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Fox Family - Animal Simulator

Fox Family - Animal Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CyberGoldfinch. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You should add more like them going inside the barn house I mean really please please add it is more than a really good game I love you company 😘
I love it. It has very good graphics. There is only one thing wrong and it is the turning and going backwards. But I would get it if I were you.It is very good.
Im downlouding this right now but foxes are my fav anminl i'm geting this because I love foxes if you kill foxes im come after you af.The game looks fun so i hope you like foxes an get it! :3
I like the fox looks like and i am age 18 My fox name is ice fox his has snow coloer and he has blue macic glow but there,s a poblom all the time the quests are same πŸ™… and some time when i clib my wife and my son cant, and it super funny how the dear shout when it die 😹😹😹😹😹
I like fox simulator because if you get up onto the mountain you get such an amazing veiw anyway five stars guys!
I like games with foxes and I have tried at least every game on the internet that is about foxes, I hated them. THEN I FOUND THIS GAME AND OMG ITS AWESOME!!!!! I reccomend this game for yourself as well as family. There is one part about the game i am not really happy about, The baby foxes don't swim so maybe in a future update you could add a feature where the baby foxes swim or you can carry them. This would make the game even more Awesome! Thanks.
this is a difinate buy game! Its VERY fun and playable except for one thing. the one thing is that when u run and try to go left/right it is very sensitive and weird. If this is fixed then this would be a 5 star! I love how its unique as in the fox isnt just normal, its made with other shapes! All in all this is an EXTREMELY fun game and if u read this DEFINATELY download this game! Thanks 4 reading and i hope this was helpful :)
Very fun love the why it moves maybe you can add a button where you get to be another family member thats all I ask KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
I'll give you five stars this game is pretty good but every time I finish like a mission ads keep coming up so like you have to fix it a little bit but this game doesn't lag so what's good this game is one of the best games in the world love it but I said good job good job guys whoever made this cyber good job cyber
The game is amazing. I stumbled across it on 2 sites and have played it for years. It's just superb. Though, I do believe that someone copied the game. I think Kooky Games? If you gave them permission, then I will happily edit out this part of the review.
I love this game πŸ˜ƒ ! Can you please make a new one soon? Thank you! Oh and can you fix it to where my kit will not run away? πŸ˜ƒ
I love this game u can make a family, hunt, create ur own character, and feed ur family when u pick up food , and my favorite take missions to get money πŸ’°
im giving it 4 stars its a good game but i can see some major changes an upgrades coming to this game
Its good to play you can kill bears and you start of as a red fox then be overs its for free you can cill a big boar a giant tarantula a red boss wolf and more
I want to like this game so freaking much - I love the artstyle and the idea of it - but it has some pretty annoying stuff that needs fixing. It lags so bad it's almost unplayable, when you do manage to complete a quest the double reward option doesn't work but it makes you watch an ad anyways, and the "free prize" gold for logging in grants no gold. You also stop getting ability points for levelling up after level 3, so you can't upgrade your fox anymore? Makes the whole game feel very unrewarding and pointless. I also have your cougar and deer games and they both also suffer from the exact same problems/bugs. Please fix the crippling lag, the ability point bug and the fact that the gold granting buttons don't work - both the log-in one and the after-a-quest one. I want your games to be playable and enjoyable so badly because I like the idea of them so much. I want to be able to rate them all highly and recommend them to my friends but as they are I just can't, they're too broken as-is. Please fix them!
Best fox game ever. It's a tie between ur game and turbo rocket games fox sim. I have a suggestion for a game! A bunny simulator!!!! Its ok if u dont make a bunny game but I would definitely play the bunny one!
It is sooo good! U can customise ur carecter, make and family, and complete cool and dangerous quests! Also, amazing grafics and awsome animals and upgrades!!!
Horrible!!! Where do I begin!!???!........The graphics are a joke, the controls are awful, you can't run. Terrible game.
I love this app very much. It cured my boredom. I just have one request. Can u make a home, like a den, for the fox family, just like in ur Dragon and Horse Simulators. I personally think it would be very cool. But overall this is one of the greatest fox simulators I have ever played. I would rate it 10 stars, if I could.
Terrible grapics, bad mechanincs, boring.... I could go on forever about why this game is sooooo bad. Why does this even exist? Its glitchy too. I can play this for free on a chromebook. A school chromebook without wasting my time downloading it on my phone. Again, make it more exciting. There is almost nothing to do and it has the worst graphics of a fox sim I have ever seen... The only thing that makes this good is the fact you can jump. That's all.
