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FPS Commando Shooting Games

FPS Commando Shooting Games for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Hazel Mobile Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing the graphics are amazing and the only thing I hate about is that there are a bunch of ads
FPS Commando shooting game is a great game and playing its display so amazing It has good stages I like it so much
Seems instresting only in starting After some time only the number of enemies goes on increasing and nothing other change happens in new levels. And there are huge number of ads which give headache and anger. Liked this game in starting Bur now i hate this game because of ads, controls, and no new thong in new levels.
Free shooting games are my priority and this is one of the best I always used to play Whenever I found free time I like it very much because of the simplicity of the game
I didn't play it...exact when main menu came up ,before i push any button,an ads popped up that i whathed to end then i unistalled it... Just kidding πŸ˜‚ i played one round then uninstalled ,it was really smooth shooting game.biside that,nothing special.with tons of Ads
Real Commando shooting is an amazing and exciting game with realistic 3D graphics Sniper gun shooter machine it is very at that you that my kids love to play it and enjoying a lot because it has very good and interesting challenging levels
This game is very cool and relaxing game. I am enjoying many times to this is really very pretty and beautiful game having good features and graphics...
Is I think the game is about is like you should the boss and everything and then whenever you shoot boss you will automatically get to do whatever you want on the game.!.....? all the above question marks bye bye-bye
The game is amazing ...gives a feel of pubg or freefire...but need to change some things..1.The barking dogs. 2.settings ,so that we can keep the display settings as we want. 3.graphics must get little more advanced.. Then this game will be perfect ..and 5 star game..πŸ‘πŸ’—
Every time when I'm playing this game it keep on coming off the game and go on my home screen and I said I want to leave a bad comment about this because it's not working u guys have to do a better job creating this game you guys are scary people and if you do that again I will call 911 tell them that you are sending people
This is a good game for injoy. But I have a have a complete it has no jump botten. I think it is improving.
Free shooting games are a great way to play with this game I have ever seen so far that is awesome very well game I like it very much.
Game is good but the fact that it ripped of cs go to the point where they have the same 'counter terrorists win' announcer gunplay and graphics are also a bit cheesy
Yes Commando episode like this type of game anyone who want to enjoy a real game can use it really amazing
It is a very nice game . Its gaphics are too good . I liked everything of this game , like new events , new weapons skins and new characters . I liked this game very much . But one problem is of diamonds there is only one way for getting diamonds ...... To get diamonds players had to do top up . Some people are not able to do top up . So do some thing about it .
This commando shooter game is excellent. Can be compared in this game. Because playing this game creates hobbies so everyone uses this game.
I played this game before with my brother and my father saw it he was very happy cause he never played it for so long when I deleted it he was sad now that I want it back I installed it again and my father wanted to play it again
The runnig button is not working properly and the ned aur sitting buttin also not working. After shooting one enemy i can not move from place where i was kill the enemy . please fixe the problem .i really want to play this game .
It a good experience but as you move on it starts hanging abit. But the game is super cool and addictive at some point
FPS commando game is fun of gun strike based on exciting story-line. Real commando shooting 3D game will fulfill your entire shooting craze as free games 2020. Victories are mission in a real commando shooting game, so use fighting skills and complete the impossible mission game. Your terrorist foes are not normal they are also fully trained to fight with any counter-attack special forces.
I love its Multi-player mode. Very nice game. It is compatible for more than 10 stars. I like this game. It's visual effects are very amazing in snow mode.
This game is so awesome because I love shooting games. I don't play them all the time but I play it sometimes. I find find that the shooting games are always really thrilling,fun and excited about what is going to happen in this thrilling game.
I really love this game But the control should be amended There is no multi player for internet connection
FPS commando is reaally very good game its level is very interesting I like it alot... interface is very attractive all the people can easily play this game...I will prefer to all other person to play this game for One time!!!
super fun game so good grafices but i wish the sensevitey was more good but overall the best game i ever game i played
This is very very fantastic game πŸ™‚ but I gave only four stars because of I played this game then me continuesly win so I bored when I play this game by round by multiplayer game I bored but this is very very good game.
