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Forgotten Hill Mementoes

Forgotten Hill Mementoes for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FM-Studio located at Via G. C. Amidano, 25 43124 PARMA ITALY. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the best escape type game I've played. The puzzles were tricky but not hard enough that I wanted to stop playing. It's long too. Not your normal click a couple of times and your out type. I love rusty lake, their games are amazing. But this game was terrific. I've played some other forgotten hill and didnt like them but this one I loved. Great job.
best feature of this game its lenght in play. it is quite similar in game play, and even a bit more sinister in story line; to the rusty lake games series. absolutely loved the creepy vibes & point & click style play.
Sometimes you have to change location a lot to figure things out- that's when the ads get really annoying!! But I didn't purchase the ad free version. Other than that I loved it! Creepy, a bit gory, dark and intriguing! Great for a free to play all the way through game!
Some puzzles are a bit of reaching & guessing game, which can be annoying. Also some items are obtained too early which misled me into thinking it was relevant to solve current puzzle so I was going back and forth on stuff that i could just ignore. I suggest the creator to put more planning on the puzzle timeline, that would make the game more enjoyable. But overall I still enjoy the game. 3/5 + 1 star for long gameplay. I like game that keeps me occupy for a long time & i dont mind the ads.
Ads pop up every time, but well game is free so just be patient and support the developer.. and it does not really interrupt my gameplay. As a person who enjoys horror, this is something really good for a game. Thumbs up.
Way too much ads. Some puzzles seem have no logic. Other than that good puzzles. As everyone said too much back and forth, sometimes it gets boring.
4 and a half stars. This is my favourite in the series so far. Great game, creepy graphics, good story, good controls. What more could you ask for!
Hey, please fix the scaling bug in this app. I'm a fan of forgotten hill series but I'm unable to play this one as the whole game gets reduced to a tiny rectangle at the bottom left of my mobile screen. I can share screenshot/logs if required. I will revert this rating once I'm able to play this. Thanks !
Putting "something is missing" over and over again is not a clue. If you're really stuck telling me that isn't helping. I have having to watch a walkthru just to move on.
Definitely worth 5 stars. A long escape puzzle that doesn't repeat, the puzzles made me think, and there's interesting and useful lore in game. Didn't notice any translation or grammar mistakes (those tend to ruin the experience for me) so extra kudos there.
It is a fun game! But I have a glitch, on mischief night you have to use the sword on the tree in another house. There is no tree at all I am lost as to what to do Every walkthrough I've seen has the tree in a pot Help??
One of the best point and click games I've ever played, the puzzles make sense if you think about them and the storyline is really good. The graphics are beautiful and fit the tone. Love this game although the ads are sometimes annoying but hey it be free
Some of the puzzles dont make sense...and some are just ridiculous, but, for a free game, its great. I made it through without any hints...and I'm dumb. Really long, too.
Controls are simple. Ads are frequent and do unterfere with gameplay as I needed to restart the app whenever an ad popped up in order to unfreeze the game. Airplane mode bypasses ads. The game itself is too violent for me and I would have liked to see some type of warning in the description. If there is one already then I must have missed it and I apologize.
The game could be fun if the art was a little bit better, and the puzzles were actually explained instead of having to watch an ad to find out the puzzle rules, some were pretty obvious, but quite a few were too cryptic to get on your own.
A very strange quest, but brain teasers are logical enough. Some pixel hunting, but not to much. The most annoying thing is that sometimes you have to think like an author and their thoughts are not always simple to understand.
Really good game but after i beat the third area it would show an ad and whenever the ad finished and i closed it the game would crash. Please fix this i would love to play more.
Took a while to get into it after playing other escape games the things it wants you to do are different. But it's brill and stick with it as it's really long too. Difficult enough to keep you interested not too difficult you give up. The hints are useful - free if you pay, videos on free version. Take a paper and pen to write clues down you'll need for later.
This one is probably my fav that I've played so far! It was long enough and kept me engaged. I did run into the occasional bug (especially with ads kicking me back to the main menu), but overall it was enjoyable.
A delightfuly macabre mystery puzzle game with good imaginative artwork, characters & style. My problem is with some of the puzzles. Some puzzles have no rhyme or reason or are so far outside the realm of possibility that you'd have to be an idiot savant to figure it out & are impossible w/o using a walk thru video since the hints don't give you hardly any help at all. The ads got considerably worse halfway thru the game after you're invested in it.
Really challenging! I had to look at a walkthrough a few times to get on track woth how to solve a few puzzles. Dark, macabre, spooky, little bloody... but occupies you very well.
Sadly this game also doesn't work on Pixel 3 XL. Completely unresponsive. That 3 that don't work so far.
