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Football Heroes PRO 2017

Football Heroes PRO 2017 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Run Games located at 611 S. Catalina St. Suite 206 Los Angeles, CA 90005. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i love this game BUT the number one thing they have to fix is the loading i tried downloading on my computer and it took 10 min to load can you fix this problem i even went somewhere where there is very good wifi still didnt plz fix this for pc player plzzz
Game play is not bad, but what is bad is the getting the packs from the shop; paid for 2 All-Star packs, never got them and sent an email to these folks and no response and I am out 20 dollars! Not happy and do not recommend this game at all!!!
Overall it is a great game, I love it and I really recommend it. But with all games they have flaws. The flaws in this game is that after mabye a day or two of playing the free card pack will tell you its loading it but it never gives it to you, you have to close the game completely out, also if you start up the game it doesn't even load. Also it's just hard to earn money. But overall if these problems don't occur to you it's a great game.
I wish the company would fix the problems with this game. It has connection issues so you cant play online and loading screens that do not go away. Great game if you can manage to do your jobs and fix the issues please. Thank you
I dunno if it's just me or what, but I can't connect to servers at all today. Maybe maintenance? But doesn't look good on the game. It's not just me. I uninstalled, reinstalled game and same thing happens. Complete rubbish. I realize it's a game from 2017, but if they're not going to keep servers running, delete the game from the store.
Good game but the game freezes and kicks me out sometimes.Also when I try to get back in it wont load.
This game is awful, every time I tried to purchase a game pack, my screen would process the purchase and the game would then immediately shut down. I tried it two more times for a total of $29.97 (3*$9.99) and all three times I was charged but didn't get the items I purchased. I wrote run games twice about it via their email and neither time was I given a response about when I could get the card packs that I have been billed for it get my money back.
Very interesting enjoyable video game but one future I will add to this is a leader board like when you go against other online players it show your progress. And another thing Can you make mission like so when can earn cash more quickly becauee the shop is much expensive but every thing else is a 5 stars
1 star for abilities, 2 stars for achievements, 3 stars for longevity, 4 stars for the players and decks, and 5 stars for EVERYTHING else!... however, we would have to deduct 1 star for unfairness and imbalance (computer be cheating!)...we'll also deduct 2 more stars for NEVER! EVER! getting one decent player....and 2 more stars will be deducted for ALL!!! those glitches!!!.. how many stars is that?....
lags the whole tike kicks me out when i start a game. doesnt load my account half the time so i have ti start over. this game sucks there are tons of programming errors. im in college still anf could program a app more efficient than this one. the company needs to spend more time on testing the apps.
This game WAS fun for the day that I played it but the next day I tried to play it like 10 times and it wouldn't load. Today I tried to play it again and it still wouldn't load and I waited like 10 mins and it still didn't work.
I cant even play the game.It crashes and i cant get pass the loading screen.I reinstalled still the same thing.The overall game is not the problem is that i csnt even play the game so pls fix.Bye have a nice day.
This game is a waste of time why does it have so many bugs like this one time the other team got a touchdown and they kicked it off to me and it was halftime but when halftime was over I had to kick the ball off DON'T MAKE GAMES IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE THEM LIKE THIS!!!!
Although this game is a little fun, it feels like at times it is set up for you to lose by the the time you face the talons. It becomes near impossible to defend and getting gold platers is near impossible is your not paying real money. It really just feels like a mediocre madden rip off
Is there some reason that as soon as I open the app all I see is connecting? That's it. I can't get passed connecting. If I can't get passed that screen... how am I suppose to play this game? Just below this, where it says "Tell us more (optional)"... those are some dumb questions.
New update sucks you cant exit a game when you finish it in season cause its zoomed in and when you go to change team can see a whole row plz change this or i will delete
I love the game but there is some problems. Number one can you please fix the free pack because it always freezes up when i try to claim it. Also can you update the rosters because we are not in 2017 anymore we are in 2021 and some legends like deion sanders would be a nice addition too.
This app is the worst. I would recommend not buying anything from it because it won't give you what you buy. I tried buying a 5 dollar pack and it never loaded so I asked as many people as I could to see if it loaded for them but they said that it didn't load for them either. So I think this is not a very good app. Three game itself is a little fun but by the time u reach the playoffs u almost have to buy a pack in order to beat them.
Ok all these other guys are not related to the game there is a thing called a fumble that is why they drop the ball it's bad connection so it's his fault and if you don't get stuff from it then don't buy it but every thing about the game is great just don't buy the packs
this is an amazing game honestly but the graphics could use some work. and the td celebrations too but its a great game.
