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Forge of Empires: Build your City

Forge of Empires: Build your City for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH located at InnoGames GmbH Friesenstraße 13 20097 Hamburg Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not as much fun as I thought it would be. I would rather be able to just build and upgrade. I don't want to attack and be attacked. No fun. Graphics are great. Edit: thanks for your reply, Dev. Again, I am no longer interested in investing my time and energy into games where my items can be attacked. Not fun for me. In fact, I hate it. I love to build, level up, progress. Good luck with your game. Please let me know if you ever make a game that's like this but more like what I'm asking for.
Great building gam. Gets a little tedious as the events repeat themselves, with new reward building, but it is still the same event. You can only win it so many times. To get some of the side buildings, which are mostly better than normal event buildings, you must invest huge amounts of time into.
What i like is that you are able to progress without spending money, graphics are good, and there is a variety of events that one can participate in. You will realize that the events repeat themselves, but the seasonal events help change the repeditivness (might have spelled that wrong). What i don't like is that crystals are hard to earn without spending money and during events you have to sometimes wait for the next quest to be available. I often progress and am than held back.
this rating is for the app, bevause you have to do the update when they want, not when its convenient for the users in itself both game and the app are great... five star rating worthy my daughter stopped playing in the english world becsuse on her iphone - if you are logged out of the apple system - its a hazard to make an update... she started to play again for me in the german world, hoping it would be better also inno didn't come through with the diamonds after my invitation to her, annoying
Love the P2P interaction, strategy, and challenges. Also love that while it does require battles (or negotiation) to advance and rank up, the game isn't centered around fighting. Also, you can pay to win, but if you have patience you can still win; it just takes longer.
There are a couple things that will probably make me want to delete this game. First of all it isn't fair that you need to have diamonds (that cost real money) to complete daily challenges!!! I'll never be able to complete due to that issue!! Second, it cost way to much to buy plots of land!! And it jumps in price by 500 medals at a time. Everything cost way to much to move forward. Edit:: you are very wrong, I just had daily challenges that requires diamonds!!!! And those in fact cost money!
I cant lie i have played a lot of build your own game. Some i have played for years and spent countless hours playing, building, creating my own. I have to say to the creators of this game, good job, great concept. I rated this game four stars only because they asked me to rate the game so early in the game. It is easily a five + star game and i cant wait to get farther in the game to see what the game has in store.... Thanks
I like this game but it is marathon not a sprint. Instead of rushing to a lvl and getting stuck there you move at a slow pace through the lvls also you don't have to worry about being attacked by multiple people and having your city destroyed or all your goods taken.
This game is ok very slow ability to expand 2 costly. Blueprints very hard to get & they put you in a world w/very advanced people who easily attack your city & plunder you daily it keeps you behind & gives you no recourse bc you're to small to attack back. The armies take to long to build up & everything is so expensive on supplies but making supplies in your buildings is very minimal. The cost of goods in market is costly & antique dealer fun but costly, expidition & battles r/a no ur 2 small
This truly is a horrible game. Impossible daily tasks, ridiculous battles... My armored Knights killed by guys throwing rocks??? Come on.. Game currency must be bought, I truly regret having spent two hundred dollars on packs, and I've spent thousands on other games. Don't waste your time.. And if you do, Don't give the developers one red cent. And forget the "Events" You will get nowhere in the events without Diamonds, the game currency, so keep that bank card handy
Don't waste your time with this game. Used to be good but unless you spend lots of money buying ingame currency your gameplay and experience will be slow and boring. The whole game is designed to make you purchase. Im sure the developers will answer and say im wrong but it is the truth.
Plundering ruins the experience. This "part of the game" ruins the experience. Not going to bend the knee to this extortion. Devs have essentially said we're going to take your goods and let other people take your goods and we're not going to do anything about it. Such BS.
A unique time-gated city builder. Decent single player content. Slow progression. They urge you to trade with people pretty early on which I'm not a fan of (I prefer solo play). I had fun unlocking all 5 Google Play achievements but they need a ton more to make this worth spending more than a week on. Good luck with development!
Feeling a bit cheated out by your RNG on this game. Completed GE level 4, 3 times already. It's a 50/50 chance of getting renovation kit or terrace farm and all 3 times I received a renovation kit. Chance is meant to be 50%!! Also, i have a 12.5% chance of dropping a relic. Out the entire GE i dropped 3 common relics. This is not a 12.5% chance!! If calculated, that's 4.6% chance. This needs to get fixed otherwise you will start getting a lot people not wanting to play your game like myself
Playing for over 2 years. Transferred between phone and tablet. I have an awesome city and spent 0 dollars. Game play is fun, and developers have interesting monthly missions to help improve city. Very fun game if you looking to be in for the long haul.
