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Flying Arrow

Flying Arrow for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I downloaded this app to have fun. NOT to watch ads. You guys have forgotten about a game and made it a huge ad. There was no gameplay, just ads ads ads. I will not be downloading again.
Good game. Really like the concept of it. Gave 5 stars but uninstalled after realising the maps repeat themselves so it needs more layouts that are different.Too repetitive on top of an ad every 3 trys. A little bit of work and this game could be perfect.
Such a shame Voodoo have fallen into the "we need to cram as many ads in to our game as possible to maximise revenue" way of working! The games used to be fun and addictive but not with this many ads, they are very stop-start and become very annoying very quickly!!
One shot... one ad. Common theme with these developers. Scare us off with an overdose of ads. If we could play long enough to enjoy, we might pay for it? Possibly? Nah, too risky. Just fill it with ads so we make revenue regardless. Bad tactics, voodoo... Control seemed a bit weird at first but gets better with more power/longer flights. A map or preview or zoom would be nice, you see a lot of targets only once airborne and heading the wrong way...
This is fun a all but there are to many ads. My segeston is when you lanch the game trun off your wifi or go ito airplane mode. This makes it so you cant load ads therefor resulting into no ads.
Voodoo. Come on. I one hundred percent understand needing ads to generate revenue, and highly endorse having ads in games for that reason. But every single one of your games is just a pit of ad space. I dig this game! I think it's fun, really! But when I get an ad that lasts longer than the gameplay I put in since my last ad, that's just ridiculous. Honestly, I've paid for the "no ad" option in many games because I enjoy them. With yout games, however, I can't even get enough gameplay in to decide if I'm gonna like the game or not. Grow up.
No updates but everyone hates this idc but its soooooo laggy i get lot of ads but i use airplane mode also setdate for ofline rewards this game ezay to get the finale arow skin
Add filled and overall terrible. Terrible controls. It is a waist of time. The adds are crazy and just won't let you play. Honestly, the worst game I have ever played. This has ripped my tolerance for this game immediately. Would not recommend because it sucks!
It was fun.....I had been playing for a ...i liked the game. But, today I opened it, and it started me from the begining :-( I will not invest the time to get me back to where I was... Too bad.
I shot one arrow and it kept crashing pls fix your game i wouldnt recomend downloading this its a waste of time
Yea this game is kinda hard im draging the arrow and the arrow slowly move and i always hit the trees can you nake it easier its kinda hard to control
One of the worst games I've ever played because of the intended glitch left by the developer. After every single turn you are presented with a 30 second advertisement that likes to constantly direct you to a website or app in the store. I always turned my WiFi off to play the game normally without ads and after an update to the game, turning the WiFi off makes the game unplayable and full of glitches to force you to play online with constant ads. By time the game is literally 85% adverts.
Pros: - Pretty good concept, shooting arrows at targets from far away. - the environments were pretty well designed apart from the "factory" that was just a texture-less bright pink mass - I enjoyed collecting the different "arrows" and getting to use some of them Cons: - To even begin to enjoy this game you need to disable ads somehow by either paying money, turning off wifi or earning enough ingame currency(not really worth it honestly). I know the developer needs to make some money to keep existing, games aren't really free, but these ads are ridiculous. - there are six environments you have to maneuver through(forest, old west, island, pirate, city, army). They're in a static order until you pass each one then it begins to load them in a random order decided when you load the game. This is fine as it takes forever to pass all of them and you might have given up on playing before you found this out but I still think it's kind of lazy. - You spend most of your time trying to collect the different "arrows" only for most of them to spin crazily and look really dumb while they fly through the air. - The controls are quite sluggish. - after getting past 44 levels there seems to be no reason to play. There aren't any new areas, no new arrows, no challenges or prizes, nothing. It's almost like the developer assumed you'd get bored and give up before that point. - if you invest in "offline earning" you don't even need to really play, you just come back every few hours or days or whatever and collect your money and reinvest in either more offline earning or more power for your bow maybe fire once or twice and then come back again later. I discovered this at like level 20 and it broke the game, I didn't have to keep firing and maneuvering through buildings to hit targets. I just had to collect and invest and try to get the farthest distance. Conclusion: This is a fine game but it certainly isn't the best. And yet I found myself addicted for a short time. I liked the feeling of success at hitting a gold target from like a mile away and getting a x10 multiplier. Even so, I seem to have beaten it thoroughly after only a month and I have litterally no reason to keep playing.
