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Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by GAME START LLC located at 2 Chome 2-15, Hamamatu-cho, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A cute little game that does wonders in lifting the mood. Minigames are easy while still making you think a little bit so it feels satisfying to do them. The adorable aesthetic and relaxed nature of the game is great for when you just want to sit down and chill out. Ads can be annoying, but the game always gives you something in exchange for it. Besides, it helps the developer of this stress-reliving little game
Really great app! Very fun and cute and just a great time killer when ur bored. Decorating your house and dressing your character is so cute! highly recommended
I really LOVE this game I found myself being addicted very easily and for that this game shouldn't be given 1 stars because the game is very cute and adorable. It's easy to cook and all around amazing, one thing I'd like is for more dog breeds at the beginning for a much wider selection but other then that this game is the best I've played in years! Fantastic job on the game guys!❤
Very cute game but after not playing for a bit I can no longer cook crepes, hand out flyers, or pick fruit or fish. The options are there but they're blocked out. Were these feayures removed?
I think this game has a very cute style. Food prep games can get boring usually, but this one has lots of mini games and other activities to keep it interesting. This is a very fun and enjoyable game!
This Game is Amazing and Addicting I love everything about it it's just that I wish I can get a notifaction in the game when the fridge is empty beacuse when I'm in the 2nd world and I go check my 1st world my partners are walking around showing a fridge icon while the place is packed with customers.! Can you please add a notifaction in the game that tells you if you ran out of food in the fridge??. But everything else about this game is perfect!!.
This is an adorable and relaxing sim, but it seems there's no way to save your game. I don't want to make a lot of progress only to switch devices and have to start over because of this. Please add options to link the game to an account (Google Play, Facebook, email, etc.) so players won't lose all of their hard work. Thank you.
very cute and fun, with lots of collectibles. They're entirely optional but add a good mechanic to the game. I love the ability to hire part timers and slowly build up a little empire c: I only noticed that it didn't function as well on my phone, and seems to be optimized for tablets.
It's very nice, the pixel art is cute and the experience is great, it would be nice if ads didn't appear as often though.. But I still enjoy it 👍
I love this game its super !!CUTE!! But theres a problem I would like to fix.Its about the ads, it often pops up and interferes with my game. Can you make it so that there is a 5 minute cooldown in the ads? And make them different each time so its not boring and the same. But in all I love this game and I would like to play it daily!
This game is amazing,addicting,adorable,the style is amazing,its well made and ads dont appear every second and when ads do appear they warn us after we watch the ad yhey say thank you and its just an amazing game with the furniture the mini games everything is just amazing.❤️
It's cute, but that's probably all there is to it. On the first day it was enjoyable, for some reason the ads doesn't trigger but second day of playing this? Ads between every bloody game it's ridiculous for such a simple game. All I can say is, don't bother.
The game is incredibly cute and playable. I like the progress i can make and the furniture and clothes are really cute and addictive to spend ingame money on! however, please please remove all ads that promote gambling (slot machines, card games etc...). this is designed as a children's game. until that is fixed i wouldnt recommend it to any kids i know...
The graphics and the gameplay is good. The player gets to decorate stylishly on his or her restaurant along with unlocking many new colorful food. However, the only downside of the game is when you finally do get the villa and the dream house you want, it requires 2600 bones more to get rid of the clutter on the house. Was it worth it to play the game? In my opinion, not really. So I suppose if you were expecting a relief from the life you want, there is none. There is no story.
This game is too cutee, i love how the characters look, they're cute, especially the dogs, and this game is not that difficult and not that easy too. I'll play this when i was bored and this game make me smile because the cuteness 😚
Amazing game. I am super addicted to it. It is not boring nor you will feel boring, it is very amazing game with so many interesting things!! ❤️
This is such a cute game, it is fun and easy to control. The artwork is adorable and I love how you can choose from a few dogs to be your main character. It's a good game to play on your way to school, a road trip, or if you are bored. The ads are a little annoying, but they are not in your face all the time. Great game!
Cute game. It's good for passing the time, and there aren't many ads. Plus, you get to see cute doggos- who wouldn't love that?
This is such a cute game!!! I like it but I think they should add more things, after all this fame is good in my opinion :D
Its cute and entertaining, honestly if you're looking for a fun but not overly involved type game, this is a good one, it def keeps your attention and overall is pretty calming and cool
It doesn't need most of your time. It's very simple, and I do love the pixel art style! I just wish it's updated with more furniture. The controls needs a bit more sensitivity too.
I loove this game... Really do recommend you to play... The graphics are adorable and the gameplay is awesome... So many places you can discover and flavours furnitures and clothing
U guy this game is so fun I'm in love with it , I love dog and this is perfect , but the only thing is we get only 4 dog to select, wish husky could be, good game
Its actually a pretty fun game. It's really fun and there's no real wait time for anything other than the minigames. Only downside is the adds being frequent but they're usually not that long.
