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Forged Fantasy

Forged Fantasy for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
How u can be so rude to make so huge paywall in game like this .there r 36 heroes,no skins ,game is empty I have bunch of energy but idk where to use it ! If u want if this game dies then just continue like u doin rn or start making new heroes new content and after go for yr paywall dont be hothead
I like the game it's similar to dungeon hunter champions but your heros level up with new abilities. The only thing I would change is i dont like the fact that when using ranged heros if you press attack button it automatically aims at each enemy with assistance. I'd prefer if it was all manual because the auto aiming takes the skill away. also I wish you could physically move your characters. Everything is a bit to auto path for me and missions are too short. but it is fun for a short time.
Great game and I love that the Jackal character was used in a crossover to another great Hothead game- Hero Hunters!!! Keep up the good work everyone at Hothead games!!
Great Game. Ads are optional, which really makes playing this game a bar above everything else. I hope to see it expand. I enjoy this game and hope to continually enjoy it as it progresses. It'll be interesting to see what these game developers come up with next. I am very impressed. Only down side is, I've noticed when I play against certain people... I'll be a couple seconds from winning during PVP and my screened character will completely freeze up. I also can't switch, move, shoot, etc.
Really big disapointed to dev coz not making any good progression about this game, even stole hero from ff to hh, u should making more heroes for ff like sphinx, medusa, anubis, swamp thing and other mythic monster out there and why hh got a new hero every 2 weeks and ff not??? This game gonna leave behind soon.
Great game so addicting. I love how you can go up to 10 stars and I also like how you can use bow and arrows in this one. Only thing I would like too see is more stuff to do for Alliances
I really like this game its pretty great, but I would like the combat for Melee fighters to be more controling like the Ranged fighters. Personally this is the only adjustment that I see. But other than that little tweak I really like what it for what it is and what you could do with it in the future. Keep the updates comming.
So its basically hero hunters but a few differences good UI good graphics good tutorial overall its good but personally it isnt as good as hero hunters but its good i wont play it but its a good game just like hero hunters
We've been waiting since January, at least, for area 12 to open. Also there's a piece of equipment needed to upgrade but it's not availible.
Bin playing this for a while and now bored with this game. The developers are a joke if you have any issues . If you want to play a game like this then Hero Hunters is 100% better
I really like this game along with Hero Hunters but I have the same problem with both, whenever I do something involving another player (pvp/co-op raid) the game just freezes.
The aiming sucks so much in this game. Even while you're off of Autoplay it randomly selects a enemy to go to. To also top it off if a melee enemy is in front of you it completely screws up your aiming making next to impossible to aim. While this is a copy of Hero Hunters, it's still fun to play could be better once the aiming has been fixed.
The games incredible, and if there wasn't a problem with energy I don't think I would have any money left in my account. The problem is, I don't want to pay for a character I can rarely play with. This game could be one in a million, but it's just too greedy. Yes alot of other games do it aswell but that's exactly why we stop playing them. Stand out from the crowd, be original, don't limit the time your customers spend on your game, all ur doing is sending us elsewhere
I cant believe that hero hunters is gone and and why do we get this rip-off. I give it two stars because it is just like hero hunters but this is just an excuse from hothead game.
Feels like a fantastic title so far. Simple and smooth UI, easy to understand game mechanics, lots of content/heroes, despite the game itself being kinda repetitive and really automation-based it feels fun to play. Pretty much reminds you of a regular ARPG, just with an automated team of npc's right by your side. Wouldn't recommend this game for people that are looking for deep pvp/combat mechanics, since there is like little to none ways to outplay your opponent aside from just being stronger
getting old, no updates, hard to get certain character frags without spending money, just something to kill time and help new guys, really starting to suck
I like this game very much, since it allows me to play offline, but when I returned to online, it lowered me back to level 18 from 24, and I lost my recently unlocked hero, and a few other things. So it basically time warped me back. As well I find it difficult to unlock specific ingredients for upgrading heroes, and the ingredients I don't need, I get too many of. Final complaint, I don't like having to wait to trade gems for gold, slows the progress. So I want to conclude, I love this game, it's a good concept, just needs some fixes to make it truly perfect. And I can't wait to see more heroes, maybe a lizardman warrior, or shaman?
