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Forsaken World: Gods&Demons

Forsaken World: Gods&Demons for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. located at 60 PAYA LEBAR ROAD #08-43 PAYA LEBAR SQUARE SINGAPORE (409051). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game if you love when half the game is unplayable because the devs have no idea how to keep a server up for more than a day at a time. Seriously, half the content in the game had been locked out for days, because they updated their game. They show utter incompetence and still expect 50 bucks a day to stay relevant in power levels, total money grabbing joke of a game. Edit: you can pay an easy star recharge fee of 49.99 per star If youd like a higher rating! I'll use your own system here!
I love this game a lot, this is the first and only RPG online that I'm playing online since. I rate it 5 cause I really enjoying playing this game,I have a little request, please developers, please kindly increase the possibilities on lair to drop reincarnation artifacts, like me, I'm just a micro spender unlike others they spend much money butnfor me just cant afford it, I'm not competing to other players but please givebus a chance to be able to add our power just a li'l bit, thank you.
Would be an awesome game if they weren't so money hungry. I have been gaming since there were games to game in and I have never seen such a ridiculously expensive game. When you purchase anything it goes to the character NOT the account, so if you want vip benefits you have to buy them for each alt char. Nothing is interchangable on the same account, not gear in the warehouse, not member benefits, nothing!
Pay to win. Have individuals either cheating are spending over $5k ruining gameplay. All events are timebased/or entry based, as in they start at specific times in the day even 1v1 arena is entry based and 3v3 arena is time based and entry based and its cross server so you can end up going against the whales of the other server that spent over 5k on a mobile game. It's not worth entering at this point the company has showed no interest in closing the pay to win gap and having non event content.
Game makes 100s of servers, and corrals new players into the new servers so that the old ones die. My server is one of many that is basically dead. Only 1 guild, and only a few regular players. Can't complete or stand a chance in much of an mmo game especially the guild based events or cross server with nobody else to play with. Developers are unwilling to help in any way. Game is a huge cash grab, and the biggest pay to win I've ever seen. I deeply regret my money spent in here.
The f this game. Keeps crashing all the time and saying server disconnected even I have stable internet connection.
NOT FOR FREE PLAYERS! After server merge you are overrun with paid players that will 1 hit KO you and it wont matter how much u grind u will never surpass them. I played for 2 month now at lvl 149. Grinding like hell with 3.5mil power stats. And here comes a lvl 120 paid palyer with 8mill power and 1 hit KO me out of no where. This really killed it for me. So good bye!
One bad lag, two graphic glitches making it impossible to see the screen, three my messages ain't coming through and can't answer my phone when playing, I'm getting annoyed that if I switch over to text it restart my game kicking me out of dungeons and teams. also y'all have a Dev that is much more powerful then anyone else not cool. You need to fix the technical issues and make it so u can get things without spending an access of 50 dollars a day
I am uninstalling this game, i'm just wasting my data when i am downloading the resources it always goes back to zero percent its endless, until when will i wait for the download of resources to be done next year? May its not compatible to all smart phones. Please fix this.
That much personalization and the only female option is mage? Clearly there are some issues with misogyny with the devs. That's a no from me, don't care how good the game is.
Fun game but chat system ruins experience. There is a report and block option that does seemingly nothing as spammers continue to spam, keeping chat all but helpful. There isn't a way to turn off the chat to keep it from filling up the message area, so important messages are constantly missed due to constant spam.
It is a good game. In game purchase are very pricey in my opinion. If one play free and enjoy being the underdog, then its should be just fine. After certain level of achievement, the natural resources became non exist, not accessible and make one become redundent unless one join a guild. Not much of a solo playing in thia game. But overall I still like this game.
Before playing, look into social deception games, this game is being botted by a team of moderators on all servers, botting all classes, working in the shadows, manipulating all who play. Top players all are moderators getting game free at each reset for meeting server quota. They then share their loot with their alt accounts creating deceptive competition. When banner says they're topping up across screen, that's mods getting free items to make others spend more. Trust me.
I thought it looked cool when Google Play recommended it to me, and I don't mind struggling through paywalls as a f2p, but the thing I hate most is the auto play. It sends my character (why the hell can't I make a female rogue?) from quest to quest without my say so and won't even let me hear or see what each quest was all about before it cuts off onto the next. You can't explore features on your own, it plays out combat for you since you can't permanently turn off auto battle. This sucks.
