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Food Street - Restaurant Game

Food Street - Restaurant Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Supersolid located at Supersolid Ltd Kings House 10 Haymarket London SW1Y 4BP. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a great game. I can't stop playing it. There are so many recipes and stoves. You can also connect with other players and help each other. I would recommend it to everyone.
Have you thought about adding an option for clubs owners to remove certain members that are not active anymore? It'll be great to know we can give someone else a space that someone is not doing well use of it. πŸ™‚
Reminds me of Chefville. Without the hassle. Love the basic restaurant managing aspect and the events! Orders to complete instead of counters to fill offers more variety and keeps the game interesting.
I love this game absolutely love love love it I love how hard it is to get to the next levels because we get to figure out new things while we're moving on and right now I'm on level 60 there are no bad things about it I have this game for about 9 months now but I am not regretting it I love this game and when I finish this game and probably going to start over again because I love this game there are no complaints about it I hope you all do not have any complaints about it and there are no ads
It seems a bit confusing. Nothing about how long it takes to progress levels or do any of the decor they offer when one runs out of jewels they give you in the beginning. This game is like all the others of its type. Dont see any fun in that.
Best game I ever played, but the event come to fast that you never get a break. The price in this game is way to high and if you lose it then you lose all the money you put in it.
I m having a a problem yesterday it was all good my game was working on wifi but now it's not working Game is only working on data their is no problem in my wifi it's working on every app instead of food street I'm a wifi user so I don't use data so please food street team help me for this issue
Hello, this game is nice but every time that I login back to the game, when people come inside, my worker's are not giving the people's order and then become less people inside...😭 And I feel not happy about it and I have food my worker's are not working properly, they just walking around thinking about my place... And I have a lot of food but I can't give to the person that wanted food... Please fix this issue...and I'm Edmund's daughter...
i love it it's so much fun, but i have a suggestion 4 u guys. 'cause you see my friend wants to join in my club but she can't find it.. so maybe in the next update you can add a club code so she can join me please tnx very much
LOVE YOUR GAME ❀️ But there are rooms for improvement: 1. I hope we can get some coins when visiting other cafe n vice versa 2. Can you update the system where i can visit strangers who has visited my cafe. I can see their name but i dunno how to visit them back 3. Can u do something bout the dead trees. I mean. If its dead, then dont let us chop down or whatsoever. It looks ugly when i cant get any help in healing them. 4.create a mini game to kill our time while waiting 4 our crops
I love this game but i gave it 4 stars because they don't offer jewellery that begging get but still I love this game. Keep it up
1 star because their are hackers on this game. I get on and it says it was opened on another device. However I don't have another device.
Love this game & hopefully devs will be able to put back cute decors not only for certain events to give chance to new players to acquire it too. Their customer support is very helpful, kudos! By the way, this garden lamp small cost 400 gold coins but doesnt lit, are you selling us a broken lamp? Lol
I it but. I am so confussed. Dapat lahat ng oven at kong ano2x pa ay lahat gumagana. Walang waiting for the other food to finish first before you can cook an another 1. They have to cook in d same oven together no to waiting for the other one.
I've been playing for 3 years and still have alot of fun. Recently I had a problem with connecting Amazon Fire Tablet, it kept telling me there was an update when there wasn't any and I ended up losing my access. I contacted support and they were able to send me instructions on how to get it back. If you are having this same issue basically you'll need to log out of your Facebook app from your tablet and then reconnect Facebook via Game Login within the Food Street's settings TYSM FS Team :)
Cool game i love it app purchases in this game are awsome amd i love that this game ks so easy to play and not get over whelming
I can't open my game lol. Something has happened. I really miss playing all that and I miss my club. I have opened the game many times but can not enter. Its like loading. How should i do? I have sent an email to food Street, but no reply or response. Im so sad
Love it...super mellow but a little exciting when the challenges are going on. Much more enjoyable if you have a active team to play with!
Be prepared to spend money. Been waiting months for upgrade material. One of them games that become extremely frustrating with no space and no way to get it other than real cash. Don't waste your time, it will become frustrating quickly!