FPS commando secret mission game is fantastic game. It has many good features like weapons, levels, control etc. It is best action game.
Nice.... But you should add more weapons such as rpg,land mines,..... +you should provide more locations
This game is really great. Sepaiclly it's features they are amazing. I really like this game. Superb πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ
All the time add only, you can't compete level or fire if you don't watch their add, no gyro, no manual settings, i never experienced such a worst game, don't install it.
FPS commando secret is very interesting game .there is lots of guns .The guns are good .Everything is well.i really appreciate this game .n really enjoyed .
FPS Commando Secrets Mission addictive game play & Modern war weapons in counter terrorist attack will make exiting your free time. I appreciate the developer of this game.
The graphics isn't that good. I think this game will be a lot more fun if you just let the player shoot instead of the auto shoot. But I think this is a good game
Fps commando secret mission game is offline shooting game. The shooting environment used is very complimentary and the interface is very attractive.
This is the best game I love it I like shooting games and I have played so many of them but this is the best game ever I have played I think you all should play this game
Yes I like this game...and I also like multi player mode....I really like this game and the most important thing I want to say that I love this game because its totally free...😊😊😊😊
Yo this game is ok not amazing graphics but not really bothered. ads meh quite a lot but don't really care to be honest. The game is kinda fun. I would kinda recommend.
FBS Commando is a very good game, I enjoy this game very much and whenever I have free time, I play it and I am very enjoy. It's a really amazing game.
too good but if you add fpp with tpp mode then its gonna be more interesting and i suggest you to make a controll settings
Enjoyble,Useful and the bestever game amd the new events ate really very amazing thanka for this development and it is now more amazing for new event.but it had ve ry few level please add more levels in this game i really love this gameπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
FPS commando is very interesting and amazing game I enjoy for playing this game and I love this game this game has a wonderful graphic and features.
It is very bad game and I suggest all my friends to not download this game and it's graphics are very useless I have given this game only 1star because this game deserve only 1star and please I request you to not download this game
Really nice app πŸ‘Œ. I really like it. However, there are too many adds. I really hate adds. That is why I cut one star. They don't even give the cross mark at the corner. Instead, they give the colse option. When I click the close button, nothing literally happens. Annoyed with yhis. I have close the game and reopen it. This is the reason why i removed yet another star. Really don't recommend it.
The game is fun but there are bit things ruining the game firstly the bomb is not straight when u throw it,it goes on pther direction secondly i expect 5-6 players and u need to kill 50 to win thats it but this game is fun this is the game i playing when my internet lost
I love this game i really like it and there's a many option to change our gun and the graphic and voice the shooting of the gun sound was awesome and aweful i really enjoyed a lot in this game but a little bit get boring and you have to make it more interesting like finding clue and bombs and destroy like that otherwise I love this game so much
This game is SO much fun! People say I can't play this game because I'm a girl. Tho when I played it i proved them wrong, so keep up the good work! I can't wait for more ;)
πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°love this game soooo much everything is just but fine if you haven't installed it then you're missing a lot πŸ₯° πŸ’ž πŸ’˜ just everything is nice about this app don't wait for anything else install it now πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― I'm
I couldn't even start to play that I already had to endure 2 ads so I uninstalled that spam straight away
This game Is Very boring This game for Kid 7years old Weapons is only 3d But why you are only 1 Hahah boring Do you Know What Only The Best Offline game is Special Force group 2 try more Update to boring
50 % game + 50% advertisement which is really irritated. After 5th level is asking for money to unlock further game level.
Good and bad because the game so boring so please give some online and guns should buy with real money so many members will not give money so play lease give then with so.e duplicate money
Real commando 3D game is a really very fantastic and awesome game. I'm really very enjoyed this game when I'm played.
