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Fluxx for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Playdek, Inc. located at 440 S. Melrose Drive #200 Vista, CA 92081. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Review dropped because the servers are not stable, the fluxx card get is one of the best games ever, and being able to play online with our friends when we aren't together is crazy amazing but to get a server error when playing online is just frustrating. I don't want to play with my friends if the ame is going to be dropped.
Sort of good. The offline games work well. You can play against 1, 2, or 3 opponents- human or computer. When playing against other humans, you pass your device back & forth to each other & the game will repeat the last plays for you. The Online version stinks. I mean really, really stinks. As in Noone who starts a game ever comes back to play. Perhaps someone somewhere could be a bit more hands on in developing the online part to get more folks interested.
Great game. Sub-par app. the app doesn't USUALLY ruin the play of the game, but it does occasionally crash forcing you to lose games. The game is exactly the same as the Looney Labs card game, so don't expect anything different. Play other players online or play offline against the computer. Overall, good but slow and not worth actual money.
Just not good the controls suck and offline play is absolutely awful which sucks cause the actual fluxx game is good
Awesome game, love the card version more, but this one still has its uses. I love being able to play Fluxx on the go, but it moves a bit slow for me. My wife and I have been playing Fluxx for 15 years, and love all the versions, but original is still our favorite. My suggestion is play this one on the go, but buy a physical version and play with friends and family. It's a blast in person.
Its normally a 5/5 app but every once in a while I get a game going and whenever I try to take my turn on that certain game it crashes the app this doesnt happen very often but when it does it is slightly annoying because I end up having to forefit the game because it wont ever fix itself and I pride myself not forfeiting games
I love this so far, and I think it has great potential! The design is nice (with a few exceptions I'll mention), the animations and sound effects are seamless and wonderful. I can hardly wait for them to release some of the other varieties beyond the basic and zombies! Really want the Star Trek ones, Firefly, Cthulhu, and Monty Python ones in the app! Would absolutely 100% pay for them to support the app and devs, too! That all being said, I think the steps to start a game need to be WAY more intuitive. Right now there's no guide or words to tell you what buttons to press or in what order, and it's a bit confusing. Why do I have to send a game request, start the game, and then also tap to enter the game? After I send or accept a game request, it should automatically take me to the game. I'd like to see a menu with options that are something like Start Game > 2, 3, or 4 players > invite friends, against AI, or wait for opponent > Start and then you're right in the game. I've played a dozen or so games since I got the app, and I'm pretty sure that at least 3 times when I use the 'Draw 3, Play 2' card, even if I have further plays left after that card, it counts the 'Play 2' towards my final play count and ends my turn prematurely. I think it happens when the play rule is Play 3. My last comment is it would be nice if there was an option to skip watching the cards be played out. I locked my phone in the middle of a game, and when I reopened and connected, it made me slowly rewatch my opponent's last turn, even though I'd already seen it. Same thing happened when I exited the app after the end of a game, but hadn't pressed the End Game button - I had to go and rewatch the whole last turn be taken and watch the winning move before I could tap End Game and clear the game from my list. Bit clunky, but not prohibitive for now.
This is a fun game! I have not had the same trouble that some others have had with this game, and I think it is great. There are some room fro improvements like being able to read the cards better, and maybe having a more clear way of knowing what the current rules in play are, but other than that, it plays great. I have only played the offline version so this does not necessarily apply to the online of which I simply have no experience. This is a great game, and a great app.
Really don't understand why this has a only a 3.6 star rating where it is definitely amazing. It's free to play and has no adverts and the only thing you have to pay for is to use the two ( at the time of the review ) expansions and the base game is still really fun. I downloaded this to see if it is worth buying the actual game and now possibly I won't because this is an amazing free alternative. Only problem is the UI could be slightly improved.
Ok so I'm a HUGE Flux fan I have like 7 different editions of the actual card game and was so excited to see that it was an app. But there are a few things that would make the game a million times better. Being able to read cards in your hand without holding them. And a bigger area to play card like discarding it's just a small window and can be a pain also a multi select when you have to discard a ton or cards at once and last but not least MORE EDITIONS PLEASE! Still great!
Like other people said, the ai makes really dumb moves sometimes. This game also crashes my phone pretty alarmingly whenever there are too many keepers out in an AI game..
I wish there were as many players on Android as there are on iPhone. When I had my iPhone I would have dozens of games going at once. Right now it takes says to get a single game going, and then it moves so slowly. It seems difficult at first, but if you stick with it it's a lot of fun. I'm so happy it's finally out for Android! tl;dr: THIS GAME NEEDS MORE PLAYERS!!
I love Fluxx, and I am happy to see that the mobile version made it to Android! However while the gameplay here functions well enough, the game feels super sluggish, as animations take a long time to complete: Drawing a card can take 2 seconds, and sometimes you'll need to draw 5 cards, leading to lots of waiting time. In addition, while the cards look just like their physical counterparts, the rest of the UI looks bland. This is a good game, but there are many ways it could be better
I want to buy the Zombie Fluxx but I have been reading reports that the purchases are lost when the game is uninstalled. I am seeking confirmation that that is not the case.
