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FPS Maker 3D DEMO for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SilentWorks located at 1039 Budapest Szilke u. 5. Hungary. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app! But i need a new feature that you can load your images into the app! That would be cool! Also theres sometimes a message says "fatal error" for some reason and it take me back to homescreen! Pls fix this!
I want me to have a LOT and LOTS of customization like for example: have a switch that can turn on and off that can turn your enemies to friends that attack the enemies another example: have reload animations another example: have elevators or stairs go to different floors if you add that and lots more than I will give this a 5 Star rating
Worst app we can't share or upload how you can make like this worst app if there was an option to don't put any stars I would do it I don't want to put any stars
Please fix ASAP. When opening the app, it gives me an error message. If this app were to work it could have great potential, and may help sway many people to download the full version. Until this issue is fixed tho, I cannot recommend it.
Good app the only thing is creating a song or music that were the 3 stars come from I love the rest but for the music... it does not give the person who playing the app many choices of sound and how you can only put up 3 different notes in one line and the keys there not so many of them and also how all the sounds sucks just give me a piano to work with and then I will think about buying the app and giving it 5 stairs.
This app is really cool! But I would like it if you would add a timer like in game creater the timer would do the exact same stuff as game creater kill player, go to next lev, ect
Great app! i would recommend Add a Menu Maker Its Makes Your Own Menu Ex: CHOOSE BACKGROUND And Add Your Title Game And A Settings
Its a cool concept. Haven't played it, but if your game creator demo got me to buy the full game, this will be epic.
This is my First best app, But....... 3 Genre and empty of this game how i Think everπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”....... But Smart. Hoo..... Easy Creator game And build More instructions build a house and enjoy of his... Game.. Ever...πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
i like the game but Jack span 2 said "it sucks" but i think he just can't understand how to make a game even without a code XD he also said "i am still stuck in the void" maybe he did what i did before when i was playing this for the first time months ago. also Jack span 2 plss just watch tutorials on youtube and don't be lazy..
This app is great for creative People and Who want to be a developer 1st this app is Easy to make games no coding or anything 2st This app will add your Favourite Pixel art 2d Characters and thats great for a 15 mb app
Is it so hard to fix your damn "game"? It's full of slowdowns and limited options. It crashes with some pictures, that I try to import. The app slows down even with the smallest of games. Even the full version, which I tried a bit back, fixes nothing. Just adds the ability to make 3D models. Why can't you add custom music and sound effects? Why the hell are there only 3 weapon slots? Why can you not resize enemies? And why is the resolution of the textures 32x32? That is nothing!
I was joking this app us terrible now because the game always send me my texture pic and if i delete the pic then my texture dissepear its a strange glitch fix it so then i give 5 stars back
Diagonal walls has broken hitboxes. Very few textures space, it shouldn't been that limited. AI really hates diagonal walls they can't go thru. No actual hitscan weapon/ limited weapon arsenal.
Still suck like the first one it starts now but it's 2d the ground texture is giant but it's the whole game is the ground you can't move and you are the void you can't move so is this a rip-off I paid money for the other one TO GET A TERRIBLE GAME... ΰ² _Κ–ΰ² 
Im having a problem with importing my own textures. I moved a folder of textures to my phone but for some reasson it doesn't show up when I browse for them in the app. All other folders appear.
I like the idea but it's missing a lot. There was little to nothing I could do. Also lacking the ability to make an actual playable game seems far fetched. With a good deal of work and time invested this might be great on a console.
The game is cool but u cant add ur own song for background music and sound effects pls add our music add able and olso if u can add offline local multiplayer mode so we can make player and what other players looks like when were playing the game add main menu option to the game to and make the player can look everywhere not just left and right Olso jump button and stair maker for the game hope this review will be helpful to ur game thank u if u did read this review ;) Have a good day
I love this app, ive been making dark dedeption games, and some other ones too, i got the full edition as well, but i want to know how to overlay a texture for the shoot button, cause ive seen other games in the server do that but i cant figure this out, if anyone knpws that would be very helpful 5 star app, love it.
Nothing change. I really dont care about modeling because it sucks. This app is just as good as the full version. So dont buy the full version get the demo :)
I wish you can send it even though you don't have the pro version cuz not all people has money or enough money to get it
It is very interesting app i love it.it developes our brain also. Every most install this app once and use it. I enjoy this game in the lock down so load this game once.
Its a fun game. But you should be able to look up and down too! And you should be able to jump! And i want you to make it so you can make sounds! And you need reload animations!
What if there were walls that you could walk through, but not shoot through? IDK, just a thought. It's good, but there's room for improvement.
Wow what a cool app just needs control like jump reload animation crouch and climb ladders and also u can have create your teamate and thus app will be magnefice and also if u can export ur game into app it's possible
This app is superb and I love it. I can now enjoy the boring days of quarantine with this marvelous app with my family. We can now play together. This nice and superb app helped our family to become more closer. If any person have a doubt on what I say, just download the app and see it for yourself.
Cool slight problem, few hours later the floor object got removed. And the roof and the floor object was suddenly gone.
This is a pretty good game. But I believe that premium should be free because it could make it a lot better for kids and want-to-be game-devs so then there creativity flow more freely.
Great "game". But please, make the full version free but with ads or something. That would make this a 1000 star " game".
I love this game! Easy to use, maybe not at first but you get used to it. One time I was playing this game and I was selecting the texture of walls but axcedintly made the texture the look of my enemies and it was really weird but then I went back and switched it to the right texture. Lol :)
Demo or original is still bad,the more sprites I made the more slow performance it can take.It's really annoying even the sound maker are completely bad.Please fix this issue.
Best game creator app😁😁 I even made dark deception on it and your tutorial videos helped me alot, keep it up😁😁😁
This is to fun to make i been playin this alot of days since im beginninner i delete this couse i cant understand how to make a game i search in yoitube called the very useless youtuber just teach me and i become good😌
Can't even play the game because when it's installing it cancels itself so I rate 1 because nothing I experienced here
this game is okay because it's a really good game to make your own stuff but the graphics aren't that great
Terrible game. You can't even use guns. They trying to bait you into buying the full game. So they can make money and YOU LOSE MONEY. Do not download
Application Was Working Good Until I Paid For The Full Version Application And Now That FPS Maker 3d Is Not Working Anymore And Crashing Constantly After Opening The Application It Was All About Paying Money For This Application And Nothing More...
Very good! Great for beginners and I love it! Although maybe you could make a 3rd person shooter maker so you can create a character and not just have two floating hands and a crappy hand gun.
Nice game πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ but the problem is I don't know how to create a game So I am practicing how to create game in youtube
I like it,its really good,but I do want more weapons and level slots,other that that,i say I recommended it for anyone
This game was pretty fun, but suddenly, I LOST ALL MY IMAGES...it was good though..might need to fix some of those ##### errors.
Needs walls that enemies can see through, and you can shoot over. Maybe one that's the other way around too. Other than that, is good.