Fun and gives you all the experience as you wish and it's to much to describe but the point is that it is so much funπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†!!
A very good game according to gameplay and graphics. I would like if you made these improvements 1. Do not make big updates very often as it reduces my and other people phone storage which makes us unable to enjoy this game without deleting some stuff. 2. Let us customize our display picture without being connected to Facebook. 3. Let us add and visit different people we meet in game who we help or visit and those who help us at our restaurant. Please consider this and thanks 😊❀
I keep popping up internet connection the game cuz my collections okay it's freezing I'm very disappointed in this game I know it's not on my end I can't give you no more than one star people do not download this game
DawnIaod (WHAFF) App for EARN MONEYss. It works but takes a lot of time and I would recommend it if you are just experimenting or just having fun really but if you think this will help you build/buy a house and maintain a upto the standards routine and maintain your life anyhow you stop right there and grow the hell up,I gave it s stars just to support the teambut it is not worthy really unless you are some damn genius to program a specific algorithmfor your phone to work constantly with the app
Love the game ive been playing this game since 2017! I hope you guys updates the items every week and please ad more items we dont want the same items everytime also love it if we could play it on PC!
I have been playing Foodstreet for a couple of year's now and it's actually my favorite game. I play it more than I do any other game. Definitely recommend.
Original complaint: Completely unstable game. I crashed 6 times during the tutorial, swapped to a different system and redownloaded... crashing continued. The game itself looks really fun and in between the crashes was enjoyable, hence why the crashing is even more aggravating. I really WANT to play. EDIT 10/12/20: Asking your players to contact support via your in-game support functionality when they report that the game is crashing and inaccessible shows how unobservant (or simply automated) these responses are. I tried to submit an in-game support request, lo and behold... the game crashed again and won't send anything.
I really loved this game up until the very last day of the event because that's when the game started glitching and stated I had no connection when I did and now it won't even load really bummed I was enjoying this game quite a bit.
Alot of things need to fix , and please reduce the timing of dishes and crops too its hard to play when you don't have enough diamond πŸ’Ž
This game is worst game never this game start hanging the mobile and take many space and then phone will working . My complaint is this only . If you have any complaint please feedback me yes or no or write your complaint and feedback. Not recommend to you.
I love this game so much! This is the only restaurant game I've been playing.. ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ Cute pets that you can have playing around your restaurant. And most especially this is not a game that will force you to pay. Thank you ☺️ ❀️
Great way to pass the time! Always enough players when you need help without having to try to get friends to play.
Such a great game,Great Graphics.Chef Challenges,Food Club Events,Seasonal Events and many more events are here,After 2 weeks,the new deco items will be in shop,make your dream restaurant and serve foods to customers.Level up your stars and won so many prizes,like Stoves,gems,vouchers.its very pretty game,I am giving it 5 stars because,I never play a game like this.such a great game.After every season ,Top 100 Clubs will be shown in Leaderboard,Download this game and enjoy,:)
As a new player who has bought a lot of diamonds, I have to say I found this game refreshing from the same old, same old games we are inundated with. I spent money to help my group in the event, and for my own event, but the rewards for coming first is a slap in the face and the group events rewards are pathetic too. I don't think I'll bother again!
I dont like it. The game is basically playing it self. I dont hv much to do. Maybe it appeals to a younger audience and not everyone
I can't play the game, it's slow in loading, it freezes and closes out. No matter what I try it is still the same. All my other apps and game are fine no problems only food street. I downloaded food street on a different device and there isn't any problems.
Not a very nice game. Developer should be able to get more information and make easy without difficulty. Like card why should in every game are there cards, its create a very boring to Play. Thank you.
When you plant vegetables the growing time takes to long and when you want your farm animals produce the timing is to long. It would be nice if we had special fertilizer to make our vegetables grow faster and a way to upgrade our stoves and juice maker to cut down co9king time.
I like this game but one thing I don't like is the club request item. It take lots of time to request 2nd time.
