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Football Fred

Football Fred for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Dedalord located at Prof. Dr. Pedro Chutro 3135 Suite 101 - Ciudad Autรณnoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good game but the thing they need to work on is that when you try to move forward it sends me backwards and another thing is that the characters run to slow
It's a good game with decent graphics but there are some issues also like packs give you same player all the times . You might increase the level of your previous card player and then gold booster card will give you the same player card once again.
I have always loved the games that challenge me on multiple levels and makes me use my brain and analytical skills instead of just making me shoot people in the head. Which is why this is one of my favorite games that I've ever played online
, actually I think that this game is good but it it can be better by making it more intense it is very slow because the players don't run fast enough I hope this is cleared and I play this with as much fun as other football games
It's the best football game that I had ever played at first I can't understand the controls then I tried to play and then I saw it's the best game that I have ever played
It's a really fantastic game but if it was both offline and online then I would rate it a 5 Star game .I also have a big problem with the pack opening it takes like forever up to 3 hours or even 8 depending on what kind of pack ur opening. There is also a big problem with the player upgrading system u can only upgrade ur player if u have three or four other player with the same star ratings. Honestly could have been one of my favourite football games but because of this problem I deleted it
The game looks amazing on a slightly bigger screen such as your tab because of the extremely impressive graphics involved in the design of the game.I would highly recommend it!
Its more than an average game. Play it for a while it will look good but than u will start trying other games over it.
So Amazing I like That We can Trick people and pass them so Cool and even we could do Trickshot I Really like This First when I saw The Game I didnt get it But Then I saw the Rates Lots of people are making 5 STARS LIKE ME so I got it And it was AMAZING Now Thank you For That Cool Game ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
Great concept; bad execution. I am able to get past training. Then, when I am finished with that, two things happen. Either, I get the loading screen that freezes the game like forever, and the next stage does not load, or the game goes to the loading screen and exits-out. Another waste of time equals a quick fix; uninstall the app and wait for a sturdier, reliable version for all Android users. There seems like there is a graphic, antiliasing little issue going-on there also (jittery graphics).
Confusing input ... swipe for movement and swipe for passing and shooting ..well none if this makes sense couldn't play it..if attempt to move i pass and vise versa ...
the app is extremely easy to download and install and you can instantly start playing after it's done installing. The game is instantly available that you can play on your phone.
the app helps you get connected with a lot of people with whom you can play a wide ange of games online. you will have a great time connecting with these people online and playing with them
There are still some glitches. When upgrading a player by sacrificing others, it takes the money but everything still remains the same. It happened more often and is annoying now.
The controls are very stupid and when you shoot it goes up far and it doesn't do anything all it does is just keep going and you can't regain stamina on the game so your running slow as heck. Waste of time to sum it up
The subject and story of the game is good but the problems and bugs is nerve-wracking. I have 2 player stuck in trainig mode. I spent 240 gem in scouting and i recived 3 player 3star and 1 4star and 2 2star but suddenly game crashed and cloesd and it was all gone and gems back. Again i rolled but it was just giving 2 star players and it was like willingly choose 2 star players becuase they were all from bottom row. I snet email but still no answer from support team.
I`ve been completely addictive game that I ve been spending way too much time on constantly playing oscillating between the single and multiplayer modes.
It's a realy fun game that has been designed to be extremely interesting and layered. I am not generally a fun of mobile games but this one is definitely an expection.
I'd like to have the feature to discard players. My club is getting pretty full and I'd like a filter for that. That's all it's a great game so I don't have many things to criticize it on.
Great game, although it would be nice to play horizontally. Other than that the game is fun and makes time fly.
The app is extremely easy to download and install and is a very convenient app to start playing with. I'm completely enjoying my experience with the game and I've been recommending it a lot of my friends.
