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Flutter: Starlight

Flutter: Starlight for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Runaway located at 5 Melville St Dunedin. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Even with following advice from FAQ, my friends list will not load in this game. Sometimes does not start without uninstalling and reinstalling. Crashes after watching videos, so do not always get credit for watching ads. :/ Cmon developers.
This game is good and you will definitely get more stars IF you fix the crashing. It crashes after you click claim prize for the snail and then afterwards it'll do it again after you try to collect coins from the butterflies... I love this game and won't uninstall it, just please fix the crashing.
I love the game! I am glad there's no glitches yet! There are 2 glitches in Flutter: Butterfly sanctuary so make sure to fix the glitches in that game!
a very nice and simple game, ive only be playing it for a few days so i cant comment on its quality longterm, but i think its worth downloading for the cute graphics and chill vibes. i havent seen any popup ads as of yet, ads are accessed via specific prompts that you have to actively seek out which is very appreciated the microtransactions are higher in price than a lot of games, but i havent really found much of a need to spend much if any on them as the game doesnt make you feel rushed
Very cute and relaxing game, I really like that it's easy to get the more "premium" currency. Well thought out and very pretty art.
unlike the butterfly sanctuary now you have to use sap to unlock decoration spots and to even fuse the Moss the prize wheel is way less than the one on the butterfly sanctuary, but yet the garden deals are way expensive because it said that you could collect more sap and prizes than the butterfly sanctuary which is a lie
I was having a lot of fun until the ant event ended. Instead of seeing the foliage closing up like usual, the ant turned into something white and extremely creepy 😳. I'll stop playing it until u fix it or else I'll get a heart attack.
This game is so relaxing. I play it almost every day when i'm angry or I just want to play it. The breeds are so beautiful, I almost want one of my own! I love how you can attract eggs by pooting flowers around this area in the bottom. I love the decorations too! I don't know ANYTHING wrong with this game. Keep up the good work, and I love the valentines day update!
This game is amazingly beautiful and relaxing to play. The reason for the 3 star rating is that as others said, my progress doesn't seem to save. For example, earlier today I hatched an egg, and attracted a new one (approx 1 hr hatching time). I log in a few hours later and the egg I had already hatched was still there, new one was gone and had to attract it again. If this was not the case, I would have definitely given this game 5 starts. Hope this get fixed soon
this game is awesome, and i only have a few problems with it. 1. trevor gets glitched sometimes while feeding him multiple fireflies in a row and i have to tap him repeatedly so he can give me a flower 2. trevor usually gives me flowers for moth sizes and i already have loads of those 3. every time there's an ant event, i can only get the first moth reward before the event ends
I had this a long time ago and I loved it. So I'm getting it again! Edit now: Its so fun! Im pretty far in the game now and I recommend it! I like the designs. I also play all of Runaway's games, but one. I love the ones I have now and recommend all of them.
I love moths and got overjoyed few months ago when i found this game. There's a lot of fun stuff in here, yes, but main problem is that there's 0 confirmation boxes for spending glowbucks. Seriously. The amount of bucks i lost from accidental missclicks is annoying to say the least. Hope that gets added one day. The event-locking is definitely annoying since it's just a waiting game to TRY and get the moth you want. The app autoclose from ads seems fixed, which is nice. Still love the game!
This is an excellent game, but the thing I most appreciated was the fantastic customer service I received when my account was restarted. The game is really fun and chill, it helps you relax.
Delightfully fun and educational! I love this game so much! You don't have to spend anything but this is one game I would happily spend some cash on! I have so many moths and between special events and watching videos for extra coins and whatnot, there is plenty to do and gain for free! Shout out to the developers of this game!
Best game ever! Great game for passing time, or when you simply just bored. You get to collect beautiful moths, that are also just adorable! Once you level up enough you do missions, and your able to unlock a lot of other fun features! The only thing I have to say other than that is that I wish there were more things you can do with the moths. β™‘
This app is sooo colorful, and yet, so peaceful. It's beautiful. It also caters to my animal lover and collector side. It's a beautiful app. Collecting is not all that you can do, though it is the main priority. You can set your moths on missions and expand their living area, upgrade your moths. It truly is lovely.