The loot system is always as hell as it seems, on how the low chance of getting a good loot is very very low even though u have a high membership in the game. What a waste of time playing this kind of play. Still, it is a good game. Better not to play this game if you're not wasting your money spending for your character and gives ugly loots and so on.
You will hit a pay to play wall around 60-61 unless you like to grind kills with low exp for hours on end. I was getting constant system messages about players spending money. Graphics are decent, auto play like every other rpg on the market nowadays. Not a fan personally
This game is a pretty good one, the only thing I dislike about it, is you end up having to pay money to get anywhere, so if you pay the money to keep up but don't get on for 3 days, they'll take everything you paid for. #facts
Can't change the autoplay settings until you reach lvl 111. Ffs. Didnt "play" long due to fighting against the autoplay. Seemed typical for autoplay game. Looks ok. Char customization almost non existent, just minor tweaks to facial features. Bad English dialogue. Awkward movement/interaction controls.
After updating March 2, game errors everywhere. Reinstall the game and errors persist. Please fix this.
So I played for around 10 days now, lucky me I'm rank 1 in everything on my server without having to spend too much money. There are people who spent more money but they don't priorities there crystals wisely. The game is ok for now, it has lots of room for improvement. They lack a trading feature between players/guild warehouse/trade or auction where you decide what currency you want to sell your items for, and not the currency the game chooses for example soul crystals.
Good game..I wouldn't mind spending on game...but it's very disappointing when i bought a Commander gear pick from auction it was bug...as soon as I pick and click the item that I choose it disappear..I check mercenary but it's not in they're....I send a ticket for complaint, but a friend of mine said goodluck to my tickets because they dont check it...so iam worried I knew I only buy it for 30k bound Crystal's but imagine u can buy alot of improving stuff from it....
Broken more often than not, virtually no support (3 open tickets for missing items no response) and I've been blocked on FB for reporting unachievable objectives. Worst game companies ever
First off, WHAT A GAME! For a MMORPG of its size, Forsaken World is really diverse and open, with numerous possibilities. Game's very laggy when downloading (while you play which is unusual) but when it's not multitasking, Forsaken runs very smoothly. The character customization is superb though I wish you can change gender, and I like how you have an auto battle feature which you can toggle on and off at any time. I also play Dragon Raja and both games play the same with excellent content.
I enjoy the game a lot. F2p friendly but ofcourse p2w players will always have the advantage but f2p can catch up as long as u have decent teammates to party with. 3v3 is hella good. No lags and great rewards! Quest is auto as usual but other events are pretty much manual. Plus they have a pc client!
Customization was great and the graphics is amazing but I really am not a fan of the auto function, I can just literally look at it and do nothing, this is just like a game where your face can be like -_- when fighting monsters and bosses. What's the point of playing games like this when you just have to look at it and only tap for a few times? Might play more to see what more there is to see.
A feature of the game is buying recharge packages ranging from $1 to $100 giving Soul Crystals. The Soul Crystals are then used to GAMBLE at a chance of winning mounts/wings/upgrades. This system makes it so if you do not spend hundreds/thousands you WILL NOT get the upgrades. Those who can afford to spend obscene amounts of money become the strongest ruining all cross server events where they will always win causing them to be even stronger. If you can't spend hundreds I would avoid this game.
Me and my family have been playing this game constantly. Honestly I just left the game for the first time in a couple days. You can level quickly and meet cool people. I like it. Characters and outfits are also cute. Loli gunners are awesome. But I do wish I could pick race and it wasn't just the class. I wanna be a loli priestess but thats my only real wish
From 5 to 1.. This game make so much money, has so many glitches. Everyone levels up except us? 180. Also some words simple words are considered bad words like pass. Don't know why you can't do your Job with the money you make,either your to lazy or you don't care
This game needs improvement the controls and graphics. the storyline is great and the events and the pvp its enjoyable to play but the graphics and the fighting style of every heroes is a bit trashy if you just improve the game like black desert this game would be awesome i hope the next update would be cool enough.
new for this kind of game..but i see it entertaining..the graphics and gameplay are ok..for now im giving this 4 star..let's see what will happen while playing it..will change it to 5 star when there's no problems encounter..thanks
The graphics, game lore and classes are great except that it's another auto hack and slash game. I actually leveled from 1 to 53 in less than an hour, complete with unicorn mount, pet dog, and angel wings. Classic formula level up fast, pay to get stronger, make it look great! Nuff said
After update this game become trash in Networking so lag, I can't evenbplay well(Highly recommend if you up to an grinding RPG Open world. If you are no P2w players. You need to play wisely , and luck based on loot. The problem is too much competition even in lairs, mostly the most reason players quit and server became a ghost town. and Mostly the unbalance of classes job, in every event Ranger,Mage Excel all, warrior become weak, only at this game. Dunno what dev are thinking.)