Pretty fun and addictive jejeje lol. And the graphics and game play isn't bad for a phone. And they give you free things unlock a lot of other games.
Nice execution of an SRPG game. Half SRPG, half TPS. A good combination indeed. But I have to be honest here, the graphics are hideous, especially the character design. It feels like you guys just hit the Randomize button to create the character design. I suggest you take a look at the eastern art culture, which is fancy and much more comfortable in the eyes. Yea, this American-comic-like character design is hideous. Gameplay-wise, fantastic. Graphic-wise, it's 3/10, sorry.
Pretty fun game so far but ive ran into a problem where the game keeps crashing and I have not been able to play for about two days now. I want to keep trying because it has been fun and pretty chill.
The game is great at its core for sure, arguably one of the best in this playing format but the atrocious cost to buy heros as well as the other overpriced or predatory microtransactions are what i would describe as cynical and egregious. I understand why having them in a free-to-play game and i'm fine with that but prices that outrageous really disincentivises players looking for a fun free experience from wanting to continue playing. I could buy a brand new console game for the price of 2 heros
New update kinda killed the game for global launch players. Also meaning that the new players have a massive drawback yo gameplay already.
This game will induce burn-out. In addition to time consuming daily quests, there is at least one tournament event going on and most alliances demand players to play. Can you say "daily grind"? At the heart of the game is PvP. Its' controls could be must better while auto play AI is mostly flawed. PvP match-ups are typically unbalanced making them difficult to win. Cash players have large advantages.
first, thanks for the free fragments on pvp chest. I've been playing for 6months and i like playing this but pvp is the worst.pvp match up sucks. new strong heroes are too costly but you cannot choose not to fight with them. update is very slow. you won't be able to complete daily quest if your heroes are already maxed. pls make the pvp matching up fair and equal and add more daily mission task. if it wont change I'll regret installing ang playing this game.
this is the best game ever You can play it online or offline. the only thing I don't like is the 'You are chatting too much' message. Devs please remove it
The recent update that added the heronium store has ruined the pacing of the game. It now takes 5 times as much effort to get an elemental fragment and there's a hard cap on how many you can get. If something doesn't change soon I'm out. This went from my favorite mobile game to something I have no drive to play anymore.
The Co-op be raid is too long it's a rip off of hero hunters the graphics are horrible but not barrage he can overclock him self JUST LIKE HECKLER IN HERO HUNTERS.!!!!!👿👿👿
The story of the game is good, the negative is that the gameplay is repetitive ,and the levels are very similar, you just need to walk and kill everyone.
Game has slowly died... Pity though... Was very enjoyable and competitive when I started... Better off now with Hero Hunters
awsome game but when will realm 12 be coming ? need to updated more level im max 60 for long time getting bored
I really liked the game but the graphics are not good even though I set them on ultra settings. All characters are pretty awesome well I have a request please make a battle royale game with these similar characters as well as from your previous game hero hunters. And please make the graphics good.
Unique experience of rpg, comes with a little bit of action, however the battle can sometimes becomes boring and the choice of hero not suitable with my own personal taste. Overall the experience can be better but the visual and creative design is already one of the best on emphasizing the fantasy rpg element! 5 stars and recommended!
Good, fun game requires some brain power on building the proper teams outside of campaign and other solo events for pvp play. Not overly time consuming like some games but just enough. Wishing they would step up with realm12 already and add a little more but otherwise still fun. Been playing for about 6months. update 5/29 game keeps crashing
Fun squad based fantasy fighter. Variety in powers, weapons, characters. You don't need to pay to play.
I had to give one star for this because of the way customer service treats it's players. While the game is entertaining, if not slightly redundant, do not expect their csr to do anything when you have issues. I recently used in game currency to purchase stamina refills to continue playing, but after the purchase I didn't receive the stamina. I contacted customer service about it, and after jumping through a bunch of hoops and providing evidence, I have been blown off and cheated.