I really like looking back at this game, and it made me like moths actually, I never hated moths but this game changed my old opinion, The designs are very nice, cute and really relaxing, definitely gonna give this a five star rate.
I just reinstalled after a long time away, and im qute disappointed that there's no audio at all. I have my volume all the way up and made sure the music and sound effects are all enabled, but it's silent. I remember this having the most calming peaceful music so I'm definitely disappointed it doesn't work now. Not sure if it's due to a recent update or something.
I love this casual game, only issue is whenever i watch an add i get kicked out of the game with no rewards so its kind of a bummer
I don't mind watching ads to get stuff but I do mind watching ads and the game then crashing and I don't get my stuff (the spin the wheel thing does it every time with out fail) other than that it is a very cute and relaxing game.
The game was so fun and addictive! I really enjoy it. The music though, its relaxing. Everybody else says that it closes for them and they loose progress a lot, but that's a THEM problem, not the GAME problem. I don't experience those problems, not at all. There isn't anything else to say about this game except that the fact that it's awsome πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ˜€πŸ™‚
This is an awesome game! It is very peaceful and perfect for moth lovers. If you love butterflies aswell, go check out their other game; Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary! If you like the sea, they have another game, Splash. Finally, 1 more, if you like cats, check out Cat CafΓ©! These are all Runaway games and they're sick!
I played the butterfly flutter when I was a kid and I immediately fell in love with it. But during those times I had to stop since I was busy catching the honor list. But now that I'm a college student, I played Flutter starlight and the first flutter game, and unsurprisingly, I'm still loving it. Love the graphics, the designs and the system. There may be times that small technical bugs may appear when I'm watching ads or saving data but overall, the game is still fun and a great anti-stress.
It's a good game, but it gets quite grindy and repetitive after some time. Although because i'm getting a lot of new things and features, it isn't too bad.
I like the game just fine but something has happened the past few days and anytime you watch an ad to hurry something along the whole game crashes an shuts off. Please fix this bug.
Finally a relaxing and cute game about moths!! I'm having a really good time and the app doesn't even ask me to rate it, I had to relook up this game to write this review, I love this game so much, there is always something to do so you can relax for as long as you want! I love this game so much and everyone else needs to play this at least once.if I could I would stream this on my computer for a nice chatting day with my live stream viewers if I could! Sincerely, SmolAlexKitty
I do love this game! It's sweet,relaxing,the graphics are gorgeous,nothing gets blown up,you can pop in and out or stay and build up some coins. What I don't love,is that it takes quite awhile to build up coins which are needed to clear room in the forest. The amount needed to clear space goes up each time. No space,no moths. Also, the glowbucks which are also necessary cost actual money. They run out fast,and it's not much fun without them. So this is a game that requires money to be spent.
I love this game... when I can actually play it. For the past few months, everytime I try to open the application, there will be a few seconds where I can interact with the moths but then a nondescript warning about the game not working pops up and sends me back to the loading screen.
Its a cute game but the rates on which getting anything besides the same breed over and over is ridiculous... I've played for a long while finally got a 75Ωͺ chance epic and lunar flower and both fail😑😭
Graphics are cute, very few ads, and it's easy to play, probably one of my new favorites- would recommend if you wanna pass the time or play something cute
I love it, it's so relaxing and cute. I love showing friends and family my new moths, there unwanted ads which I love. It's so smooth, the music and ambience is beautiful. Would recommend
It's a very good game! But I'm having a problem were when I go onto the game it loads but then freezes can you fix this?
Love the game! it's perfect for winding down at night after a long day plus, collecting all the moths is so fun, But one downside I've noticed is that sometimes the app will crash after watching an ad for a reward which can be frustrating after watching a minute long ad but apart from that it's a wonderfull game and I highly recommend it! :)
Love this game, it's fun, relaxing and exciting, has beautiful butterflies of different species. I can't get enough of this game. SWEEEEET!
