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Forgotten Hill: Fall

Forgotten Hill: Fall for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FM-Studio located at Via G. C. Amidano, 25 43124 PARMA ITALY. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love F.H. games, but I hate flashlight style gameplay. A puzzle game should just show all that is available on the screen.
Its overall just a poorly put together game and a thirf of the puzzles have no relevance to their answers leaving you no choice but to look up the walkthrough except the walkthrough doesn't usually have what you need unless you feel like paying six dollars for it. Definitely do not recommend.
Short and sweet adventure game with some minor psychological horror aspects. If you enjoy the Rusty Lake series, you'll love Forgotten Hill.
I want to like this game, but it feels less like a puzzle game and more like an annoying game. The darkness was really unnecessary, i ended up turning my screen brightness to max so I could see normally. You can't have a puzzle game, even a horror puzzle game, with hidden items, where you can't see. Instant death was also annoying. It has potential, but it's wasted.
Recommended by players from the same click and play genre games like Cube series. Liked the gameplay. Logical puzzles and a good time pass Following the series. This is the first one in the list. Ample hints and clues around to keep engrossed. THE EERIE BG MUSIC IS AN ADDED CHARM to this game 😆👍
I'm a general fan of this sort of game. The puzzles were simple and entertaining. Personally it's a download, complete, and delete as I don't find these generally replayable.
Couldn't figure out how to turn to a different wall. Not sure if I'm missing something or the game is glitched. Will continue to click on everything available until an answer shows up or I determine the game is unplayable. Wish me luck... Edit: Turns out an empty hand is important sometimes...
Darkness in the game is annoying. Overall, the game is not appealing to me. I do like games similar to this, but I didn't get too far until I got stuck and lost interest. For me, capturing the gamers interest, then throw in some harder puzzles. I would say if the darkness wasn't in the game from the start, I would have had more of an incentive to play further. Interest was lost way too soon. Maybe having a tutorial added my have helped because I feel like I've missed something in the game.
Even on galaxy s8 it's so hard to see anything. The script writing makes it hard also. Not worth almost $7 to get all hints. Uninstalled and will try the next. It's their first game so I'll give benefit of the doubt. Hope the rest of FH is better.
I love this game!!!, great story with a great twist with some jump scares, there are ads in places but remember it's free, But thanks to the creator's for making this series and cube escape and the rusty lake series and cant wait for the new chapter Forgotten Hill Disillusion, but great games thanks for reading this and hope you enjoy this series .
OK game, but quite possibly the most blatant rip off of Rusty Lake on the internet. Even the dev's website looks like Rusty Lake's.
I honestly didn't enjoy this one, but you have to give the first in the series more leeway, so I plodded on and completed it in one sitting, but due to the overall lights off aspect, with too many hints needed. I feel like I should like it, but I just can't. If you do play this, that's a plate in the cellar, bottom left, not a rock.
I've been playing these games for the last few days so this review applies to all. First up the ads at random moments are really frustrating when trying to get from one room to another (to the point I'm going to uninstall all of them). Some puzzles are fun, some are downright horrible. I don't mind watching an ad for a clue but the first clue should be free as it usually tells you something you already know.
It was a good game. Some parts was a bit annoying because it takes few clicks to get the item which creates the illusion that there was nothing there. Overall it was a fun game.
Great! Not too easy. All puzzles can be solved without hints (yes, they can!) but you have to really pay attention to the available clues and work it out! Nice 'n creepy! Especially good ambient sound and sound effects (use headphones for extra spook-factor) Was a lot shorter than I expected though. Luckily there turns out to be a series of these games by the same makers. More please!
Great game! This was my 4th in the series, and I am not disappointed. Downloading "Disillusion" as I write this.
Fantastic!!! all the whiners who give this negative reviews are idiots. Clever game, great graphics, scary in all the right places. Make moreeee gaaames!!!!
Ads were far worse than the first, and the puzzles did not make sense - some were like asking us to guess what number the designer was thinking of....
Doesn't work on Pixel 3 XL. The screen is completely unresponsive right from the splash screen so couldn't even try to play it.
Would give 5 stars if the hand would come up in the graveyard. Fix this bug and I'll change my review. Otherwise, great game.
Pretty short, but nice. I wish it were longer, but it was good otherwise! I both love and hate you guys for the Spike scare - I hadn't noticed there was a vibrate feature to toggle on and off, so Spike literally made me throw my phone! Fortunately, I was sitting on my bed, so no damage done :)
About 1 hour of gameplay total, but was fun and challenging. The code should DEFINITELY have a more concise hint. I screamed a few times lol few glitches here and there but nothing horrible. ^.^
Good game love this game and I finally found the 1st forgotten hill get this app puzzle were hard but I got it by walkthore everyone download this game flashlight I like it 5 stars keep up good work make a 2nd one
Annoying. Dumb puzzles. Dark and hard to see; the small light following your hand is your only source and it totally sucks. Hints won't play, puzzles won't complete when solved. Save yourself a wasted experience and skip this buggy, obscure mess.
Horrible graphics, gameplay. Ads pop up like crazy. Uninstalling and going to play some other puzzle games with more depth.
love all of these games , I've been playing them one after another recently lol , they're fun for car rides or whenever your bored in general
This game is amazing and very fun to play. Though very short, its very impressive. The puzzles were very interesting and the jump scares were very clever. But the one thing that bugged me a lot were the controls. I had to tap on an object multiple times to get it selected and it was very annoying. Also I would suggest you to improve the artwork of the game. The artwork seemed quite off beat as compared to the game. Despite these elements, it was a fun game to play
Not bad, short but puzzles are logical and solvable. UI is like Rusty Lake's games. For some reason, I still prefer Rusty Lake, but I already finished all their games, so this is not a bad alternative.
Hard to play on a phone! Even with the brightness all the way up. The small details are very difficult to discern. Would be awesome if the game featured zoom in.
I really loved this game. Creatively challenging but not impossible to solve puzzles and amazing graphics with no hidden fees or pay to play gimmicks... The only trouble I had was with some of the game controls that were a bit glitchy at times. Overall, great game!
Mediocre at best. The amateur graphics could be forgiven if the game was intriguing. Some of the puzzles are decent, but most were forgettable. The last door code, however, was beyond me. I'm still not sure I get it. I imagine they were going for a Silent Hill vibe, but missed their mark. The ads are outrageously long, but the $1.99 ad-free price tag is about $1.98 too expensive. I don't understand the comparison to Rusty Lake at all. Extra star because that ghoul kid is creepy.