I've been playing daily for almost 2 months. No ads and no pressure to spend real cash. Completely different and way better than most free to play mobile games (you know the ones I'm talking about; the pay-to-win and filled with ads that interrupt your play kind of games). You can play this at a slow and casual pace and destress! This is the kind of game I will happily support with my hard earned money, especially because I know that I don't need to spend any and can still enjoy the game.
Spent $20 on $1,250 diamonds got to a point of the game to where I was directed to push the plus button on the top middle of the screen. after hitting it like 50 f****** times nothing worked. So I logged out log back in asked if I want to try another city so I tried it and I lost all my diamonds and then it froze up again. It was fun for a little bit
Fun game. Fun to go through the ages and has cool little animations in game, which is nice. But the game is expensive to play (diamonds 💎) and takes literally months to progress. It is doable though!
It's a fun game but I wouldn't recommend spending any money on it. Once you drop a dime in it every reward dries up and the challenges get so hard to beat the you have no other option but to keep paying more.
Just had another "sever error" and then it decided to start a new game. I can now no longer get to the game I've been playing for months. I really don't want to start again. All I see are the tutorials now, yawn. Seen a lot of these server errors lately..... Update: with help I have found my game! I've added a star to my review, now my only reason for not 5 stars is the reliance on purchasing diamonds to progress. Perhaps choices to watch adverts or write reviews for diamonds would help....
Game is fun. But, there are some glitches. The.time it states it takes to build something is inaccurate once placed on layout you see a different..longer..finished time. Also,in the same stance if you activate the construction speed up option in your tavern...it does not speed any construction times. The time will still be the same to finish construction.
Excellent game. I have recently just downloaded the game a few days ago. Am wondering if after so many days I am given more diamonds or if this is a game where you have to purchase them. I don't purchase anything on any game. That will determine if I keep with this game or not. To update, and I hope they don't keep taking money. I spent $1.07 on diamonds. That still haven't been added to my game. And hoping they give options to earn it. Otherwise. Dont waste your time
The thing about this game is this. They advertise the game with some cave man landing on a island. He betters himself by advancing through the ages . this is a false. This game is clever in the sence that they make you want to age up as soon as you can. By doing that you will have to start a new account. This game is about the great buildings and event challenges . I know people that play iron age for a year. This game can be played for free. It will take you a very long time...think years!
Great game. You can advance faster for a cost but you can do it all for free if you don't mind taking your time. I've played for almost a year daily and haven't paid money yet. If you do want to pay to play they have extreamly good deals all the time. In the time I've played there hasn't been one tech issue. I recommend it for anyone that wants to just play a little bit or all the time. With the ability to build in multiple worlds you can have a different city in each with different objectives.
It was a good game and time killer at first now it takes to long to get building materials and now you have to buy diamonds to build anything and that means you spend hundreds of real dollars to build anything that's wrong .like myself and others can't afford to pay real money into any game because of covid-19 we no longer have a job .if you could do something to remedy this it would be better untill then I will no longer play this game
Great game. The only problem I have is that it keeps closing itself each time my battery life goes down by 1%. Is there any way to fix that? A new problem has surfaced for me. It's saying my password is incorrect, but I never once altered it. How do I fix this without resetting my progress?
I'm kinda losing interest in the game dev team. The content is great and all but I've had to restart and redo all my progress on the same account 3 times and I even had it backed up. It's kinda dissapointing. I'll keep trying but if I have to restart again I won't be sticking around to support InnoGames. Reduced to 4 star.
Eh... It's okay I guess... It kills a little time. But it doesn't last long unless you have your credit card ready to buy in game currency... Really wish it wasn't pay to win... But I guess that's what you just have to expect from mobile games... Either you gotta pay up or you sit through ads every 5 to 10 seconds... IDK... We'll see if I actually keep playing it... I'm interested for now... But I can't be sure it'll last long...
Great that there is no pvp where you get attacked and lose your resources and hard work. Have been looking for a builder game like that. However so far I can't get into it much, the graphics look a little "dull", and the pace feels very slow and unexciting. I will continue playing and hopefully be back again to edit my review to give a better rating.
