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Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library

Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FM-Studio located at Via G. C. Amidano, 25 43124 PARMA ITALY. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but more difficult than previous ones in the forgotten hill series. I just spent a lot of time clicking randomly especially in the beyond chapters, and not everything made sense to me. The other forgotten hills (especially the first) were the perfect level of challenge. This had very little clues to help you and was too difficult so I needed to consult the walkthrough at times which took away the sense of accomplishment. Still a good game especially the free part.
An extremely novel approach in that I had to play the game all the way to the end of the predictable map and then play it again backward! I love it.
Yet another excellent game from FM-studio's Forgotten Hill series. I was so excited to play it the second I saw it. Suffice it to say, it did not disappoint me. The element of mystery was nice, but the horror could've been better. The puzzles were a bit harder than the previous games, but they were still tricky and fun. The ending was also satisfying. Makes me enthusiastic for the next part and the continuation of the story.
These games have been my favorite!! I love the story line , the suspense, the graphics everything about the games ... When is the new game going to be released?? Portrait of an Obsession??
Great game, took me hours to complete and didn't get boring. Highly recommended if point and click games are your thing. Some nice puzzles, nothing too challenging
Fantastic addition to the series. A few minor sound bugs, but otherwise great. The last puzzle definitely stumped me until I started thinking outside the box. Very cube-like, but a little more spoopy.
My opinion on the earlier Forgotten Hill game was not so good. But i keep playing following the order of the games, and they just get better. The developer really improves a lot on the puzzle & functionality. I also love the plot. They made Disillusion as the paid full version of the series at the right time. It really deserve to be a pay-to-play for all the hardwork the developer put to improve the game.
Not sure if this is a bug but game controls often wouldn't work. Couldn't pick stuff up or move them. Thought at first that's part of game but then if I restarted the game suddenly controls worked. It seemed random too when it would work. Would have liked to play it through but was too frustrating cuz of buggy controls.
I loved the other games they put out so was looking forward to the latest in this series. Started out good, but you don't get far before you're locked out and have to pay to play. Too bad.
Don't be fooled. You will have to pay to play. This is just a lite version. You only get one level free. Then you have to pay for the rest of them. I agree that their hints are awful. It's always "something's missing". Well, duh. There aren't hints of how or where to find it.
Nice demo, now I'm just going to wait for more freebies, or watch videos of the rest (text walkthrus are also good!!)
This game is brilliant, it is not so simple as other forgotten hills games, it is long and challenging and really interesting. Of cause you must complete it without any hints or walkthrough or otherwise you fail to verify your iq level. Yes, the game is ideal, though it crashed after the devil game with maniac, but I found how to workaround it.
Gets u bored quickly.. Filled with puzzles but no story what so ever.. Doesnt feel like an adventure or trying to reach somewhere.. Just puzzles. And dont get rewarding sensation after finishing a puzzle.. Most of the tine you are left not knowing what to do with no hints.. So u will jump to youtube to check on hints.. Overall game needs a lot of planning and writing.. Gets boring very quickly.. Better stick to rusty lake games
the cube escape: paradox is similar to this but better. not bad. the storyline is ok but it lacks impact. great job to the developers though for the great graphics. the game also lags frequently so maybe work on that. edit: added more
A simple game with decent level of challenge. For a forgotten hill game the creepy dial was turned way down. What it is not is worth $7.99, 5 yeah maybe but 8 definitely not.
Regular in ah good way. A throwback. An old board game you find in a dusty attic. Fun, but yesterday.
Nice teaser for anyone willing to buy the game, and nice short game for anyone who wants to try the Forgotten Hill series. I did feel that I have to play all the other games again so that I can better understand the connections between the each game.
First game of Forgotten Hill I played and it was very good. Please give hints outside of task. I had to go to the walk through to figure out what to do next, but a hint would be more help. Great games overall though.
Enjoyable, long, well done game - very challenging and unique. Requires some real thought. I don't usually use walkthroughs but I used them several times for this one. Only a few puzzles were thoroughly confusing, the rest were just tricky and creative. I would recommend it, especially if you've played a lot of puzzle games and are looking for something entirely different.
