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Football Clash: All Stars

Football Clash: All Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Soccer Manager Ltd located at 1 Faraday Drive Fulwood Preston PR2 9NB. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the best ever football game you can unlock and upgrade your caricatures and buy some players in the store if you want a amazingly awesome game you should get this it is free to get that makes it a little beter
good game to play to pass the time the only thing that I dislike is some players cards are not updated like Ronaldo on his card he's in Madrid but he's in Juventus and if they could update the kits on the cards each season but either than that great game
I installed by seeing it in the 442oons video but the start is terrible I just instaled and tried to play a game but the screen just has a white effect for no apparent reason and then I restarted it reinstalled it and nothing so until you fix this I cannot play. Unless an update comes soon I will uninstall. I cant even answer the "tell us more" because I cant play the game. 1 star. And now after looking at the other complaints ot seems that you have broken your game FIX IT!
I enjoy playing it but it annoys me because the goalkeepers handle the ball outside the area even though in real life that's against the rules. Improve please. The players look like idiots too. Most of the players look the exact same. WARNING. HIGHLY ADDICTED.
can you take out the health bar in players. it was better without the health bars. you dont need to switch out your players all the time.
I'll give this game a 4 star. But when i played today (decembre 23 2020) I couldnt do a friendly match and I couldnt even play the game. The game overall is amazing but please just fix that bug. :)
Yeah me too when I start the match I click level two it said loading turtoial and I stop and come to home with white screeen why
I used to love this game because it had real players,but when it had fake players i dont play it anymore.hope this game bring back the real player
Best Wifi game I have had but please let us get at least 1 5star player like Messi or CR7. And can u please let us join a league according to how many trophies we have.Also please warn us about the slow MINOR glitches. Also can we also create our own Arena when we get to at least 500 trophies. I am really looking forward to the updated one😁😁😁.Thanx πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
It's a great game but I got fake players and I wanted to restart but there was nothing I could do so please let us restart our progress if we want.
It is not working at all I don't how people enjoy this game it just shows you a black screen snd then gets me out of the game I gav3 it 2 stars only because I enjoyed the game when it was working.
I gave this game 1star because when the tutorial is loading the screen just stays white pls fix and maybe I'll rate five stars😁
I did use to love this game but now when I load onto the game it won't even let me do that it keeps on getting to 10% on the loading screen then it stops please could you sort this issue out.
with stamina bar update game is official destroyed... there is no chance of winning any challenge anymore, striker just recive the ball, won 6 challenge against my defense and score gol, coz my goalkeeper dont have enough stamina to move from 1 place... Worst game on play store, waste of phone memory
Can't restart the game and have to play with my old account it's honestly pissing me off this is my second phone and still can't get rid of the God damn account so if your looking to start over again and try to have fun. Then sucks 2 be u cause they won't let u restart
Great concept, but that's where it stops. Extremely laggy, like some games you really can't play because the screen just keeps freezing up. Once connection is lost it is never reastablished, you have to close the game and reopen it. Keeper control is also non existant, might swipe one way and he goes the other or swipe one way and he doesn't even dive
it is bad because they changed it from being real players like mess I to like random card names. but over all it's decent
It doesn't start, I get to open the first pack and then in play match i click level 2, it shows loading tutorial and then brings me back to the home screen, and I don't think there is a network error here
This game has trashy accuracy and when other people aim then they score instantly whilst I aim at the goal it goes over the bar and the keeper does no effort doesnt save it but it hits the wall fix your accuracy
At first when i played it was good but then i got a pack for my 7 daily login and then it didnt let me open it.After that i couldnt even load into the game.I uninstalled the game and never installed it again. Fix 7 daily login packs
3 bad news...1. The keeper touched the ball it should have been saved but no it's said it was a goal...2. ADD OWN GOAL!! and 3. ADD more cash in the packs pls
It is very good but laggy it is hard to shoot. I like the idea for areanas also please add real players again
I used to play this game it was really good, now I redownloaded it and I cant even play a match cause it just logs me out every single time I try to play.
I used to play this game 2 years ago and it was my favourite game but now i play the match but the screen is wite please fix this game and turn back the real players if you do that is gona be a fantastick game
i used to play this game awhile a go invested money into it so thought I'd download again to play and I've logged into facebook and it is saying i have myself as a friend with all my old cards and that i am a new player? is this a joke? can i get on my old account?
need to update almost everything about it. transfers, goalkeepers, the fact that green cards are better than purple and gold. But I kinda like the concept of the game
I have played this game on my old tablet,but it does NOT work on this new tablet bcs da tutorial dosen't work and when I click number 2 then It goes back to the home screenof the game and goes a little white and then I have to re-install The game.Giving it 3 stars bcs great game.
Severs are trash my keeper saved the ball but it went in I scored in the last minute it didn't count but overall fun game but just fix these things
I takes forever to wait to get to training when you first get the game. I wanted like 1 hour oncw still didnt load untill fixed ill rate higher
I used to like this game but now that there isn't real players in it I dont play it anymore I would of gave it a 5 star if there where real players
I will give it 5 stars but please make an update to bring the old football clash with the real players.πŸ˜”
I love this game. Its pretty addictive but its really fun! You start off with not so well of a team and you work your way to the top.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! The game scamms u i was loading on 10% then i went on it after 5 minuts and it was still on 10%even though my wifi was perfect and my phone was perfect FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is an awesome game for people all over the world that like collecting cards and building teams with them to play in leagues,cups and even against your friends.