Game isn't updating, can't merge my moths, pollen isn't working, can't expand storage even though I received supplies to do so. Ridiculous! I have 3 hours of double pollen & that's not working either. I loved this game until today. Please fix this.
So far I am loving this sweet, soothing, thoroughly mesmerizing game. I was skeptical about it potentially being a calming factor, but it truly does assist with my minor panic attacks. Thank you!!
EDIT: The crashing after ads is getting SUPER ANNOYING! Fix this PLEASE!! This is so relaxing and fun! Im a little confused on how to get the Event (Flos) Moths but I'm still having fun making my own moth garden β™‘ It also makes me look them up for my little girl, who knew there were so many pretty moths in the world!
For some reason the app wont let me log in anymore??? The internet connection here is pretty strong but it wont let me play? I tried it multiple times but i literally cant play it, i think its a bug? worst part is that i dobt remember the user id so i cant contact the support team, Please fix this
I am completely disappointed.I played the game for the first time and it took almost 50 minutes and it was still stuck at loading past data thing but what will it load when I'm playing the game for the first time. Completely disappointed by the game behavior. πŸ˜”
The game is fun, relaxing, adorable, and addictive. Giving 4 stars only cuz no game is perfect. Sometimes the game judt crashes for no reason. And the glow bucks are really difficult to earn without paying and you use them for quite a lot of things. It can be hard to grind for things without using the glow bucks for an extra boost and some things can only be done with glow bucks, like missions. Other than that, definitely recommend!
Cute game! Gets slow a bit sooner than id like but not too bad. Decent way to waste time and the graphics are super pretty.
There was a problem with the sound, it was very static and quite unpleasant to listen to. Please try to fix this in the next update as when I previously had the game I enjoyed the sound. This happened in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary as well. Otherwise its a very nice and relaxing game.
I really love this game but for some reason I'm having trouble just downloading the new version. I've tried numerous times today and it's just stuck loading continuously. Unfortunately I can't play the game without this new update apparently so if it's not fixed I won't be able to play. A shame with how much time I've spent playing :/
I love this! I had it has a kid and i found it! I gave it 5 cuz the controls are so fun and u should get! :D
I love it. Its very addictive. Colorful and informative. But it can get a little boring. If it had more events it would be great. Or if we could go to other players sanctuaries. Not that would be worth the fifth star. I've been playing this app for 8 years and can't even tell u how many times I've reset and started over. Its gotta count for something.
Love the animations, moths, and gameplay. I was unfortunately unable to save my original game when my phone quit working, but seeing whether or not it can be retrieved. Family also loves this game
really nice, i love moths but most games feature butterflies instead so this was pretty nice. been my comfort game for a bit now :)
It's very mellow, and I enjoy it very much it passes the time just right, the moths are really cool it's fascinating to watch them fly around. And learning the rules is very easy if you pay attention.
Seems like a cute game so far with really pretty creatures. My issue right now is the game crashes after watching ads, and my butterflies don't make much coin by themselves without them.
I reaaaaally love the game as a whole, it's relaxing and i dont feel pressured to complete anything faster than I want to! Only problem is that 1 time out of 3 the game closes after viewing an ad without giving the reward (snail roulette or time skip). It's no big deal since the loading screen is really fast but it gets annoying when you're trying to "spam" the snail roulette to get the flutterbucks I think theyre called. Otherwise perfect game to play a few minutes at a time each day!
Developers need to expand the game area. This game is really cute and fun however I have expanded my area as far as I can and it is not big enough. I have twice as many moths in storage than in my foliage!! developers need to add more expansion slots.
I use to play this when i was like 16 or 17 I think and i forgot all about it till I just ran in to it last night and now im so happy I found it againβ™‘
Wonderful and calming game. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Sometimes the fireflies spawn in weird places when you collect coins from your moths but it's not too big of an issue. Also it can be annoying when trying to feed or select moths when you have many in your forest and they all fly around, away from you, or overlap each other. Other than that it's a wonderful game!