I enjoyed this quite a bit. There were a few puzzles where I can't figure out how one was supposed to find the answer, though (even after watching the official videos on them). Otherwise, I liked the length and feel it was well worth the cost!
Great concept & unique graphics. However, file cabinet puzzle in first chapter makes no sense...even after seeing the answer in the walkthrough video! How is anyone solving this...and why did you put something so cryptic in the middle of relatively easy puzzles? Makes me question buying the full game.
I have absolutely loved all of the Forgotten Hill games so far. I just wish I could play the second chapter. Keep up the great work!
Definitely liked this one the best out of all of the games. Pretty long game. Wish there was a quick map jump feature, it gets a little tedious going from room to room especially if you forget where a particular room is. But I love the alternate reality aspect and playing a whole second game essentially with it.
Very fun and engaging point and click puzzle game! Puzzles are quite challenging at times and require you to take time to work them out, and the game has a nice, creepy atmosphere to it. One of the better puzzle games on mobile that I have played.
Exceptionally challenging, hard puzzles, adult storyline, awesome game. Well worth the twists and turns. Fun.
Unfortunately i cannot pass because in second part of the game nothing is loading. I saw the walkthrough and that must be second minigame "man against the demons". I paid for pathless game. One star.
Absolutely fantastic! What a mind blowing game! Keeps you thinking and confused at times but well worth the thought process & $ Please bring more like this.
Like other Forgotten Hills game series this one too was very good. And I can say puzzles are really improved than the previous games. There's a good balance between puzzles and horror in the story now that makes it more enjoyable. Also it's just the first chapter of the game and you should pay for the full version of the game to play it.
It has pretty good graphics, but whenever I am lost and think I'm doing things right, it doesnt work, so when I press the '?', nothing happens! I need a hint but there is no way to do it. The oven doesnt work for me and I am NOT having the best experience. I love games like this, but this one I don't really like. It would be great if someone could fix this.
I can't believe I have not found these games b4 now I HV been looking for some that were more challenging and who cares to pay especially when it was wonderfully long my only 1 negative would b if you do need a hint Wich I prefer not but in case the clues would tell me something that I had already done ..but still amazing in every way
I've enjoyed all the Forgotten Hill games so far, including this one. However the in-game clues were not as helpful as in previous games. As a result there was a lot of running around and random clicking. Unlike prior games, I actually had to get help from online searches. Also, many things I expected to be able to interact with, at least at some point, were just nothing. Still the usual dark, twisted, random jumps I expect from F.H., but it could've been better. Hopefully the next is up to par
I LOVED THIS!! best as always I love how this turned into a series with puppeteer asylum And really I love tge graphics and effects and the horror I cant wait for more
Graphics were okay, but hints did not work for most of the game. Not logical steps to progress, plot did not feel fully developed. Momentos was better.
I love the game, am hopelessly stuck in the aquarium museum. I may have to just call it a day and give up. I simply cannot precede. Too bad , because had a lot of fun up till now.
A good horor game im playing its different series since 2018 , just one thing improve ur stories a little and launch them in less times . One of the best games ever played
Nice and creepy but too many puzzles wered pulled from ass, quite literally and involved literal feces. Also too much moving for a mobile game. The main idea withe the camera was quite original but after some time it was just annoyin because the search space was too big.
This was incredible and it was very long which was excellent for a horror point and click!! The story was grippingly twisted and I can't wait for Forgotten Hill: Witch Hunt
Best game i have played in a long time, its funny, scary, gory, confusing, easy, hard plus so much more and, it go's on and on and on. Brillient game, so worth the money.
The first free chapter is great!! It seems like this is another amazing work of FM-Studio. I really love the forgotten hill games and I thought of buying the game, however I believe the price a bit high. If the developer would give the choice of watching advertisement to be able to move to the next level, that would be a great option. If you've played one of these games before and don't mind paying £4,59, then most probably you will enjoy this game.