Brilliant! I love it all from the cute characters to the fact you can decorate the truck from inside to out! Nice simple concept and controls too. Also, for those of you who complain about the ads, just turn your WiFi off and you won't get them. Please keep releasing more adorable games like this and maybe events? Like I said, I love this and thank you sooo much for making it for dog lovers like me lol. Thanks again loads ❤️🥺
This game is absolutely ADORABLE I love it, its nice and cute there are no disappointing things in this game. When you hire other dogs they atoumaticly serve the customers the only thing you may have to do is put the crepes down for them. Other wise this game is amazing.
ADORABLE😁😁😁 this game is so cute and so much fun i love making the foods and buying stuff in the little shop. It is just an amazing game and supuer duper fun and cute.
it's a very cute game and the onsen shop was so satisfying. I'm so glad the different locations don't all have the same set up. the gameplay sometimes feels a little "slow" when you're clicking stuff or transitioning screens but it's not a deal breaker. I've pretty much completed everything and I'm looking forward to the update!
i love this game because i love dogs and i love choosing dogs to be the wercker and tacking care of them it is so much fun to order food, pick strawbaries, and cook it is so much fun to hand out fliers 🐶❤
The art style is adorable and everything in this game is just so cute. It's very relaxing and a great game to play when you are bored. The tutorial in the beginning is not too long but very helpful since the game itself is simple. The only small problem is the ads but if you want to get rid of them just turn off your wifi
This game is absolutely adorable! I love the pixelated animation and the little doggies! Unlike some other cute games where you can't do anything else beside the main objective, this has plenty of stuff to do. This is actually my first review but I just had to fangirl over this cute little game!
while caring for myself is easy enough and I can dish it out to the customers, if you wait for people to give flyers to you are wasting precious time. Instead keep double tapping the flyer button to insta spawn peeps! way faster. like omLGidh. thats oh my lord god in god heaven for those who don't know. its also fast to do small jobs. eventually the variety of foods made and pans to cook them in will be outmatched and you must choose what they want and not plan ahead. this I forsee. 1 hour in.
A very cute game, but is a bit too reliant on ads, as you can advance in the game more by watching ads as opposed to playing the game. Very fun though.
I only just downloaded this game, and im already adicted. I love it. I reccomend is if enjoy cute pixle doggos making what looks like icecream. Its adorable!! I am absolutely in love. If your looking for something to do, this game is perfect!! I hope you like it as much as I do!! happy playing!! ^^
the art style is so cute and i love the gameplay so much,the only reason this is getting a 4 star is because it sometimes cuts off your gameplay to play an ad, which kinda ruins the gameplay
A amazing experience, most games are boring and copy others, this is a original game, amazing details. I love it
It's cute and addicting. In just 5 days I already unlocked the onsen. I never got tired of playing it. Though I would suggest to have more furnitures and clothes. I'm looking forward to the new area!
It's really a fun and easy game that has cute graphics, I love how you can buy clothes and buy furniture to decorate your truck. Also please let the customers automatically visit the food truck because I sometimes lose my patience in giving the flyers by tapping. Also can you please add some more recipes—maybe not crepe recipes like pies, cakes, ice cream, or something else because that would be entertaining and challenging to do.
*laughs in not seeing any ads as suggested by other reviews cus adblocker* I don't like how the game doesn't tell you that you don't get more money by unlocking more shops. Pretty lame, stressful, and annoying, 3 stars. I feel like the dev is hungry for profit, the game is fun and it does provide good content, the catch (which you'll only notice later on) is that after you get far in the game you have to wait a long time to upgrade your workers.
Cute graphics. Fun gameplay. Decent Controls. I have a recommendation. Can you make more minigames? All the minigames are very fun! I really enjoy it. And also can you also make random animals go to your place so that they could but some crepes? Because I sometimes forget to give the animals flyers. But that's just a recommendation. But overall, the game is great! But needs some small improvements.
So far, i'm loving this game very much. Its cute and really fun. But one thing i don't like is that i have a hard time remebering how to set my items and set the clothes i pick for my puppy. So if you could implement something that can help with that, it would be most appreciated. Thank you. uwu
I liked the game a lot but... every time someone buys a crepe, they just turn around and don't give me money. This happened when I hired a new guy... still like it though, just please try to fix it. 😄
I love the simplicity of the game, yet how active it requires the player to be, unlike other games, you have to gather ingredients and advertise. I love the graphics and the idea of a dog just because I like dogs, and the addition of the caring take of the dog, its not a lot, but it adds a little something to. Ads while may be a little common at times, theyre kinda hard to get mad at, theyre skippable ads and have a little dog just sitting there letting you know and he's cute. Overall good game.
