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Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FM-Studio located at Via G. C. Amidano, 25 43124 PARMA ITALY. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I started with Forgotten Hill:Fall and now here I am, downloading the whole series because I want more! I love the story line, graphics, the creepyness and all. This one has the same vibe with rusty lake game. Highly recommend both series!
Creepy... Good ideas. Great atmosphere... But... The game is way too short and feels like it's always go there, find an item plus a clue, wash, rinse, repeat. Nice try in comparison to most android games in this style... However, I still prefer to play old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games (puzzles are still awesome today in old RE and SH 1 to 3). The major prob is that you end up with so many items and uncompleted puzzles, you have to watch ads to know what you should do next... But good try!
Lost my save 2xs, bell puzzle would not give me the brain on 2nd play through. Overall negative experience
Couldnt get the puppets arms and legs in the right place even though they were. Adverts galore, more adverts than game play. Uninstalled
Atmospheric and interesting. But is there only one ending? Before the end there is a certain place where you can get a hint "something is missing", but I honestly can't think of anything else to do... *confused*
I completely recommend this one. The storyline and gameplay is amazing. Try the whole series in fact. It blew my mind. It's free and doesn't have adds other than if you want to take hints. Which is absolutely fine. And their website is very informative. Loved it. 😍
Good game and storyline. Although at some part of the game when you click on some things it wont let you. You have to login the game again in order to work.
The part with the puppet i think when you get the pieces right they should freese in place like i should not have to take a screen shot of the poaster and try to replicate it to the particle to beat a puzzel .
Great game, definitely engaging. Please give hints outside of task. I had to go to the walk through to figure out what to do next, but a hint would be more help. Great games overall though.
This game ROCKS! All of them really. However this one and Surgery were the two where I understood that game play and how to maneuver through the game. I truly have enjoyed the series of Forgotten Hill. I hope there will be more!
Get out of here with the puppet pose, man! I'm not going to put on a pair of binoculars to get that pixel-perfect! Uninstalled.
I highly recommend the Forgotten Hill series to any point and click game enthusiasts... Completely free with no hidden fees or pay to play gimmicks. The puzzles are challenging with unique graphics and creative storylines. Can't wait to play their other games!
This one was fun, also quick. Scared the life out of me a couple times. I am enjoying your series, and if you ever make a full length game I soooooo want to play! ^.^
I didn't get on with this one, and it's where my FH playthrough stopped, some tasks just too obscure for me.
Very cool game, I'm a fan of the Forgotten Hill series and have passed 2 of them already. The puzzles are tricky but not too hard to solve. The environment feels more disturbing rather than scary, a bit like Felix Colgrave. Only thing I didn't like was the character's voice in this one. He sounded like a younger Rodney Dangerfield, which killed the mood for me. Good thing he only spoke in the beginning and the end. Solid game and I'm off to the next. Keep it up guys!!
good overall; a little annoying when ads pop up in the middle of clicking the game. puzzles were solid.
I was enjoying it up until the puppet on the strings. I knew exactly what to do but it seems the position of the puppet has to be soooooo precise that I couldn't get it. Had to uninstall because there was no option to skip over the puzzle.
An interesting game! The setup is creepy with occasional jumpscares, dark gloomy visuals & eerie soundtrack add another dimension to the experience! The gameplay is a little stiff, other than that, an enjoyable horror experience!
Another fabulus game from the Forgotten Hill series, as usual its gory, bloody, strange, confusing and fabulus, great fun to play and is not that easy, well worth playing, plus its a long game!
Can't give a better rating yet as I paid for the full version, but I still have the ads version with hints locked. The previous game was excellent so very disappointed with this
Recommended by players from the same click and play genre games like Cube series. Liked the gameplay. Logical puzzles and a good time pass Following the series. This is the SECOND in the list(Chronological). Just like the first one, Ample hints and clues around to keep engrossed. THE EERIE BG MUSIC IS AN ADDED CHARM to this game 😆👍
Exceptional storyline and graphic! Pleased to see some horror antics. This game kinda reminded me of rusty lake which was really unbeatable but none the less I love forgotten hill series and this was my 2nd ep.
Liked the graphics, but no real plot. Puzzles were ok, only a few semi-challenging. Got through without encountering ads! (huge plus)
this is puzzle and you find the other things good game this game is horror so i scared good musics and graphics
Well done graphics. Clever. Visually too dark. I found myself squinting a lot to try to read small things (most of which were for ambiance and not necessary to solve the puzzle) and I'm nearsighted so it was due to the darkness not the small size. I get that it was a dark sort of setting but a little brighter or more contrast please.
Didn't know how to reply so just changing my review. I didn't realise there was another step. Cool game.
Creepy-Cute, spooky, circusy. Some puzzles were harder, but that's no ones fault, the mechanism is random, sometimes you got lucky. Nice choice for October.
I liked this one a lot more than Fall. It was a nice length and definitely has a vibe that reminds me of the Rusty Lake games. The occasional creator running past a window and such was a nice creepy addition! It definitely had me feeling a little on edge throughout!
Downloaded 3 of these and have tried 2. For me, they are far too precious. Puzzles are too contrived and too obscure and mostly just make no sense even WITH a hint. For some that's a challenge, for me it's just precious. I'll try #3 but I have little hope. The comparison has been made with Rusty Lake. Some of those make little sense but there is a logical progression. Which these seem to lack.