Amazing job @ Hothead games . I still regularly play hero hunters . :) which is one of my favourite games i have . I stubbled across this and i am amazed u have kept the concept of hero hinters but changed the theme . Honestly hands down a job well done . One of the best on the playstore no doubt . U guys have my full support keep it up :) i will be sure to tell all my friends . 5 stars
I love this game and I barely have anything bad to say about it. But, one of the biggest things that I did not like about this game was the stamina system. If you want people to play your game and CONTINUE to play your game, just get rid of the stamina system so people can play the game without pausing. Also, the VIP system. It's almost as annoying as Xbox live gold. Almost. I know that as a VIP you get special benefits that other players don't, but I just feel like the VIP system is limiting me from playing the game properly as when PVP ing how am I supposed to win when the opponent has all 4 star heroes and a Stratus? Please just balance the game out more. Also, PLEASE ADD REALM 4 IT FEELS LIKE THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO DO IN THE GAME WITHOUT THE CAMPAIGN MODE.
what's the story with the game, it continues to crash. All my other installed games work just fine. Time for a patch fix or Im done with it.
i have a brand new computer, and whenever i open the game it just shows a black screen and then it closes
Brand new LG Stylo 4 PHONE . Your game locks up now, then throws me out. Can't handle a new phone? SAD!!!
Editing my review, after more than a year playing. I got bored. I admit i enjoyed but some of my friends in the game had already quit playing ff. Some players said devs do not listen to complaints. Well, personally, i really got bored. The game is updating but still no good news. Bounty event is not enjoyable anymore. No frags event. Too slow loading of co-op and bounty . Always got kicked or disconnecting while on the match. So discouraging. :-(
Very bad support, no matter how big or small the problem is, they will not address it or take resposibility. Bad servers or app development, constant connection issues, making the app to lag or freeze on loading screen, and they always claim the problem is on your side. Too many glitches and bugs, its like the app was developed in a hurry and released without proper testing. Huge lack of development, many of the gameplay issues were not solved and no new content has been released for months.
I love the game and also how the hero's in hero hunters have their own character here love it it is my favorite game
I really like this game. However, there seems to be a bug or something and it's kinda bugging me. There's equipment I want to equip, but can't because character level needs to be 60. OK. But all characters are level capped at 50. Things like this make it likely I'll just wind up uninstalling the damned game. I hope you guys hurry and fix this.
A pretty good and interesting game, but its lagging too much. I have Redmi 6A and other games like Darkness Rises, Talion, HIT and same are not lagging. But this game... Yeah, my cellphone is not the best and not good for the same games... I like the game, i've played almost a hour with a lot of lags, but what can i do? Probably the devs will optimize it for the weak phones or smth. Removed it for a while.
Fun game for short plays, just sucks that updates take forever. Updates also havent been providing enough content, only takes a week or 2 to hit the new level cap and finish whatever new level pack they put out. Once new content is finished its just a grind to top off the low tier heros I dont care about.
I got to play the game and it's brilliant now we need more levels please. everyone will love this game plus if u spend money like I have, it's worth it. leveling up easy as well and the graphics are better than any other game I played before. Btw I play a lot of games.lol 😂😂
Found a game better than, 'Kill Shot Virus'. This game is how the war games should be.... You can be any character.... You talking about safe sex subliminally? Do you like gladiator movies? In a film called, 'Airplane'.
the gameplay doesn't even let me kill the enemies. the other players (which are on auto) kills them before me.
i like this game. BUT its buggy as sh**. crashes during raids. crashes during pvp. crashes when during co-op. very frustrating to play. stingy with free gems. obviously pay to play. in a way, i'm glad for the bugginess. i didn't have time to get hooked and get tempted to fork cash over. uninstalling. sorry not sorry.
This game is so fantastic . Controls are amazing. Graphics are amazing. Story is so beautiful. The world is so ao ao beautiful. The man who created this game is the best guy in the universe.
Needs to share more similarities with Hero Hunters. You shouldn't need a VIP membership to be able to quick win raids. There are also issues with certain heroes. Aura's healing is almost impossible to use because it doesnt let me target the hero I want. It just chooses a random one. Jackal's gun should fire faster and his Rampage skill shouldn't slow his rate of fire as much as it does.
the game is fun to play. But it crashes too much while i am in battle or opening a chest. i would give it 5 stars if you fix the crashes. literally in like the first 40 minutes of me playing it, it crashed like 5 or 6 times. Please fix this!!