The game is nice tge kind of game i was searching for. But as am new to tge game i have confusions on few things n noticed that some more instruction along with items will help us a lot. Like providing (i) button to all items and providing explanation the item and its rules. Example i bought apple trees and now one of the tree is dry. Why is it dry. What's wrong with it? What should i do? Is there a need of watering or need fertilizing? What after cutting off the tree? And much more. Thank you.
I wish more people knew about this game. Its cool with cool graphics. I used to hate it, but then quarantine forced me to give it a 2nd chance.
I played this game often, but today my pasta stove vanished. Then my game vanished was not able to get it back.
The game is awesome. But it makes my phone hang. Plz help me with this. I luv playing this...... I have a complaint that it makes my phone hangg
This is my fab game...🀩 But I think it could be more better if we see our restaurant in 360 angle...πŸ€” But this game is superb...πŸ’–
Great game i love playing it but i wish you could play offline, change our account pictures, and thta there were smaller updates. But other than that it is a amazing and addictive game.
I wish some of the stuff didn't take so long because every time I finally get to make something, It takes forever to make. Other than that I love the game.
This game is similar to that one game I love playing, that's why I've taken a liking to it. It's really cute and it's not boring to play. You have tasks and it doesn't make you wait that long. You won't be forced to pay just so you could progress. Tho it could only be played online, it's fine. Lol.
Hi umm this game is good but i think this game is missing can you change the day time of the game like it can be night, rain, snow or summer i hope this will be in next update
The build-your-restaurant aspect is better than Restaurant City. Unlike the other restaurant games, there is not a set restaurant box and you can alter the walls however you like. However, this is a hands on game and does not have idle income. You must farm ingredients, cook the food, and then give food to complete the quest to get EXP and money. Non-idle gameplay should reward more so we can have an idle income system that rewards less as some of us do not play constantly.
Like the game. Only problem I have with the game is that it shows you can buy the products but when you want to buy it it says already sold. If it is already sold say so not when I when to buy it not when I click on it. It is irretating
Been playing this games since a little after they first came out and it's a great game , free world play ehh kinda lol endless customizations, and there's ALWAYS something to do ! Great time killer and casual game give it a try !
I love the game and I have be playing for some time . I just do not like that some time it is so long befor you can get sew or a glove.
Graphics wise and performance is very good lot of things in this game but getting requirements for ugrading fridge and pantry and expansion is very very difficult even i complete all the orders am not geting requirements for expansion
I'm loving this game. Hope you have a lot of time on your hands. Because time is the name of this game!! It takes time. Lots & lots of time. So far no issues.
I've been playing for over a year, in my phone and tablet. Like the game a lot, play high end events..lost everything on my game on the tablet, never got my update for Dec...very frustrated and upset. Put a lot of coin and time to this game...trying to install the back to where I was .level 42..don't want to start from scratch again.....
Too much lag time between things you can do. Some things take too long. Updates downloaded, trying now. Need more chefs in my group.
Nice game but the sausage man should not only give cash when you watch advert. It should also give the much needed materials for upgrade once a while otherwise no one will see any need to watch.
This is ok for what it is, but not what I was looking for. It feels more like a farming game with a restaurant setting. You do not serve your guests. You click an order board and fill orders.
I have contacted support via in game and still have not received a refund nor the gems I purchased so please stop saying contact them it's been a week or perhaps longer and nothing has changed. FS is a great game but I'm seriously thinking about uninstalling it because Everytime I make a purchase I never get my gems and haven't gotten them as of yet. I did as I was asked and after 3-4 emails still nothing.
