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FOX Bet Super 6

FOX Bet Super 6 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Stars Mobile Limited located at Douglas Bay Complex King Edward Road Onchan Isle of Man IM3 1DZ. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only had this app opened for about half an hour. So far so good. No glitches yet. However only thing i noticed was it didn't ask me to "register", create username or password ect. only asked for my phone number. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.
Pretty cool, fun app. My girlfriend and I play it all the time. The picks are really hard but the opportunity is there to win for sure.
I love doing these bets, but I wish the app worked everywhere. I was someplace other than my home yesterday, and it wouldn't work, no matter what I tried.
It was okay, but recently when I go to view live or check past results, the app freezes. Edit: I updated the app. Works fine now.. An idiot, I am.
Every time I try to sign on it says I have to update..that's ridiculous..and it freezes most of the time also
Overall easy to use and adds more fun to the games. I did have there verification issue. I downloaded the app the first week of games but the verification code never came. It worked the second week so now I'm able to use the app. No issues so far.
I gave all 5 stars, but today no college games are showing up, just says pregame, and nascar you get to the last pick and you can't go any further. Love it otherwise. Just a heads up. Probably the latest update is my guess. Thanks.
I loved this app when I first got it but... I had to update and did that then I made some pics on the masked singer giveaway and my normal for Sunday race. I was able to follow live untill the point when the snail went home then the app crashed and I was faced with Another Update. I answered all the questions right and it does that. Bet no one actually got paid from this app. Very disappointed...
New to it. Did not have any problem with code or entering the sweepstake. Must land score within range, over doesn't cut it! Free...seems like people actually win. Why Not! Go Patriots!!
Great fun! Only having one issue....this weeks Nascar picks. I get to the end but it won't let me select position for True and submit. HELP!!
Love the pick six really dislike the polititical debate stuff sometimes its nice to have one sports thing to take your mind off all the stupidness of this presidents ignorence of whats going on . i love the game though and i tell everybody about it thanks M Houghton
At halftime, everyone is tied at 0. It would be nice if the app updated the number of points in realtime. Sure, some stats are unknown until the end, but some are not. Wasted opportunity.
Easy and fun to use. Only issue is, when they send the verification code, I couldn't leave the app to get the number from my text messages and come back and put it in. Luckily they started sending the same number, so it worked.
I suggest that the guaranteed money should be increased to $5000. Then money should be distributed to those other high scoring players in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in lower amounts just like NBC sports predictor is doing. Secondly, the dollar amount and number of winners in a contest should be highlighted in a bright colour. Right now it is grey and looks dull needs to be easily seen. So far everything else seems good. I hope to win soon!!
The app claims I am in an invalid location. I have my GPS turned on but the app will not go past the part where it asks for your phone number. I'm forced to remove the app since I can't get it to work.
Pretty fun app. Fun to share with friends and family especially at this time when we cannot be face to face all the time.
There should be settings, duh! I don't want the phone to vibrate every single time I do one little thing. If there are sound effects (which I don't know if there are because my volume is all the way down), why wouldn't I be able to turn that off? Little things like that.
Easy to navigate, enter data and see your entry results. In addition, always fun to have a chance at winning money.
This app needs updated every other day it causes too much space to be used and I have trouble signing into some parts
My experience has been one for the ages. It's easy, to choose your answers. But, hard to win. If you don't try, you can't win. Start playing today, and become a winner, just by guessing, and you don't have to give any money to play. Play and win I did. Well I haven't won yet, but just playing is fun, and I do mean fun. Good luck.
This app taught me a valuable lesson ...gambling ain't for me lol...if I had put money on all the games I played I would have lost alot of money coz winning the money is not easy ..but it's worth the try everytime..but if it flips from free to placing money bets No way I am doing that
I love to play this app. There are many different games to play. The app gives update scores of games real time. Plus you can make money to by winning or the highest score. Nices to have.
Been enjoyable and fun even though I've not won any $ yet! Only thing I seen or had a problem with was last weekend when it froze up and was messed up on the app not my phone. Other than that hopefully I'll get blessed! Who knows 😁... Great luck every1, and definitely worth trying out! Totally free with absolutely NO ADD'S LOL!
Good app very stable. Fun idea and good execution. Wish there were other sports added like hockey! Still for free and fun I'll take it as 4 stars. Add some new stuff for variety and I'll bump to 5. To the whiners about the updates... how do u think they do the results and change the contests?!? Like of course it's going to need an update for new weeks πŸ™„
Haven't really wanted anything yet but it's a great way to make a bet without having to put your cash out period and it makes watching the games a whole lot better
I love this game app especially when I have a chance to win someone else's money but these games are challenging and it makes the games more interesting plus who couldn't use all that money I know we could great app though
Easy to play. Reminds you when a game opens. Easy to track standings after game starts. In other words no BS.
I'm glad that I can enjoy the game even better, on top of winning this free MONEY from Terry. I didn't have a problem with setting up my account like others. I rate this with 5 star's
Super friendly user interface, first off. Then, it is entirely FREE to play, with the possibility of winning real prizes, actual cash prizes. How can this app be rated anything, but 5 stars? I mean seriously?