Nice game idea but.... I would rather buy the game. If you don't spend money buying gems, the gameplay is super slow and almost impossible to extend your terrain. I don't know for how long I will play it, but it gets more and more anoying. I would rather spend £10 to buy a full version. You may think people will spend more money buying gems, but I don't think so.
Game and graphics are great. The game itself has a good amount of layers to it and tasks. I particularly like events which are themed. For example a superbowl one is currently running. However there should be more chances to win diamonds...I suppose that is how they get you to spend money.
Game is fun, yes its super long and tedious and boring at times but it is what it is, plus that usually isnt a big deal for me. My BIGGEST issue is the feature of stealing someone's goods. Its so unnecessary and makes a long, tedious game is longer and even more tedious. Its unfuriating spending thousand of supplies and coins and waiting 2 days just to have ur stuff robbed. Please remove this. My second smaller complaint is that daily challenges are too hard, im only able to complete like 1aweek
Very VERY expensive if you want to progress. Each block of land is 200 " diamonds". Diamonds are very VERY expensive. I won't be paying a cent. One would be an absolute fool to invest money on this game. It's ok...though, I can't imagine it being too much fun if "fun" involves giving money to yet another bunch of cyber thieves who think people are stupid.
Only thing i hate is the map is REALLY small. You need a lot of houses to be able to add buildings but then you dont have room for the buildings since the houses take all the space. And then when i want to reorganise my map to make some space by optimising my roads i have to tetris my way around since we cant put the buildings in an inventory. So please add a building inventory to at least make it easier to optimize the small map
(12/02/2020)Another false ad game. Either spend or wait 10-24 hours to do anything. And after placing 1 star review will not let me log in. FU! Uninstalling!!(12/06) Why offer suggestions that you will not implement (not use). Unless everyone stops spending real $$ on game nothing will change.
FPs won in events need to go to inventory. I was forced to use my forge points, 2 times today just to collect productions in my city. Very insignificant reason to be impulsive with $200+ spent. I was hoping to use them strategically. when i felt ready to decide where to use them. forced to use them, it got wasted. Wasted money. Wasted opportunity to Build and Play OUR Way. And much more to this 1 preventable problem. Ive got 3 others but cant fit in 499/500. This review is only 10% done.😡
I've been at this game for sometime and it keeps my attention, the player interaction is the key, the game gives a commonality for all kinds of topics to be debated. The goal is the game but the players make it. Sometimes I think if we of FOE put the same to the real world we could solve its problems too......ahahaha! World Peace!!!!
Was having some issues with the game so I tried to create another account but I had to wait for my old one to be deleted so that way I could use my email and I am still waiting days later so that I may start another account and move forward. If you ever need to delete an account then make sure you are willing to wait a while. So far I cant get on to play at all or create another account
Unless you buy diamonds with real money you will find this game boring. Diamonds are extremely rare and needed to expand. Without them the game goes nowhere. Be ready to open up your pocketbook or look for a different game. It is a well designed game, but I would rather watch some advertising than shell out tons of money for it.
I can't login to the game for the past few days now. It kept saying "Connection failed." Bruh, my Internet connection is top notch yet I can't login. I tried logging in with my other games and it works very well. So, it's the game's problem, not mine. And I almost lost my worlds. Please fix this. If my guild leader know that I've been inactive, they will kick me out.
The layout for our buildings is too darn small. Either make them easier to obtain or people might just stop playing. There is also the father we can't rotate the buildings from the start of a brand new game or the fact that I was forced to pay 100 diamonds to have a building placed in the tutorial. Yes you can buy diamonds, but why don't you make it easier to obtain them, and I don't mean a few. I mean a big chunk. Free to play, you say? If you don't pay them money the game moves slow as hell.
Unlike most online games, this game is less competitive but not entirely. This reason makes the players to forge their own empire without spending real money(expect for P2W in every game). I really recommend to play this game.
I would of given this review 5 stars but, Guild versus Guild is still not an option for mobile gameplay. Other than that, this is a great strategy game I keep coming back to. Yes, it's a pay to win game but, you are not obligated to do so. For people with busy on the go lifestyles, this is game you may like. Try it out.