It's alright I guess. But I'm a gamer so the forced auto quest thing ruins it for me. Even if you try to manually click the NPC it'll still force it's auto quest on you so everytime I have to move the joystick to cancel it out. Anyway on to the next MMO. Maybe I can find one without forced auto quest.
Looks good for couple weeks. It's impossible to catch server level. Its imposible to catch other players without paying $. You can't leave game for an hour if you want to stay with other players. Very demanding game to time and money. And after 2-3 weaks boring
It's a good looking game. Auto pathing and auto battle but won't auto accept rewards which basically makes the auto stuff useless. Very limited skill selection. In battle you get 4 attack skills and 4 semi supportive skills, 2 special. Auto battle doesn't use your special skills automatically which endgame will lead to your death pretty rapidly because game doesn't auto heal. Power growth is pretty rapid. Like 15 minutes you can gain like 100,000 power fairly easy if you are active questing.
Overall I like the story and the game. However, it is extremely detrimental and has caused my characters death that I randomly get switched onto auto battle after toggling it off, and there's no option to remove the auto battle ability. I feel like I'm missing a ton of the content because of auto pathing and auto battle.
Been playing for a while, the gameplay is fun. Two complaints not being addressed are: 1 - You can only go up 1 lvl a day, and 2 - the limited time event reward system. The daily limited time events, rewards the best items to the most powerful players, who do the most damage, kill the most players etc. This unfortunately creates an oppressive system, keeping the most powerful at the top and the weaker at the bottom constantly. The rewards should be random to all participants in the events.
Today was the day I was going to give this game 5 stars.....but not today. It seems when you spend money on something. They take it away. 3 days ago maybe 4 ( idk I was having fun) I spent money for a clan for me and my girlfriend and some others to play. Well it seems they will take your clan away for inactivity even though we were doing all the dailys on the clan board and killing thieves for 20- 30 minutes at a time. Now they want me to spend more money to recreate the same clan to start over
It could be a nice game with potential. However, to me personally it's frustrating that there are fixed genders on the classes. Very bad. Extremely annoying issue I have right at the beginning: why can't I delete my character? Asks for some redeem code. I registered with mail, but nothing. Any ideas?
At first all are nice but as long as i played it to much, i feel bored because of the auto quest and auto atk.. although you can cancel auto atk but it gets boring just by watching it move itself.. idk but is this a role playing game? I dont see it a role playing game.
I was originally excited about this game. However, once finding out that auto fighting was even an option, I immediately decided to uninstall the game. There is absolutely no challenge in this game at all. You do nothing but tap accept missions. Your character then begins moving toward the task and completing the task on his own. This is a horrible disgrace to rpgs everywhere.
The game is good and I suggest the game if you have nothing to do but the boring part is the daily mission and quest you must to do first of all after you do all the task you just go straight auto battle in auto battle maps to gain exp then tommorow do the daily mission again and then auto battle again, it's boring to do that every single time,next is the events where you need to buy stuffs just to get the rare equipment so you will be strong but how about the F2p players,anyway the game is nice
I can't even connect to a server. I tried logging out, logging back in, tried entering different servers in different locations, and nothing. Very disappointed because this looked like it could have been a really interesting game. So I un-installed and then re-installed the game, and I still cannot connect to a server! This is really frustrating. Guess it is time to forget about trying to play this game. Take my original 1 star rating and cut it in half.
10 minutes into it. It's all auto, controls and fighting is super slow, characters don't say what is written, storyline drags on and I hear it's a pay to play even to join guilds. Has major potential but not worth playing unless you just want to watch and not actually play since everything is auto. I would recommend darkness rises if you actually want to play. If you do, check my review before you install that as well. I am un installing this game. I know. That means you do that every time. Lmao
I pretty much enjoyed playing this game, it's just that guild players are camping on every boss lair dungeon. I think it will be better to limit the run on boss lair on every player every day so that solo players can get the kills on boss lair too..