It's a awesome game. I downloaded it last week. It keeps me busy and there new eggs to be discovered. Over all its a fun game.
Go blind trying to see the teeny tiny little objects. Watch a movie for anything is utterly BROKEN.. game will restart and it will still be x-minutes for whatever you just watched to speed progress (or for the snail prize) plus they acknowledge you watched an ad so you have to wait a pretty long time to be able to repeat the whole thing again for nothing! Wow, what a way to keep your players happy. No chance I'll be spending any of my hard-earned money for such disrespect. FIX YOUR BROKEN MESS.
I like the game although I like butterflies better than moths. I like the graphics. It takes a long time to complete hatchings and whatnot which is a drawback. All in all, pretty good game.
Very good game, but lost the star because everytime I watch an add for a chest it kicks me out of the game, and I don't get anything so it's almost as if I wasted 10 seconds for nothing, please fix this issue, but overall great game!
Very nice game but it takes so long any task and cost absolutely ridiculous amounts of money. At least a bit more accessible so people can really actually play. But very nice and informative
It's an amazing game, with ads for reasonable things, like speeding things up and getting rewards from the tree snail! A lovely ambiance and atmosphere, love this game to bits!
Cute game, but WAYYY too long of waiting periods too soon in the game. I downloaded the game 30 mins ago and I'm already to the point that I have to wait 2 hours before I can do ANYTHING again besides gather pollen and catch bugs. I'm not seeing any way to really earn glowlight point things, so this game is a bit of a dead end. Cute idea, but doesn't allow me to play long enough to get hooked before having to wait hours and hours to continue again.
Nice & low-stress, except I had some trouble figuring out how to level up a moth (turns out I completely misunderstood the "pollen shift" concept -- the "shift" being a quantity you get from popping the pollen flower when you've set it to produce). Fortunately customer service superstar Jessica was there with her ocean of patience to help me figure it out! Can also recommend Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary & Splash. Furistas Cat Cafe... jury's still out. But Zen Koi fans should check this one out!
Lovely collector game with beautiful artwork. Recommend to anyone with an interest in moths. I've really enjoyed collecting the different species, though it is designed to dip in and out of, not play for long periods. Constant events so you know the developers are active. I'd like to see more European moths because that's where I'm from, there are so many to collect it'll never get old.
The ambiance is so relaxing and comforting. The moths are gorgeous. Waiting is never too long. I love it. Wonderful little game. I prefer this over butterfly sanctuary tbh. This one improves the things I didn't like about that game.
Beautiful game. Would go 5 stars if the app didn't crash after watching ads for rewards that you do not receive when it crashes.
Just a few things: The flower deals are illogical, the free button produces the most pollen in the fastest time. Same with moths, the lowest level has the best coin-per-time value. Also, the "- 30 minutes" button only occasionally works for me. I watch the ad and the app closes itself, and when I go back in the timer hasnt changed at all.
The game crashes damn near constantly. Seriously. Watch an add? Game crashes after the video. Trying to just play the game? Nope not allowed, game crashes. I LOVE the game and the concept but gosh dang just make the game stop crashing. This is ridiculous.
super relaxing and entertaining. highly recommend. only problem is when i try to open the game now, it goes to the loading screen and simply doesnt load :(
I've played Flutter years ago and I really appreciate how peaceful the music is. Also the fact that your learn some cool facts about the butterflies/moths your raising. Definitely recommend if you want some peace of mind Edit: I will say the game does crash here and there, especially if I try watching a video just to earn some extra coin :/ I know it's one of those pay to win games so I need to wait for stuff to be available but wow..
I love this game! Its totally stress free! I have a lot of anxiety right now from waaaaay too much stress, and this is the perfect game to help me relax. No time limit, no trying to beat difficult level, just hatching gorgeous moths.
I LOVE this game. It does get a bit annoying having to wait long periods of time for an egg to finish incubating, waiting for another leaf to appear for the caterpillar, or waiting for it to hatch out of its cocoon, so could you please make the waiting times a bit shorter? But other than that, this game is GREAT!
