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Forgotten Treasure 2 - Match 3

Forgotten Treasure 2 - Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Anima_Games located at Россия, Нижний Новгород, 603086. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very enjoyable match 3 game. My only suggestion is to add a "match 4 in a square". Some other match 3 style games use it, and I miss it here. Also, I would usually instantly delete any app that features a video ad between every level, but I can tolerate it if I can hit the back button and move on (as it is with this app). Thanks, keep up the good work! 🙂👍
The graphics hurt my eyes. And I'm on level 49 and still dont know what each power booster is capable of, so they get wasted. Other than that it is ok. Not too many ads.
very very fun game. i love it. it gets a little more tougher as you go along but pretty easy and fun game to pass your quiet moments. keep up the great graphics. thank you.
I have given this score because I am only on level 13 and it is still early in the game but hopefully I will be able to change this as I get into higher levels and I can decide if I like the game or not.
the graphics are excellent, the game is very entertaining, practical free, I love it and buy coins only if I really what it, thanks for a honest game
A relaxing game, seems sooooo easy, and then, whoa, this is tougher than I thought. What l like most, it's not frenetic, no bells and whistles, just a really nice little game.
Love this game! It's challenging, untimed & makes me think steps ahead. Gives my brain a workout. My form of brain games.😁 Graphics are awesome & has never crashed in 7+ yrs of playing. I play the daily game & then catch up on newly added season levels.I'd like a way to exit to MAIN MENU w/out going to the next level, hit PAUSE & then EXIT. Too many steps. One developers change had an EXIT button on top. Wish they'd bring it back. I do like the new layout though. And NO ADS are the best!
It is not timed so it is relaxing. Ads are not overwhelming and can be bypassed when not needed for rewards. Works for me.
I enjoy playing because it is fun, challenging and few ads. So far, the game does't force you to buy coins to play. Great job.
Very addictive and fun to play it's got just enough going on in it to make it not too hard or not too easy, I play it to unwind so in it's own way it's meditative
Good game but I think when u say 'ceil' you mean "cell". The bonuses u get to destroy rows, columns, and the bombs are not very easy to see. You should make them more prominent.
Another match 3 game... good graphics, nice challenge. great until the ads get outta control, then uninstall and move on.
Enjoyable, relaxing, challenging- but not so difficult to be frustrating. Good balance of challenge and entertainment. Great graphics. Well done!
Forgotten! Treasure was played by me I don't have storage for game's I do not need so I got rid of it I know a record of game playing is showing up idont know or because I reject them ! But that convenient, because the one to be keep don't show up. Thanks u
I have really been enjoying this game. first time playing it.Now if i could find a way to make this senior quit playi ng i might to bed before midnight. Lol
EXCELLENT match-3 game! Graphics, music, and gameplay all combine to make an ethereal immersive experience. There are lots of match-3 games, but few are able to accomplish this successfully. This game does, and it draws me in again and again, passing over the numerous other ones I have in my game collection. And as a wonderful bonus, you don't need to spend money to play! I bought ad-free free to support devs, then haven't spent a cent since! This one is a keeper! 5 🌟s! Thanks devs!
I don't know who does the sound effects of music on this game but it sounds like there is someone "enjoying" himself a little too much during the sound effects. I'm pretty sure sounds of heavy excited breathing are not supposed to be part of the sound effects. Think you could change that? Am uninstalling until fixed.
Thought it was extremely easy and would be deleting!!! Took a few levels more than norm., this took lil over 20 levels. BUT I held in there and it's been worth it!!!!
This game is fun tbe graphics' are Phenomenal" it is very cballenging and education' great job ' in my opinion 'it can only get better'keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!
I have been playing for about a month, throughly enjoying the game. Hsd completed the different adventures and had just started the first season. It was great until the game was updated on the 8 Jan. Lost all my progress had to restart over. However now says game is not optimized for my device. Cant play which is extremely disappointing. My loss
match 3 game with clear ,sharp graphics and nice sound. Gets harder as you go, but that's what you want! The devs give a nice twist on an old standby. And best? Very few ads...and they are short..so have your snacks on hand as you level up!
I like this game but thought could do little better. It keep failing on a lot games that had on here.
suggestion - when we make a four gem row and get a bonus gem, this gem should more clearly be shown as special. I can't differenciate between normal and special as it is now, and so I fail to use them for my advantage.
Boring, repetitive gameplay, the extra gold button disappears as soon as you touch it...been playing this game for about 15 minutes and I'm already tired of it. Deleting...
a very fun game. and I'm really glad to see that I don't have to spend huge amounts of money to play it. quite beautiful and very rhythmic. what am I go to games when I need to de-stress.
Now; this is an introverts game! Good play! Reasonable challenges and they reward you well for the game. I love it! No annoying music and sound effects not over powering!