They should change the name of this game to "Ad Watching Simulator" because that is basically it. Horrible gameplay, the game slaps you an ad after everything you do, and it tends to prevent you from closing ads.
It's great because it's: smooth acceptable graphics(actually great because it's just 26mbs) Multiplayer
It's very amazing game.. I love it very much..β™₯️ When I played it for the first time,I felt it strange at first.. Later I loved it very very much..β™₯️β™₯️
The moment you enjoying killing the terrorists then that ad pops up saying i should watch the and by the time you resume the game you already killed...very annoying ad...
Waaaaaay too many commercials there one for every round play and you cannot by pass the commercials , it's ok for 90s ps one emulator controls
I really like this game and the graphics are very good. the features, such as different guns and places, levels and etc are very good.
Its soo laggy for me dont know coz i just clean some junk files.Anyways and helicopter missions are always laggy than others if you fix this i'll rate it 5
Adverts all the time takes the fun out of playing.... Constant! Not only that but you are expected to pay for certain upgrades again it's constant. Potentially a great game, unfortunately ruined by greed. Would recommend finding another game that doesn't bombard you with rubbish.
It is such a nice to play it, and it's multiplayer mode is my favorite πŸ₯°πŸ₯°, and it improve in more levels in that i thinking so, but all over it was good time passing game for me😊😊
Real commando shooting The best game of the play store is a very amazing graphics. I enjoy this game and my son was play it.
My brother liked it but it's hard touch and the map is so boring I can't jump please make a map with beautiful graphics and huge place
Woow!!! What a game. The control, the graphics, the sounds, the guns and challenging levels are just too good. But i got addicted and it's taking part of my busy time. Lol
Amazing game that is fantastic and entertaining.Good job done by the developer .I like to play this game
+1 star for making a game. -1 star for nothing special (the same boss level keeps coming, and there's no accessories option such as helmet, BP jacket, etc.). -1 star for delay camera movement control (also while taking headshot it sometimes don't count correctly). -1 star for making it way easy to win (my health depletes very less making me almost immortal than my enemies, even in multiplayer). -1 star for way low level graphics.
Dear developers Please make this game online with real players in multiplayer mode and make the song more clear and add more graphic settings I think this game will be more interesting and exciting to play πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The game is nice but not nice enough. The levels are too short and the place is too confined. I was excited as I am able to climb buildings but I can't go far. Thirdly, the game should be more realistic. Now its frustrating I can't play that game without playing a song from Google play music. I'll soon delete it.
Wow this game is so fast real commando and all gun are m416 with skin and fast feature go for it guys
I was supposed to give you give stars but just because of easy levels I will not.. I played all the levels in three categories .. even the team last category for team work with in just a day .. so put more hard levels atleast ...
The Game Is Good But, The Main Thing In This Game is That The Screen Is Not Rotate Duning Played This game... And The Tool Are Not Able To Move From Their Place.... Make Them Movable So We Can Adjust Them by Ourselves.. As We Want...&Make The Screen To Rotate... Automatically.
This game is very Good and i saw that some people write in comment that it has many ads but when i played this it has not any ads and the guns in this game is woww.....😱😱😱 What guns ... They are very amazing and many of types , i sad everyone that if you want not bored so install this game it has many levels so install it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I like this amazing and very enjoyable game FPS Commando shooting is my heart favourite game I play it regularly and enjoy it
Add after every 15 secs. And ads during game play too. This game is for kids below 10 years. And too boring. 1980s games have better graphics.
FPS commando secret mission is a game full of action and serious moves. You can sense the intensity of the game while playing and you can never get frustrated by this game. Awesome work by the developers there.
Got me a addicted. Can't stop not even to eat. And I'm a person who don't play games they bore me! It's just those damn ads!! Well that's what everybody else says. LOL. I'll bet you could make a good drag racing game! Do you make one?
Too many ads, after each level and every other time! Ads very irritating, why not just have the ads at bottom of screen, not between levels. Had to uninstall.