I cant enter pvp battles. As such the end up being offline battles because i have to restart the app. It freezes on the match making screen. And please get rid of the energy requirement. Or shorten the time between replinishing them
this is a good game however i have decided to rate any game that relies on energy mechanic with one star and i encourage others to do the same. perhaps then companies will understand the energy system ONLY hurts their games!
my favorite character is the bow because i am powerful at bows and one thing ived just unlocked venom girl yyayy!
Very good game....But how I wish I could download all contents in one click..specially in the campaign.
Google acievements are inappropriate. Its very very difficult to star up a single player, No allies or friends are available at the time of co-op raids. PVP matches always found higher than my team. It takes approx 5 years to get my team level to 90. overall gameplay is good.
I love this game, it's really fun to play it, but there's one thing that bothers me the most, it keeps crashing all the time. I hope they'll fix it soon
The amount of appluse for this game, would deafen a Owlbear. Not only does this game bring incredible live action. it also gives many options for the community to play. Thank you for the hard work!!!!
its little bit lagging, can you make high frame rate mode on android? I know IOS has a high frame rate mode in this game btw i really love the game.... i hope that you can make an update soon as posible bout the performance optimazation😂hoping
A truly great game that embraces wonderful,realistic and artistic graphics well worth the download, thanks so very much developers.
Really awesome game you guys outdid yourselves but not the best job with the graphics on some parts of the game, got used to it quickly and you learn to appreciate it because it lags almost none at all, I like that the levels can be downloaded prior to unlocking and that the controls are very responsive, please fix the late loading on pvp battles and hard to switch through characters, maybe you could create an option to move it to the bottom middle of the screen. Alot of potential in the game♡
Simple design but does everything so well, it is more fluid, well ballanced and pretty much more addictive than some games with big names. i personally Would have loved to have more content and more pvp modes, alliance wars etc
I don't undersrand why Hero Hunters has a graphical adjustment setting, but this does not. I played the beta and I figured there was no graphics setting becuase it was in the early stages but now its officially released and you still cannot adjust the quality. I immediatly uninstalled it the day I joined the beta because I couldn't bare it and Its still so pixelated on my phone I don't even wanna play it. It looks terrible. Please add a graphics quality setting, its a must.
Really polished gameplay and overall good mechanics. My only complain is the stamina system. For how much I enjoy the game, I cant play unless I buy more stamina or wait way too long to play another mission. I would recomend only using stamina for the quick win option and leave the gameplay stamina free or make it cost much less. I dont mind the uphill progression but the stamina makes everything unnecesarily too long
Good gameplay I enjoyed with this all day thanks for creating a game like this I thanks the developers keep improving
literally a watered down hero hunters, yet another game that hothead has abandoned to please their fan base on a sole game, communities throughout kill shot bravo and forged fantasy all say how lackluster the care is compared to that of hero hunters.
dumb lame game only want you to spend money. free rewards you can't claim if you are not a VIP member which cost money to purchase. unless you spend lots money you won't get far
really boring and pathetic. it's been days since I have been level 35. theres no way of gaining coins easily. the dropout rewards are pretty low level.no way to upgrade unless I spend money which I don't have. always toughest players are matched with me in PVP and despite being way above the recommended power of multi raids,i always lose. the game don't give much space for progressing unless one has money to spend.stuck on level 35 and it's been days. game is now boring and pathetic and useless
2 things I don't like: you can't choose which character 2 unlock & 2 upgrade some characters u have 2 wait 4 certain levels otherwise its good
A very unique concept with an excellent graphical style. though I haven't played long enough to judge it's FTP model I can say for certain that I will be sinking plenty of time into this game. It's essentially a squad based on rails shooter where you fill your squad with ranged, support and melee characters and swap between them as you run a gauntlet of enemies. It controls well and there seems to be a fairly wide variety of Heroes with unique skills and roles.
This is a very amazing game concept. I am truly blown away. Great story, great battle mechanics, and exquisite graphics. My only suggestion would be to work on the zoom on the ranged classes. Bothing feels better than pin point accuracy. Developers have a homerun of a game. Way to go.
