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Football Heroes Online

Football Heroes Online for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Run Games located at 611 S. Catalina St. Suite 206 Los Angeles, CA 90005. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is the worst cause the game latterly chooses everything for you and has no rules of normal football its like they made there own game of football.
The game has been for for over a year now it won't let me buy anything so my teams been the same forever and none of the online stuff works either. When It did work it was really good game though.
The game crashed after I beat the last team in single player so I never got the reward. I cant afford a new pack, and I cant stop the other teams because there too strong. When Opening the free packs just spins indefinitely The game is fun. But I'm literally stuck playing the same team and getting destroyed.
I would give yall a 5 STARS but it keep cutting me out the game PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP I WANT to keep playing this game BUT UNTIL YALL FIX THIS I CANT DO IT
The game itself is good, both versions ive played... BUT YOU CANT EVER GET BACK ONLINE ONCE YOUVE TURNED THE GAME OFF AFTER PLAYING ONLINE 1 TIME! Every time you get on after it says no connection when there is, cant get yout free decks, takes FOREVER to build up ti buy packs to build your team up... Ive uninstalled and redownloaded 3 times and same every time! WOULD ADVISE ANYONE NOT TO SPEND REAL CASH, U CANT EVEN GET THE FREE STUFF! GOOD GAME BUT A JOKE!
Great mobile game that I've been addicted to. What a shame the creators dont support it on mobile anymore. Hasnt had an update since 2017 and my game is constantly crashing and half the time it wont even load the game back up after the developer screen
This game suck you only get the free pack one and you get it over a period of time and the ads will stop the game making you close the app and loading back in and you have to restart the whole game when that happens
As everybody is saying i played all of the other football run games but it just doesnt work anymore after you get out of it overall i wish tge devloper could look at the comments for once and actually make changes put what is the point on maling this comment
Still horrible, Every 1st play of the drive the AI Pulls power out of his *ss and gets 6 every time on any team i face is on offense then i got intercepted and the guy ran into his own end zone and got tackled in his own end zone (Which was a Safety by the way) but apparently the Safety rule dosen't exist in this silly game and we went into overtime because apparently in their League Safeties don't exist
The Game is very addictive, but everytime I try to upgrade, it always freezes, and then it kicks me out, and then when I come back my coins are keep going down and down.
I like the game just about ad much as the 2015 version but i wish it was still Bluetooth, because I can't get football heroes 2015 in the play store. Please consider this.
Was the best game but it stared too not let me play i unistalled it and installed it again but it didnt let me install it. Please fix it.
The game started me over from the beginning so I lost all of my players and everytime you unstall and install it deletes your progress your game is trash you need to fix it.
THIS is a great football game it kind of reminds me of NBA JAMS! but only the football version ive been having this game for a year and sum and im still playing! it .
It's a fun game and I enjoy it but the online is dead and that's your main source of currency. makes the solo campaign nearly impossible and the game crashes. I love the concept of having cards and upgrading them with unique talents.
I love the game, but it randomly reset my league several times. It also took away A lot of my money, but overall I do enjoy it.
You can't get the free cards after the first time. You can't participate in coin battle or vs mode. This game was awesome
It Is A Nice Game Just Wish They Add Alot Of More Things To The Game This Game Really Fell Off And I Dont Know What Happened To The Online Match Thing Maybe Nobody Play This Game Or Nobody Tries To Play Online Or The Online Match Stuff Is Messed Up
I like it but the problems are when your going to make your players better it freezes and when you play online the other team is stacked even if they are only worth $200,000
I downloaded this game because it reminded me of tecmo bowl. Unfortunately it is Pay to win. Played a few online multiplayer matches and everyone I played had maxed out teams. I watched as my opponent didnt move his guy for the whole quarter and my whole team bounced off him...tell he decided to run in circles. Then score. I would pay money for a version of this that doesnt have power ups.
The app gameplay is not bad not bad at all however I'm taking three stars away because I purchase items from the game and I did not get get them this is the second time that happen I don't go for taking my money this is not happening anymore do you get it
The game doesn't always load. I can't get anything due to it saying no internet connection, even though I have internet connection. If it didn't do that, I'd play it more.
Whenever I try to launch the game again it just keeps on loading and won't stop. If you could fix the game i would definitely give it a 5 star.
I like this game a lot but all they need to fix is the online matching cause it takes 5 mins to get in a online game...or it's just that peps dont play online idk...if it's the game pls fix ;D
Free pack won't load and says I have an internet problem but I have full bars so it won't let me collect my daily rewards either
I used to have so much fun with this game if you updated it would be better because the free packs are broken I just can't seem to get a good team anymore the game doesn't feel the same.