Best game ever its just like cod but fix the gund put a rpg or something like a bomb, the graphics r a bit bad but put some bombs rpg,C4
FPS Commando Secret Mission is amazing and brilliant application. I really appreciate this app. Love this application. Gorgeous and very interesting application.
Multiplayer shooting gameπŸ‘Œ Shooting game smazing super .... Its very wonderful game and zabrdast .... Outstanding ....i suggest to all my friends ... I like this game and enjoyable game.....
The best shooting game awesome game wonderfull game has so many features in it.This game is very usefull and easy control great working game i like this game.
Nice game... Deserves five stars... But u know u shud reduce the number of ads.... I know u ppl need to earn money... But... Try to treduce it... Otherwise a good game..... Enjoyed it...
This game is very nyc i am playing this game Everytime this game is my favourite but this game very problems shoot button is not good
Very good game . I m loving it . Its control are best and lovely . Because ot have auto shoot option pubg was third class game because of low graphics
FPS Cammando secret mission game is very good and awesome game great game i love this game amazing sitting in the game.
Real commando game is a very nice. I playing many time. I enjoy it. It is a very easy to install and play. I like this game
Terrible graphics you guys expect $100+ to unlock everything what a scam. Make your game better before wanting money from players. 😑
The Game Is Good But, The Main Thing In This Game is That The Screen Is Not Rotate Duning Played This game... And The Tool Are Not Able To Move From Their Place.... Make Them Movable So We Can Adjust Them by Ourselves.. As We Want...&Make The Screen To Rotate... Automatically..
It is a very good game. Please add more levels which are harder to play and live multiplayer like pubg. Otherwise, all good.
What a sorry piece of game. You play a few seconds then watch or see a minimum of 5 ads. And its like that the whole game. Greedy devs care about ads not players.
It's really verry nice game I like it .it's better that other games and its better than other 10 games which I saw .it's really nice and interesting game
This app is very nice.my family loves it because it keeps m quite if u are into stuff like this then in Stall it
Really amazing game, it's graphics are sooo good.. Easy to play... Many modes available to play, I will recommend to all of guys must play it and enjoy from it a lot... Thumbs up for developers
I'm not comfortable with the controls, the guns are good but when I have to shoot I can't do it ok with my right hand and i can't walk very good with my left hand. So would be amazing if controls could move through the screen a little bit more. And about the levels, they're too short and you only have a small handful of people to kill but they don't kill you.
For food unbiblical yourself to get a lot of people who have been the first half, the same thing, the first half of light in a reason to be a lot more. speed of light is not a lot of people
Sorry too many ads. Worse app, I had to uninstall this game after playing 5 minutes of this game( had about 20 ads in 5 minutes). You are trying to make it like csgo. Make it perfect not just garbage stuff. Let me know when you fix this. And then I might give a try installing this game.
Crashes on launch. The thumbnail icon calls it Counter Strike. I wonder if they're aware. Well, anyway now they are.
Fps Commando Secret mission is very good game too play .Features and graphics are very good .Thanks for making it .Good rating game
FPS Cammando Secret Mission is very best Shooting Game. I like very much this game. So much better than Game.
I love this game the graphics are cool and the guns that are rewarded to tje player are awesome keep on. Making like this by Matondo 😎
Woow amazing game . This commando game has advance and different collection of war weapon. Best shooting game.
Welcome to the best of action -packed fps shooting games, where you are going to play unlimited sniper and army ...
Real Commando Shooting 3d Game is very interesting and excellent game it's features are very stunning it has lot of greatest war weapons to attack the other it's a really awesome app.
Very bad...this application made for only ads, this is not the game. Its Ad making money application.
Irritating adds, business with ads ok,but every 30 sec ads, very irritating, I. Going to in install this game
Hi am the game is good but graphic aren't good but the game is good don't add the grahpics cause you guys realy worked hard for the game and it will get harder if you add you get a brake
Needs way much improvements. Multiplayer is always best feature of any game now a days. Workon it. Uninstalled.
i like shooting games. free games has many missions for army soldiers to complete them.easy control. i like this game.