I absolutely love this game!!! Very simple, easy and relaxing game that requires little focus. Many reviews said that the game was ad heavy, yet they were only 5 seconds long as you do not need to watch the full ad maybe it's just my preference but it doesn't bother me that much. However whenever a ad does come up I play on chromebook so the ad goes all funny and half of it is cut off the screen therefore I cannot close the ad so I have to close the app then re-open it. Please fix this!
Adorable game! Could possibly do with a bit more of an explanation on how things like furniture storage/placing work but overall very fun and cute
Don't get me wrong, I think the game has tremendous charm and potential, but at the moment, it's a little bland. The gameplay is one major grind. You need bones to upgrade your workers and get new items to sell. but they are very sparing. I am at 12% drop rate now, and am basically spending my time getting clothes/furniture so I can bump that number, or I have to do the minigame over and over to make slight progress. Past that, there isn't anything to do in the game. I hope they add more content
Pretty relaxing, cwn play for hours, the ads aren't that annoying. I like it, grest job, hopefully there will be more characters, outfits, and furniture
It a cute and fun little game that never pressures you to go too fast to reach your goal or buy your way through with irl money. And unlike real customers these ones won't get mad if they have to wait for their food. XD It didn't take me long to own most of the locations, but having only one of the mini games reward you with the second currency got increasingly frustrating. The adds were kinda invasive too. I'd much rather watch them for a reward than randomly between screen transitions.
The game works very well, the graphic is nice and cute and all HOWEVER the ad's amount is intolerable. At first I could still be patient. But after awhile the ad keeps coming after i am done with one activity. I want to remove the ads but the option didnt work. Thats why i am giving out 3 stars. I will add more stars once the developer fix this problem.
No idle rewards and just constant clicking even when u have workers doing the job. The workers work at a snails pace. It has cute art but really thats the only thing going for it
Really cute game but ads got me here 🤷 managing the other pups is a full time task but they do okay (sometimes) On the map it shows 2 other locations on the islands. Are they ever going to be open or??
love the adorable style of the game and the aspect of just being able to do other tasks and not just cooking. If you're looking for a game to pass the time, this pup is perfect.
Really cool game, I love how after the ads the dog says thank you. It's a fun game and a good time waster, I've been playing it for a long time now
Very nice looking game and very cute. Though i may sometime find it difficult to play because the interface is quite hard to get use to ( you have click a lot at first before the game progress slowly into a idle game - changing cloth and furniture is a mess ) also the animation is a tad bit slow ( when i tap on any option it just slowly doing that open up animation ) so i hope you can improve animation speed in the next update. At last please forgive me if i made any grammar issue and thank you
Adorable, leisurely, and simple. This game allows you to relax and have fun. If you are a fan of animal crossing you will enjoy this. The only downside is the ads, but they could be worse. Many are skippable, although they do help with game progression.
Great game so far! Sprites are cute and charming, and the gameplay is chill but enjoyable. Pretty new to playing, but having tons of fun so far.
A very satisfactory game and really nice to look at. Lots of little things to do around the game so it keeps your attention and I like that. Super unique too.
Super addicting game, so far there's not really much problems. I recommend this game if u are bored or u just wanna check it out. Ill give this 5 stars. Good work<3
is this a new game?? i quite like it!! it’s a chill and simple game. no angry customers. no competition. just cute little dogs cooking and serving. ads aren’t a bother, especially if there’s a cute puppy saying “thank you” at the end. i do hope there’s a little notification when deliveries arrive, and more mini games if that’s possible. also a pause button :D overall, it’s amazing (and cute)!! <33
This game is so cute! It's an easy to learn game, i have no complaints it's just so good omg- the art style is adorable, and the game overall has a good "plot" if you'd call it that haha. i recommend for people who want an easy relaxing game to just chill out and enjoy! 11/10 great game!
This game is super duper fun i can't stop playing it. i searched in youtube for fun games and i saw this it looked cute and sounded fun so i decided to try it and I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT. You guys should try it ITS REALLY REALLY CUTE AND FUN
My main issue is I'm stuff because I dont know how to place furniture. If anyone can tell me that would be great but my issue is there is no settings button or help button anywhere. If there is I cannot find it and it needs to be more prominent. Please tell me and fix this. Thank you.
One of the greatest cooking games I've played before it doesn't rush you to serve customers and the process of making food isn't extremely low. So over all its a good game that isn't a grab for money by showing adds every 5 seconds, and it has a nice calming style over all. I'd love to see more updates from this game!
Very cute, and an excellent idle game. However- I don't really mind ads, but they can be annoying if they pop up just as you're trying to reach for a burning pan. I also can't have multiple pups manning the stove at the same time because their communication skills apparently suck- they'll both get the same order, and the one left over will pass the crepe on to just any customer. Also, leaving something burning on the stove the moment they feel the need for takeout or a nap? Seems unsafe, that.
