkstallion afterwards and wasted money. If you could just remove whatever the frick "Your data is tampered, restart progress" is, that would be cool. Also change the E30 to the actual FR Legend BMW, the E36
Loving it! Brilliant game, nice to go up against your mates. I personally think it needs some more content and maybe be a little less of a grind but more cars and tracks would be awesome. Some progress like a career mode would be what it needs
This game is really good. I was wondering if you could add more cars in the game such as the FD rx7, S15, Supra Mk3, Supra Mk4, Supra Mk5, Miata, All nissan fairlady cars, S2000. That would be really good.
Fun game very detailed just needs a little improvement on the control's. Otherwise one of my favorite games.
Been playing for probably 3+ years now and i honestly love it. Its a straight up create and drive your own drift car/ touge car. It can be stock or full on race car. The only thing i can ask for is more cars, just keep em comin!!
The game is great but I wish you could of just kept the price of the upgrades the same instead of increasing them
This is definitely the best drifting game amongst the crowd. The controls can be a bit hard to understand but the customization is top notch. Highly recommended if you love customizing cars and such.
Hey Fr lejends crew, here my comment. 1st, i suggest this game can select the opponent, because the opponent so fu*ck*ing slow and noob except cars name Nao. OR u guys can update they more faster. i hope u guys do this first,no need add more cars. i suggest more faster because i believe all played this game are Pro. Tq
This game is absolutely amazing. When I first downloaded it I didn't have very high expectations but now looking at the cartoony graphics you can still make cars look beautiful theres lots of customisability. Would definitely recommend this to people who just want to have a fun and casual experience! Sometimes it can be a little pay to win but I understand that because they are business. 14/10
Really great game. I'm new to racing/drifting games so I had a really hard time on drifting at the beginning but never did I rage quit. This game had me way too hooked. I've gotten better at drifting now, but this is one of those hard to master games. Even if I did master it, I'd still be there buying the thousands of customizations available. The major problem is that the harder maps should be more rewarding than easier maps. It forces me to play the easier maps just so I can get money faster.
great game but needs more cars amd engines. no rb engines and needs more ability to mod like 2jz head on 1jz block, rb25det head on rb30 block, want to see rb20, 25, 26 ,28 stroker, 30, 32 stroker in all forms (det, dett, de and even E for the rb20e and rb30e from aussie built r31s and vl commodores) plus im sure others want V8 swaps, rota swap the jzx ect
This new update pretty bad, the new car physics is worse than older version, at low speed like around 80 km/h, the car keeps re-aligned itself which causes me to constantly hit wall or straighten penalty. Revert the changes of the car's low speed behavior and I prefer to use version 0.1.8 even though there is no S14 in there.
Literally one of the best most enjoyable drifting games i have ever played for mobile. Tons of gameplay and tandem action, detailed customization along with engine swaps, a pretty decent car and track selection, and most importantly no ads to interrupt gameplay. I've been a long time player and i will definetly continue to be πŸ‘
I love this game so much but we need a BIG update new cars(R32 and r34 skyline) and I would like a big garage where you can like see all your parts and cars and in there it would be sick to have car lifts if you do that then this is my number one game ever
Cant you make all the car light funtion like the S13???? It will be fun.... like the popup headlight lightup when you turn it up...??? Im just buying n playing on the multiplayer it is fun... but just the light on S13 is fun.. the other not fun.... i will rate you 5 star if you doit.... im looking forward to it.. if is dosen happen.. the rate will be like that forever... please
I love this game but I only have two problems number 1 I dont like that we have tire limits and number 2 I dont like the thing where you have to pay money to play multiplayer but over all that its is fricken great and I'll give it 5 stars
The game is fun but i wish u can tune the exhaust so all the cars cant sound then same. Next update we need more cars instead of downloading files of different ones an we need customization an more aggressive looks an sound. An can we build ur own engine an custom it . Thank u hope u get this an one last thing we want to customize the interior top
It's a fun game. Trust me, the only thing I want in this game is more customisation parts like the engine. For example, when you upgrade your engene. The engine changeses in look. More car parts. 5/bananas. Would play again
this game is very nice,I use to play this every time, if you include sound checking, speed checking etc will make this game fabulous, thank you for creating such a fantastic game.And I have seen only one problem in this when we are changing the exhaust the sounds are not changing.
Good game, But it's really hard to gain money, And there is no way to keep up with friends you meet in the game. I wish there was a way you could buy and sell cars maybe even trade.