Good game but it is full of showstopper bugs. Not once but twice I have had to reinstall your game, first time it broke entering my name and this time everyone on my team has disappeared and I can no longer play or check any screens without it locking up. This game would be fun if it weren't to broke to use
It is good but it needs a controller and some buttons for shoot and pass and it does not have a sprint
the app strikes the right balances and is neither easy nor is it too tough. So it will keep you occupied for a long time by making sure that you don't get bored.
Very good game.. Its funny and the player names are very creative. The whole concept of consuming a player to upgrade or evolve is brilliant.The bench is always apt.. Never too few or too many.. It wud be much better if we could gain prestige faster coz it takes a long time to actually unlock those win conditions. I'm currently 2 leagues ahead of where my match conditions are unlocked on the progress map. Level 4 to level 5 is taking forever.... And there is a glitch around the goal. Sometimes the ball is in the net but the game goes on n the defenders can clearly go in n clear the ball. Or the attacker cud go in and take a touch and its considered a goal. A couple of times, the ball got stuck on top of the goal post and the time kept going till 90 min and the match ended as a 0-0 draw ๐Ÿ˜‚
The app doesn't bother you with unnecessary popups and ads that may suddenly disconnet you from the experience of playing the game and disturb you.
The app is extremely easy to download and install and you can instantly start playing after its done installing.The game is instantly available that you can play on your phone.
I think the bages and piches could be better and eve when i win it wont let me go on to game 2 so i have been stuck playing against frozen chest
Too many bugs im pretty sure if you'll fix it your ratings will go high and also please help me, my scout room doesnt work, i cant see the players neither can i close it once i open it
Absolutely amazing! I don't understand why people would always give so much hate to you guys when it comes to making & playing underrated games like this, makes me upset. The graphics & art is beautiful, so many cool prizes I receive from winning & logging in daily, nice music, and interesting story lines from my favorite classic characters Fred and Crash dummy! Dedalord your games are one of the best creations ever made that I grew up with, keep on being awesome I believe in you! โ™ก
For now, it looks good. Game occasionally lags. I don't know the lags are due to the quality of Internet connection. Need some time explore the game. Update: you can no way save your progress in game with Google or Facebook accounts. Once you delete you may lose the progress. Also we can't continue the progress on other device. Don't worth investing real money. Update 2: the game seems to lag lot more now a days. Pass practice games are spoilt because of lags. Because I miss shot timing. Some times, my players disappear from ground. I can only see white circle without a player in it.
The theme and concept of the game are very unique which sets it apart from all the other football apps available. This has become my favorite app over the last few weeks.
To the development team as there is no ids for feedback about game glitch I m using this. I have used a player who was in training to upgrade another player and that training slot is frozen. Now it won't let cancel the training or do anything and also when I go into training screen I am not able to come back
The target practice sucks ass. Fix this to where its directional by finger swipe and not a stupid slider bar and ill give five stars.
It's a nice concept although it's missing many features..they should add skills that one can buy with credits earned by winning/playing matches
The game is so buggy. The field keeps showing pixelated colors and the controls that shows dribble ang pass are very unresponsive. This game has a lot of potential ti be big but it needs a lot of work.
Cant even get passed the tutorial. Player won't shoot when I swipe. Such a pity, the game actually looked fun.
the game has been designed with some really cool graphics that keeps hooked and makes sure that I never get bored playing. you should defonotely try playing it. I assure you that you'll love it.
Control is hard. Only have 1 joystick to control everything. Need to add just a button for pass/shoot to make it easier to play
Game always freeze and crashes after a match. Gold packs i won were swapped to a common pack when i had to replay after game crashes.
Hello I've been playing this soccer game for almost a month now an update was just game on the game but the game has really bad glitches you buy stuff with coins or diamonds and you dont get what you've bough or if you already have a player and you buy another one at the shot it takes your coin but doesnt explain that you cant have the same player if you can use the same player to upgrade then it shouldnt even be available to buy or take your coins doesnt that sound reasonable but overal game has really bad glitches while in game action going to delete this game. Dont waste your time on this game. Thank uou