So tired of being forced to play any type of tutorial I don't know if the devolpers think we're all dumb or they live in some fantasy land where this is a unique and original game concept I mean is it really that complicated to have a skip option and just a wild shot in the dark but I feel it's a safe bet to say you HAVE to join an alligance/guild to participate in the special events just like all these other unique games if so it'll be a fast uninstall from me 😃
Just another waiting game. Wait for resouces to be earned, for buildings to be built, for tasks to complete, and forge points to accumulate 1 hour for each point. Now I'm waiting about 5 hours to continue in the game, and I just started 15 min ago. I'm already bored and ready to quit. I guess I could just buy the points, but I don't pay for these "free" games. Thanks for the 20 min of free play it was a nice diversion. THIS GAME IS TOO DAMN SLOW I'm done with you and any game you run.
Game is fun till they update and then its impossible to play for a week. It freezes and tons of glitches!!!! I had a 3 star review but have had to Uninstall after every update and its a pain!!!! So now it's down to 1 star. Customer service is just a bunch of prerecorded messages that give no help. And its the same thing over and over again. Never any new buildings or better upgrades. Just the same thing day in and day out. I recommend staying far away from this game and playing something else!!
My favorite game app! Hint for people wanting diamonds or more space- space is expansions and you get those through getting places like1st-5th on other people's Great Buildings (esp Arcs) and you can win lots of diamonds on the 3rd and 4th levels of Great Expedition as well as Battlegrounds. This is my favorite game on the phone.
Played this game for years. Love this game and with the addition of special events with special buildings that outperform many great buildings, the game just got so much better. The developers have done a great job bring fun into a slow playing time based city building war game. Even my wife loves playing FOE and she hates time based war games. My only complaint is new worlds dont come as frequently as they use to. Its tough to climb the ladder when others had a year or more head start.
This is a great game; I've been playing for two plus years. Almostly exactly one year from my last review, login issues and false error messages have returned. I work from home and use tons of data, yet this small app claims I have no internet connection. It's the only app on any device that will not function. I don't know if they have server latency issues or decided to go pc only, but transperency would be refreshing.
I'm still at the beginning of the game with so many ages to go until I hit anything close to modern, and it already takes entire days just to gather a full 8 army units. One unit takes several hours, buildings take several hours. Everybody dies in seconds from the weakest unit from a previous age with heavy buffs, they make you go through a second wave just to make things more unfair. Which you don't have, the best you'll ever get is small buffs from legendary buildings. But real money fixes all
Interesting once understood. You get a much better experience if you join a Guild and make in game friends. Some have said it is boring but by having human interaction it is not boring at all. I have made it to Early Middle Age for free so just be patient, join a Guild, make friends and it becomes enjoyable with a multi level purpose and reward mechanism.
lots of fun. complex and entertaining. Have now been playing for over a month and it is still really fun. Guild very helpful. Can still have fun and not have to spend real money although it will make you progress faster. Recommend to anyone that likes this king of game.
Enjoy this game very much. The key is connecting with active players and a solid guild. The drawback is, without those people, you may have to spend cash for the premium in-game currency to make progress at the rate you want.
This is an intriguing game. I may not have been clear in my previous review, let me update. Although it is possible to advance without in-game purchases, it does take longer. This is a good thing. It is refreshing to play a game without hidden charges. There is still a lot for me to learn. This is by far the best quest type game I've ever played. Still addicted to this game. Always something new to explore. Keep it up....... years later, I'm still hooked. This cool adventure is still going..🙂
Relaxing too play, no ads, and I personally don't feel a need to have to buy diamonds. Only thing I feel needs to be changed at the moment is the fact the you can rotate structures to make them fit better with you village set up. There are some large structures that don't fit with the way everything else is set up so you have to build random paths wasting space.
Pay to win!!! You can play most of the game without paying, but any special events, to progress, you have to buy gems together the rewards, because they dont give them away except 5 once in a blue moon.
It's a fun game and can be addicting. It is a bit confusing at first but once you advance it gets easier and there is more to do. I have a couple gripes with the game, i think challenges should populate that are somewhat attainable for your current build. Also if you unlock the edit feat. you should be able to do that in the cultural settlements too. Overall great game.
Been playing since 2016. Best game ever. It's got enough content to capture both casual and multiple-times-a-day players. Get into GVG and a top guild, you will play every day with raid groups, teams, & build your army. OR be a collector/Farmer & collect buildings, goods, & friends who swap goods. This is one of the few games that will hold on to you for years, and provide the perfect play style for your current involvement! Plus, premium currency is optional, as long as you have patience <3
I am loving this game. Its challenging, rewarding, funny and very entertaining! I start playing, blink and an hour has gone by. Build your city, form an army and production buildings and reap rewards.