Great app fun to play and you can win money for picking games and it is free, what more can you ask for? 5 stars for me. Great job fox!!! GO PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING
It is a fun app where you can win prizes. Just predict sporting events by answering their questions. Seems mostly luck, but knowing about sporting events can help increase your chances of winning. I like that they have/had contests for the debates. Easy to use. Seems reliable. Doesn't take long to play their contests.
Fun. I don't rate 5 lightly. It's literally a chance at free money. I would like to see them mix it up more. Maybe throw in more player props. I'm sure it'll become popular. Looking forward to new options.
Background Theme style font is off the hook ,Constructors Mode and linking with true fans can help integrate sizes shapes and forms
I loaded Super 6 just for fun, but it increased my football viewing. I watch everything now just to see how I did. And now NASCAR too! The new release is more complicated to get through and less intuitive. Not as clean a look either. I always play for free.
*Update: its finally back to normal. For that im rating it as a 3 stars. Some of the events are working perfectly fine until the latest update happened (2/5). Majority of the games now when I click into them, either freeze or the screen is half blank and can't edit my selections. Also I couldn't edit my picks before the time ran out.. maybe they need to not add more games while others are "in play." I hope its gets fixed ASAP!
Easy to play, they have good background stats and odds for review and they have a good variety. Hey, it's free so why not. My guess is they are or will do deep dives into the data and cross link with others and that data is what they are after. Nothing is truly free.....
The whole experience has been well until they must have applied a new updated version and its not working properly. Once i open to review my picks on certain games, the app freezes and im forced out. Ive uninstalled app and even restarted my phone and no improvements.
Lots of fun with no expense! Am I the only one who can't see notifications except in pop up? If I hit clear on notification to get past it into phone , I can't find the notification in the app. And now it's got weird... strange strange options so not really that cool... really masked singer bets???
I love the challenge of trying to figure out the answers that is pure luck. But I am holding out for a very small chance at hitting the right answers.
Less commercials more tv with racers.Tired of waiting for the racers to come back and so much has changed and we have no idea how.split the screen at least.Thank You!!
Very easy and fun way to guess the outcomes of six games. Like me you probably will never win, bug it's still fun.
Every time I click to use it, it won't run until another update is installed. Get your act together and hire some real programmers. Just leave it alone!
What a great way to stay entertained throughout the Football week! Not only is it NFL games, but College Football as well! Great app, and a ton of fun!!!!! Highly recommend!
I loved playing this app and Mann I thought I was crazy cause I swore everytime I was near winning like 1 or 2 away I'd check back and seemed as everytime them moments hit it wouldn't let me in and had to update!! Thought was nuts but then read others and they say the same!!??????? But the fox nfl pregame is a part of it so dont see why it'd be a scam!! One last attempt then I'm out if happens again!!!
Every time I open it up to do a contest, gotta UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE. Annoying AF. Usually it works fine otherwise. Never won anything, came close a few times but just missed out.
Was a 5 but not after this weekend. of not being able to follow the scores of the games listed was very frustrating. All throughout the games on sat and sun it constantly said pre game. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall but nothing worked.
Awesome, you really have to use your football IQ to determine the winners....this is really not for beginners or the nonchalant intermediate players, it takes a thought process and preparedness before every game !!!!
I miss the checking with the hosts to see how you did against them. Looked tense if I had the same picks as they and it the points were the same. It made it interesting to see if I did better than them. Now this feature is gone
So far the experience is pretty simple. Like the way you can just glide and it's so simple and easy to use which makes it awesome!
I honestly liked it better when it had just football. This app certainly doesn't need stocks, NBA, MLB, or the Masked Singer. I understand you have to build the app up and make it more interesting and or more exciting. I personally just liked it better when it was simple and only a few contests.
Great app up until recently. My app freezes and will not show part of the game questions. Also it stopped working for a whole 3 days and then now won't let me even close it by backing out of the app. Instead I have to close all tabs on my phone. Can someone please fix this as its very frustrating? Ty
I tried once before to update this app. Google may be playing games because same as last tiime, it won't let me update unless I get rid of Fox News and NewsMax apps. I got rid of 8 other apps the fist time and it wouldn't let me update this Fox Bet app. So I couldn't play for awhile. After the superbowl was done then it let me play again without an update. Now it has started again and wants the same two apps, Fox News, and NewsMax delited. Which I won't do. So, I am unable to continue playing.
Amazing app!! it lets you win money by your pick.. My cousin recently logged in on my phone, an i was trying to log myself back in, it wouldn't let me. I also logged out it still have her logged in on my phone and hers.. I can not put my user name down..
No App is perfect, thus four stars are the most I would ever give. The problem with this App is the second update in as many days. Another update without an explanation, I'll simply delete the App and give someone else the chance to win.
I love football!! This is a great app. I have not had any problems with the verification code. All together its another way to get into the games thursdays,saturdays,and sundays.so i'm all for it 5 stars(trying to win terry's money)!!!!