Really impressed with gameplay, considering this is a free game (with adverts) I was impressed with the amount of games and puzzles you have to work through. I love these types of games and there were a few that stumped me, which is what you want!
Great game, the puzzles were challenging and fun. I only had one issue with the pumpkin---it disappeared after it grew and I don't know where it went. The vine was still there though! Oh well, I will start over at a later time because I do like the game.
This game is superb. I would like to give 5 star but there are to many adds in this game so, I am rating it only 4 star.
Fantastic game, enjoyed everything about it, just wanted to say well done developers well deserved 5 stars from me.
The puzzles, the graphics, the eerie atmosphere; everything was going great, until one of the puzzles opened up, where you've used the deities of six ancient religions of the world. Religious beliefs might be a joke for some people like you, but you must never hurt someone else's beliefs. This thing is enough to show, that you don't possess some common sense. You were supposed to make a game just for fun. But, instead of that you've insulted ancient mythological beliefs.This is unacceptable.
Extremely interesting and those with a knack for the preternatural will find it very good. I was not able to overcome the last level and was not able to restart. Very good experience nonetheless. Dont be fazed by it's graphics, it just adds to the element of horror.
Good storyline, art and puzzles. The puzzles were really fun because at times they were very challenging..but there were also some puzzles that were so hard that i needed to look on YouTube for help which i don't mind. The only thing that was annoying is how many ads there were.
It's bad enough when a game makes you walk back and forth, but adding ads to that process is just too painful. Some of the games were glitchy, and restarting them was a pain.
NOT A GOOD GAME FOR CHROMEBOOK. The game works on chromebook, until the 4th story where you have to naviagte different houses by sliding left or right. I was able to get through some of the first house until I got a key that didnt go anywhere. When I tried to go to the other houses I got stuck on the wrong house and couldnt get back to the original house or the other houses. PLEASE fix this and make it so it's possible to slide through the screen on a chromebook. I was having so much fun! :(
The hints are poor. There is not much direction on how they intend things to work/move. So far, it's just clicking, no dragging. Makes moving more difficult. The art is good.
Not intuitive. Im a big fan of puzzles, but this game doesn't follow logical puzzle solving rules. I find myself pixel hunting to try to progress the story and it ends up boring me .
My only complaints: ended super fast and glitched out a couple times. All around this was an incredible game, I had a blast playing it today! I plan on trying any others you guys have! ^.^
Absolutely fantastic! I love everything about this game. It's spooky, challenging, with nice graphics and the stories are great.
Looks good, creepy. The stories aren't all great but the graphics I think make up for it. I only had some issues in chapter 5: please add a hint that lets you see that you need to be in a different house, because i had to look up a walkthrough :/
The story line is ok and loosely based on the other forgotten hill games. I wish that there was a more developed storyline. Some of the things that you need to do are just insane in the fact that its almost impossible to figure out the next step sometimes. I had to go to a tutorial video multiple times to find out what I had to obtain or do next. Also not nearly as scary as the others. In the end, an ok game but definitely a letdown if you like the secrecy and conspiracy of forgotten hill.
Great but imo needs a bit more response on the tapping. Like, if u can't work a puzzle, the person would say something like "maybe i should do it the other way" or "i need to think outside the box" or anything that gives a tiny hint.
Way too many ads. There should only be one after each chapter. Also these people cant even finish things correctly. Some puzzles don't have to be done to reach the end. Also also, the story sucks
Lot of glitch.. especially in 4th story where you have to move the mask from one slot to another.. masks disappear..
Played all the way through. Loved that some clues had clues to other puzzles. Not too many ads. Game did crash several times when leaving one location to the next. Ad would play game crashed. Overall enjoyable game
This game is very similar to the Rusty Lake games; aside from the annoying ads. However cant complain considering its free, & the ads are worth it for the amount of game play. Love the puzzles, & that it has a fun super creepy/horror theme, along with a grim story line.
story line is quite scary and disturbing...but the graphics and gameplay is good.... unlike other games where u can stuck for hours ... here its hard at some points but yes you will get the clue in the game itself ... 4 kids preparing for Halloween treats for their fathers and their masks .. keep yout headphones and vibration mode onn... coz it cannot be great without it .... love it keep making good but less disturbing game
Puzzles are neat, but a little too much required for a few to even know where to start. While the rooms are nicely detailed, it is a bit too dark and difficult to make out certain details. Sound was nice at first, but became repetitive fast. Vibration was unexpected. One puzzle had an annoying glitch which required me to restart it multiple times (late in game had to make pieces fit on a board). Dark story. Ads were fine in beginning and made the game almost unplayable at end.
A little bit frustrating in a couple of places but otherwise a fun game to play. If you're looking for gruesome, gorey, downright unnerving and creepy, this is a game to try.