Drift Fun & Custom Rides! Pros: - In depth livery creator - Camber fittment - Tire width options - Engines Swaps between cars - Custom Control Configuration - Sale Bundles are great! Cons: - During Online Only : No penalty for ramming players. Or Player Forgiveness options. - Camera controls are akward when reversing and looking backward - Making money to buy new maps is tedious , but not impossible - Final part upgrades require gold to purchase
this game is really really good the thing is you can customize your car freely there are dozens of vinyl ,bodykit , rim etc unique feature i found in this game is the swappable engine , so u can change your car or purchase a new one without selling ur previous car engine , this game will be alot better if it have night mode map and add few more japanese mountain map , last thing is add more car like supra nsx and lancer evo , the graphic is ofc already shown on the picture above , nice game tho
great game to play when there is no wifi but i think there are some places ti improve in such as variety of cars customization of character a touge map? or maybe even formula drift cars and map (pls dont make me pay irl money) also add a feature like drift/grip mode so we can actually attack gunsai. maybe even rally tracks/tires/cars. here are some cars people would like rx7 fd r32 r33 r31 maybe? evo 3 evo 6 evo 9 350z 370z 400z 300zx toyota mk2 mk3 mk4 mk5 dodge miata and im sure there are more
Things are expensive ,would appreciate if winning prices are increased cause I have been playing for a week and still can't afford upgrades,new cars and new places to play. Why does multiplayer need a membership can't you play for free
I love this game! Been playing intermittently since 2018 and I have to say, it's only getting better. I would love if the devs added a city with wide streets and intersections or the tokyo drift map with the spiraly things, or maybe both!
The game is great. Really love it. There's a wide variety of customization you can do and different cars to choose. I wish that they add more cars.
It's pretty good for a mobile drifting game unlike other games you actually need to practice. There's multiplayer, solo runs, practice courses, and many cars. I would like a steering wheel steering option added but besides that it's a good game.
The game is great better than I expected but if the devs would add new cars to the game may I suggest other cars rather than jdm cars. Maybe a Corvette would be nice or a e46. But all in all the current version is already good it even exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work
This is one of if not the best car game for such a small storage used. All the others has 600+mb. This is less 100mb and it comes with a variety of mods. Hopefully more cars ar gonna be added to the game like ae86 coupe,FD rx7 and many more cars.
The only sad aspect as of right now. Grinding. Its a rather common thing so i wont let that bother you. FR Legends, the game where you drift, touch walls, rip your bumper, attack the AI, waste money on repairing so it looks nice, rip your tyres, customize your car (somewhat restrictive right now), make it go faster, engine swaps, Interior customizations, more grinding, get better, continue drifting, repeat, unlock more tracks can we get self made vinyls though? please do.
this game is overall fun and a time consuming game. I will never get bored of this! I have many suggestion such as more jdm classics (Evos, Skylines and etc. ), more maps and improving the graphics quality of the environment. I really like this game!
Sorry about my other 3 star review, I just got worked up about the money I spent. I will just have to grind it back. Just please add a daily spin thing or something so I can get more gold for free since 20 layers for 10 gold is wayy too much
I absolutely love everything about this new update, especialle the r32 and the new physics. Good job feng and iiley! <3
Ive put hours into this game. i thank maps from around the world, a story mode, and more engine choices would be awesome. I think more cars would be great. such as the supra, FD rx7 R34, r32, r35. Porsches, more BMWs and Ferraris'.that would be awesome. character customization would be cool too. even if its not the point of the game. just more of a story, more parts (customization and performance) more cars and more places to go. would be awsome. (the story would be separate from the game)
I've been playing since almost the beginning, it's amazing but I only rate it 4 stars bc the AI and points system is still broken, if you even barely touch an AI car in a chase run you get points deducted but if they hit you they get no points taken away and usually win even if after they hit you their no where near you and their speed is low they always get better points, I love this game but it needs this fixed please, especially since tracks cost so much and it's hard to win and collect money
The only reason this game gets marked down is because the battle mode is incredibly frustrating. The opponent never gets penalised for hitting you, and its far easier for them to score points. If it weren't for that this game would be rated much higher. I love the cartoonish graphics, the detail on the cars is insane as well.
Graphics are awesome and being cel shaded is a huge plus. Gameplay and career is not bad as it's never easy to go up that fast in Motorsport. Although, I hope more and more cars get added in the future. It's definitely lacking cars. Controls are easy and doesn't take a long time to learn.