Every time I open this app it needs to update. It doesn't show scores in actual time, you'll need about 3 days for that. Never pays out because there's always a problem with the winning account. Waste of time, don't bet money!
Easy to use, simple to navigate. I haven't had any bad experiences with it. Overall, it's a great app.
Im loving this app so far.. I love taking a shot at betting for fun with my husband on whose going to win and this app is an amazing opportunity we watch every game possible.
A fantastic app! Very fun, user-friendly, and it's contests consist of a wide array of unique questions/topics. It gets a 100% thumbs up. Congrats to the creators also for setting the bar.
You have the option to edit your picks up until the cut off time for the specific event in which you're making picks for. So far in the last 2 event that I've taken part in, I've edited my picks prior to that cutoff time, and submitted them. They show as if they were charged. Then the end of stage 2 of the race comes, and all my picks are reverted back to my original picks. I have spoken with others who edit their picks as well, and they are not experiencing this issue.
It's fun to play against friends and family for bragging rights. It's pretty challenging to try to get all the predictions correct but to play for free and have a chance of winning decent sums of πŸ’° is awesome and if you get everything correct you could win some big money πŸ’°. I have yet to win any but it's fun to follow live watching your point scores change, waiting for the final results can be very suspenseful and exhilarating. I can't wait until I hit it big. Good Luck and have fun.
Fun, but the reminders need fixing. I don't need 3 to reminders to fill out an event AFTER I've already done it. Change notifications to only notify users if they haven't done it already!
too many updates I may uninstall it soon! However I love using this as sort of a game you can win money but it's fun to see how many you get correct
Fun to play even if you don't win. Of course, the money is always nice though, if you get that lucky or really know your teams and statistics.
I wish i would have discovered this app at the beginning of the season! My first time playing in week 15 im in the top 10k out of 1.1 mill! I could have been winning some cash!!
This is pretty exciting! I always want to root and pick my favorite driver (Elliott!) But the competition is so awesome that you have no choice but to do weight out the options. Loving it!
I got a new phone and keep trying to send the 6 digit verification code but it never comes thru. I would give it 5 stars if I can just get back into the app. It is a great app and great way to play. I love this app but again only if I can get in
Love app, but u gonna have get all 6 2 win anything then usually gonna split $ w 100s-1000s ppl so win like $50. Wish they had tie breaker top 10 get $ everyone else get like a t-shirt. Maybe they could cap entries & have a few games 4 same event w cap so like 10K allowed once full stat 2nd pool 4 same event. Also the edit picks tab overlaps function keys on phone so try click on edit picks, phone tab closes app, so difficult 2 click on edit picks tab.
I only play one of the games. It works well. The user interface could be better. It's not that intuitive. Once I found out how to locate what I was looking for it's fine.
Really love the app but I do wish things were explained a little better. Are the points on the leader board cumulative & is there any benefit to having the most points overall? Does everyone with a certain amount of points split a certain amount of money? Are the amounts listed on the leader board total or for the most recent game?
No winnings, but the Opportunity to win phenomenal. And so much fun to be able to defy the odds by chance. Also makes Football 🏈 more fun to watch. Thank you.
This game is very exciting and enjoyable. It's lots of fun and you can win money πŸ€‘ for free. It is the next best thing since sliced bread🍞. I love it ❣️
I have installed deleted reinstalled and I have done just about everything I can think of to get this app to work and I have never received the confirmation text in order to even use the app! Nothing has worked
I love it, it's alot of fun and allows you to learn about different sports you normally wouldn't watch, and if you don't keep up with the stick market,you get to learn more about it because it make you want to know more about it, and look up things and find out about a little or alot of everything on it this app. And give you a chance not only to have fun and take a chance to win money like I said learning more while playing on this app. 😁
Awesome. I can change scores for any team that I choose 2. When I think I had the picks right the first time & I didn't. That's great to
Received a verification code, but system is not recognizing. Message states "Code Verification Issue. There was a problem submitting your verification code. Please try again." I have tried multiple times. It is a six digit code, which I have double checked for accuracy. Fox sports must not have the bandwidth to accept the influx after advertising on the pregame show.
Changed from 5 stars to 3 because of recent issues after last update. Fun to play. Haven't won anything so don't know if it actually pays or not. If I ever win I will update my review. Has a bug issue with the follow live feature it doesn't update. So sometimes you dont know until about an hour after the event what your total points are. The only real way to follow live is to watch the event on tv.
Having a problem with loading that I CAN'T even get in this app & kinda WASTED TIME right there😀 I already did UNINSTALL it, Restart my phone, Clear data & Clear cache, then all of sudden it DIDN'T work @ allπŸ˜“ My Wifi is fine, but it's about your app issues right now. Please fixed this ASAP. Thanks!!
Intreging and stimulated my senses. Trying to win and being able to be a part of someting new and fun.