Wow! This game is so entertaining! I downloaded it because I was bored but I am now addict :) there are some ads but they aren't ridiculous so I highly recommend
So cute and fun. Especially during quarantine. Only tip is put a tutorial for more stuff because it's still kinda confusing
I love this game so much it is worth installing kinda hard ro earn money but if youn get into the game better it's kinda easy! Overall i love this no bugs for me rn :D Also pls add some mkre minigames thanks
I've only played it for a day but it's absolutely amazing! The game is very simple yet really entertaining. I love the cute graphics, characters, and furnitures in this game. The game is all about a dog who is in a business of selling crepes. So far, I only the strawberries one and I can't wait to get more. You can also dress your dog up with super cute outfit!
this game is so freaking adorable, I've been playing for like an hour straight and I am enjoying every second. so far I'm not seeing anything wrong with the game itself. keep up the great work peeps 😄
When i saw reviews on this game the first one i saw was about the adds i personally agree there are alot of adds BUT the cute graphics and that the dog warns you that adds are aproaching makes them less unbearable also this game is just addicting no matter how many adds it has in my opinion its perfect but for me and i showed some friends the game they agree with my opinions P.S this review is 100% real i just had alot to say i did not fake this review thanks for reading if you read it all....
So cute!!!! and is not boring wich is something that you get when you something like this honestly I love everything about it.
It's a really great game, I love it and it's super cute! But it's fustrating that you have to wait ages for a mini game, and it's not ways getting money, so you have to wait ages to move. I've had this game for maybe 3 days now, and I only have around 1700. You need to get 3000 to move. Other then that, it's a great game and I totally recommend it.
The game make me happy, however there is no name of some furniture then i know what it is, a little bit noise in image quality, but i love playing this game so bad
This game has adorable graphics! Its the life of a pup cooking to serve gained costumers to customize its home. So far the game has been working smoothly, no wifi is needed for the game which makes it even better when travelling. This game deserves more attention, I love the game alot so far so keep up the good work!
Pretty fun to play to pass the time, different things to do which is great, ads are kind of frequent but they don't last long so that's great . Would recommend.
Probably one of the best mobile games I have ever played, hands down. The characters are adorable, and the gameplay is mesmerizing. This deserves much more recognition, it's easy, relaxing and overall a fun time-killer game. The bones are a little grind-to-get, but it's not much of a problem. If you're on the lookout for an app to stay on your phone for the longest time, then this is it.
it's super cute, fun and easy to play, i really enjoy this when I'm sad or bored, they all look so adorable i can't help but smile:)
This game is awesome! I just wish it would save across phones, because I had 4 areas unlocked and every free part timer, as well as a lot of furniture and a beautiful set up. However, that phone broke and I downloaded the app again, and I was disappointed that I had to start over.
It's pretty cute, and time wasting, I don't mind the excessive ads, it's just, i'm having a little problem with the gameplay, maybe it's because i haven't gotten used to it yet. I'll edit once I finish it or something..
This is a great mobile game. Simple, cute, and rewarding. The ads don't pop up in the middle of a task, either. I can't wait to see this game get better and better with future updates!
Cute, interactive, and very well done! The art is adorable, and even though there are ads, I not really annoyed by them. They're not insanely interruptive, and the random popup ones can be easily skipped. The only thing that could have been a little more clear are the instructions during tutorials, but honestly the small usage of words in the game kind of give it its charm. Can't wait to see what they add over time!
This game is overall very pleasant, the ads are short and you always get rewards after them! I could play this all day. Haven't found any bugs yet, lastly it's not JUST cooking there are also minigames to play and you could give out flyers and hire other puppys. It would be so cool if there was an online mode though, and if we could have a little house or background to the main pup.
By far the cutest and best game I've played yet. Nice little game perfect for passing the time and lifting the mood. i was more than happy to spend the £3 to removed ads and is one of the first games I've found an incentive to donate to the creator. I would definetly reccomend this game and hope to see more amazing things like this in the future. :)
I almost reach the 4th Town, until I realize that I need to buy the 8th worker, and to open him/her, I need to spend real money. Well, I don't mind, but I do wish for some grinding progress instead of spend some real money.
It's really entertaining and cute but the amount of ads makes me think I've been watching ads more than playing the game :(
It's fun but I'm confused about how to play the game? The instructions is not really clear, the bones, part timer, I don't really know how to use it perfectly? I'm always guessing am I doing it right? Also there are no explanation about the story of the owner or why we need to make him open the next store ore villa? Please add more the instructions and story behind it. Thank you. The visual is great though, very pleasing.
Its so cute and pretty entertaining and i love that your stuff doenst run out and that the game is playable offline but i sometimes gte confused and the van is pretty small for some furniture and im confused on how tl get other flavors of the cremes or crepes
Is this game supposed to have everyone moving extremely slow and lagging a lot? Even with the advertisements? It's so slow with how everything moves, it freezes for a bit with making crepes and getting the fruit as thats as far as i gotten from how slow it moved, it got a annoying with how it lags, and froze a lot.