The game is fun and like Ultimate team. If you like Ultimate team you will love this game, but it's hard to like it as much as I do.
I loved the game but i rated it 4 stars because i scored a goal in the last second but you didn't count it ended the match ITS NOT FAIR SOMETIMES!!!!!!
I like it but you can't play in game i tried to do a training match and it brought me back to the home screen plz fix or it's a 1 star from me
My experience was instantly ruined the moment I got into the tournaments screen and clicked on one of the tournaments. I was stuck on the match making screen and there was no way to get out of it. From uninstalling and reinstalling the game to clearing all the data I have. Nothing worked! I'm serious! Please fix this bug. It would make my experience much better.
this game drives me crazy all day long. if you want to play a mini soccer game, this one is the best choice. but in my opinion, a new feature to know whoever online in my league team is very needed, so i don't waste my time to wait that. but overall, this is perfect.
I give this two stars cuz I can't even play the game. The screen just turns white and I can't do anything about it.
Good game when it works but 90%of the time whilst your play, the game freezes then restarts with your opponent in front of your goal shooting🀬 or the game just crashes and goes all the way back to the start witch normally results in you losing points🀬🀬. If these issues are fixed the game gets five stars from me. Ps sometimes when you open a pack the game freezes which results in you losing the Pack. Im back again if i could give minus stars i would 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
I downloaded the game and it started off great,but once you finish getting your players it gives you the tutorial and it doesn't even load in. I recommend playing this game but uninstall it if it doesn't load in.
This game is really fun and awesome....But the developers need to find more bugs and fix them.....And create a tournament mode
football clash all star is a best game.it is very to play and nice.it has hood graphics .i like the football clash all star.we can in cairo and paris and other place.it is online game .it is to amazing to play.it is a new game .the people who football clash all star they like this game.
I like the game but the update made the shots bad if I shoot straight it will go left or right and the keeper can't dive bring back the old football clash please the shots doesn't seem to have that much crave.
I really loved the game when they were real names of players cuz it's quite hard to find good soccer games and i was really a big fan of this game and my friends and me we're all playing it Please guys put back real names😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
As soon as I loaded the game, it makes me retry logging in. I'm connected to Internet so I don't know what went wrong. It just stops on10% every time.
I rate it one star coz when u play tutorial the screen just turns white fix the game it used to be good the last time you updated it was jan 2019 update it and fix it
I hate this game because when you open the first pack when you want to play the screen goes white. so I recommend don't download this game one star
I wish i could give 0 when i download this i see is the best game even youtubers play so i download this but when i preesed play then level 2 it say torturial and it became white in the homescreen what is that i cant play even,a match.and fixed that in the new update,in 2018 i tried in aloowed but then i delete the app and when i download again it say like that i dont know what to do u have to fixed it. This the best game but not now🀩🀩🀩🀩
My experience is very good with this game. But they could add commentary that could make it amazing πŸ‘Œ. Also when your shooting maybe the time could be longer. One time i went to go on the game but it didn't let me in!! I mean vome in what is this!!! SORT IT OUT!!! 😀😠😑
I am hiving it 3 stars because I just downloaded the game and i was supposed to play the tutorial but the screen kinda just has a white color to it and i cant click anything so can you please fix it?
RETRY LOGIN, CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION?? The game used to be great, I have reinstalled it after a year and now it doesnt let me get into the game, the bar just stops loading at 10% and it tells me to retry login or check internet connection...I have done both things 10 times over and now its absolutely p***ing me off... My wifi is on full signal and google play has showed I am properly logged in, so what is the problem? Fix it!
I dont know why but it stays on 10 percent i used to play back in when it was called football manager it was great eventually i got bored and deleted it. Now ive downloaded it it stays on 10 percent i mean looks good but i cant give it 5 star if i cant play
good concept with the game but the game is full of bugs. cant connect to play games, laggy during games, cant request cards or leave guild. fix these issue and it would be a 5 star game but only 3 as things stand.
Its a great game and all but if the creators are reading this i beg you, get rid of fitness because when there was no fitness and you could play unlimited games wiyhout your players stats going down, now i can only play about 2 because of how quick mbappe and kantes fittness go down. please get rid of fitness
I used to always play this than now for some reason it just lags an doesn't let me play it's really bad Although the game is fun
The game always stops impossible to save shots impossible to score goals and I thought correctly It has real players but it doesn't !
This game used to be good but they removed real players and put fake ones and that ruined the game and the matches don't even load anymore
Good game when it works but 90%of the time whilst your play, the game freezes then restarts with your opponent in front of your goal shooting🀬 or the game just crashes and goes all the way back to the start witch normally results in you losing points🀬🀬. If these issues are fixed the game gets five stars from me. Ps now the game just doesn't work at all 🀬🀬🀬🀬
so sometimes I slide tackle some people and they still get a perfect shot, one problem isn't 2 bad, there is some other things that I don't like about this game but they're not 2 big of a problem. overall the game is pretty good
I downloaded it before when it had real players then I tried to delete it and download it again so there was fake players but there wasn't . And when you swipe sometimes the goalkeeper doesn't dive or they dive the wrong way the shooting is good and they should have two boosts and much more legends and sometimes my opponent shoots in the box
I've heard the game is really good and watched some gameplay, but I can't play it though. I have a Samsung Note 9 (just in case that's important) and after I open the first pack, it takes me to a loading screen that reads "tutorial loading". The point is that it never really loads and I'm stuck in that loading screen not being able to play it. I really want to play it, so I hope you can fix it.