Says to enter before the second stage ends. Open the app with 50 laps to go and the pos is closed. Fox sucks. They can shove it where the sun don't shine. Will be so glad when NBC starts it's coverage. At least they show the whole field not just the top 20
Just had to edit my rating because the game is starting to suck now..I can't seem to claim my free bets but can do everything else and you email them about your issues and never seem to get a response back to resolve the damn issue, but other than that that's all the issues ive had
I have been trying to do what app requires me to do to continue to play but no entity gives me the means to do what the app asks me to do..which is UPDATE APP. It only took me 6 days to teinstate the app. 80% my fault 19% App's and 1% my absolute stupidity when contrasted with my 11 year old neighborhood kids when it comes to the digital era during which we all live. Much better now.
Although I never seem to win anything, It's still fun to play. Plus you can't beat "for free". I most likely WOULDN'T mess w it, if I had to "pay to play", ya know... Thanks TB, "you da' man"
It's great to be a little on the edge of your seat. And knowing that by u putting in your better whatever choices they have to be chosen from instill find myself in suspense in needing to see if u won or close u came to winning it all or just get accurate enough to put yourself in the running to being the person that get the closet to the scores so winning at least something is highly possible
Worthless. Installed the app, clicked get started, entered my # got the verification code, entered it, & got a message: code verification issue. There was a problem submitting your verification code. Please try again. So I Tried again, and again and again and again. Even restarted my phone and tried again, and again and again. WORTHLESS! UNINSTALL.
Lots of fun.. love it...how about some summaries on each team before you vote...ie, injuries, weather conditions covid 19 results..etc. put in a different section and small fee for additional information. John Eskridge
Good app. Easy to place bets. Hard to win. Lots of different things to bet on. Highly recommend app if you like to bet on random things and like Fox Sports!!
Its something to do to make the most of football now that we cant crowd the stands. Its free too. Cant get much better. Shout out to Dana Perino for mentioning the app on The Five.
This year it keeps telling me I'm not in a valid location. I'm in California and Washington is the only state not allowed to participate. I changed all the app permissions and updated my location to no avail. Update Update!!! The app is now running seamlessly. Really enjoying this app and trying to make the correct guess! My mom always said you can't win if you don't play! One day I'll win in a contest!
Awesome app with multiple chances to win money each week. Only thing I would suggest is that the results of completed contests be updated on a more timely basis instead of days later.
I like quizzes so I enjoy the app so far although i just downloaded the app to be fair but there's no issues thus far with my cell phone & I'm enjoying answering the questions. Even the questions I have no clue. I'm just going with my gut. I will update the app in a week or two so that I can give everyone a further insight. So far so good! It's fun!!!! πŸ™‚
First time using it, didn't realize the score difference was for opposite team so i picked no winners really. To pick, move the difference towards the team you have losing. If i would have known that it would be 5 stars.
Yeah it's very easy to use and you have info to help you make a decision great apps and above all it's free!!!!!
It doesn't tell you how long you have to submit your entry. It needs to have a countdown or a time specified to have it submitted.
Good concept, app is poorly designed. When you can stay logged in, it works as advertised. The issue is that the verification code process doesn't seem to send without multiple attempts, and the app will randomly log you out and make you go through a verification process again. Also, not all of the features work on the first try, and the app forces you into a full screen mode with no ability to change that setting. Whoever the 3rd party developer is needs to go back to school or something.
Keep getting an "invalid location" message when trying to get a verification code sent, which is nonsense. Lots of wasted time for nothing. NOT a happy camper!!!
If weekly updates are your thing, you are going to LOVE this app. Sometimes twice a week. Get ready to free up space (data hog). One more update and I'll be removing the app. Losing interest fast!!!
Very useful app if you need to know the gambling odds on any specific game on any given day as well as nice opportunity to win money through free entries for the NFL season
Understand its new... but should be able to handle traffic. Not receiving auth code, even after re-send. Probably will miss picks for week.1. Nice way to make sure no one can win and a way to get a bunch of phone numbers to seel to telamarketers.
This is my first time playing this. I mean, who wouldn't or couldn't want to win a much needed amount of Mr. Bradshaw's money? I have loved him for year's watching him play, not to mention his show. He's so funny and goofy! Love the family too!
You can correctly pick every answer and still not win/be eligible for the prize. Seems to be patterns and ridiculous last minute rules that allow the same accounts/players to win every time. Dont waste your time! What a joke of an app! Should be able to leave a 0 star review
Love this app! Easy to use great interface. Decent graphics as well. To top it all off you have a chance to win money.
It's a good App and will be a great App when it stops changing my colorado phone number to Canada! Many emails to help; none fixed, only gave instructions for things at my end already done.
Edit-changed to 2 stars because i have to keep updating the app to even be able to open the app. I am not sure what happened but i have to updated this app every 3 days and i dont win anything i might be deleting soon.
App is getting worse by a minute and stupider. And the constant updates are ridiculous. Hopefully it'll be fun again when football starts, but that's months from now. What happened to this cool app? 03.29.2021, yet another update. On daily basis now. Have to remove my apps for this. B.S. had enough. Time to delete.