I used to love this game but I haven't played in years. Came back to it only to realize they've made tons of changes and the game's even more enjoyable than before. Absolutely love this game.
The game is good, i've been enjoying it. However i ran into some trouble. While decorating my area in the ocean, turns out there's much more area around the truck than can't be seen. I lost a lantern i had messed around with in the unseen area, so yeah i want it back(it's still there) but there's no way i can retrieve it. I think you should close in the area correctly or have a button to retrieve/gather back certain items. Another thing, can you please tone down the ads a bit? Thanks.
Extremely cute and fun! Kind of addictive but worth it! Only reason I didn't rate 5 stars is cuz you have to pay actual money to be any other animal. Puppers are awesome but I definitely wanted to be a polar bear as soon as I saw it! 🖤 I also kinda got bummed when I realized you can't even name your puppers..
Adorable well done it is so cute, it makes time go by so much and it's so fun I'm really new to this game but it is very fun I love it so much and graphics are really good ads don't pop up much often and it's really easy , but I hate when your pup Employee is just working then suddenly just orders a rice thing then the crepes burn up xd nothing bad I have experienced this game was a really fun adventure, can't wait to play more of it.
This game is so simple and cute! I haven't gotten very far yet but it's nice to play a game that is just relaxing. If you're looking for a challenge you won't find it here. If you're looking for a game that allows you to relax and unwind then this game is perfect for you ❤️
This game is amazing, you can customize almost everything, you will NOT get bored. Such an adorable game, it honestly made my day. Ive been looking for some nice games, and I came upon this fantastic one. Nothing should be changed, its perfect. 10000% recommend this to anyone, please get this game!! The best, its so adorable....honestly this is the game that completes life 😉😊
this game is enjoyable. perfect app to play when you're bored, it's not that stressful. the ads aren't that annoying too.
The design is adorable and friendly, the design as well is really nice, and the mechanics are unique to their own style as well. love this game.
I really enjoy this game and I think its OVER 9000!!!!! (Please mind the old meme) But there are 2 things that I think would make the game more interesting and easier, number 1 do you think that you could just make more dog part-timers that use the in game currency because some people like me cant since we share an account with one of parents. Number 2 CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE REWARDS WHEN A MISSION HAS BEEN COMPLETED?!?!?!??!?!!?
I really enjoyed this game. It's so fun! I loved the graphics and the story. I just thing there is too much ads. I dont care about it, but there's some useless ads. It would be better if the player won some coins or bones in exchange. It would be a mutual help lol
I love this game so much! The only annoyance I have is every time you serve your customers, you would have to keep watching an add. Maybe in your next update you can remove the unnecessary adds in the game? But this game is very chill if you don't want a intense game :)
I loved this game and the concept of little anthro creatures is amazing! I love the game design and every thing about it. And just the idea of little Puppers giving out flyers is so cute. I would have given this game 5 stars but sometimes I would play the game and forget what I'm doing it would be nice if you could be a little clearer on which tabs bring you where, but other than that it's one of the games I play the most. So cute! Love it! Continue the good work!
Thanks God, i found this game. It's so cute and there's so many things to do. I love it so so much. I recommend this game to everyone because it's easy to play and great for killing boredom
It's really, really enjoying! Like even you're offline, it's really not lagging and the pixel art of the game, it's really really cute! Love this game!
Its cute and easy to play. I like it much because i can decorate my shop. Waiting for next update. 😊👍
It's cute and fun to play. The only thing is the amount of ads, but besides that its pretty great tbh.
this is the type of game where you just check in every day or once in a while which I like. this game is very peaceful and can calm you down. amazing work!
This game is so cute and fun! I love it! The quatlity is nice an simple. This game's concept is just way too good. This my type of game to play when I'm really bored. Thank you for this game!
very adorable little game. not super stressful like other games of the same category. not a lot of waiting involved either. ur free to keep playing however long you desire. it was so cute i paid for no ads! i love the mini games as well. would love to see another one! please keep it up developers!
I love it! There is a great balance with gameplay and graphics, which are both splendid. Its a great time waster and super addictive. I especially love the way your chef will tell you when there is an ad! The only thing I would change is the bottom menu bar, because it is a little confusing. Either way, great game!
Very cute! Love this game! Easy to understand, helpful tutorials, and super cute characters make this an easy 5 star game! Definitely worth trying out for lovers of animals and food trucks!