It's a decent game, the graphics are on point, also I'm enjoying the dialogue between characters. The story also has my attention for now. Controls are pretty limited compared to similar games. You auto follow a path where you remain stuck in position, left only with the abilty to spin around and attack. Also you're able to switch to any player on your squad. I would like to see a bit more movement or freedom instead of feeling as if I'm sitting on some sort of ride at Disneyland.
after a "bug" caused a purchase to be lost, it took 4 days to resolve the problem which was done coldly. 2 days later it says a corrupted install detetected, you must reinstall and lose all your progress, including the gems I purchased. Not going through support again, so 1 star, my first in hundreds of games.
Worst game by this company. Tried to piggy back off of other successful games. But changed good aspects to make this more forced pay feeling. Pvp matching is always against you and the gauntlet jumps minimum 2k power with every win. Plus daily challenges dont give as many character pieces as they should. Uninstalled and considering boycotting altogether. There us a happy medium between pleasing the players and making money. Mobile gaming companies are killing gaming.
I really like this game and enjoy the different activities that show me to play the majority of the dead. Two things, 1. Co-op raids sometimes take a while to get going, like I've waited 15 minutes or so. I wish I could get some bots out something if I've waited for more than five minutes. 2. Can I get some more rare yew branch fragments in the back market, pretty please! 😂
It's a lot like their previous game Hero Hunters, but a little bit more difficult in some ways as well as easier in other ways. Overall this game is easy to just jump right into, and fairly easy to quickly progress. The only problem I have with this game is that, the matchmaking for co-op raids is comeplete garbage.
This game is incredible. The amount of detail put into each character, allowing a glimpse of their past and potential future makes each character feel like a part of the family. There are loads of missions and quests, which makes the game playable without the need to spend real money. I've played since release and have not been disappointed with the wait! Try it and you will not be let down!!!
It's a carbon copy of Hero Hunters. And I mean, I really enjoy Hero Hunters, so I also by association, enjoy Forged Fantasy. But it's not original or unique in any way. It is a step by step reskinned version of Hero Hunters. So that's mainly why I can't rate it higher. It's a fun game, and I like playing it. I was just really hoping for a lot more than Hero Hunters: Fantasy Edition.
So the game isn't half bad, not much you can do with the limited amount of energy you have but there is always the PvP. Biggest let down is that I'm level 35 and need 36+ to finish equipping my heroes but there are no levels past 35, that's the max level. I'm sure it will be updated later but level cap really needs to be made higher.
Great game, definately a new twist on the standard team rpgs, they just need more characyers although they do have a bunch of good ones
...stablemate game to Hero Hunters and all the better for it. Good graphics, logical controls, friendly UI, good choice of heroes and weapons and enough going on to make every visit interesting and fun. Well done Hothead, another quality game 👍.
Love this game, it is really fun an out going. literally never played any game like this. there are very comedic and strong characters, just hope more get added soon
this games graphics are below average. In the background they keep downloading small files which will consume a lot of data. since download i tracked the data this game has consumed more than 600 mb data and the said part graphics are pathetic. If you guys looking for some descent graphics and less data consuming game this not the one. writing this review after 3 days of download and now removing this peace of garbage.
I'm not rating this game a 2 stars because of the gameplay, it's an amazing game. The problem is the greed and the fact that it's unfinished. I'm not the type of player who doesn't understand that a company needs to survive, but there's a limit to the greed. I've played almost every game of this type that was ever made and I do spend money, but this one gives you literally nothing in return of the money spent. I've spent 75$ on the first day I downloaded it, which is a lot of money for a game. I got nothing, I was able to pull up one hero from it, not even a box of 10 heroes or anything like that. And that's basically it. I spent some money on the Piggy bank which is not explained well, so ended up paying triple the amount than if I would've bought gems directly. Don't even bother if you don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Two other problems, in PvP you always get paired against bots that are ridiculously overpowered, even if they have the same power as you, they wipe you within seconds. And the pve is unfinished, there'd only 3 stages released, so all I'm doing now is raiding the same stages over and over again. Can't even advance my heroes because the mats that are needed are in stages that are not unlocked in the game and we don't have a date on when they're going to be unlocked.
I would have to negative ten u have a bug Fitchburg you start that thing and it says hit Rams skill point you can't hit it
Game crashes in pvp takes 15 minutes to find apponent then crashes wow same glitches in ff as hero hunters going to delete both soon sick after spending hours reloading after crashes