Very easy to use, any help you may possibly need is just a click away. Also friendly atmosphere Just an over all good app. Smart developers I have'nt ran into a single bug-problem.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
App not working. Please fixing bugs. Also make a sign in process for people that have an account set up already. Made an account, app stopped working, deleted the app, reinstalled, now I can't get back in. What's the deal here Fox?
This app will not let me get past the first page of asking for my phone number and receiving a code it never sends a code. I've tried it 10 or 15 times several different times.
No problems with the app, so far so good. This app allow you to join for free and easy to do. Jest follow along and it will get you to where you need to be.
Just downloaded, so this could go either way. But so far, so good! Several 'free play' prediction bets which are great at getting more people to watch the games & results. For example, I don't follow most college conferences, but having a free $1,000 bet makes it far more fun, and gets me to suddenly have an interest. Just starting, there were already (3) sets of questions for college football & the NFL. When I win all those this weekend, I'll post another review! 😁
I just downloaded it the other day and I am having fun with it. I enjoy quizzes and guessing on things & I get a chance to win some money for my efforts.
Finding the radio button to access the games to select the winners and points spread was ridulously more difficult than it should have to be. I'll upgrade to 5 stars IF I win Terry's $$$ this week.
I like this app for the easy way you can enter to win games at no cost to the players and help you to understand betting.
I would like to rate this higher, but there is a significant problem. Every time I play a round that asks for me to pick a teams yardage in one question and point spread in another, when the results come in it shows the point spread as the answer for each question. I can choose a qb to throw for 275 yards and his team to win by 10 to 14 and his yardage will show up after the results come in as 10 to 14 as well as the point spread. Please fix this.
Since the last update. Not working properly. With the "Stock" Pick 6 it freezes. I can't go back or close the app. Then on all the rest it doesn't show all the questions & I can't go back, I can close the app though. Rebooting my phone did not help.
Originally this was fun and great. Then the update 2 updates ago made the scoring a little harder to understand, especially since the didn't explain the new system, it's more Vegas betting style, but once you understand it, it's not too bad. The most recent update has left the app unpredictable. It won't update scores; even after the games are over it still says 'Pre-game' as if the games haven't started. Also it'll show your scoring choices, but not the game results.
Played for the first time in the nfc championship game. Real friendly to use and easy to navigate. I will continue to play, keep up the good work!
This app is great. Any low reviews by people who can't use the app should be ignored. It's probably user error if ya know what I'm saying (they probably have trouble with every app they use).
Overall, I like this app. I would like to see more head to head questions regarding the outcomes of games and who wins, rather than so many obscure questions about the details within the games. One problem I've incurred several times is the app. would not open. This doesn't happen at any particular time, but it does occur more often on game days. Maybe it's just because so many people are trying to use the app at one time, I don't know... Overall though, it's a fun app. for sure!
Took forever to get verification code. Cannot copy & paste inside of app. Typing in app is all over the place, double types letters, will no let one back out typing mistakes, & I needed to start over several times. Did the development crew just throw this in the wild without testing!!! πŸ™„πŸ˜ 
It's fun, I love seeing my results. I once came in tied with 6k others out of over 8ook entries. Usually I'm in the top third. If you get lucky enough to win there's tgat
Something is very wrong with this application. It keeps saying after a few months to upgrade. The hell with that. Forget my rating which was a five. I kept getting a message saying mismatch number update or upgrade. I hit the upgrade and it's just twirling around and around. Please, really ??
Lots of fun. Easy to use. I find myself getting mad at the tv when a team I don't care for misses a field goal now. Funny how that works.
I love it!! But, I think that it would be a great idea to have a ticket for everyone that plays without odds. I'm not saying for a million dollars, but let's see who picks the most winners out of all the games, with Monday night game be the tiebreaker with total points determine the winner after the game is over, and there's a tie! You determine what if any prize!!!
I got a new phone and re-download this app to my new phone. . There is a verification issue EVERY TIME, I haven't been able to get on it once. . . Also there is no prompt to help troubleshooting. . . No log in avaliable. . . Pretty poor design there. . . When it did work with my old phone it was okay but still had some issues such as final answering suddenly timing out with 20 min left and them not being aware there is a difference between 2nd quarter and 2nd half changing what answers you make.
It involves sports and betting basically but without having to use any of your money to win. Watching sports is always more exciting if there is a bet or something of this app's nature attached to it. In my opinion. And for the sports, I'm sure this app is helpful in the way of raising the amount of people tuning in to watch. I know, as a football fan, I'll watch games not involving my favorite team. But for the average sports watcher, it may persuade that person to tune in. Watch their picks.
I haven't won anything but its fun competing with my husband. It's a cool app and the layout is easily understood. It only has a couple bug issues that may have been fixed by todays update. Sometimes after making your selections and when you go back in to follow along with the game , instead of showing you the questions you answered it will repeat the same exact question over and over again. But at the end when its over it corrects itself, at the very least by the next day.
This app is great, I finally get a chance to recover some of my money back after using Cottman Transmission that Terry endorsed years ago. Hopefully I can break even.