Its a great game but you dont get enough of anything to upgrade unless you spend money you cant expand to new land unless again you spend money some cooking times are just plain silly if they can please improve these issues i will keep playing if not it will be time to delete the game so 2 stars
With the recent update, the chef challenge has been messed up, its showing "500" points for each challenge but not the actual chef points. Got me excited first but then realised I'm not getting the 500 chef points πŸ˜•. Please fix πŸ™
Good game but can get a bit boring waiting for things to cook. It would also be nice if it was easier to get tokens
Great game especially if you find a good team in the cooking challenges but horrible when it comes to expanding the restaurant it's supposed to drop deeds and land stakes during gameplay never really happens unless you pay actual money
Very entertaining so far. Only complaint is some timers are too long and truck orders sometimes gives impossible orders when compared to its time limit (Example: Three orders of 3 Lasagna) Maybe shorten the food timers? Even just by 1/4 of its original time. Oh and maybe also add graphic options. (Low, Normal, High) cause my oppo phone is having a hard time loading up the game every time. (Bad fps).
i like this game very much but the fridage wont upgrade for free it wants real money 😭😭😭😭what should i do i have solved that problem really like the gameβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
I've started this game today, don't understand why all plots need to wait till Level 20 to be opened. Normally should be from lower level which is more fair, please change ur silly ideas!
Δ’ame is very entertaining, had the chance to meet new people as well by joining a club. Graphics is superb too!
Wow,I love this game is so fun.You can make you own restaurant. Get new recipes and level up get pets, new dishes, this is the game I'll be playing forever. Thanks for the game guys.
If you used to love Restaurant City this is as close to it. There are a few bugs tho.. when i harvest crops they vanish eg i harvested 8 tomatos plants but when i check i have zero tomatoes... this needs fixed.. Asap as it happens a lot
The game is entertaining. Maybe my only concern and if there is an update to the game, I hope there is an upgrade to the stoves / farming that will shorten their time. It's just too long because sometimes you run out of time and you don't finish the event / food truck.
I love this game so much I want to chat with friends who play the game i will keep playing this game forever thanks for working so hard to make this game
I have been playing this game for years off and on and it is still very fun: especially the team events. Go team Quartz!!!
I suffer severe chronic pain and playing this game seriously helps me forget about pain, if only for awhile. I've made great friends, I wish the communication in the game was more advanced. I think we'd like to thank players that help us, but we can't. I do spend lots of money, but it's a choice, it's not necessary to do so. I really think communicating in the game with players who help would enhance play greatly! (Not just friends on your list.)
Hey I want to confirm that for playing this game we required fastest speed internet or what because i unable to open this app with 3g internet so plz check I love play this game so i don't want to uninstall this game just because of internet issue
Loads slow unlock more things & garden plots. I'd like to create recipes my way, free style & sale them. Add a +sign to add friends without Facebook. TradeπŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸŽ»πŸ»πŸ₯furniture. Trade gems game freezes.πŸ˜•πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‘πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜•
I have been a player for over 5 + years and totally love the game, however i now cannot gain access to the group chat can you please help me resolve this.
Please fix the game for me since after the update it can't open for me at all everytime i open it i don't no chance to do nothing it just cut off.
I gave it four stars because its an online game. I wish it was an offline game so when I have no internet connection I could play it. So could you make it an offline game please. Also I want to by pets with gems.
I absolutely love this game. I've been playing for 4years now since it started. It is by far my favorite cooking games out of all of them.
The game is lovely. I just wish you could give us longer breaks between events. Maybe 2 days instead 1. And it would be amazing if you could add more stoves and dishes. The food truck sometimes gives impossible orders and its annoying, specially when we get the golden truck and I have to dismiss it few times because I cant complete it even if I wanted to. Could you fix that? Thank you!
Thanks for this game.. But I have concern, that in the last day I play I still can played, but now, I can't even login to the game? I check the play store but it isn't ask for update.. So where's the problem? Is there maintenance?
I love the themes and that there is a new theme every 2 weeks, which includes new decor items (doors, walls, windows, tables, and more) and special items to earn or buy! You can definitely get through the game without spending any money, if you choose to. Diamonds and coins can be earned and/or bought to progress to the next level. Food Club events are helpful in earning vouchers for special items!
I wish more people knew about this game. Its cool with cool graphics. I used to hate it, but then quarantine forced me to give it a 2nd chance. Now i have a YouTube channel with 10 episodes of the game. Check it out on Sweet Dreams:Sleepy Gaming.