It's fun to play, but it's more of a spend to be powerful game. There's a lot of players with weird superiority complexes because they are way more powerful than other players, when they have spent money to get most of their power. Which takes a lot of fun out of playing. Some of them are nice, and there is one high power player in my server that has gotten their power by playing the game and not spending money. Gameplay is fun, but fairly simple and not much of a challenge.
This is a really good game with great graphics and storyline, so well done on that! However, I'm not giving you 5 stars because I had this mage character, and I wanted to try rouge so I added a character and then realised that my mage character had gone. From my point of view, I think you should either put a warning that you would lose your current character or you should add more character slots. Thank you for reading.
Actually this game is fun and not complicated, but sometimes if playing more and more is getting bored. Especially while you aint a payer player. There's no bug on this game, i can play ultra graphic on SD720G, but it will getting bored if just play daily, may dev need some update or event is not just only the payer player 👍🏻
Glitchy. Ever since last update there is so much wrong with the game. Cant get into events that are going off at wrong times. Randomly not able to do the task set for you.
Overall i just love the game. The graphics is very good. I love the characters their looks n all. But cooldown for skills n especially the HP potion is too long. Also for a f2p player like me it's a bit hard to upgrade quality equipments n cannot activate some unique loots. But still it's a great mmorpg game.
This game rocks. Yes, there is auto, and yes, you can control it. Also, super powerful paid players are a thing so, if you NEED to be the strongest... maybe not for you. I do not have that urge, and simply enjoy the f... out of the game. The quest are fun, I'm regularly top 10 in my server, and I'm totally in love with my character. I have spent 15 dollars... just cause I wanted a specific outfit for her. My advice, give the game a GOOD chance and you might be surprised.
It's a fun game and I've only had one issue concerning bugs which was fixed in about a week after it started. Since the server merge there's been a new bug that gets on my nerves. This bug prevents me from getting crystals whenever and item is sold.....I would get the mail, claim the crystals and it will never increase the amount I currently have....I feel robbed!
Forsaken world was a game created by perfect world for pc. This game is NOTHING like that, but that's not a bad thing. I've played to level 120 so far and can say that its not a bad game. I haven't spent a dime and I'm top 40 in the server. If you play all the cool little events you power up and level up pretty quickly. That being said, the only "pay walled" content is the harder bosses.
Pukka game i'm using my phone to play and i enjoy it. Graphics, sounds, play is all cool. Definately worth the download & play. Control is a wee bit hardish due to you not always looking forward when moving so you don't know where you going unless you spin camera to direction you are going or want to go But thats just me, i like the camera swing and control its smooth. I played this on my pc & to tell the truth its easier to have a game controller than pressing keys on your keypad.
A cash grab. Customer service opt in game is bull and no help comes out of it. Updates simply makes the game buggy and is starting to push people away causing servers to constantly die.
Last update has a lot of bugs, some quest arent fulfilled because of it. Kindly check into it and have it fixed asap please
Enjoyed the game until it became unplayable and they refused to fix it. Made their money and moved on I guess. Disgusted by their lack of character.
have been playing for few months, enjoyed at first. But now with low retention rate and constant new servers to prop excitement..we almost got a bubble at some point. Too many leaving game, I might be soon since it's getting so buggy I'm assuming his big and maybe many servers it creates to pull you in
This game supposedly had a chance but I think there are class balancing issues. I play 2 class as celestial & oracle, somehow my celestial with more CP are more weaker then my otacle with less CP (the gap are so huge). Plus mostly oracle skills cd are faster then celestial
The graphics is good, the controls are smooth. I only notice 1thing, thers are some part of the game similar to Black Desert online..
Lairs need to be set to certain amount per day like wild bosses and cross server bosses give free to play change to get gear because it does not drop often if at for many days.
Amazing game!! It is fun and not really hard at first it gets harder when you get to lvl 50 but overall fun game and I find challenges fun!! Edit: I do sometimes have trouble logging in otherwise great game!! I would recommend it. Isn't fully a pay to win game it isn't to hard to get some good gear but not the easiest either, still fun tho!!