Nice game but you need to upgrade the roster because we are in 2021 and been lots of good players that have been drafted through the years and make the free pack work other than that awesome game πŸˆπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏand I prefer anyone reading this to play the game. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The game sucks. Look they only gavr me a tutorial, so I went to play my on my other games. Then, later on I played it finally, it said "January rewards". I'd tried to do anything to get orf of it. But I couldn't. So I deleted it and thats why I am here. #@&$ this game!
Just stared playing I'm addicted 🀯 great game and the fact that you can change your team's name were it's from with the logo and jerseys just blows my mind 🀯 if there was anything I would like is to be able to level your players up to silver and gold. But you might be able to I don't know I just stared playing great game
Well this is a great game for all of you sports fans, although graphics are bad the game is fun and it is just like your favorite Madden games but a lot easier to get players, and it doesn't need Wi-Fi!!!
The game is fun to play off and online, but almost every time I win the division the game blocks me out, and wwhen I go back in to try and get my reward it won't let me. I hope yall fix this problem.
This is why I gave it a 3 Stars is the graphics are okay but like the controls are weird in the football characters try to make it more realistic update the game cuz it's been a long time
Ok. lemme just say,i love this game overall. no lag, no nothing. Everytime I get on this game i feel addicted to the gameplay. they put full on effort. and the pass mechanics are relentless and iconic. good job guys.
It's so cool cause I won almost every game. I have a hard time doing the second lvl tho... Which is good in all cause it gives me more practice to best them.
I love the game but when I leave the game and when I try to get back into it and it just shows me the loading screen
Kept freezing up when trying to get the free pack. Ive uninstalled and re-installed 3 times and same issue. Would be a great game if it wasnt for this issue. PLEASE FIX
The free pack won't download. It just keeps spinning and I have to close the app. Otherwise it is a fun game.
Not even able to play offline now. The one star is because I hope you fix all the issues and not drop the ball, no pun intended, so I can play this entertaining and addictive game. If you fix it we will come... and answer a message once in awhile.
Honestly this game is good I tried to get coins can you fix that πŸ™‚β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’ this game is fire and the redeem free pack won't work or the league plz fix that
I cant get the free pack that comes every 4 hours. I got the first one then after that it just loads. Ofcourse I can buy packs but cant have the free ones
I like the gameplay and all the graphics. This is a great game. I love playing it especially with the perks. Everything is great except I can only receive daily rewards and free deck once. Pls fix that but other than that it's a great game.
The only reason it's not a five star is the fact that it takes forever to load and I feel like it's not if u fix that five stars and maybe I buy stuff in the money store only if u fix it :)
Gameplay is fun but I can't receive any chests. Not even the "free" one you receive every 4 hours. Has to be an easy fix but I will be deleting this app until it is.
Its does not always work for me it could be different for anthor people but not for me.sorry but i still love this game.
It's a good game but for some reason I can't openy free pack iv tried for days but won't work other than that great game
great game but should be able to call timeouts faster cause it runs 3 seconds off the clock with these slow motion tackles and alot of times I had a timeout wit 4 seconds left but it wouldn't pop up and let me call it and had a chance to win multiple times...plz fix...have the timeout button on the screen as soon as the tackle is made or on all the time or even on the pause screen so I can get it in on time.yall need to fix this too cause it will NOT let u win in the league no matter what..Money?
I loved this game since it came out, but recently the servers won't work. I can play the game but only online. I loved playing leaues but I can't do that anymore. Please fix this if its possible because its a waste of a great game.
I love the game fun and get to run over people like some runs over us day to day....but only problem which i have not gone cussin...yelling it is just a thing but i would be alot higher with better players and mo money if the 4hr.if Daily reward would give me what i deserve since day one have not recieved a ????? i dont know it could have been Dallas Cowboys Cheerlearders if was getting the bonuses i could be ruling the fields...could anyone take a gander at it..if it is not to big THANK YOU
I love the game, I have fun, great but I went to buy coins, to test my luck on packs and they would take my money And then stay on a screen saying validating receipt and it wouldn't give me anything but take my money and the free pack stopped working also. Please fix this.
I love the game but y'all need to fix it because every time I get of the game It won't let me on I don't know why.those are the reasons why it is trash πŸ—‘οΈ.but I love playing this game because I love the teams the creation and it's just fun but just plz fix the errors
Amazing game if they would fix the free packs and update software so game works right way would love to see this game fixed would give it a 5 star
I'd give this game 0 stars if I could constantly freezing up computer running kickoffs back every f**king time gets old fix this sh**, PLEASE!!!!