I'd give it zero stars if possible. Terrible! Tried to set up account as advertised and the code that was sent is does work. I receive an error message when I entered the code in. Smells like a data phishing app to me. Along with false advertising! So mysteriously I cant set up an account to enter the contest, but I bet I'll start receiving spam text!!
Getting bored with this. Got it for football. Now they have bets on anything they can think of... like how many times someone is going to tweet. Sometimes the app crashes for no reason. I plan to uninstall after the super bowl. I only stayed on this long because it's free.
Great app. Im new and dont really know what im doing but Cant understand why im at 82% and am still ranked way down the line. Just working on figuring this out and maybe being rewarded. The app itself is great. That was then, this is now . AWESOME APP. GET IT.
Fun, free, and interesting bets from today's sports. The graphics are fast and smooth, but the values are sometimes annoying to choose as answers. It's tough and intriguing for any sports fan.
I am COMPUTER ILLITERATE but, this was the easiest app to set-up! And NO! I haven't been paid to say that!! Ladies and Gents! I think they've worked out the kinks!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
Easy to play! Takes about anywhere from 2-10 minutes and you can win $100,000 each week. Play on both Baseball and Football. Pros and college. I mean why not. Doesn't cost anything. Dont know why they cut down the jackpot from $250k to $100k but that was a dumb move. I think two people won last year and like all NFL moves they made yet another game not as enjoyable. Yeah $100k is still good but $250k is better especially after taxes are taken out.
Very fun app, but I currently have an issue with it in which the past couple of days when I checked it to check on scores of games, it was stuck in pre-game mode all day. It is very upsetting to me. This needs to be addressed asap.
There's too many dumb questions that I like to a certain extent but that's why it's not predictive makes the odds more difficult. Overall I believe it's really good and I think everyone should play.
I got the app to play Masked Singer and for the last 2 weeks Masked Singer isn't a game I can play in the options. All that's showing for me are the NBA and other sports. I didn't get the app for that! Ugh so disappointing 😞
Tried to install the app 5 times. Made room on my phone and everything. Finally gave up and installed on my wife's phone. Then I couldn't find the 'Win Terry's Money' thing. Waste of time.
Thanks for the update, app is now useless. Update seems to have solved its problems. It's still weak stuff. Takes days to update results. If you're interested in seeing how you've done take a breath and forget about it.
UPDATE... Still love it! We all do most of the games together. Great fun! I alove the app! My fave... Love these apps they are a family game. Update #2 Still 5 stars ... But why do I have to update the app, EVERY TIME I open it?
App doesn't always allow you to revise answers to questions right away 2/3/21 App improved, able to review and revise answers
Stock market challenge keeps disappearing. Whats the deal. Updates alot and several complaints from people not able to collect. You would think fox is legitimate.
This is my first time using the App but so far it has been a unique and rather interesting experience. A bit of a thrill that you can actually win cash for picking a game and it doesn't cost a thing . Fantastic, Thank You , TERRY and FOXSPORTS !
Verification code takes forever to arrive and when I finally get the code it does not work... Now games have started and I am sure I wont be able to pick a game I want to pick. Well finally got in but now I can't change my user name. I go to enter my name and it does this: wwwilwwiillwwggww jiberish
I find playing a bit of a challenge, since, I love challenges. I haven't even come close so far, but am always hopeful. I believe to win at this one must keep up with all the teams and not just your favorite. At first, I did not see the benefit to playing, but now I am more familiar with other teams (Dallas being my favorite). More importantly, Foxbet Super 6 is very exciting and give a person something to look forward to during these trying times (i.e. the pandemic with all it's trapings).
Fun but really difficult to get several right, lots of luck involved, still waiting on a chance to win some money but enjoy playing this!
Keep getting error message then logs me out. Have to re-verify constantly otherwise its seems to be a good app if I can just stay in it.
This app is not good at all can't play, always have to update upload or something, had a good time with it at first and then the app was just horrible..They either need to find a way to get it right,,or forget about it!!!
Code verification doesnt work. Update: working this week! Might just have been overloaded with all of the new sign ups. So far 5/5 stars but marking at 4 for the have the first week.
Awsome!!! I had to leave FUBOTV for 3 months and checked several other programs, costs, recordings, and channels. I came back to FUBOTV, FITS MY SLIM BUDGET AND WORKS GREAT. I HAVE TO HAVE Nascar and Football (Kansas City Chiefs), NBC, CBS, ABC, AND PBS 100% GREAT AND ABLE TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON IN ENGLISH.
Pretty awesome! You really never know how hard picking a team plus points is... makes the game just a lil more exciting knowing thousands Is on the line... or easier to have a heart attack.. either way it's a rush.... lol
I dont really like to watch a ton of football, but my husband is a huge fan and watches it all day on sundays... so this app is great cuz it makes things a little more interesting for me. I know like nothing about football, but they provide stats which makes it pretty easy to use the app and get some points. :) Oh! And my favorite part is you can compete with friends, so I like to challenge my husband and play against his teams sometimes lol.