I've played the physical card game for many years in many different versions. They're great fun and the digital platform sure makes it quicker and easier to play the ever evolving game. For once, here is a game with in-app add ons which aren't exorbitantly priced or actually essential to play the game. I can't wait for some of the other classic themed decks. I've played against the computer and against people I know and it works well. I can't praise the developers of this game enough. Thanks!
Love just playing this against the computer for a quick little game throughout the day (Especially since when I want to play and no one else is around to play the physical game). I got bought both the expansion for the creepers and the zombie game. I like all the little sound effects that go with the cards when playing also. I wish more versions would come out like space fluxx or medival fluxx.
First off, I really like Fluxx as a game and have several physical versions of it. I can also accept that the digital version looks the way it does, a bit retro and not really polished. But what I don't accept is loosing access to my in-app-purchases of Creepers pack and Zombie fluxx due to reinstalling the game. There' seems to be no way to restore purchses. And no response from the developer on the matter. Also lately a lot of my games have been made unplayable due to whatever I try to do I get "Failed to connect to the server" messages when playing cards. So, Fluxx as a game 5/5. This version of Fluxx 1/5 due to being broken.
Painfully slow with no apparent way to speed it up to a reasonable level. Also tries to make you believe you have to attach your account to it, but thankfully you can bypass. Seems like a good presentation of Fluxx otherwise.
I love this game. I enjoy how you can set it up to be either a relaxing game (3+ days) or a fast paced game (1 hour). I do wish I could organize my cards by type (keeper, new rule, etc.), but this doesn't hinder gameplay.
Took a little time to get used to the icons for rules but now one of my fave games. Would like to see more of the Fluxx decks come out.
I have tried to contact the developer about my account, with absolutely no response at all. Also, the fact that the expansions are per-install and not per-account is ridiculous. Link to the relevant app store accounts or save the purchase information on the Playdek account or SOMETHING. No response from devs is an instant thumbs down and bad rating for me. To be clear, I am a HUGE Looney Labs fan and have almost every physical Fluxx version and card available. I've played the BGA version that's in development. It's one of my all-time favorite games. This version is just sad by comparison.
This is not well done. It's confusing how to use non basic rules for additional actions and not in rulebook. Find better.
Needs work. You have to hold a card to read it, and that puts your finger in the way. It lets you join online games that you can't actually play because you lack a DLC pack, and then it won't let you drop out, stalling the game for the others. It can be hard to tell what rules are in effect, because they're not sorted. (The 'Draw X' and 'Play X' rules should always be first, if nothing else.)
I enjoy the card game very much, so I was pretty excited when my friend showed me the app version and we can play together from across the country. I would give it 5 stars for replay value and how fun it is, but the app interface is pretty clunky and difficult to navigate at times. I don't enjoy logging onto the client everytime I open an ongoing game. That being said it is fun. I hope they introduce dlcs later for expansion content to keep it fresh.
No tutorial or anything, and its a super weird game. You can only enlarge the cards to read them by tapping and dragging, and they stay centered on your finger so you have to like peek around your finger to try and read them. If tou remove your finger they get tiny again. Pretty terrible design
There is no way to zoom in on cards to read them, this fluxx you have to be able to read the cards. Your purchases are only available on the instance of the app you bought them on so if you have it on another device or have to reinstall you don't have access to the expansions youve paid for. This app needs work.
Please, please make the AI just a little smarter. Just because the"recycling" card is in play doesn't mean you have to use it. It pains me to see them recycle every last Keeper they have, even though it's to my advantage.
The game is pretty fun, but doesn't include anything other than the original deck. It's also incredibly annoying that there's no way to zoom into the cards, and when you select a card, your finger covers most of the text making it very difficult to read some cards. Overall a pretty good app, but really could use some additional decks, and the ability to easily read cards
Mostly good, but watch out on the zombies... For instance, the game cannot count zombie cards for their proper numerical worth (zombie quartet = 4) when calculating for a win on zombie baseball team goal.
Fluxx is a family favorite around here and we own many versions of the game. Was excited to find it in a mobile version. Very good adaptation but there are a few issues. First, the AI is dumb, I mean, really dumb. I've watched it discard a goal card while having both keepers in play in front of it. Second, add on purchases appear to be tied to the device, not the Play account. Purchases made on the phone do not carry over to a tablet, even when using the same account. Will rate higher if fixed.
Great game, lovely animations especially on the zombie deck. People complaining for loosing access to purchased decks - it's not great but it's a couple pounds guys... Maybe a warning screen saying it would be nice so people wouldn't feel surprised when they come to reinstall. But as I've said, for me the game is amazing, can invite and play with my friends and family. Would love to be able to gift the decks to other people though!
LOVE the app. It has it's weaknesses, but on the whole I really enjoy playing. The Zombie expansion is reasonably priced and a MUST have! The only thing I am struggling with, is it doesn't seem to allow a win on the 'SHOTGUN' goal card. Each time that has been the goal and I have the keepers for it, gameplay continues as if nothing has happened. With or without zombies, so the mind boggles. Apart from that, it's a great app!