This game caught my eye so I wanted to play and when I did I immediately fell in love with this game. First off its adorable it makes me wanna open a food truck the only thing I think that bother me is the "Bones",the bones take so long to spawn plus if you wanna upgrade your dog it takes so many bones. I know there are mini games to get bones but I would like it if the bone spawn rate could be faster and better
This game is absolutely adorable and I love little food service games, you don't need to spend money to get far (as far as I see only to get other animals to play as-- cute!!). I'm usually stressing out so it's nice to have such a sweet game to play (and they're all so polite my heart is melting). I definitely recommend it even with the ads!♡♡♡♡♡
This game is so cute!! So far the only problem ive had is figureing out the control's and features. There isnt really any "this does this" tutorial so it was a little frustrating but its just so damn cute i cant put it down! The musics great, plently of mini games that are fun and cute and maybe the biggest plus the ads arnt super intrusive. Really simple 1 page ads that you can close asap.
Game is very cute and pretty fun to play. Has somewhat frequent ads but they can be muted or you can pay $3 to get rid of the random ones altogether. I like that I can just watch ads to speed up timers whereas most games charge you $ to skip timers. Haven't gotten far yet but I recommend it for a cute diversion!
Absolutely love this game. The graphics are really cute. It's the kind of game you play to pass time and it's really addicting, so glad I watched that "Apps to get when you're bored" video on youtube.
this is one of the cutest games I have ever played...love the idea...would recommend...gonna tell my friends about this...will remember.
This is a very cute little game. I really like the way it does its free-to-play; instead of asking for money whenever a timer pops up, it asks you to watch an ad instead. And it's an AdSense ad, so it'll be about a game you might like anyways. There ARE microtransactions, but only to pick a different type of animal to play as. (And frankly, why would you want to? it's called "food truck pup", not "food truck panda"!) Also, the game is fun. I really enjoy this game. You lose nothing to try it!
So far it's a fun game. Relaxing to pass the time. I would give it a higher rating if it had less ads disruptive ads and more reward based ads
Very good game just wish there were more bones you have to wait to play a game for them and when you have to get 100 for one level up that can take along time and that can get boring not forgetting you needed to collect 30 bones to get one level up to sell fliers and then 50 to get to pick berry's I understand that but when i did it for my next part timer it said i needed 100 only for fliers if you could reduce this amount or add another way to get bones that would be amazing! Keep it up!😁♥️
A game I wanted to like from the minute I downloaded it. It's very relaxing, the graphics are cute, and the game overall is really good. However one big problem with this game is the ads. They ruin the flow of the gameplay and slow you down. I understand that the devs gotta make money but at least make it a choice to watch ads for a reward since some of us don't wanna pay to remove ads. Good game but needs improvement.
Super cute dogs! I love the game! Maybe it's just me but I can't figure out to place furniture I'll probably figure it out later though. Otherwise, awesome game!
Needs balancing, too ads reliant, illusion of building a self-reliant store. No point playing more than one town, the hired helpers are so slow they make almost no money while you are in another area. The currency to upgrade helpers force you to play a mini game, then watch ads to double earnings, or play double the amount of mini games with a ten minute cooldown. Only good for cute pups, play for an hour.
This game is really freaking fun and I love it. the only problem is the lag. the other apps and games on my phone dont lag as much as this app does and it can get annoying quickly. the game itself is very addicting, but becauss of the immense lag I have a hard tims playing it reguarly.
im only in the 1st star rating ( the game's level system??) and i already love it. Very cute graphics, i love the fact that their legs are so short and stubby. i love how you give flyers or cards (or whatever they are) to customers so they come, it makes it a bit more challenging!I've read the bad ratings for this game and it's mostly people who don't know how to play, confused people, ECT. The pixel aspect of this game is so cute and overall like it, waiting for the next update!
Great game, but heres a few suggestions: -It's tedious to upgrade dogs since you can only add one bone at a time. Please let us level up our dogs with one button press as soon as we have enough bones. -Furniture and clothing feels lackluster. There doesn't seem to be a point in getting the more expensive furniture except that it looks nicer. Perhaps a small bonus could be added to some furniture as well? (for example part-timers working a little harder when there's luxurious furniture present)
Ok Devs your games are sooo Good like the concept" managing multitasks at the same time " I like that, You Devs are great! This game is Well done and also I like your other game too! Its just a perfect game to relax with, and its soo CUTE! :D, edit: Um... How does the earning money work? cuz ive been getting alot of tips but I dont get it, All it does is add it to the Total... I have 1690 and I need it cuz my money is like -50 :( is it a bug, if so pls fix it
This game is a very fun and adorable game. Yes, the buttons and other things may be confusing at first but once you get used to the commands it becomes pretty simple and enjoyable playing it. I personally don't mind the ads because they aren't every minute or so while it is quite frequent.
This is such a cute little time waster! I love watching the puppers run around and make crepes. Definitely something that I'll play when I'm feeling down.
this game is awsome! but there is only one thing. when you have a new worker, and you want to feed it, you cant order food for it.is there any way?
Very good game and very cute! I love how you can choose what dog you want. I highly suggest this game. Only reason I am giving 4 stars is because the ads are a bit annoying and you can't remove fruit from your gathering bar.