Aside from the obvious leisure stole this game was intended to be, it's far too basic and completely repetitive. I don't mean that an arrow (or your choice of item) flies and falls; I mean that the same series of ground areas and objects repeat on a continuous loop. On a completely separate issue, all games by this developer that I have tried make the spot to end the advertisement close far too specific. This is a means of gaining extra redirects and this ad revenue at your expense. In doing so, either your browser, Google Play Store, or both are separately opened until you manage to get the close spot correctly. It's just poor, sloppy, and lazy programming that makes them more money. If you like the extra ad close challenge for every 30 seconds of gameplay, and love repeating backgrounds like games in the 1980s did, then this is the perfect game for you.
Its a very good game becuase the flying gun and the grapics is awsome. I like the game alotyou can fly like anything (if you got those levels) thats kind of it.
The game completely breaks once you get past the 10,000 meter mark. I was going to keep going forever but you can't even find the ground for the longest time and end up going out of bounds. Amazing glitchy visuals once you get past the expected distance, and this makes the game slightly more fun to play. The level counter breaks when the numbers get too long, like 700 wouldn't fit. Boring game, but it tries its hardest.
Too many ads theres actually a ad every 4 shots I've only had this downloaded for 20 mind and I've seen 7 ads. Its ridiculous.
I've got through so many levels. I made it across the ocean. I think this game is one of the best games I have ever played. And I have played some amazing games, but this is Fantastic. I've never seen a very creative and progressive game. Very amazing. I say... INSTALL THIS GAME!!!!
There is multiple problems with this game around there is a glitch with the mountain on the far right where you can glitch inside. Another problem is that you can just shoot the arrow to the far right and just keep doing this forever and never miss anything.
Repetetive, thats what sums up this game. It was made by a very lazy person. Areas repeat, the amaunt of new arrows that you get after completing level is low and soon you find yourself just shooting around without anything to achieve. I tried to use this game as time killer on public transport but I think that looking at time while being cramped between two fat guys is more entertaining than this.
Personally, I never write game reviews no matter what, but this game just really sparked my annoyance. There is really just way too many ads (there is no remove ad payment). Every three to four shots (so 3-4 flicks) there is one video ad (there is a skip button after 5 secouds). I'm not saying this is a bad game. In fact I really liked it to the point that I was willing to fire a couple hundred shots, watch a couple hundred ads. However after all that, what became really annoying is that with all the ads, the game becomes laggy and impossible to play. I simply had to uninstall the game. This is a DO NOT GET game unless you want to become extremely annoyed and frustrated and pissed at this game.
Game is an ok time killer, but gets boring after a couple of shots in a row. Also, there's way to many ads. Also it gets boring once you unlock every arrow.
Its fun when you actually get to play it. Just too many ads. I dont like being stopped every 20 seconds to watch the same ad for the 100th time. Please VOODOO if your reading this, please just make the ads only show after like 10 shots. Not 2-3.
It won't even install every time I ether close play store or look at onother game I cancels the installation progress other games don't do that.
Both your top rated and most critical comments are about the abuse of ads. This comment is the same... I understand the need for ad revenue but you won't have anyone playing your game if you continue this. Be more tactful about frequency of ads instead of insulting your audience.
Not worth the time, way to many ads. I don't mind ads but after every second shot and youre fprced to watch? Find another game
Like most voodoo games it starts off as a fun way to kill time. But can you please make a game that doesnt glitch like hell once you start to really level up? I got to level 30 and the game became totally unplayable.
This game sucks.... Too much lagging, my mobile can smoothly run heavy games (like CoD) but this game occasionally go for one or two shots..
There's definitely more time spent watching ads than playing the game. The comparison isn't even close.
Soo many ads.. every 2-3 shoots you need to watch an ad... Almost unplayable. Plus they try to force you to give consent to give them your data or they cover half the screen with a warning that you should do that. Unplayable game.
Really good game,but the ads are bad every game and wifi no.prob.but plz get rid of the ads plz or I will give lower.
Excellent game, too many ads. I'd be willing to rate better if there weren't so many aggressive ads. The game forces you to watch an ad every three (3) shots, and doesn't give you the option to escape using the back button. (Minus one star if the ads lock your back button which is intrusive to the android UI and should be banned) over all, great gameplay! I loved to play this on my iPhone SE (where there weren't so many dang ads!) Graphics and performance need tweaking for Samsung phones.
I just downloaded it I'm giving you three stars because if you upgrade power so much then it just goes flying and you can barely control it thank you for your notification about the Wi-Fi also .
Right. I've never bothered writing one of these before but this game deserves it. So the good things about this game is that exploring new areas and finding new golden targets (how you get the most points) is really fun however the ads are really annoying. If you can get around the ads. BUT. And it's a big stinky butt. You realise after you get part the city section the game will randomly generate environments. WHICH IS BORING nothing is new after this point. It's all just recycled. The game becomes just awful after that .
