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Football Heroes Pro Online

Football Heroes Pro Online for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Run Games located at 611 S. Catalina St. Suite 206 Los Angeles, CA 90005. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game sucks it keeps loading and loading and this game makes me stress.When i download it it was good but when i tried to get out of the game and im finished with what i had to do it loaded for 10 minutes thats not normal plz FIX it plz
its really fun. But not many people play online anymore, once you win all of the offline season games (and you get a good team) there is really no reason to play...
Horrble the bots are overpowers and when it comes to stuff like this im the best but its trash i would not reccomend gettint it horrible gameπŸ˜”πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘‹ its hell dont try it dont waste you time
Don't waste your time. Would be a good game if it actually worked after playing it once. Delete it and re download and it will do same thing. Single player works but you can't play 90% of what the game is suppose to offer. Contact support and they will not even bother contacting you back.
Multiplayer is broken, ive had the game for 3 days and looked for an online match for well over an hour and no one, the app basicay forces you to pay to get good players. Its a waste of time, get madden 19 mobile folks.
The worst the only mode I could play was single player I could not get any money because of that I could not get a free pack just terrible just deleted it I'm sure it would of been a good game too
i love this ganme but every time i have a bug of some sort and i have to uninstall the game and re-install it and i lose all progress thats why i give this game 4 stars
This games a really good game download except it kicks you out sometime but other then that it's a really good game
Great fun nfl but one question. Why the hell do you start your posessions 1st and 15? What happened to 1st and 10 like every football game EVER
Bro bro bro bro this game is amazing ive been playing this game since the first one ever camr out and i was like 9 now im 14 and i still love great game but you guys should do football heros pros 2020 and a online version, pls pls pls im asking you guys to make a newer version pls
Very fun game but crashes often and many features are becoming unavailable due to no new updates hope someone reads these comments and brings this game back
Game lags and field goal stick is too fast and when the other team misses their field goal it says they made the field goal
Good game but it has some difficulties the 2017 version is a 5 star game so dilete this and get the 2017 version you will not be sorry
overall it is a very fun game and there are lots of challenging fun things going on with the game but there are some things that they need to fix, like the free pack in the store or saying your offline but your clearly connected to the internet.
After the tutorial it just makes me get stuck at the connecting. It's not worth the time if u don't have patients.
I give it a 3 star because it is a good game but when I wanted to claim my 2 free pack it didn't let me but it would be better is they make Pro Footbal Heroes 2020 so then we can have kittle mahomes and other new great players
online play is the worst. half the time you can't play it properly. constantly shuts down on you in the middle of a game. dont bother
The game is good but I keep trying to get the free deck it just says there's an error but overall the game is good just fix the free deck thing
Every time I tried to run I fell and when the opponent kicked the extra point It misses but it says it counts.
I mean I love the game and its basically the only game I ever play on my phone but now it just sits there loading nothing at all don't add features next update just fix this problem please.
This is a MIRACULOUS game. With the special abilities and cool graphics this is a very fun game to play.
I am having problems since I want to open a free pack but it says the game is going under maintenance
I just play and rate and this game is fun everthing works for me and if have a iphone it wont work but. Any thing els will
Its is trash because at the start it always kicks me out at the start and it makes,me mad,when i freezes when i am,in a game
It's a super fun game! I've played this a long time ago and it's fun to come back and have old memories
The game sucks you play it then we want to play it again it doesn't work you have to keep playing it over and over again you have to keep downloading it and redownload it like didn't get the game sucks that's the one star review no cap does my review it sucks bro
Good game I hope they make a new game or update rosters Edit:after playing more it's gotten less fun and boring
Only real effective way to progress in this game is via online play, but most times I'm stuck waiting for a player instead of having a reasonable computer team fill in.
The players are outdated and the extra points make no sense i also had uninstall and reinstall just to play
It's honestly a decent lil game. But there's nothing online about this game. Buttons are there they dont work.
Can't open free deck. When I play the game i cant open my free deck. The free deck is broken. Also I can't play online. The game is called Football Heroes Pro ONLINE for a reason. This just makes the game unpleasant. Please fix this game it has all of potential.
I'm so annoyed with this game. Every you are winning it glitches out and you have to restart the game 😠😠😠
WOOOO AMAZING!!! its like fantasy football but you get to play as the players ITS AMAZING WORTH EVERY MB !!!!! if it cost money id buy it!!!
Bro it's like u can play the game once after u download it. Then the next time play it it won't even load in. And re installing will do the same thin.
It is an awesome game and it's nice to know that almost every time I get a $400 card pack i get a gold player.
good game, but needs a fully offline version, complete with lots of additional features all fully functional offline, dont mind some of the online stuff, but game is too much tied to it... please bring back the offline version like 16 and 17... both great games... also sometimes freezes and is glitchy... needs optimization for slow speeds, would def pay a bit for offline and continuously updated version, at least monthly, new content, and time limited features and stuff, not to mention players.
Bro fix this cus how do you play it once when you downlod the game but when you get of and 2 minuts later it does not work proply why its so much ads when you first download it
Most of the time it won't load. I can't get my free decks. It gives me an error message. It won't let me play online matches. I have internet and it tells me the internet is on. To many problems for a game that I played once or twice, when it would load.
After looking for an hour on a football game. I found this game. Which is actually quite good! Most of the time I'm not a super power sorta person. But they use them well! Also You can open packs and get actual NFL players which I thought was cool. But I rate it 4 star because it is a little hard. But not to much. Still amazing game
You get 1 time to play it because when you try to load in it gets stuck and even by some magical way you get to play 2 times if you do a throw play you burn the player but when he gets the ball hes gets slower than a sloth or turtel
Ok this is a pretty good game. It is fun to play and makes me exited. You can pick out the gameplays and play them under your finger. The reason I rated this 3 stars is because 2 problems. Number 1: You can't claim the free pack after you claimed it once. The other problem is that if you play harder teams, you will always lose. And you can't change your team because the free pack doesnt work. The only way you can have fun in this game is by spending some money.
Suck but could be great only thing I don't like is it we'll say need connect to internet even the I am connected to internet so can't get no free packs which suck if they fix that this game is awesome
Game is amazing but there are a couple of things wrong. 1. Payments won't work 2. Free pack won't work after claiming it once 3. Game will freeze out of nowhere but overall a really good game 😎 EDIT:scams you for purchases. I spent over 30 dollars on this game on bucks and got nothing
Not worth a download at this point. The gameplay is solid, but the controls are terrible. The game is clearly rigged in the AIs favor. Games get really hard after awhile. Now online play is down, which disables basic gameplay functions on top of online play. Too hard to improve your roster and get cash. Super abilities are balanced terribly. Rosters are inaccurate even for being an older game. The AI has ESP and will always tackle you after one hit. 4/10.
This game can be fun for girls and boys who love football the only thing is that in stead or tackling you punch people and I do think it is a little inappropriate for kids but it is still a very fun game!πŸ˜†
Horrible can't even make it past the loading screen horrible I have only played to games horrible can't go past it do not download bad game
This app can be laggy sometimes but it is SUPER FUN!!! I spent 10 dallors on a pack and it was awesome I a gold Adrian Peterson gold earl thomas/// and gold Bobby Wagner and silver von miller
would give 4 star but it really makes football look a lot more violent then it is, it's not like you can fricken brawl with your tackler.