I love foxes i love raseing kids ther are no flaws this game is very easy to play and if you love foxes this is the game for you.😍😍😍😍😍🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊
Super fun... just watch out for wolf's and snakes they can be very dangerous when you don't have a family helping you. Then when you get to level 6 you can More have a babies and their adorable!πŸ˜„
Okay so its an AWESOME game but there is a funny little glitch so the glitch is that sometimes I see little baby chickens and thats not a big deal but the glitch is only THEY CAN FLYπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BEST GAME EVER!!! You have to get this game IF you really like foxes!!!
I love the game!!πŸ’œπŸ§‘. But I have some suggestions that will make your game go viral! 1. Realistic cartoony graphics so it doesn't look as a child game. 2. More detail for controls like looking around, sit,lay. 3. More bioms for exploration. 4.Details in the characters and animals to make them look much better. 5. Eye color options. 6. Character edits costum ears,tails,eyes,fur,paws and stuff . 7.New better looking skins and mystic glows. 8. Get pets. 8.chwsts to unlock new things.9. Dens.
This game is great from the sky to the water to the air and groud if you dont like it somethings wrong with you I bet you one billion dollars even more you,ll like it!
i cant save progress . but otherwise its fun. but i cant get far without the abalaty to save progress so i give this game 3 stars only.
I love this game. I think its really fun. The only thing is is that when you run and turn it gets crazy. But that doesn't mean i don't like it. I still love this game. When you walk it is fine. Also when u get the mission plz make the big green arrow smaller. I just think its too big. And another favor is to make their less things too glitch into. When i'm attacking it usually glitches into trees or something like that. And last favor is to make it so that u can decorate your mate. Thats all!
Why is there so many stupid ads...i really like this game you'v obivouly worked hard on it πŸ‘πŸ‘i love it when you meet the over fox and they work hard to help snd protect you😁i really recomend it ....i love it🀩🀩
I like this game though its weard they say its not for children because its not that violent but what ever im just going to keep injoying this game.
This game is amazed by me and we can make baby's on this game so yeah. Is this game fun? My brother is so happy because when he comes over he will be amazing
This game is not very necessary when you leave the game it restarts Your data and you have to do it all over again even you will lose your expensive money costed skins also the game is very slow not trying to be rude but is very slashy
I followed and rated, but I did not get the magical glow or skin. It also does not give me the hourly coin prize.
I like this game it kinda gives me an experience on what a fox lives like. Check out other simulator games the are pretty fun.
to easy. saw floating chicken. should make quest givers other foxes instead of humans. why humans in first place. should be able to customise family. baby should be able to grow up. why sheep not move. otherwise ok. great graphics. why humans blocky. also why can we kill bears. why eat own genus
Hello ! The game is really good so far, except for a few texture bugs and such. I wish for a multiplayer mode soon, it would only make it greater ! Although it's not the reason I put 4 stars. It would be great to add more content, and a storymode other than just quests. I'd also like to be able to create a game account ! Thank you dearly !
Ive always wanted to have a army and this is a great game. The pologon animations are very unique and cool. I love this game and i will never uninstall it :)
I like it a lot but it's pretty hard to turn the direction of the fox and some times when I'm running I go the wrong why and it's getting annoying πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’
I really love this game oh and btw i have a idea maybe can you make a pinguin simulator maybe but besides that i really love this game.πŸ’š
I love this game so much! Bc u can name them awsome names and have a cute fox family and i like the way you control the fox and they can also do fun missions and do it if u want on the game
Hi, this game is realy good but theres 2 isueses i found.Its realy hard to turn around(isuese namber 1),(isuese number 2)its hard to walk if you cant turn well,pleace fiks it.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ Have a nice day😜
I love this, i feel like a real fox that has to hide from other animals or so.This is amazing, Tip: most of your games are the same, once you upload an anther game can you please make it different and more well the best simulator you made and make it an eagle one to please.Thanks if you were reading this.
Best game in the world right when you start playing you get a mate and it's so fun I couldn't stop playing it!!
This is a good game! This game should get a 5 star rating because this game quality is good and ive been playing this game for 5 or 6 months now!
I love this game just can you make more! I love this game it's so fun please make more like can you like make one like your house dog and you can choose your gender like kind of like this one but a lot different okay I'm not saying it's bad... I love this game
Beautiful game, though it does need some more work done to it. For example turning the screen needs to be added or when turning around it's so hard. Also swimming while having family the family members run off untill I restart the game. I'm really expecting to see those in the future. This is the most beautiful most well done simulator I ever seen. Stunning graphics. I'm shook most graphics in simulators look like garbage but yours it complete beauty.
Good game but got boring real quick. All you do is just going around doing missions to earn gold and experience or killing animals and humans for experience. Just to level up, upgrade your fox and get family. That's it. I really like the game and I think you should add more activities to do so it would be more abundance and exciting.
it's a great game! the graphics are so cool, and you can help people work witch is not common in games and makes this one unique but there are some glitches though. for me you can't help move stuff it just takes you out the world please fix that and the controls take time geting use to that, but other than that it's a good game