Brilliant littke graphics on this game zoomes in well, i don't buy diamonds so the game is very slow also if you progress to fast it gets slower so best to build up coins and supplies ( million of each) In bronze or iron age, also if you progress to fast the quests become too hard, use your diamonds to expand the map not on buildings, good game otherwise.
This is a great game and easy to play. It has nice graphics and detailed designs of buildings and animations. It is a fun and relaxing game to play. It is a time based game resembles real life experience. You don't need to build everything to achieve everything. You need strategies to play. This game requires minimum specification of hardware of your smartphone. Thanks you developer for providing such an entertaining game.
I get a connection failure very often, which of course destroys my program especially for the event. Such a shame. If you know how to play it's completely f2p. If you're a noob yes, you have to pay. Of course you can pay to get special items etc which is also awesome
Fun app to pass the time. Everything is possible for free which is great, No adds. Ofcourse they try to get you to buy the in game currency, but the don't make it essential to the game. This game does takes a lot of time to advance but that helps the longevity of the game.
This game is really fun and addictive. I like how you are traveling through time and building upon your city... it can also be a great basic history learning tool if you think about it. I just wish there was an easier way to earn diamonds and/or space - without having to spend my own money. I'm able to earn all of these great things, but I don’t have space to put it without purchasing more diamonds, or deleting something I have earned.
A great game, wanted this type of gameplay since Rome: The city but again it will be much better if things like population wishes and negotiations on real time tactics based on geography and development of the town. More like a real time rpg.
--[Pro] Doesn't Push Microtransactions Like other games --[Pro] Rewards Frequency over time. (A 5 minute timer for supplies gives more per minute then a 8 hour, etc) --[Pro] You can do multiple cities at a time (similar to Adventure Capitalist) which helps prevent fatigue and boredom spending. --[Con] it plays slow, even despite rewarding frequency of play and multiple cities. --[Con] it is a lot less social from my experience. I don't believe it has a live chat, only messaging system.
A very nice long term investment type game. Dont ever feel forced to pay to win or anything like that. Not the type to hop in to spend a couple minutes just to burn some time. Also no annoying ads.
It takes WAY too long to get far in the game. I've been playing for at least a couple of years and I'm only in the late middle ages. Expanding your territory takes forever unless you want to spend a lot of money buying diamonds. You have to do the same thing constantly because not only does it take an eternity to get everything to move on, but if you aren't right on top of the production timers, someone comes along and steals your stuff. It should never take this long to progress through a game.
This is an amazing game. You can play at your own pace. There's a lot to learn with the community and a lot to play for. The only thing that this game needs is more events. Events make this game way more exciting as you can advance far more faster while doing events than by not doing them! That said, events aren't the only thing to play for. Solving puzzles and building cities is always a lot of fun.
Changing the game from previous allowed parameters to diminish the success of particular strategies (ie. Recurring Quest cycling) lessens the game experience. This was allowed and uninhibited for years, and now it is limited? Seems wrong to curtail successful strategies just because they're successful.
It is fun & exciting to watch my civilization grow, but wish there was a way to purchase more land with resources instead of the current way the game allows, that is the only negative thing so far since I started.
It is a great game its not to much of a pay to win. the animaions are great and its realistic. an empire doesn't grow over night some of the greatest empires took 100s of years to grow. i do have some suggestions like being able to switch between worlds without having to log out or being able to revive troops for alot of resources or gold or both. other than that it is a great and addicting game. good luck and forge on!
Great for passing time and keeps your mind active its also easy to get used to . shame you cant do all the daily quests a guild missions unless you have diamonds but you can still make friends and enjoy every thing else it has to offer.
Much to like about the game (going through ages, building, trading goods, bidding for items, and mini games/challenges) that you can do a lot without paying money. Would give it 5/5 but the plundering is ridiculous. No way you can defend against others WAY stronger and linger in older eras to pick on the newer players. Not much of a strategy game for defense other to collect your goods often and wait for the neighborhood to change.
Very good game, good animations, runs nicely and also a more realistic time for leveling up from beginning to end. A couple issues though "in my opinion" the diamonds you get only last for a couple of days if your playing daily so maybe have more ways of getting them, and you have to move servers if you want to be friends with a specific person or guild you want to join, so that meant I had to restart my city, luckily though I was only at iron age. It would be fine if you could copy your city to
Really great game but I would like to discuss the extremely overpriced diamonds, it costs 10 diamonds to speed somthing up for about an hour, or Get another attempt for somthing, and it costs about 5 dollars for 200 diamonds! The price for these are ridiculous!