Gameplay is fun, but it will be not let me redeem the free deck. It just spins and spins. Little frustrating.
I love this game, the gameplay is great, it's just that there are only 3 trophies so you can barely get bucks to buy packs. We need more offline trophies because nobody plays multiplayer, so I can't find a match. And please just return to coins only. But it is still a great game for killing time and just having fun.
Don't get this because if the other team players know your every move and you start with a team that is terrible and it's hard to get better and it's hard to get passes get flick football instead
Game is but make more offense players faster like almost all defense players are faster than every offense player and also free deck is glitch ease make another one of these games
Would of put a 5 star but causes too much rage because it doesn't call pass Interference and I have lost muitlple games due to that😑 and I tried tackling a player with my best player I swiped my finger and it swapped to another player further away Plz fix unless your too lazy to fix it.
I used to play this alot with my brother but now. If u play the game the first time, it will not let u in the second time, it will just be loading forever.
I'd say it's a really fun game it's just one day I was playing with my brother and it zoomed him in a lot and he couldn't fix it and also you cant get your daily rewards but the reason why I give it a three is because it's a really fun game and I like that you have super powers with your people and you can also fight
Nobody plays online or the severs don't work. But single player is fun and frustrating. You really have to grind to improve your team.
Great game. But this game hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. Loads of problems with connectivity to wifi and issues with loading. Please update and patch the connectivity issues and will rate five stars.
This is a very awesome game except there's some stuff I don't know how do I don't know what's happening I can't play the champion champion champions I can't play
This game sucks. At first i played offline and had no problems, other that i couldnt collect my free pack. So when i hot home i went online and tried but it takes way too long to load. After you load in it took so long to load the free pack i gave up entirelyand deleted the game dont download this game it sucks now i used to play the 1st version it was fun but that was years ago and it seems you guys dont update anymore because theres so many bugs.
The game is fun when it works and doesn't turn off. My main problem is that I bought hero bucks and it took my money but never gave me what I bought. I sent them an email and still haven't heard back from them. I'll delete this post when the issue gets resolved.
I used to have a lot of fun from this game,but now when I installed the game it loaded in and played I got offline,but when the second time I tried to play but it just kept loading for 5 through 10 min.PLZ FIX IT
The game its self is great but Once in got in the game. The Startup screen keeps loading everytime. I waited like a few minutes and it still keeps loading. I reinstalled the game and it was loaded the first time but the second time it came back. Plz fix it.
Just spent five bucks on it and it didn't give me any of the currency, it showed up validating receipt and froze up. When I opened the game again I had the same amount as before purchasing
I can never get the daily pack or the 50 extra coins after the offline games and I also made 2 in-app purchases for $.99 each and I didn't get anything, and the online servers have been down too so I would not recommend downloading this game
A couple years ago the game worked and it was pretty awesome but now it will never log back in the game when I close it
The game is good but add penalties to the game and instead of punching, the person will grab onto the ball carrier and take him down, and also get rid of all fantasy stuff and have options menu for stuff like longer or shorter quarters and also like I mentioned add a option to make it quarters or halves and make jukes stiff arms and hurdles free, stiff arms are made by touching the ball carrier, jukes by swipping down, and hurdles by swiping up.
This game was fun at first when it let me play. Now it won't let me. It does the thing at the beginning and the it shows football heroes online and this 2 arrows spinning. I waited 20 minutes for it to load and it didn't work. So please fix that
Serious glitches..... -the endzones were reversed on me today so on kickoff kicked it deep and when other team caught the ball it was a touchdown for them. -my players at random times with no opponent near them will fall down like they have been hit. Also, cant find an option to report problems (players and application) in the app itself.
The graphics are horrible for this game. But the gameplay is pretty good. But still needs little help. The controls suck. But are little better than the graphics. I think it's a ok game overall. I recommend downloading this game, because it's a fun game overall.
Game is so cool you can create your own players and you can make them o p I guarantee this to anybody that wants to get this game and this is the best game you ever play another one too but I'm not going to be worried about that one cuz you can't make players but you can make players on this one I even made the whole Auburn Tigers roster it was awesome
I love the game but every time I go to get my free pack in the store if freezes and doesn't let me get it I'm still playing it but could you fix it pls thank you
Game has been "upgrading" servers since the beginning of December. Can't collect daily rewards, get free packs, or play online. Sounds like a great way to run a business, go into a server upgrade without a contingency plan if the new servers aren't ready... Strange all the functionality to purchase premium currency still works fine.