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Football Agent

Football Agent for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by BLSoftware located at 144 Merton Road, London. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've now got all the upgrades and extras... The game was very short. Also would be nice if the world class players who are aged 23+ come too you, as opposed to having to train em up from young!
In terms of mechanics the game is good but the editor is very unintuitive, I'd like to see the Scottish or the American League but a better editor which doesn't require 4 divisions to use the country would be much better as a start.
Really good game, couple things I noticed was that I found a lot of teams bought my players on 1.5yr deals, I always ask for renewal once it becomes under 12 months and they offer way below current salary. Doesn't make a lot of sense to pony up big for that long and then try to offer a massive pay cut after just 6 months into the deal. Other thing would be how you can't renegotiate with players on your cut of their earnings. Would be a really fun aspect to add as you do grow with some players.
Decent game and decent concept. Just could do with a lot more instruction. For example, the upgrades that cost millions of pounds, I didnt then know it would cost ME the weekly wage stated next to it. So now a lot of money into red. Probably stop playing now for just that reason... a lot more instruction within the game to tell you what to do, how to do it.
I love this game. Have been playing for hours now. It might be better if you guys can add club's training facilty to be a consideration for a loan move.
Love this game a lot but need a couple of stats like assists, shots saved etc. Just form would not be enough. But overall nothing much to detract the fun.
In general the game is fun. Few things doesn't match real life situations. 1- a player who is free agent is almost impossible for me to get him to a new club. 2- a player with one year left on his contract should get offers to renew or agreement to transfer by contract end. I hope you update the issues and add more depth to the game regularly.
This is worth the money. But don't think your going to start looking after Messi in 2-3 years. It takes a long time to get player's in a decent league and build your cash. However it's more rewarding when you start to earn the needed cash to succeed. 4 starts due to it just takes a little longer than it should to get to the big leagues.
Good game. It is addictive, fun and easy to play. Could do with a little more content but overall a good game.
Good game, but I cannot play due to the colours, any length of time playing gives me headaches!! This is the only game this happens on. Other than that, very addictive Edit** yes I have tried different colour settings, its a good game and I appreciate the response, good luck with it!!
This game is good, no ads disturbing, no time waste and very addictive, but i am giving 4* cause the players keep asking too much money, even if daily profit is not much high but players keep asking a lot of money for different reasons and they keep getting unhappy if not give them the money!
I love this game, it takes me back to football manager etc for the spectrum. I've wasted pretty much all the last 2 days playing it. Bit sceptical due to reviews saying you need to buy the game to progress but was pleasantly surprised to see that was only 99p and when you're that far in its a no brainer. Got myself some Brazilian whizz kids now and the money is rolling in.
Good but needs more detail. Its fun n challenging when u just started but once u are at the top it gets kinda repetitive.
I played the free version of this game and enjoyed it so paid for the full version. I was expecting to be able to sign up to 60 players as advertised but can still only buy a limit of five. This is quite disappointing so I can only rate the app three stars based on this. If you can tell me how to fix this problem then i will rate it five stars as it is a good game and a great way to kill time.
I really like this game, few things, it seems that offering players doesn't work (Or hasn't worked for me yet, correct me if I am wrong) also, it would be nice if I there was an option to mend relationships. (I welcome tips from other players, I suck.)
Really great concept. I just wish it was more fleshed out. It would be great to be able to look around at other leagues outside your starting nation. And if your players won awards or titles, they would thank you or notify you. It would be great.
Simple and Addictive. Best game for killing your time while trying to be a succesful football agent. Good job!
Fun game, good time killer while on flights or in the airport. Big problem I have, which I've seen in other reviews, I give someone a base salary let's say 1000 dollars per week, the player improves in the 2 years till the next renewal. I renew and boom now the team only wants to give me 950 per week for the player at the max, which just pisses my client off. What changed, my player improved, why wont they even match the last wage they offered?
This is a great game no question about it. Only one thing I can see that needs adding Players stats need... (Games played & Goals scored Career totals)
A confirmation popup when upgrading your HQ would be nice, like the one when upgrading properties. I've accidentally upgraded my HQ a few times with no way to undo.
It's a great game. It would help to be able to see the player/club relationship, game time and money happiness during transfer offers to best decide if the offers benefits us. Including a "acceptance contract bar/percentage" when offering contracts. Adding a home button. Adding news storylines when you sign players. Adding player rewards/achievements (top scorer, assist, clean sheets, relegated, promoted, champions) Allowing you to create/edit a Agency logo.
It is an excellent game with amazing replay value (there are always things you can do better, until you're really really late in the save), I've spent countless hours on it, would recommend to any football fan with deeper interest in the actual workings of the sport. However, what confused was that the differences in league quality are basically non-existent. I know fixing that would be a lot of added - seemingly not-so-important - work on the game, but the realism would help it.
Absolute regretted paying for this game and additional upgrades! If I could give it - I would! To get anywhere with it you would need to spend loads! Stay away
I think it's a game that has potential, but PLEASE add a tutorial to it. I couldn't understand what to do!
Great game! But it's a bit monotone, I mean this game is great but still has a lot room for improvements.
This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. This is a must play game for for football + simulator lovers.