Love the game. But there needs to be better and faster ways of getting land expansions. This is a game you'll be playing for years. Slow but fun. Been playing for years and really the only disappointing factors are: 1. The amount and time it takes to get land expansions. 2. If a person wants to spend actual money, ultimately it is expensive!
Really like this game, I was skeptical at first but once I started playing I'm really enjoying myself. I just need more space to build and a way to get more diamonds without having to spend money I don't have. I love the music, it's very calming. I get that you have to research them build if you have the likes and money and space but sometimes it's really hard to get all of that at the same time. If I delete something it takes away from my happiness. Just need some balance...🤔
I absolutely love this game. It's so enjoyable, you can play it simply or you can get really technical with it. There are no ads what so ever, which is a rarity and There is so much to do. I don't I have any complaints, they're constantly updating and improving it, so well done devs. Thanks for an amazing game.
I typically dislike town building games, but this one is definitely different. I love that you start in the bronze age and can keep playing up to space age and beyond. (It will take probably a year or two at least to get from bronze to that time though.) One thing i would disagree with them saying every item is available without spending a dime though! I recently saw an item for 4k diamonds. Diamonds are very tough to get a hold of without spending rl $ even more so getting 4k of them.
If this was a new game, just out, and in BETA mode? Then, I'd understand the bugginess. However, as much money as this game brings in, and the constant updates this game does? You'd think it'd work better. Well, it doesn't. Every other minute, there's an "internal server error", "maintenance issue", or the game freezes. On top of all of this? Absolutely no player compensation for what is obviously their mistakes. I expected better.
Beware! Do not play this game. This game is not fun. You can't progress in the game without help from other players. Players will not help you. Everything takes forever to accomplish. Most importantly hackers will hack your game! They will take your stuff before you can collect it. Your personal information is not safe. Informing the developers does nothing! Don't waste your time.
FoE is good clean fun! Lots of different elements and a wee bit of learning curve but plenty to do. It's a commitment but also habit forming. Try it, you'll like it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND •••N O T E••• just don't expect too much from the support team; have had an issue since an upgrade a time back, ticket after ticket, still not fixed. A bunch of "have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Is it plugged in? Turned on? Then they close the the ticket. VERY NOT HAPPY ATM FoE
It is a nice and fun game to play and I would give it a 5-Star if the discrepancies between what a NON paying player and what a PAYING player can achieve were not that big. I know, they will write under here that a F2P can achieve all that a paying player can do, but it is simply not true. Take their special events, if you do not pay, you will not be able to achieve the main price, no matter what they will tell you. For stupid standard reply I reduce from 2 to 1 star only. More creativity here
It was initially fun, but it seems every single week a different problem pops up. First it was half of my diamonds that disappeared over night, then the game started freezing at every 30mins of play time. Last week, it was registration issue, I had to keep logging in anytime I change my screen, now it keeps denying my Facebook password, this morning all my coins are gone, over 7 thousand coins . As much as I like this game it's getting annoying.
Can't comment on the gameplay itself yet but they share your data by default (illegal) so that's a good first impression. Edit: 5 minutes later and I'm stuck waiting 3 hours for resources to generate. This is one of those heavily railroaded games. Don't bother; you'll be in the bronze age forever.
Pros: A great game, relaxing, enjoyable with a mostly friendly and encouraging community. Love the guild factor, multiple scenarios throughout the year, certainly enjoy the resource managing and city building. Cons: Don't enjoy needing to pay carefully gathered diamonds to continue 'negotiations' if you don't get it the first time. Don't enjoy the (rare) abusive person that can constantly raid you forcing a different way of play. Big thumbs up to the support crew who sort out issues quickly.
Update: Not good game explanations as I thought. Give the game a try if you'd like but I would suggest spending $0 till a month into the game then decide on money. As a new player just starting they don't do a good job of explaining why the cost of diamonds shows up on everything in the quests or dailies. To be $0 takes hours/days collecting small resources. Basically, it's a waiting game, literally. Not the AoE nostalgia where resources & battles were fast. Turn on game notices & wait to play.
Some quests are either impossible or give much less reward than you spend in resouces, but they seem to be working on it. Diamond packages are worthless except for getting started with enough diamonds to build some land expansions so it isn't that p2w. You will want to spend a little bit at the start to get some extra land so that got that part right of making spending appropriate for the game. $5 or 6 is enough. $10 or 11 is plenty. It is a slow progression passive game.