Updated review 24/5/2019 There are some changes to the Drift Physics and Controls, but its still managable, new cars are a great addition. The simplicity makes this one of THE BEST drifting games in the store. Please keep working on this game! Add more cars like the RWD Skyline Gts, the ER34, 300ZX, Honda S2K. Let us do more engine swaps on more cars. That gives us more reason to use your micro transactions and also make an even higher difficulty with higher rewards to make it less grindy.
Thank you for the refund of online membership and Hiroshima track. Look forward to more new tracks hopefully. Nikko circuit would be awesome.
The game really is awesome cannot lie lol been with it for awhile my only problem is with one of the updates now I majority of cars won't switch to third gear and it does make it much more harder when you have a care almost tuned out 100% and still doesn't work
Hello there game great but if you can also add more cars like the mazda RX 7 , 8 , mx 5 old and new, Toyota Supra old and new BMW M4 ,m3 e46 Nissan gtr R32 , R33 , R34 , R35 thank you if you doing this the game is a wonderful I play it a great game o and if you change the dog to like any dog thanks again for the game please do it !🀩
The game is fun and there is lots of customization but there were some parts I didn't like. For example the game is very grindy and I wish they would add more cars. If they had fixed my problems this game would be 5 stars
Loving the new update guys. One thing I would love is that ability to put the R25 into Silvia's. Keep up the great work
I like the game. After a bit of practice its easy for me to understand its physics but i quickly found myself out of stuff to do. Money isnt easy to earn in this game but buying it is relitavely cheap. You have to pay to get another car which is why i rated it 4 stars but over all its a fun game.
I was actually surprised at how fun this game was. Graphics are decent, as well as the overall gameplay. I really like how it allows the user to fully customize vehicles and performance. If I would change one thing, I'd make it possible to also customize the driver. Highly recommended.
Best game I have ever played, LOVE the graphics, so unique and cartoony...pleade DO NOT CHANGE THEM!!! And I love the physics too, so realistic. I also really like how much customization options, whenever I am bored I just sit back and make my cars look nice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE!!!!!
Nice drifting action, simple controls, lovable cartoon graphics, a LOT of customization options. I do have a problem with crashing after doing/failing a solo run and clicking the restart button, I am also running on an emulator, so that probably doesn't help.
While it is fun at first, it's too grindy, unless you want to pay. Covering the costs of repairs of car damage because of the somewhat constant ramming from others in multiplayer just doesn't feel right. There's no use in grinding in other overpriced tracks, since the rewards are less than the starter ones. Cars are also a bit overpriced, but livery is limited, unless you get a subscription. Game tries it's best to get as much money out of you.
Best mobile car game and an amazing multiplayer that keeps me coming back. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO EARN MONEY FAST, battles are the best money maker. I found it's best to get a car to 500-600 horsepower, then purchase Ebisu Minami (I think its called EBM Circuit in this game) and do battles. After a bit of practice you can easily get $2500 for one and a half minutes of fun and start working towards buying whatever cars and tracks you want.
Love the art style. Customization is great there are a lot of options and different parts you can change or remove.
brilliant game, drifting is fun and easy to pick up but enough of a challenge to feel rewarding. drifting is no way pay to win but buying spaces for cars gets pricey quickly and I think is the main reason why lots of people cheat and give them selves unlimited coins. I really hope an online battle is on the way and can't wait to see where the game goes. please make buying slots for cars more realistic and plz add more tracks as it's getting repetitive.
Love this game! It is an amazing free drifting-arcade game, it does not get old drifting with friends on tracks and hitting Full Sideways Tandems in our FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE JDM Cars. I would totally recomend this app to anyone who has the slightest interest in either JDM Cars or Drifting.
The game is great! great customization, great physics, What else do you need!? i love the damage physics and all the other great details, and please add some Skyline GTS-Ts in the game. anyways great job!!
This game is so good than you might think i reallly recommend this game for drifter who want to play drift game
So glad about the unmarked Valinos! But I can't save my game progress anymore, as logging in only loads previous progress.....