I am giving this game a 2 star rating. Although it's a mildly entertaining game, i purchased something from their in-game store and never received the product. I emailed their support team and never even got a response. If they respond and make it right for my purchase maybe i'll up the stars but for now I'm just glad i only spent 4.99 and not more.
The game is good but there is multiple bugs in this game. First I can't even redeem my free deck. That's also a problem is Pro Online football game by the same creators. Secondly the servers are shut down so I can't do leagues which is an online mode. The point is that Run Games doesn't fix their games. FIX ALL OF YOUR GAMES.
I think the game deserves 5 stars it's a awesome game nice controls the gold cards are hard to get but it's my best game right now. They should not change anything on it
The game !ts self is great but right after i log off i cant get back in i have to delete it and redownload it. I hate seeing it going to waste.
This app is great fun. But you must be careful, falling into a pattern. And, real players are represented.
Spent a dollar, game froze and now wont load in. Worked in years past. Disappointing. Sad on your end. Writing to developer now.
there really needs to be a major update the team rosters are that of 2 seasons ago and the game play is just not good enough anymore. so i think to keep up with any other competition such as madden overdrive this game needs to updated. but overall this app would have been good for 2017 but since now other apps are getting more and more improvements this app has not improved since 2017. other apps have gotten way better than 2017 this app has just not appealed to most people cause this app is old
what I think is it's a magnificent game and awesome to play but it's just not right on one part because of I have an gold ranked linebacker that can't catch an interception while a bronze ranked offense lineman with no good swat did also cups are like cheats and hackers on a game in almost the last division and I do how to beat them also they pushed two of my wrs down and no.pass interference but overall still a good game
I like it alot but I am connected to the internet and therefore I can redeem my free deck apparently that's not the case I can't get any thing. Pls fix
I have written to the developers twice now!! I ordered the hero pack, and did not get my coins! The money was taken off my card, but I didnt receive the coins!!!
It wont even load me in after the first time i closed it ive had this problem the last few times ive had the game its getting annoying cause you would think they would have fixed the bug by now if they fix the bug i will give it a 5 star i also think the all pro packs should be earn able and not have to play for them.
I absolutely love this game. The controls are at nice locations, and it is a very fun game to play. I recommened this video game for people who like to coach and control a football team.
I love this game but i wish, out of free packs you could get better players than just bronze all the time. Also, i wish you could get more money because the players that you can buy, are to expensive! I wish that you could like get better things out of daily logins to. But this game is soooooooo fun other than a few things that could be better but i HIGHLY reccomend this game, SUPER FUN! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ‘
When ever I try to buy a in app purchase it kicks me off the game and I can't get back on but other then that it's a great game
Great game. The only thing I ask is to update the roster. Also sometimes the game doesn't load correctly and the game crashes
Im having an issue. I've played the game before and it was really good but, when I try to get back in it says "connected, updating account" and it stays on there for the rest of the time being. Please fix this somehow.
Not bad game but don't buy anything from this game it won't load and it won't give you the items that you paid for.
Would not let me open the daily pack which made me mad.game haven't been good because of glitches. And will glitch a tone.so it's fun but not a good game.i would say for no one to play this game.
I loved this game. When i got my Samsung s10+ it stopped working cause it said the game was for an older version of android:( But im excited that Football Heroes 21 is coming! what date is it releasing?
Its a nice game but the only problem is i played the game once and took a break but when i went back in the game it would not load back in it SUCKS
I love the game but it would be nice to have the rosters updated for 2021 I would also like it if legends like Brian Dawkins or Barry Sanders would be added
Trash πŸ—‘ app doesn't load, it takes forever when your getting your free deck of cards i tried buying 4.99 worth of coins and i was charged but didn't receive my coins so just be careful if you buy anything from this game SMDH....
It is not letting me open it. the app will say "Updating account" and will stay like that for infinte time. I was waiting for it to open for 10hours! it still did not. If the owner of this app is reading this plz fix it immeditaly. this game is really fun but it gets annyoing when it crashes or freezes. I used to rate this game 5 stars but now I am rating it only 1 star.
Love this game just 1 thing that I wish you can fix is every time it is in the coin toss is it always lands on heads
It was fun while I could play it but it wouldn't let me get into the game this game sucks I can't even play it. It logs me out and doesn't let me get back on. FIX THE STUPID GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Decks don't work, bought the all star deck took money out but never loaded the deck. Just kept saying validating receipt for 30 mins never loaded.
This is such a fun game but after I played it ONCE it kicked me out and wouldn't let me get back in. It has so much potential and I hate to see such a cool game go to waste. You should fix the bug or update the game to make a part 2 because it really is a cool game