So far so good, this game doesn't have annoying ads. Patience is required to play this game, do not rush through levels (it is tempting) and you will do great. Always room for improvement, it would be nice to start off with a bit more land so you can complete the events in the Bronze age. I am enjoying the game thus far.
It starts off ok, but its kinda boring. Collect coins, build some buildings, level up, ho hum. It would be better with realistic challenges that didn't require premium currency. Delet. Edit: Thanks for the feedback. Didn't say it can't be done, just saying its boring. Keep spending that ad cash and ruining my fun games.
I would give it one star after playing for a week or so. You increasingly need to spend real dollars to move forward without completely bogging down in the game. It's just not Interesting enough to spend $50-60 on, $4-5 at a time.
I've been playing for a few years and i've continued to enjoy it. I hope, at some point, there will be an option to choose from all the different kinds of music to play on your main city screen. I love the music, but i'd enjoy the option of changing it from time to time, so having access to music from different events and screens and being able to select it as the main theme would keep things feeling fresh and add to the experience. Otherwise great game, though.
I've been playing for almost 2 years. I love the game. Part of my morning routine. I would love it if the guild match up in GBG was better matched. My biggest suggestion would be for negotiations. Return the goods that were incorrect. If it's wrong,, why do they keep them?Also, we should not be on our own friends list. Space there is precious. For some reason, we are only allowed 80 friend requests to send out. 5 stars if those happen!
You can play the game for free but if you want a special building expect to pay ten bucks for it... I'd gladly spend money on a game I enjoy if I feel like I get something from it. It seems like you have everything mapped out perfectly to avoid giving the bonuses to those who play for free, no matter how well they strategize. 5 star game just make the pay for play worth it and you'll get money from me.
Fun. Laid back. Update review 5/22/2021 - Some of the other players are less than honorable and some of the challenges are too difficult to complete but overall for a game than does not cost to play, it's still great. ( I must confess, I've spent a little money there, but it's not necessary to enjoy the game. Just helped me get caught up on some things I was doing. Will spend more as My wants arise. )
Game is slow as molasses and just as exciting. Feels there's no real direction or point to what you're doing. Silly you can't rotate building to make em fit on plots and expansion areas are ridiculously expensive. Can't upgrade buildings, just build sell wait 14 hours to accumulate enough resources for A building and repeat - That's just in the beginning 🤬. Great graphics but just filled with stuffed pointless and inefficient buildings. Gonna delete and move along.
Been playing a long time and it's gotten so plodding. Typical "challenge" now is 90, 5- min productions (so have a few extra bs-builds to click every 5 mins mindlessly until "challenge"is complete). Or, have x amount happiness (so build 28 bs-buildings to delete them a min later). Someone must have though all this was a good idea but was better when simpler. Now it's a great game if you enjoy digging holes to fill them up or watching plants grow.
Absolutely love FOE! Sometimes it seems to go a little slow if you don't belong to a good guild so get with one! I love it so much I tend to spend a lot of my real money but that isn't a must for the game but it really helps at times. There should be more of a reward for spending real money! It is now May 15 2021 and I took a long break because of very severe health. Now I am back,so watch out!
Yawn, as usual unless you want to wast money you won't make much progress, and it's too tedious to want to spend money on. Nice graphics and doesn't crash much so there's a plus.
Fun but expensive! 1) The game doesn't offer the ability to refund diamonds if a building were purchased with diamonds and sold back. 2) In the expedition, we receive the same items time after time with very little randomness. 3) Developers should provide the ability to buy gems in the merchant dealer also. Only makes since we pay soo much for everything else. Otherwise, the game is fun!
Okay game. One huge problem is how long it takes to train troops. I just got to iron age, the 2nd real level (1st is a tutorial), and to train one soldier takes 1h45m. That is insane, and the type of thing to get a person to stop playing before they get to level 3.
Account was banned! For no reason I'm unable to login to the game. I even tried to update game, that was fine. But still wont open. I emailed support and havent gotten a response back as to the reason. Updating my rating as this issue was unknown and has been resolved.
I've played this many times on different accs and still love it. I feel disgusted when people only comment about "premium" purchase opportunities because thats all they are. Diamonds are NOT required you are merely too impatient. I give this a 5 ANY day! I don't know how I feel about the newest changes but having a war season thing going on in my experience I actually enjoy. (I can't describe it any better as I've just started playing again) ;) But great game!