Ugh there are so many ads in this game. You're just stuck watching ads 60% of the time, especially if you tap on too many things like going to the shop or doing an action, you have about 50% chance it will start an ad. It makes me want to play while doing something else so I can put it aside every time there's ads. It's too bad cause the game is quite fun but there's some issues. Like customers being unwilling to walk too much to get to the seats, and the AI being difficult with items.
I love the game. It's so cute! For some reason though, its so laggy. I have it on my LG Aristo 2, my sisters do too. We all are lagging... My cousin has the game on his iphone and it doesnt lag at all. Weird... I hope it gets fixed.
Good game! I really like the pixel art, the effort was totally worth it! The only thing that's kind of annoying is the ads.. maybe put less, or make them not obligatory? I think gifts and speeding packages is already good enough, or just don't make them that frequent. I understand that's pretty much the only way you can make money out of this game, but just don't put so many, other than that, the game is great!! 💖✨
It's so cute to play with the Doges. Its also a unique diner dash kind of game, and mix of sims because you buy furniture and clothes. Also other Doges can be your part-timer which is innovative. I gave it 3 stars because the next map update is too long and there is no cloud save. So the developers forces the player to keep the app eventhough its already at its maximum stage of the game which gets boring.
I really like the game btw it is fun to play but i like to suggest to the developer to add some upgrades for the storage of food and add more 1 or more for the crew or member not just 3 pup. Thats all overall I have fun with the game thanks developer
Its really cute and fun game to play!!! Quite addicting actually. It would be awesome if they had a bundle where you could buy no ads and the real money charaters in one go instead of making lots of small purchases
Besides on the regular ad cycle (if your connected to wifi), this game is still pretty enjoyable with 8-bit graphics and a fresh casual game for fun.
I will say that i am really picky on what games i download in my phone because of limited storage but this game is REALLY great.I definitely recommend this game.The characters and the graphics are so cute and you will never regret downloading this game.I have already made so much progress in this game but i really needed to delete it because of my phone storage.The ads are also not that many and i like that the dog thanks you after watching the ad.If you're reading this,download the app now.
It's adorable! Addicting. If you're having a bad day, play this game. There aren't many ads, but they let you know when there will be an ad, and it's really cute. The only thing is that when you get other employees, they can burn the food and that's a bit annoying. Cute graphics and an overall great game.
Great game! It's great to pass the time, the graphics are cute I enjoy the idea of the game and it's pretty simple to play. It's honestly addicting!
I love it! But i only gave it four stars beacause i cant take care of my workers like make them eat or sleep but they take care of theirselves but the problem is they take care for themselves pnly for a few seconds but overalll this game is cute and fun to play if your bored! I really reccomend😌👌
It's a very cute game and the graphics are also too cute.......but i want there some challenges like playing with other players and events so we can get rewards and all......and this is the best game for those who love cute puppies/dogs ❤️💜
The only thing that got me was after the tutorial I couldn't figure out how to get back to cooking and handing out flyers. You have to click on your dog! Idk if that was explained in the tutorial but I just started tapping everything until I figured it out. My husband hand no problem thought so probably user error! I have a lot of fun playing this and I love the music! It's really cute!
Really good idle game that's addictive. Personally, I like farming games, so if you like farming, you will like this game.
This game is so adorable! I love how relaxing and charming it is, and the animation after you watch an ad is so so cute💕 The instructions aren't super clear but if you've played games like this bfore, it shouldn't take long to figure out. Some tips for beginners: Tap on passing customers to give out flyers, find 3 or more bones in a row in the mini game to get bones. MANY GOOD PUPPERS 11/10
A very cute game, very good indeed, but I suggest you put an info script in the settings, so whoever wants to play can look it up, other than that, Its a lovely game
K, I think I've rate this game before and I've said I loved it sooo much. Idk where my rate has gone but its gone so yeah.I like this game it tells me that there will be an ad later on. But the more I play this game, the more ad came. Can you pls reduce em a bit? But eventho this game has a lot of ads, the ads are still not as crazy as other games. It IS cute when the dog came and reminded me that there will be an add but yeah overall i love this game and really recomend you to try it out 😉❤❤😁
I just started playing, so take this with a grain of salt as I haven't gotten very far. But so far its extremely cute and pretty fun! The decorating is fun, and the NPCs are also really cute. The "staff" you hire somehow have personality. Maybe that's me projecting, but it's hard not to find charm in the art style. Looking forward to getting further in the game.