I've been playing this games since it's release.....that physics gets improved all the time.....the 2.6 update has alot of new content....it's worth it to wait..for the update....I hope the next update has a LS swap,2jz soap, rotary swap,and many more....oh and all cars head light should be working next time cos that would be cool af...and a new car engine sound......but overall the games good I love it...it's been 2 years since I started playing love your efforts to this game
Some of the best fun I've had in a mobile drift game! Physics are simplified, but they do make you focus more on controlling the car, and makes for really fun tandems, even against AI. Glad the game isn't showered with ads, but unfortunately, progression seems a little slow since every track and car is so expensive and you need to grind little by little to get one or the other unless you're willing to put real money into the game...
The game mechanics are incredible i love it but please, where's the point in those expensive tracks, add more tracks to drive on and make them longer. I've been driving on the same track since I downloaded a game
Really fun, love how ther are itasha stickers, but 2 problems... 1:gold is SO hard to accuire unless ur a pay to win kinda guy 2: not really a problem but,would be cool if they had like a city free roam kinda thing or a city connected to the drift park
awesome gameplay. my only gripe with it is controls tilt and sensitivity. having one hand makes steering brake handbrake and throttle bit of a frustration. overall i love the damn game! send me a tshirt ill wear it everywhere against anyone......IM DK!!!!!! at least in my vehicle world.
Amazing gameplay for mobile. Two biggest issues: - You need to drop around 10 dollars to get full access to the courses and really have fun - Almost no developer communication with the community
Is a good game. The only issue is that it needs more cars and more tracks that is in night and not day. Cause i want to experience drifting in a night place. Best is that we players can play the same map either day or night.
Phenomenal game with fantastic physics. The only thing I can reccomend to the dev's is adding more ways to make money,( I'm sure they have this in the works already) I find myself doing track 3 over and over and cant seem to find a better way to make money. Other thanthis, if you like drifting, you'll like this game, simple as that.
Amazing game. There are so many different upgrades and customizations but I do wish that they add more cars. Overall a good game
It's so fun, I have been playing it for days, the customization is awesome. The only thing I want to see in this game is uphill drifting and downhill drifting. Awesome game looking forward for more improvement!
This game is just amazing. When i first saw it i thought it was like every other car game but this one is different in every way. It has unlimited car customisation and its the dream game of every car lover. Even though it doesnt have hyper realistic graphics, for a mobile game it's excelent and i think this is my favourite mobile game.
I 100% enjoyed this game, although I may have a few recommendations, such as to add midnight tracks where you just drift to earn points and give you far more money and make midnight tracks canyon drifts, instead of regular flat roads, you go down and maybe add spoiler decals and add the ability to change dashboards and add the non copyright Datsun 280z and add a hood that has the exhaust running out of it and maybe allow engine swap from straight to flat to manken
It's a great game for a quick bit of fun. Not realistic, pretty quirky physics, not super action packed but fun enough to keep me playing for days in a row. The only thing I could see improving would be car selection, track selection and more options for modifications, but I'm sure that'll all come with time. P.s. developer please add r31 ;)
A TRUE WINNER! I'm a PC player at heart so i'm always skeptical of mobile games.....but HOLYSH** is this an experience. As much as i would like to be exaggerating i'm not. What was a 5 minute initial play through turned into 6 yes thats right 6 straight hrs of customizing, testing, racing, battling it out with strangers in the most iconic drift builds i have ever seen in ANY racing game. The physics the controls the customization. All so intuitive. If i could use one word. PERFECT. What a game.
BEST GAME if u gi offline u can still play and online its just a good game just its alittle hard to get money u cant invite friends ?? WHATS THE POINT OF IT BEING ONLINE THEN IF U CANT INVITE FRIENDS!?!?!!?!??!!!!??!!!!?
I absolutely love this game! I love the physics and the amount of customization. One thing though is that I wish there were more cars to choose from. We need something super well known like a 350z and something special like a 300zx TT. Other than that I totally love this game!
I will rate it 4 star because its a grate drifting game but there is missing.I think it need more good graphics and I think it will be fun if you ad night on the game and more touge map big map more fun.can you let the player build there own engine and have more costomization because its more fun.
the game is great, I bought the twerkstallion pack and I love it! It would be amazing if you could put in the other cars, like the hoonicorn or the ford fiesta that ken block has. More cars and maps would make this game amazing. keep up the good work
The game is very nice! Although there should be more to add like you can install angle kits yourself tires exploding if u use them too much engine overheating and engine getting caught on fire if u overheat it too much add rain and vehicles getting dirty the game is good you should make another game with the same concept like offroading games and trucking games for the offroad u get to buy a random SUV turn it into a powerfull offroader for the truck one you get a company and unlock trucks, maps
I always found this fun unlike the ones that try to hard to produce a realistic drift game but my only problem is the parts to upgrade a car is really expensive please lower them but over all really good developed game thank you.