Beautiful game. Very enjoyable to trade and help others as they help you build your empire by motivating and polishing your buildings. Love the challenges and planning where to expand next. BUT! Forced PVP is a major detraction. Other people looting goods that take 8 hours to make is a real let down, and it is unavoidable if you want to travel through all the epochs.
Fun! I've been putting off from trying this game, and now I can't put it away! My goodness, I'm addicted! Haha!!! But now I'm having a slight problem. I logged out and can't seem to find my original game (lvl 16). I started another game but I don't even know what world I'm.on. And the message I keep getting to register is, "Your email address is invalid. Please contact support for help." I've tried all three of my emails, same message for each. Please help!!!!!!
The game is fun and a bit addictive. But purchases are expensive for what it/they are. And the company who owns & operates the game do little to nothing to help you progress. So if your poor, low income or have a budget probably best to move on?
It's a fun time enjoyer. but could be a little quicker in general, earning essentials. So it's not so much pay to play. People tend to get bored quicker the longer you have to wait for things to move.
Been playing for close to a year now and have seen much improvement and more fairer play for those that cannot blow money on games. Fun every day to play and real easy too. I look forward to playing this for years to come.
Fun when you can access the game. I have had to reinstall at least 7 times in the last several weeks due to the game freezing randomly (regardless of how I am connected). The only way to fix this when it happens is to uninstall and reinstall, very frustrating. It is definitly this game, no other apps that I have glitch on my device.
I have been playing this game for several years and I enjoy most of the game, it is a nice daily relaxing thing to do. Some things I don't like, all the plundering is very annoying. You cant really do much about it. I wish you could lock out your favorite building like the train, which took a lot to build and extend. I also don't care for them locking out buildings that you can't sell or trade. I get why they did it but wish there was a timelock like 30 days so you get it out of your inventory
Set it & forget it, or, don't. A "work at your own pace" type of game. No pressure, no multi-player monkey on your back controlling/manipulating your gaming experience, and no worrying about someone stealing everything you've worked for while you're logged off, like similar game apps. No purchase necessary to advance. It's slow going. Either you love it for that reason, or, you don't, and this is a purely a generational difference of opinion. If you seek instant gratification, it's not for you.
The game used to be good. The problem is, once you hit the top level for Guild Battle Grounds, they no longer randomize the groups properly, so every week you fight the same guilds over and over and over again... the game is now very boring and repetitive. If the broken Battle Ground issue gets addressed, then the game will be enjoyable again...
Not a fun game, you have to be very meticulous in how you build your city or you will run out of room fast. The tutorial is short and didn't cover some things which caused me to waste resource's. 2 of the side missions expected me to pay to negotiate, so much for free to play side missions.
It is just as advertised, except the cartoony aspect of the trailers, which is nonexistant. It is exactly what I wanted. I only have two complaints. Unlike the characters in this developer's Rise of Cultures, the characters running around in this game are too tiny to see much of. Seeing the people run around in Rise of Cultures put life into the game. Don't have that here. Also, the other game does not take so long to produce lots of currency ("Supplies" in this game takes too long to produce).
Been looking for engaging single player game ? Try this. I don't pay to play. Good balance with challengs (that will make it easier), and Guilds aren't oppressive and where bar hopping and aid can make hundreds in GP ! Caution: may be addictive ! Stop by Tavern of "Tommer the shopper Dude", drinks on me !
Game can be fun but is full of Trolls. How well you are able to progress is really determined by other players. The major game features are all driven by guild competition. Game is also full of Trolls. Updating based on inno reply. Myself and multiple other people have reported the same player for trolling. Support's response was "sorry some people are just mean." Thx inno for backing a troll that admits it, screenshots shared with Support where the guy says that's the whole reason he plays.
Excellent long term city building strategy game with lots of different things to consider involving strategic management of space, resources, goods and people. Very creative animations & objects too. I would like more options to defend from being plundered all the timefrom higher players in the early stages though.
Love the game. Build your own city . Move it around as you grow. I always get bored with games but I've had Forge of empires for a few months. Longest game I've had on my phone 10 stars . Oh awesome graphics
Great fun, with a bit of history thrown in, the only downside is the constant pressure to buy diamonds, innogames are a bit money focused typical of these free games, for example the archaeology event playing now you should get to level 9 without much difficulty but level 10 will probably require you to buy scrolls, but I still enjoy the game.