Something about this game is insanely addictive. The UI is pretty basic and there's not a ton of depth in the game but that also means it's really easy to pick up. I reached the top level (all HQ upgrades and extensions bought) in about a week. To the developer - are there any plans to introduce more upgrades anytime soon?
Really good game, but could be a whole lot better! I love this game but when you get later on practically all the players you sign get to 99 rating and its a bit boring. Would be better if ratings were similar to Fifa and only the best players got to the top!
I really loved to play this game, it's just there isn't any tutorial there ( good tutorial) so it's just me randomly pressing stuff.
I love the concept of the game.. Needs more details and a better time frame. More situations and stories which can also make the player not want to move to the club. Make negotiation more detailed too where contracts negos can spand for days... Add like transfer gossip on news, trending transfer and player awards... Some ideas to make it a great game.. I'll definitely pay more.
The intervals between upgrades and hq are huge and it's not easy to level them up after the 2nd level or so maybe more levels could be placed. Another thing it seems that there is game glitches where a team doesn't renew and then the player is a free agent and then no teams offer contracts to sign him. Other than that the game is solid, also I don't recommend wasting money as it doesn't really help out.
Its a good game. Needs some polish. The graphics could be sharper and there are some interface annoyances - having to click through all the menus to get to a new player in a region, or it always defaulting to the first tab when I click to negotiate sponsorship. Also not being able to sort the clients by expiry with the agent so I can quickly see who I can dump in favour of a better client.
Its great game, but still need some improvement, add "assist" "goal condensed" for GK, and more detail about the club of the player like in reality, also add bonus for player from the club, award like best player, also can take player from other agent it will be more fun. Add this and the game more better
Very simple but good fun. I've put a good few hours into this game. Mainly when I'm traveling or watching something. So its a good time passer. I'd say worth it for £0.99
Good game. I wish there was a version for american football or baseball. I wpuld deffinetly pay extra for that.
It's a very good game and I love to play it but there's one thing that could make it better. When I want to see how many goals or appereance a player makes I have to use a calculator. Can you add something which tells you automatically thanks😁
Its a decent game, great if your bored, i like the developers have tried something new instead of another manager game.
Fun game but a bit basic. Played a few hours now and feel like I'm just constantly doing the same grind.
Really fun game. Bit confusing at the start as no tutorial or information on how the game works but you get the hang of it after a while and once you do it's really fun.
Fun game, would benefit from better user interface and graphics. Would also be better with more real life options and random events.
Simple game but excellently executed. Only flaw i have with the game hence the 4 stars not five. Is i would like a tab on the clubs to see reasons why they do/dont like me. I have clubs i have never interacted with who hate me and i cant work out why.
The game is too good and addictive. Tip: 1- don't waste time on low level ones, use scouts asap to get promising guys 2- don't upgrade HQ too fast, invest in your player development and scouting first
I spent hours on this game and I did slow progress without in app purchases. It looks like the app was developed for making money and not for having fun.
good game but much mire exciting at the start. once youve got a couple of scouts it makes it a lit easier. i feel i have completed this game after 3 hours of playing it
I have some big name mangement sims on my phone, but this app is where I spend my time. Its great - a simple interface with a lot of depth. Its not always about getting the highest rated players. You might have 2 equally rated players but one is a miserable, perennial underacheiver and the other is great no matter where you put him, and the development difference between the two is huge. It takes some searching to find a real gem. Just a great game.
Amazing game! Really worth the money spent, however it would be good to add more teams to some leagues, add more leagues, and have a bigger variety of choices, but apart from that, the game is addicting, and very fun to play.
Football Agent might not have the most depth, but it is very easy and is the only football management game I've seen so far on Android that has a very simple UI that just works. Great timekiller. Fair price.
Love this game but as a progress when players ratings are droping its impossible to keep them happy because they cant earn as much. Either have players relise this or bring in other leagues that will still pay them hi eg america, china etc then ill give 5
Really enjoyable game, bit slow to start with but great once you get a few seasons in. Personally I feel a nicer interface would be great but that's purely cosmetic. 1 main change I'd love to see is getting feedback from a player when a club is interested, especially when same div or lower. If that's possible it would be a 5 star for sure
Really enjoyable game. However, I wish it could be possible to have different save slots, so if I decides to start with a different country I can. Also, so I can try out the simulations created by other players/developers as well
Good and addictive game, not quick to get to the top. Would like to see random achievements as a side task whilst being able to record what players have won. Adding international football would also be great. Maybe also competition against other agencies too. Some realistic dilemmas like players wanting to start/finish their career in a region close to where they come from.
Beautiful casual football game. Great game for hardcore football fans. UI is great, runs smooth, in-app purchases are not shoved in your face. Great game all around. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Exceptional game. This game takes elements and ideas from football management games (E.g FM) and puts you in the shoes of an agent instead of a manager. Very addictive and fun game.
Fun game, happily passes the time without the need for a stable internet connection ideal for commuting and such like. I liked the free version so much I went deep and payed my 99p for the full game.
I can't even tell you how much time I've spent on this game. Really fun, decent depth for a mobile game, perfect for a quick pick up and play.