Best drifting gamer ever made with lots of visual and performance mods. Also has a lot of tracks and racing modes to take hours of you time. My only 'complaints' is that there should be more cars and tracks, the car slots should be cash not gold, and manuel transmission w/ clutch. With or without those though the game is super fun and i will always play this game
The patch update is amazing! Thank you for hearing our concerns about bugs and fixing them on such short notice.
I forgot to save my old progress on cloud lol anyway I started playing again because I miss this game and now I only drift using cockpit cam the one that is fixed facing front. Love the latest update btw! πŸ‘πŸ»
Great job, I'm really glad I found this game. It's just something about it.. it's cool, charming, challenging, and I absolutely love the cartoony art style. This game is a masterpiece, usually car games are just.. horrible on mobile. But this game, THIS GAME. Is beautiful.
Love the game personally the gt86 has the best customization but s few things need to be added like manual mode to change gears controller support and new cars the 180sx was the perfect cake but we need more like the supra a mustang the RWB PORSHE WE NEED MORE.
Game has not been updated in quite awhile,I hope it has not been abandoned.It is still the best mobile device drifting game out there even without live multiplayer. Easy too play hard too master.Please bring back save to cloud,local values higher than current cloud save with no option too save local to cloud anymore,as far as I can tell.
I think it's the best drifting game I've found out there, it just suits my style. The graphics is decent and the control isn't that bad. what i like about it, is the gameplay. For me personally, i like the customization and i think they should add more new cars.
I really like the gameplay but the only thwt i cant do multiplayer and it only said server not ready.and add an event thats like a car show or car meet and you can get out of the car and see other players car.it will be more realistic too if you add night mode so it will more like realistic and fun.and lastly.add the player that can customize their umuniform/costume
EVERYTHING IS ON POINT. Literally the best game i have played on mobile. No ads, amazing physics, graphics are great, i love it.
Game is amazing its so good but you guys need to make the multiplayer free, only people that has modded game or people that use cheats are most of the people in multiplayer ,in the groups that i joined in facebook i saw none have payed for the multiplayer, but overall the game is awesome and amazing i love the community for this game, i like the game pls add more cars and please update like every 4 months or so, give us more things and get give us online things online places to hang out/online
Super fun, Very addictive. By far the best mobile drift game I've found so far. It can be a little bit of a grind if you don't ever spend money on it, but that's kinda the fun part. I really like the customization, and the driving experience is very rewarding. The only thing I don't like is that they make you pay for online now, so you can't lobby up with friends. Overall, 4.5, would be 5 stars if LAN was free.
Game is good but the money system is bad. It forces you to either grind for weeks or pay to unlock things and that is just wrong. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but it's a bit too hard to grind, especially with car damage
I really loved this game and I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I got 2 cars fully upgraded but I think it's just so hard to get some golds. I think you should make getting golds easier (like winning on 200 score and you will get 5 golds) and not only by buying it or watching ads. It seems like a Pay to Win game if gold is too hard to get.
Best car game I've ever played tbh like the customization and stuff is great, only problem is it takes a long time to be able to gain enough money to unlock maps, wish they were unlocked by a level system instead.
Having to pay membership for multiplayer in a game that already lacks variety is not acceptable, I hope they take that out as soon as multiplayer gets out of beta. Other than that it's by far the best drift game for mobile and one of the best racing games too.
I would love to put 5, but I feel that it's too hard to gain money in the game. I have played the game for quite some time and I still have the first car. I think u should have larger rewards. or other ways to gain currency. I just did the update and it took away some parts I had
It's a very nice drifting game when i was a kid i didin't know how to drift so i was thinking it was the game but now after taking a break from it i saw that it was me who is the problem not the game still has some fixes needed to be done on some stuff but it's mostly an amazing experience
I've put 24 hours on this game and It's honestly the best drift game out there. Altough I'd like more map versatility (maybe play the maps in reverse? ) and more frequent updates, but this game really stands out from the rest. It's clearly made by a car enthusiast for car enthusiasts. Everything from the costumization to the maps is amazing. I'm quite frankly surprised it runs so smooth on mobile. Keep up the good work !
I honestly would rate this game 5 stars, but what's really stopping me is the tire durability mechanic. I get that it's probably for realism but having to replace your tires all the time is annoying. Other than that, good drifting game.