Look, I would pay €3.09 to remove adds but I LOVE adds, the only problem with this game is I some times get a streak of 3-4 shots without seeing a single video add, just banners. That amounts to about only 3 adds per minute, that's definitely not enough for a super high quality game like this...
I can't abide games that force ads on the player. Offering incentives to watch them is one thing, but forcing the player to watch an ad when they finish a level is asinine. The game is pretty good for casual gamers who either have no cellular service or enjoy leaving their phone in airplane mode. If you are neither of these types of casual gamers, though, just don't bother. The game itself is not very fun, and NONE of the paid options are worth a damn.
This game was awesome for the first few weeks. I just played it when I got bored, seeing all those numbers go up. But then they started jumbling the levels. For ex. A section that you just past was now at the beginning or the end. I know this is to extend game life and such but it really makes it a bad expierence, since all these mass game producers put some effort into games then leave to the next million dollar game that they advertise... Still though.. come on
Why do I rate this a 1 star because they're are SOOOOOO much ads and then that makes me mad so the creator of this game please remove ads
Actually I want to give you 0 stars beacuase you added too much furniture and every 1shot that I playing 2seconds I need to watch 7 second ads if you are the creater of this game i am sorry but I hate you a lot
Interesting and concept but it's fun for about 10 minutes and then gets boring. It lacks substance and quality. Its probably about a quarter of a game. There's no real objective. Worst of all, it's an asset flip, all the assets can be bought or even gotten for free.
Honest opinion, it sucks because it's hard to aim properly and it lags when you try to shoot sometimes. This game still needs improvement but it's not a bad idea for a game. This game will get better overtime I have faith in this company.
I liked the game but by the other reviews I saw there was a lot of ads. Well I found put how to fix that. Just turn on air plane mode ( will only work if the game can be played off line)
It's a great game,(insert ad here) if you want to watch ads. I had it on for 5 minutes today,(insert ad here) most of that time was waiting to close the ads. Every third(insert ad here) shot an ad popped up, and there was a thirty (insert ad here) seconds wait before you could close the (insert ad here) ad and play the game. Which was short lived,(insert ad here) because three shots (insert ad here) later, another (insert ad here) ad. Ad here, ad there, ad over there, ads, and more ads. I'd watch tv if I wanted ads. If I'm trying to kill 10 minutes, I'd rather play a game not get all upset because of ads. Just my opinion, it only really matters to me.
There wasn't one point where my game wasn't glitching. Theres always this blue line glitching on my screen. It grows throughout the game. Love the concept, though.
Its a decent game but THE ADS. I get an ad every 4 shots from my bow and one of the ads even has a fake x so don't get this game there are to many ads
This is a really bad game, mostly because of the ads, IF THIS HAD WAY LESS ADS, IT WOULD BE FUN TO PLAY. Instead almost every time you hit something you instantly get an ad just like this game. I really hate games like this because on their ads, they're so stupid, do not get this game. EVER
It was fun while it lasted. Once I got to level 60 or so the game just glitches out, and is almost impossible to play. And it's not a phone limitation cause I'm on the note 9
This game has so many banner ads and a full video ad every minute or so, making me think the game itself is more an interlude between ads. I understand the game maker needs to make money, but the frequency of ads ruins this game.
I like how you control the arrows so we can get more coins. It's just that the annoying banners blocks my way that I always get annoyed. I just don't like it. But if we turn off the internet then we can play without no ads
It's a little cheesy low graphics but highly choppy. Which I think is really funny because I can play. CSR Drag racing which is 100 times better and smoother graphics without choppy hesitation. You need to fix it. I have a LG V20 which is far beyond capable to run your software without glitches but every one of your games plays the same choppy way.
This game is awesome but I kept having to restart the game because it glitched and I had my power at 175 and it wouldn't go farther than the forest. But otherwise it is a great game.
Too easy, had everything in less than a week. Also had to deal with a ton of advertising. This game isn't worth paying for. Don't waste your time or your data. Oh yeah if you don't want advertising you can pay for it, lol. Oh yeah let's not forget the lag. Im on a Note 8 for God sakes. UNINSTALL, with extreme prejudice!!
I love the game the arrow is so satisfying when it shoots I give it 5 Stars add more please I love the game
The idea of the app is very cool but it's the first game my phones struggled to run both my s20 ultra and s9+ struggled to run it so the problem can't possibly be a phone performance issue so my bet on the game stability, also the gameplay is enough of a struggle let alone playing with ads so fix the game first then run ads ,
This game is awesome also some people say if you go to the right for a short cut sure you can do it for a little bit but when you level up a few times it gets way harder on the right short cut you should get halfway through the short cut then you turn left then what some time like till the war zone then turn right then it's good (this took me forever)