This game is a headache. At first it was a good game. Generic and similar to all the other mobile mmos out there. But after the "maintenance" or "update" it continually crashes and freezes. I can't get a solid 10 min game session in with being disconnected or booted out. This needs to be fixed. (This is also a very intensive pay to play game so if that isn't up your alley prepare to be last in everything)
I've been playing this game for sometime now and I am feeling more and more dismayed each day. Can't you do anything about the matching for 3v3 is king? Also, is it possible for you to let players use multiple dragon horns when enhancing RT gear? Don't be too focused on the P2P peeps. Help F2P guys as well. It's already hard enough to get stronger. How about listening to us once in a while?
Very good game but the limitation make it very hard to gain exp even after doing every events possible. Otherwise its a pc game!!
Game was good at first in the long run. I liked the missions and the bosses as well as a bit of the arena. However, I'm starting to feel a bit suspicious about the arena. During one of my gameplays, I fought an offline player whose cp was below mine. I am not sure what is going on but the opponent pulled high damage on me. Obviously, I lost because of it. I don't know if it is because of good stats/equipment that were hidden or from using a mod. Either way, the arena has become quite unfair.
Highly recommend if you up to an grinding RPG Open world. If you are no P2w players. You need to play wisely , and luck based on loot. You know I wish there was an Cross server trade, because my server have less ppl, mostly when I sell item no one buys it, even low price because lesser player. Please add an Cross server Trade. Fix the networking I'll make this 5 star, the game delay, watching YT is much faster than this game networking slow.
Games great, played for a month daily. F2p is fair, but you need to allow f2p more to do. It lacks efficiency. My friends quit on the 3rd day whereas I remained for a whole month f2p and then finally spent 150 dollars. I don't like how expensive it is to grow your character. I enjoy paying to improve my character, but I can't afford to pay to win. I dont know how long I can keep this up, but I'll always play f2p. Good game otherwise!
One thing I liked the most about this game, you don't have to pay to enjoy it. Althought players that are buying promotions naturally have the advantage and perks, you can still enjoy the game. Other games get you stuck and frustrated when you don't buy something from them.
I would give this 5 stars but the things that I hate in this game is u can't get rid of you pets.. I mean like I have another pet that I already had I want to get rid of it but I can't and you only have 5 max pet slot🤦 you have to recharge to get more🤦
i had problem joining the server but got in after many attempts .i just started playing the game i give a 4 star because starting the game is cool easy user friendly. the auto battle and quest is nice (play while am working) thumbs up for the makers of game.
It been 2 week an they still haven't fix the server. Half of the content doesn't work. They have time to put out new event but won't fix problem with the server. It not just 1 server that having issue multiple server is. This is one of the most pathetic customer support and tech support I ever see.
I love the game but the event are frustrating.I spend more than 12k to 20k soul crystal and yet I can't get the jackpot while others only spend a few and some spend just 90 soul crystal and they get it, the chances on getting good items is lesser the more your member number is high? I'm already member 11 and The boss drops are suck. while my guild members who are less member 2 or 3 got good items everytime we raid a boss. is spending on game make you less get good items or win less on events?
Beautiful graphics and storyline. Professional quality dialogs and audio. This is not a mobile, but a PC game. Lots of events to keep you interested. You can enjoy it as a free player. Sadly, only 1 gender supported/role :( Also, it seems last update is broken. It is stuck on updating resource files for hrs now. Can't enter the game anymore:(
Finally got an update but representative didn't review all the information please look into this further. change 1 star to 2 star if this gets resolved you'll definitely have me back in the game happy and playing. rate this 5 star if issue resolved. please have representative check all information of the ticket #8302793 still unresolved.
This is a Mobile and Pc game. I really enjoy it. Just wish there was faster ways to really get good gear.
I made it level 6 in 10 minutes and I didn't do anything. Where is the character control? Why are all these games just a story that forces you to watch. I want to build my character and choose what to do. I want to pick the skills from an available list, not have the game provide a skill every so many levels. I want to earn my levels, not have them given to me.
Beatiful graphics & cut scenes. Too many cut scenes not enough game play. What game play. Its all auto play. Majevthis a real game. Take the cut scenes down to a minimum. Oh yes, make the voice overs match the on screen text. What could have been a nice game, is just another boring cheap movie.
It's not p2w if you don't want it to be , the events the top person is referring to are specifically spending events. I've spent like 46 dollars and I'm 24th in power on my server if I hadn't spent it I would still be almost as far as I am with 6m cp. There are fun events that don't cost anything except time. And suprisingly there are very few bugs.