This is my most favorite game ever I love it love it love it you get to win it's challenging I love it I couldn't find it for a while and I changed phones and I found it and I've been hooked on it for days it's not good but it's good.... Sincerely keep it up. Adorable one
this game is really awesome!!!! this game is addictive but on some that you are playing how do you expect to get the bonus if you only have 6-8 tries very hard to do
good game, bright and colourful. moves along nicely. need more instruction as to what is actually happening.
This is the best game! Levels are just right in difficulty and perfect for unwinding after a crazy day. love it.
I just started playing this game a few minutes ago. I don't have much to say yet. it's a match 3 game that plays like a match 3 game. maybe in a few days I will have something to say but they insisted for me to write a review now so I did.
I would have given this game a 5 but after paying to remove the ads I find out that I am unable to mute the sound or the background music! I want to play this game without disturbing anyone and I should be able to mute the sound Update: the app allows me to turn the sound way down but I can't mute it.
Love, love, love this game! Great way to use your brain, yet, it's still fun and a great way to pass the time.
Nice game, so far. No time limit, no lives, it's relaxing to play. It's what I was looking for in a match three game. I will update rating later on.
Very nice matcher! Minor gripe: the game could use a more graceful exit path with a confirmation prompt. UPDATE: The game is great, nearly perfect, in fact. Lots of free gameplay options as well as the usual pay-to-win options. I did note a couple of buggable issues: 1. Switching devices and synching with my G-Play account works great, but the game allowed me to pull rewards from both devices, meaning I received double awards for the relics I collected in the "Forgotten Treasure" adventure--this is most likely not by design. 2. Choice of adventure doesn't synch across devices. IOW, if I complete an adventure and move on to another, that change isn't displayed if I change to another device. 3. Some of the English phrases and sentences make no sense (see the Pearl Cave for examples). You might want to work with a native speaker. This is not a criticism, just a possible way to improve the user experience. ...other than that, GREAT GAME!
Surprisingly fabulous! Took a little time to figure out all the different ways to play / win. After that, I was hooked!! Many different levels and great ways to get bonuses! Love this game!
I have about six match three games and yours is the best. very addictive and changeling great work hope you have some others like it or better
graphics effex are remarkable... very addictive to pass time. anticipating what will pop up next... so far😎😉 game on!
It's a little different, but I like that. I also like that you can pay to disable those annoying Ads. Thank You.
OMG! I'm so addicted to this game! I don't play any of my other games since I found this one. I also recommend this game to everyone I know. My girlfriend called me yesterday and said, "Why did you tell me about game! I can't get anything done for playing this game!" Sorry Sara. 🙂
I have enjoyed this game so much it is challenging but fair. I cant stand these games that you have less than 2% to accomplish it. And whoever added the ability to add 6 moves to finish it is a genius. Most of the puzzles you get down to one move and they say "out of moves"! Not this one it gives you a chance to recover instead of starting over using up your lives so that youll buy more!! I Love it and hope I can see it to the end.
8-20-2020/Here I go again! Had to reload the game so I could play again. I really like playing this game for the challenge, to pass time and enjoy the graphics. UPDATE-I am continuing to challenge myself, are you? I am truly addicted to this game and the challenge!
Seriously addicted! I have played until all the rewards were collected, uninstalled and then reinstalled the game 😀 Just try the game, I think you'll be addiction as well!
This is soooo relaxing! Even the "re-dos" aren't 'omg do I have to?!' Very nice game. Knocked a star off because of the ads but no complaints otherwise. Thanks for creating such a great way to waste my time!😄
Like this game, but the levels are all starting to seem the same..Needs different challenges after a year of playing it, time to make some harder levels.
fun, not too many ads, great graphics but not freaking insane so that your eyes start to hurt, idk what it sounds like cuz I turn that feature off.
There is nothing that I would change. Installed the game late in the evening and before I knew it, it was almost 1:30 in the morning. The ease of the game, graffic's is outstanding and how quickly you can collect coin is awesome. Thanks 👍 for a great game!
Just started playing so far so good. Now I did have to update just before this rating and I haven't been back so can't say how that goes. I do like that sometimes you can go two levels without an add. Just not always. I would recommend this game!
I am really enjoying the game. The graphics are incredible! The game itself is just challenging enough to keep you thinking about your next move. I am looking forward to going up in levels & finding out what secrets the game has for me.
So much fun. Love this game. I just can't get enough of this game. I spend hours playing it. Everyone should try it. This is the most amazing game.
One of my favorites for sure. I can play it over and over. Makes u focus before playing your next move. Plan your Strategies to win.
It's a great game for the brain. I guess my only complaint is I am left handed and when I swipe the game mis reads them and causes a grrrr into the game
really like the game have had no problems so far. i like the concept and easy play . its relaxing to sit back with a cuppa when you have spare half hr. only draw back is the ads but at least they shut off easy (unlike some games which make u watch them). thank you lovely game .
I play a lot of 3 match games. They always ask for money after a level or 2. I really enjoy this game because they don't ask for money all the time. I am 68 years old and on limited funds for fun. Thanks
I've enjoyed this game so much I down loaded it twice , but I want to get my rewards from the other phone😄😉