I was having issues seeing the questions while the games were live and in history. I sent an email describing what was happening and received a reply within hours with a fix. I have enjoyed this season more than any I can remember. I feel more a part of! Thank you Terry and FOX for the opportunity to win cash, especially this year, and for making it more exciting!❀🏈🀘
it would be nice if I could check my predictions with live game actions. the games are over and I can't see how many points I've earned because scores are not in sync with the app. there is a lot of work to be done here. the only reason to use this app is its free
3 things- 1) what do they ultimately do with all the info collected(i mean after 1 party sells it to another, to another..? 2)i always see the "check if you've won" notification pop up. Does any winner actually get a notification saying "you've won " rather than just triggering our fears ? Lol 3 ) history has shown famous personalities Always backing things that appear kosher on the surface level, then playing the native/ ignorant when investigations are under way. Accountability from day 1⚠️
I enjoy the app bc it's really easy to use, and I like trying to guess the answers. I think it just makes it a little more interesting to watch the game and keep up with how close I can get to winning the money.
It worked good and told me scores throughout the games but when it told me to update and I did, it no longer told me scores or my points. I don't understand!
Not sure why I have to create a new account everytime I want to make my selections. There is no way to view Previous weeks selections and results.
Tired of the updates and inaccuracies. The people in charge of running the events on this app are clueless. Ask which team will have the most receiving uards and how many... you select the team and the total but they are talking about the team and a single receiver total not the total of every receiver. Why not just name the receivers individually then There are many useless faults. Sure its freebut I'm competetive and annoyed bythe ignorance of the app managers. I'll just stick to draftkings.
Fun way to be apart of a game you love. I love the app hard as hell to win anything. Will continue to play until I do win and even after.
Garbage. Updates every week, sometimes more than once. And even if you do pick the correct outcomes, and "win", you never a actually receive any sort of prize. It's basically one big AD in the form of a gambling app!
This app is wonderful! Week after week I make myself sick scoring one out of twelve, or if I'm lucky the occasional two out of six points. It's a fun weekly reminder that I absolutely suck at sports betting; keeping my son's Community College fund in the bank and out of the pocket of Ricky (that s***bag bookmaker on East Sixth Street). Seriously, than you FOX (Also, Big Noon beats the h*** out of College GameDay).
It just came out, lets see how it goes. But just freaking *typing* in the app was a pain, trying to set up a user id, email, and whatnot. Also "remove image" doesn't work for profile. I'll update re: game mechanics next week...
This app is fantastic, fun and FREE! Really well-designed and easy to use. Five stars. Thanks! My only suggestion is that you update the NFL team's new record after final game scores are posted.
Terrible, updates constantly. A laugh. What's funnier is once you actually win, it miraculously updates again. When it says you won, the app doesn't show the prize money it says you "won". Half the time when you DO win, it doesn't show the game you betted either.This is ridiculous. Then they have bots and fake profiles saying how "Great" the app is. Thats a lie.
Great app for people to have more interest in games plus a chance to win big $$!! Also you can play the games just how it'd be in real life with no fans in the stands because of the pandemic!
Seems pretty cool so far. I like the concept. The only thing I don't like is.. I wish I could see what my friends pick.
Had to download the new version approximately Jan 14 or 15 or else it wouldn't let me play. On Jan 16 following the Ram/Packers game, it shows your incorrect answer but doesn't show what the actual stats for the original questions . The old version6 showed the outcome stats for the game questions. Is it just too much info now??
Puts you in the game and creates alot of excitement, its easy picks plus points, and you can make pick n point changes up to game time!!
This app is a Joke! The games are fun, but the app makes you update at least every week, if not twice a week, then it won't update. I'm trying to play the Nascar game, and I have attempted 8 times to update the app, and it won't.
I would have a better experience if I could read what is on the screen. I can't read anything the words are very blurry. At first I thought it was my phone, so I uninstalled it to reinstall it, having the same problem. Please fix.
Requires too many updates now for certain contests. Also only sends reminders to contests I've already entered, not the ones I haven't. It's getting to be a pain. If it weren't for NFL contests, I'd probably delete it.
Can't get the verification code tried 6 times already. Finally one went through and it still didn't work. Should be ready for an overload if you're going to mention it on T.V. opening week.
Easy to use. Love the free entry, makes the race more interesting. I look forward to filling out the ticket each week. Love the interactive aspect of the app.
It's fun to bet for free on games I've watched for years. It is a user friendly app that gets you excited at the possibility of winning money!
I was seeking an app to track my weekly football game picks while earning credit for doing well, and while I recognized that this is a sports wagering app I don't have funds to support financially weekly. Is there a way to track my winning percentage using this app and if I feel good enough perhaps one week or two, I'll place bets going forward?
App works great an it's a no brainier to win some free cash just wake up every morning and pick your ,PICKS,. In each game only take a few seconds to play for $10,000 WHY NOT !!!!