BEST GAME EVER.I played this game for 3 years and I never get bored of it I have seven cars because I play it so much I have had so many drifting games and OMG this game is so good for a car enthusiast I love how its animated. The music is great over all best drifting game by far so many things to customize. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game is absolutly amazing, the controls are easy, the tracks are fun, and the customization is the best i have ever seen in a mobile game. My only real issue is that there aren't many cars, and earning money is a bit of a grind, but not unreasonable. All in all, by far the best drift racing game i have ever played.
The game was really good, until for some reason my turbo kit glitched out of the game and my car. I didn't get my $4330 I paid for it back either. No idea why this happened but other than that a solid game.
Needs small quality of life changes but overall a good, not-to-grindy drift game. Got 4 cars tricked out in over a month. Good progress for a free game πŸ‘
I love this game great cars i would definitely recommend this the customisation is a bit expensive but good on small detail I'd like to see would be if you had a custom e brake the carecter would pull the e brake when pressed Other than that an amazing little game
This is a great game! Love the mechanics, good graphics for a mobil game and pretty enjoyable. I dislike the fact that in the super class of battle mode that their is a car that keeps up with my 650 hp car. Also that to progress further into the game you NEED to use microtransactions or watch hours of videos. This game is great and a must download for car enthusiasts.
2 star missing because of that repair bs. and the connection was not good i always see the player lagging and i don't think that our connection was problem. because it happen to my friends too. fix it. and delete the repair thing. it's annoying. just made the game simple. NO DAMAGE.
i can give only 3 star because if i watch my record,i cant go to continue drifting in same room.you can also make the live camera,so i can do car meet to see other people car then i can go back to continue drifting with my lobby without go back to garage..
I love fr legends it's got so much customisation unlike any drifting app I've ever played I just a few suggestions like maybe add some night mode maps and make all cars able to turn on the lights on I think it would a much different aspect to the game night time drifting or even rain drifting rainy maps would be so cool It could make way for some new things / tricks and a few cars I think should be add are RX7 FD,mk3 supra,and maybe some type of ford over all I like forward to the update
The game is fun, i'd suggest more customization like: relocating where the exhaust would go, one side of headlight can be removed while keeping the other side intact and vice versa, headlight customization where you can make an intake out of it.
Love the game and the stylized graphics! Also love the fact that ads are not intrusive. 10 minute breaks between ads is a lot better! Loving the FC and the new added liveries! Can't wait for online multiplayer! Offline mode fixed when I turn off mobile data. You guys are killing it!
Very good game, but if allowed, i would love to be able to grind more for some parts that is using gold for example one of the engines needs a lot of gold. If allowed to please give the option of paying with normal game cash. Thank you.
love the game but find it annoying when the AI drivers hit you they dont get a deduction but if u hit the AI even the tiniest bit u get a chunk taken off of your end score, so overall i love the game but am not too happy with that and the fact you have to pay for multiplayer.
Game is really fun and has lots of vehicle customization. And lots of fun in multiplayer. The creators of the game also respond to e-mails quickly and are very helpful, they were able to revert my save after a glitch that deleted everything. I definitely recommend this game if you like cars, like drifting, of just like having fun.
I love this game. I have played it for about 2 months and I am still addicted to it. Nice control, awesome cars and most fun part is the customization of cars. Huge vatiety of customization which willl not boring. Here are some suggestions/request : 1. Make the camera movement movable while in a race or free run so that we can easily see the environment around and not hit cars to avoid pay for repair. 2. Night mode and more maps. This definitely improve this game and i will rated it 6stars
This was a great game i had played since beta version i knew it still got a lot of potential, maybe add some European car like bmw, audi, porsche etc. I think It will be even better if you add different choices to game like drag racing battle , lap racing or some sort of rally rather just focusing on drifting.
Love this game, its a dream come true for "Initial-D" fans such as myself. The drifting sequence and the precision needed to not crash requires constant effort to improve. While most maps are expensive, the online experience is a bit lacking. As the number of players joining the lobby increases, the game become laggy and often times felt like "bullet time" from "The Matrix". Please keep improving and keep up the good workπŸ‘πŸ‘
nice game, but it's hard to get the gold. if you could make easier way to earn the gold it could be nice. because I also want to buy a new car. and if you want to buy a new car, you have to buy the slot first. and the slot cost about 15-20 Golds. if you make the easier way to earn gold, I'll give this game five stars
Sound update... All the engines sound exactly the same the exhaust crack and pops are exactly the same all the turbos are the same... PLS; it's just a shame.We have all them nice drift cars, all the crazy customization options! Just do a sound update!