Simple game but extremely innovative and fun :) great job to the developers! But the ads are just annoying for popping up every 2 mins... even with the cute animation
I haven't been playing it for that long, but wow do I love this. This is honestly the first time I've actually clicked yes when the game asks me to review it that's how much I love this. It's cute and I can go at the pace I want without feeling like I'm playing a kids game. I hate being rushed so this is perfect for me!
well-developed, good controls and all. the ads aren't annoying. but one thing is that, can you add the feature which we can save the game progress by any way possible? it saddens me to lose the progress i've made so far after uninstalling this adorable game :'( <3
I love this style of game! The graphics are adorable and the gameplay is fun, although it does feel a little slow. I like that the ads have a warning before they're played, it makes me much less annoyed with them when I know they're coming. I love that I can customize my characters, I just wish there was more diversity in character options. I'd also love to be able to name them, or even have them come with names. I've liked this game co. for a while and I'm glad they're sticking to their style.
The graphic is cute and nice but there were lacks of information guide. I dont even understand what those button means and its function.
Adorable! Very cute, simple, and fun! The ads aren't that big of a problem for me. (Maybe it's because the cute little dog thanks you after each ad). Awesome game!!
It's a cute little game there's no pressure they don't get mad if you take to long its realy easy if you ask me. But I'm also looking for a challenge so if you can try to add modes like......easy, normal and hard. Easy being easier than it is now. Normal being the same. And hard being the customers get mad if you take to long. And your timed for the mini games. And the ads are ok there's not to many to less. I suggest.....dowlode food truck pup.😁👍
The game play is fun and not too challenging and it would actually be nice if you made a few things more challenging. But the initial tutorial doesn't guide u enough. I had to look up a few things lmao The ads can get annoying, I don't mind watching a few forced ones, but as I already watch a TON to play minigames and speed progress, it can get a biit annoying. So making there be a few less, or something would be great! The purchase to remove ads is kinda pricey, u should add more rewards w it
i really enjoying this game- but I'm afraid of loosing my data i been played when i change my phone or accidently delete this game. I think this game have to create an account or smth.
very cute, I want to play it, but I'm so confused and lost. there are so many things to click on and add and unlock, I feel like it's unnecessarily complicated. too bad, cause I love the graphics and the cute lil pup and the objective of making things for customers.
This app is so nicely made and it's so fun to play! It gives you so many things to do and I love that you can customize your little pupper and their home! So cute!!
This game makes me stupidly happy. The graphics are adorable, the characters are adorable (I love how you can pick them up by their scruff!!) and overall I have a great time playing this game. It feels well balanced while at the same time providing a little challenge to save up to unlock new things (I keep spending all my coins on furniture and clothes haha). The only thing I really have to say is that the match 3 game is awfully short, but it's a small complaint. Thanks for this game!
OMG!! I wouldnt survive without this app !! It's so fun I love the pixelated outline and stuff !! It's a very chilling game and a very addicting game!! Love this one❤
Fun and cute but way too many ads. Ads for almost every action or task. It got annoying and interrupted the game experience a lot. Controls are not intuitive, had to spend a long time figuring out the buttons to cook and collect fruits. (I play quite alot of mobile games and have never experienced this problem before.) Clearer instructions or buttons would be good.
Cute, but glitches frequently. Also, I've noticed that the animals I have working for me will just give out whatever they are holding to the customer whether it's what they wanted or not. Also, if I have multiple stores, they should both be working at the same time. It doesn't appear to be that way. I'm only making coins from the site that I'm at. Also, I paid like and there area just so many ads. I know it tells you that, but it's a LOT. The perks for purchasing with real money are very small.
Love this game, it was quite confusing at first for learning the controls of it all but once I got the hang of it, its become really addictive. I usually lose interest really quickly but I just want keep maintaining my shop and customise everything. But I can only give 4 stars because the ads is too frequent and especially as though it feels like 5mins between each ad being shown.
Very well made game, the only bad and annoying part is that most of the upgrades need bones, and the bones are very difficult to get.
this is the cutest game i tried so far! the graphics are so cute! and the music as well, it makes me so calm. honestly, i busted all my u w u s in the game. great work!
Quite a fun game, the ads are not as intrusive, the mechanics are simple, the cooldown time on the minigames are doable. If you want a relaxing management game this is the best pick so far.
So cute and adorable! The game is fun, entertaining and the ads are all pictures so you wont have to wait to remove them. The dog that tells you about the ads is cute so I dont get mad when I see an ad anymore. Overall a really fun and cute game!
It was all fun when i started the game but i got upset when i buy the new place because i need to kept switching maps to collect the coins from the first place,creator pls update and fix this so il enjoy the game better ty
Super cute, easy to control little game. Ads can be a bit annoying, but easy to avoid and not long. Fun little mini games to get extra bones and quick money. Design of the dogs are adorable. Costumes are super cute. The part timers often make or give the wrong flavour of crepe though, which is annoying, but it's not that big of a deal. All in all, a good little time waster. ♥️
I really like this game! I live how the graohics are and the controls and everything. I aslo how you can prepare the food and hand out flyers and take care of the dog aaaanddd decorate your shop lol. Its a really cute and fun game!