5 stars easy, I recently won a jackpot prize of 25,000 and split it with other jackpot winners and the app had me payed out within a week. Its real money for an easy app to play no doubt gets 5 stars from me. Just got to have the luck with you on your picks, best of luck to others who play, its always possible to win ;)
Love it, Easy to understand and use. Simplicity is a good thing, and this app meets the criteria for simple and on target. I recommend this app to anyone who likes sports or politics. Jump on in, you'll be glad you did.
Like others, I see the app simply isn't functional anymore. Bugs happen, but you can't release a version that doesn't provide basic operation. Gave it two stars instead of one because it's fun when it works.
It's free easy to use just make your predictions and you are set. It even has notifications to remind you before game time. It's ad free too which is a big plus. No complaints at all
Fixed the app, it is now genuinely fun. The app did not work if you happen to have a phone number with an area code different than where you live. They are trying, can't argue with the prizes. Thanks
The app is good but it could be better. For example on the live games you should be able to tap on them and it bring up a court or feild. Also it should show the teams stats of the game and the missed and made shot, or incomplete and complete passes and first down attempts
Fun way to make the race more exciting! Free to play and a chance to get a little change in you pocket... What could be better?
Fun so far: easy to use & no barrage of ads or spam that I've noticed. Gets me to focus on the games, but I don't expect to win a penny.
This is an easy, fun way to get the feeling of actually picking winners in the games. Even though I don't follow sports anymore since the first knee hit the ground totally disrespecting our flag, military, veterans and country. I started to use this app for the Presidential picks!
🏈I just started playing this in week 12 , I didn't even no this existed or I would have started in week 1, but I think it's alot of fun especially when u can win money & it's free , 5 stars for sure πŸ‘πŸˆ
Poor user experience on design and ease Update: the newer version is slightly better in terms of user experience. Scrolling on Android is still a bit clumsy, ordering of games that are live and into the future are in the same long scroll, and a few more nuances when checking in for a particular game for your picks.
Anytime you can win money is awesome. Besides the stories and game info, this app is great. A must have on all phones. Came in 2nd place with 10 of eleven right out of 1.4 million entrys in super bowl LV. One person had one more point also 10 of 11 though. Seems odd that there was one question worth one point but it is what it is. It's always fun
I love it and let you think you know everything about the game you're about to watch or games and then smack you right in the face you don't get any winning pics out of the 6!! Love this app I think it's great, and on top of it it's free to all of us
T Would have gave 5 stars but the app doesn't auto refresh when scores change or give you a way to refresh. Have to close the app and re open besides that runs pretty smooth
Really need to fix the friends area. It is trash and you can't remove or reorder friends based on who is actively playing
Free money!! Well....if you win. But entries are always free!!! Closest I came so far was 5 out of 6 picks ....so close!!!! I have nothing negative to say about this app
The app is super fun and easy to use..if you watch the games anyway you might as well play! Anybody can win...I've been close to winning a few times 😁You can see top winners and play with friends.. definitely worth the downloadπŸ’―πŸ’―
Fast and EASY The dragging is the only issue. Who drags anymore? Just give check boxes. That's traditional, & common sense.
Its a hit and miss. It worjs when it wants. Real time updates never work. App akways says games have nit started as um watching them live on TV. Waste of time and anoying at best...
I have fallen in love with football and this app has given me confidence in picking the winning teams. I still need to work on spreads, passing and receing yards and other areas but this brings me a smile when I beat my husband.
Fun and difficult to get it Right , i enjoy trying , sometimes it does freeze up ,i have had to reinstall it several times because it freezes up
It's fun even though I take and review my answers several times a week before that next race. The anticipation is awesome.
Though I haven't been fortunate enough to be the bread winner, this weekly challenge makes my household's intensity level go through the roof... in a fun way! Thank you for making my family's weekly football experience that much more interesting, enjoyable... and yes, FUN!
Garbage. Took forever to get a working verification code, Once you FINALLY get a code that works the game was different from what was advertised. Good luck entering your profile information, wont accept any email addresses. Disappointing.
So super fun. I was in 6th place a few Sundays ago. Out of 1.3mil. There was an actual winner that week so no prize but MAN it was so intense! I was shaking for an entire quarter! Football was always something for the guys when I was growing up and my fandom was very surface level. I've been holding my own or better now, though!! And THIS APP helps me pay attention to all the details: records, injuries, homefield, & the always trusty "I feel like they just WANT IT this week, right?" 😊
Unable to deposit even $20 despite no limit being set. Says: "You have exceeded your allowed deposits for this payment method. Please try again later" even though I only deposited a $20 a few days ago. I'm also unable to change my bank account deposit information or add another account. Visa option is rejected by Bank of America bc "online gambling".
Annoying. Have to update almost every week when I try to go in and play. Not even the chance of winning some cash makes this app worth the hassle.
I have been picking each winner ..two weeks ago i hit 15 out of 16 games. And the first 48 games i hit 38..not bad..so i figure lets test it out...I am really enjoying ...this app also i bet on NASCAR n Collage ..it keeps my mind from not going soft....lol..Thank You n Let Mr.Bradshaw know i am coming to take his cash...The Betting Gypsy..😎