The game is great, but it is really hard to redecorate your restaurant if you have alot of items, i hope that the items are divided with different buttons just like in the store, such as doors, walls, outdoors and indoors for us to redecorate our restaurant much easier...
I love this game, bunch of stuff to do. Really easy to change the look of your entire restaurant as much as you want (some are really difficult). Only problems that might be had would be if (like myself you are playing on a potato phone (long load time) otherwise it's great.
Just want to play a simple game. Takes to long to complete simple task. Growing food sucks. Theres never enough. Take way to long to level up. ITS JUST A GAME. I hate this game to slow and long. So Im uninstalling.
I really love this game! One thing that I dont like is that when there is a new update, it takes up to an hour and consumes all my load data. (1) I suggest just update when the season ends, not every week. (2) Also, shorten the food timer especially the mushroom, the carrots, greens. Instead of using the saw to upgrade the food stock, you will have to use for the dead treas. Just dont let the trees die so we can still use it. Overall I love it and keep making the game fun and exciting. Ciao
Food Street is the game I've been searching for since Chefville left. This restaurant creation game is so much fun it's hard to stop playing! You build up your restaurant your way & cook & serve your food dishes to your customers! Then you can also participate in fun "events" with your "team". This game is "the best" in restaurant & cooking entertainment! Try it! It's recommended!
This game is very nice, no afs & you get to plant what you cook. Also joining club is a plus where members will be able to help you. Tjis game is the best!!
The food truck Challenge doesn't make since stop asking for the same item multiple times...it crazy one item each..pls and thank you
Wonderful Game it is.I have been searching this kinda game since my heart got break as facebook decided to closedown their food game "restaurant city". thank u so much for bringing this game. theres a lot of stuff to do. you will not get bored. new event everyweek will keep you engaged. thank u so much supersonic for winning heart
Sometimes it happens with me that if I donate someone any dish that person didn't get it and I also don't find it in my fridge and that dish just gets vanished..m soo confused that how can this be possible..it happened with me twice.. Does it ever happen with anyone else.... πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
It's the 3rd time we update this theme. We are losing space. 200+ mb per update yet there's still issues! I love the game but i am losing interest if it's always like this!
I love this game because it's fun you can cook you food you items and you can serve people I hope you can play and have fun
It's lagging way too much, but overall I LOVE this game and it's addicting and I can't stop playing it!
I love this game, I just don't like that it takes so long for some of the dishes. I'm adding to my review; I've been playing this game for several years now and I'm beginning to get a bit bored with it, maybe you could make some of the dishes prepare faster and add some new challenges,.
Nice game but not enough space for machines, decorations and animals. You have to cramp everything in the small space available.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Food Street !!! I love this EASY TO PLAY simulation game. It's SO MUCH FUN, I WISH their other simulation GAME, Design Street were, ALL that converting things in order to further YOUR GAME gets TIRESOME.
I've been playing this game for almost 4 years and I really love this game. I spend a lot of time because I'm so addicted and I meet new friends because of the foodclub events.
This game does some things alright, others not so much. It keeps you addicted by challenges with other players. The game is "fun" you unlock a lot of things at the beginning, then not so much as you progress. Within no time, you unlocked 2 other in game currencies (diamonds and tokens). However, the constant bombardment of the hotdog psychopath walking around my restaurant waving a sign to watch ads for rewards (coins) is a heavy annoyance. I think I'll try another one of the endless copycats.
5 stars because this game deserves it awesome game I love it the only thing that bugs me I that the leveling up gts slower and slower but love the game
very addicted game. you can create your own restaurant. while you can see others restaurants too and buy some items from them
Its so addictive! The graphics are nice and the people are animaded wonderfully. Reminds me of those old facebook games from the 2010s. It doesn't get boring as there is always skmething to do. The only thing i miss is that you are limited to so little tables...
Most enjoyable and cutest game I have played in a long time. I play a lot of games, so this says a lot! A++