I Like The Game But The Problem Is That After Updating The Game Is When I Start The Tdm It Returns To The Home And Does Not Start the tdm please fix it game controls are annoying but I like the old controls hope you response in short
Good game idea But navigation is too rigid, the consistent shouting of 'monster kill', 'fire at the enemy' is so annoying feel like I'm playing candy crush. I have no problems having adverts in a game except when theres nothing related. And I have to pay $95 to unlock all levels. Just demo and I'm feeling frustrated already. No please. Thank you
This game is really very amazing and the bullet firing sound is amazing and it gives me real gaming experience.Best game i have ever saw.
The game is good but you need to add more weapons like sniper, bazooka. you need better graphics.more game modes like battle Royale mode pls
This game is so good that I usually play this game 24/7 that much good game is this . It's very good I give a good suggestion that play this game because I have this game in every device and it's very good
Very nice fps commando multiplayer game loving this app all feature and very interesting game with tpp feature and all gun skin are fine
I love this game very much I Have a you tube channel of free fire but I am still playing this game more than free fire
Fps commando secret mission is best game to play on playstore. It has 3D graphics and good features. I like to play this game because it has a lot of enjoyment and entertainment.
Very amazing shooting game. It provide you fun and entertainment . Its graphics are really good. Sound affect is magnificient . There are a lot of different guns in it. Liked it alot
You can only choose two levels. Y not more than two. When you want to play in an area. You cannot select as there are 4 levels and we can play only two. If I click on another picture still it won't get clicked.
I uninstalled after the first level. Two ads popped up before I could even play the game and another popped up right after the level was complete. So annoying.
Very very much good game, it is the best game I have played in my life. However there are ads but then also I like and love this game very much. Everyone please please download this game.
Real commando shooting game is best shooting game with excellent graphics and smooth control of game. Its really good to have this amazing game. Recommended
Realistic 3D Graphics  Play in Multiple Battlegrounds  Realistic assassination missions  A huge range of assault Rifles  Classic detailed battlegrounds
Nice and outstanding game⭐⭐ this is. thanks to developers for making such a brilliant and outstanding game.
One of the best and unique features reall commando game i would like to play this heavy graphics game.
This is so awesome game because i have finished dust town level in just half an hour. I have hit al the headshots onlu. Last words that I tell about this game is so crazy
Help guys. I recently finished all levels. One day I felt like replaying all the levels so I opened dustdown I started to play afterwards I clicked on city of sin none of levels I clicked on got selected so started playing squad thinking it was a gliche and after that I left. I came back city of sin it still wasn't working and others also started hanging time to time, after my exams after a long time I came back to play it showed I hadn't cleared a single level in cof. I promise I cleared all.
FPS commando secret mission game is the fantastic action game. It is an interesting and outstanding game. Awsome graphics.
It coud be the most playing game by me in this month which have a attractive designing and outstading features.
One of the best offline shooting game i ever played.But some of missions are boring,you just keep carrying out one task in different missions
FPS Commando secret mission is very interesting game .I really love this game. The graphics and Designs are good. Easy to play and download.
This game is the best game i have ever played pefore but it will be perfect if you add the volume of yhe graphics
This is a playing fun according to the skills of a thinking🧠🧠 with military calm is better β­β­πŸ‘
Hello.... It's really good game. And it's make a fun also. And it's so easy to play. And it's very well...... πŸ€‘
Hello freinds if you want to see ads and see the ads peacefully so download this app at least I want to say that the worst game I have not play it my life there are a lot of add contains how please I give a advice download it for see ads this is not a game this is a ads machine and one thing last I want to say that the worst app in the world ......
The game is brilliant online I just got it now and it is a free game but a great it's really great the person that made this game you did a wonderful job and I bet you worked hard because there's a lot of missions but if you have among us try to play with me because it's hot hard to play with me I play and private matches and other matches a lot of a lot of people but maybe you can't get in but it's okay but I like the game