App keeps switching games on me. In the middle of a game it will just switch to another one. It makes playing extremely difficult to the point I just uninstalled it.
I want to give this more stars because I love Fluxx but, as others have mentioned, the UI is clunky and the AI is bad. It never seems to target you if there's a card effect like 'Steal a Keeper' & it makes moves that are bad for itself. It can be hard to know why something happened as the discard pile isn't face up as it would be in the real world. I'm also hesitant to buy stuff if I have to pay for every individual version. I'll buy a game outright, pay for the ad-free version but not that.
I'm a big fan of Fluxx, so when this app came out I downloaded it right away. I'd like to remind folks that this is basically the first edition of this app. There are lots of improvements to be made, yes, but Looney Labs and Playdek need time and capital to be able to accomplish this. My suggestions follow many of the same as others: faster, more responsive UI, not having to log in everytime you enter the app, cleaner graphics, and more deck packs.
I love Fluxx. The game itself IS here but the implementation leaves something to be desired. The UI is both clunky to use and requires too precise of movement from the player. It's unintuitive and then it's difficult to use once you do figure it out. It seems a decent amateur effort. On top of that the servers are pretty unstable. Lots of trouble connecting to find games. Needs a lot of polish but still fun. Hope it gets the polish it deserves.
Get your Fluxx fix by playing this free and fun version of the card game classic! With the ability to plan both online and offline against real and virtual opponents, this app is well worth a download!
Game notifications don't appear when they should even with all notifications ON. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked once. Update: only works if I have the app open in the background, but if I close it, then I do not get notifications if someone plays me or invites me to a game. Stupid.
The UI is a little weird at first but once you get used to it, it's a lot of fun! My main request would be a notification when I'm about to run out of time. Sometimes the notification that it's my turn seems not to show up, or maybe it does and I just miss it, but either way, a second notification as a little "nudge" / reminder would be helpful!
The Fluxx App game is THE BEST way to learn this addicting game! Described as a game with only two rules (Draw 1 and Play 1), I found the physical card deck version of Fluxx to be extremely difficult to learn to play. Yes, the rules start out as very simple, which is part of the confusion...what do you do to play the game? Play what? What's the main "goal" in order to win? These questions, and more, kept me from really "digging in" to this game, And then I saw that there are Versions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, with a few minor variants between them, and there are dozens of different "themes" of the game. Throw in a handful of "PROMO cards" and "Expansion Packs" and the novice at this game, who just wants to be able to intelligently play the game, is still overwhelmed by all of the myriads of "rules" in this "simple 2-rule game". Enter the Fluxx game app!! Play a 1-person game against a single computer opponent, with all of the settings set to "Slow", and watch the game explain itself and tell you what you must do next. It took only about 3 or 4 short games of my playing it on my phone for me to have that "Ahh-Ha!" experience of totally "getting" this game! (Suggestion for programmers: please make the cards so that when they are dragged with a thumb and they enlarge themselves while still being "pressed" by the thumb, that the thumb doesn't cover over what the card actually says! I can't read through my own finger, and if I move my finger the card goes back to where it was before I moved it with my thumb! The text on the cards is WAY too small to read without any enlargement on my phone screen. I didn't find out about double-clicking on the cards to magnify them until I "accidentally" read about that in the playing directions.) It would take a new beginner almost forever to play a game with the physical card deck(s) by reading EVERY card as it came into play, trying to figure out what it did, what it was telling him/her or other players to do, which card rules stayed "active" until removed, and which ones were "single use" actions to be discarded immediately following their usage, But after less than an hour playing (more watching than playing at this point) the App version on my tablet and my phone I became familiar with the differences between Rules, Actions, Keepers, and, what broke the game open for me, the Goals. Once I understood that the game was all about building up Keepers so that any two of them in play on my "board" would match the two things on the (rapidly changing) specific Goal card in play, that would WIN the game for me (or whoever met these same qualifications), it all fell into place for me. It was like..."Duh...why didn't I get this before? It's so SIMPLE!!" All because of my being "taught" by the App version of Fluxx! It's WORTH the several dollars to purchase this App game! Now that I KNOW how to play Fluxx I find myself developing my own play "style", and I know what all of the cards say and do without having to enlarge them to read them each time. It was SO EASY to move to the game using physical card deck(s) after having learned the game with the App version! Oh, and I still play the App version more than ever. I'm addicted! Now I wish that the online version was more challenging than it is, as sometimes I know that what the computer player does is mostly at random anyway, without an intelligent "game plan" (well, as much of a "game plan" that anyone could have in this "rules-ever-changing" game!). Now...developers...PLEASE...build into this already fantastic app game a bit more artificial intelligence so that it is a bit more challenging of an opponent, more ch than with the entire game based solely on the luck in the draw of the cards. Next...developers...PLEASE...PLEASE...build into this already fantastic game app the ability to incorporate PROMO cards and EXPANSION PACKS, as well as the option to choose among many more different "themes" (versions) of this game (i.e., Star Fluxx, Marvel Fluxx, etc.). I wouldn't even mind paying a small fee to upgrade to this multi-choice PREMIUM version!