Game is really good. Love that it actually has a sense of drift car culture unlike many others that claim the same. Love the twerkstallion as well. The controls are good, love the graphics style and damage models. Devs, embrace modded cars or hire those people to develop car parts. Would like more content as in cars and events.
I love this game great physics and really awesome game with nice cartoonish graphics the game doesnt lag like many drif games which is a really good thing !!! Just the only issue is that the online mode costs money it really sucks that u gotta pay to play online πŸ˜”πŸ˜” or else the game deserves 5 stars instead of 3
Awesome that you added a track I've actually been tool. Cool to see the r32 in coupe and sedan form. How about the g35 variants? That would be so freaking sweet!!!. What I did find a bit disappointing is the fact that you can't swap an rb motor over the 1j in cars like the s13 hope you can fix that in the future. Can't wait to see what others cars are added in the future.
This is a really great game... Only problem is gaining enough money to buy upgrades and repair the cars, so please just make the prize money more for every track... Otherwise it's truly an amazing game, thank you 😁
It's a very cool car drifting game so far that 1 have played for almost 2 years now. Great steering and graffic. Really wish for the rocket bunny kit for that 240SX like Throtl's 240SX, make the pop-up headlight works, night mode and really wanted other new cars like S15, Supra, FD and the Godzilla's in that. Anyway, good job and keep up the good work.
Absolutely love this game!!! I like the physics and the customization is the best ive seen om a mobile game. I like the battles and how it is a lot like real life. The only little problem I have is the garage, there arent a lot of cars that you can buy. That is just a small problem but this game is 10 out of 10
super nice, fun to play, engaging. i don't have many words to describe this but i just want to get the message through: AMAZING. 5/5.
Great game playing it for one month. Gets a bit boring when u gotta grind all that stuff out. But I gave 3 stars bcs we need more cars, more updates in general.
The experience is amazing the sad thing is that there isnt a supra how could you make a drift game but not add a supra and try to get away with it lol but the content is great and i learnt the controls very quickly and was already a pro in 10 minsplz add the supra in the next update. Bugs wise, i found that the ai named amos was only doing 10 mph/kmh on drift park c making it impossible to even drift p,z fix this in the next update aswell and try to increase reduce frame rate issues for my tab.
its just amazing. the graphics and all is great. but i gave 4 and a halve if i can because when you race, you can see the bumper just like a hologram. you can see the line through the bumper
Yo, where has this game been all my life! Straight up, the illest car game period. Rad style, engaging controls, but not over complicated so it's still fun to play. In game currency seems fairly priced. Truly a hoonagan's dream game. Great job devs, 5 stars all the way across the board.( I've never done that before. It was refreshing.) P.S. everyone who rated this game 1 star; Is a dirty, rotten, no good, LIAR!!!
I really like this game alot and I love the way that its a cartoon kinda game, really like where this game is going and I hope you guys keep it up cuz this game is gonna turn out great! The only thing is that we've gotta now pay for multiplayer now, even though its not a lot it is not okay to pay just to play with your friends. Overall, good game
To be honest, I was expecting a small, simple driving game that I'd play for a couple of hours and then put down. Instead, I found a truly great game with impressive physics that are easy to play and hard to master. The money system is just about perfectly balanced, though some tracks are quite pricey. The customization options are INSANE - I have spent hours customising a single car and still haven't seen the end of it. Overall, a truly impressive game that I can recommend to anyone.
I really love this game, so i played offline for a few days and i got the GTR R32 i was so happy about that and i just got the Toyota 86 up to about 500hp i wanted to try a new game so i deleted it and then get it back and come to find out MY TOYOTA 86 HAD STOCK HP AND THE GTR WAS GONE sorry but why does it not save? I was online when i bought the GTR and when i customized the 86 and it still went missing and yes i have an account, so anyone who uses it offline, idk if it will save your cars...
The gameplay and handling is very nice but that's need to more different exhausts sound. And hopefully to add E36, Honda civic 1996 ,350z or 370z and mazda miata 1997 and make the slot for 15 sticker because it's not enough all the times and let people add images from hes devices to make it sticker that's will be creative and easier and thanks for this great game! But please don't add muscle cars for the game 😩