My 5 year old daughter and I both play this as well as flutter sanctuary and we absolutely LOVE THEM BOTH! This game is so relaxing to play and the moths are beautifully animated. I highly recommend this to anyone.
Absolutely love the game! I never heard of most of these moths and google them to see what they look like in real life. However, its biggest flaw is that it is quite glitchy and crashes a lot, sometimes ruining your most recent progress. I tried restarting the app and even deleting and reinstalling, so I assume there's a glitch in the coding. Edit to add: other than the recent progress still being an issue, it turns out that my phone is outdated with low memory, causing it to crash a lot :(
Very relaxing and addicting game BUT there's many times the ad videos will close the app completely without giving any rewards out reduced time on the activity. This glitch either needs to get fixed or stop offering the rewards! VERY frustrating!!!
I am having this problem for a long time now. Everytime I quit the game, there are progress that didn't get saved. Example is, sending a moth to a mission, when I quit the game after that and come back, the it didn't save. So I have to send that moth again. Please fix it.
I love this game the butterfly is so amazing and beautiful. I will play it everyday because the caterpilar is fantastic too and the places are wonderful thank you.
Relaxing and very pretty. Would be better if you could do more activities for fun. Feel like it's kind of mindless tapping to get moths.
Cool game, you can learn quite a bit. Peaceful music. Being a butterfly wrangler, by trade, moths are close kin and an interest of mine.
Amazing game but more events pls and can you pls make them longer keep up w/ the good work and it would be amazing if we have ant events for flowers,rewards and decorations and wisp events for exclusive moths and I know it's a lot to ask for but I have almost been playing for a year and i really am enjoying the game but it's getting less fun than it was and also can you get an other mechanic for getting atracting flowers pleas ; )
The game is quite nice but 3 out of 4 times I play an ad for a reward it crashes after I watched the ad, and I don't get my reward. That is a bit annoying.
The designs are cute and the gameplay is easy, though its a bit hard to complete events before they end.
This game is fun and cute. I love playing it. I have a few problems though. 1st, sometimes after you watch an ad and click the X the game kicks you out. You lose the reward too. 2nd, while in the beginning I'd get new moths randomly now I only get the same few. I used to get a lot of common, uncommon with the occasional rare one. Now even moth I originally got without flowers won't come. Its really annoying. 3rd, stuff gets expensive quick. 1000 a vid, currently 90000 x5 to unlock new area
well ive never experienced bugs in-game so yall people who give one star just have a bad internet connection or laggy phone(except for the one where she spent money and got nothing) it works for me, but idk maybe my phone is a mutant. one of the best games ive seen
It's okay. Times can be quite long, and there's a heavy influence to buy microtransactions to speed up timers.
Wonderful game with a terrible server connection. It would receive 5 stars if not for the connection issues; I was barely able to participate in the first ant event, and since that update the game stays connected to the servers for about 5-8 actions. Sometimes they will save, but most often they do not. This happens on ANY Wi-Fi connection I utilize.
Im just not into bugs also some things you need to buy.I just got it cause it says its suppose to be calming but didnt work for me i may try this sea one instead.
It's fun but things get exponentially more expensive. And I don't earn enough so I constantly need to watch ads to pay. You could probably casually play it if you're up for going super slow without watching ads. Nonetheless it's pretty calming and relaxing. Especially with the music. And the art is good
more prizes to win? and redeem with coins and gold butterflies please... I combine flowers only to get common and small creatures....? and fusing flowers are wasted as a result. Nice game though otherwise
Great relaxing game if that is what you are looking for, the reason why i gave it 3 stars is because 50% of the time the game crashes after watching an ad and i don't receive my reward.
I know they're trying to be festive by adding snowflakes and other decorations; but it really takes away from the game, it's highly distracting
It is a beautiful game and the moths are so pretty, although it is a little hard to get everything as some of the items, like glow bugs, are costly and only last a short time. But it is very fun and beautiful!
love this game but it crashes almost every time i try to watch an ad for a bonus. Often after ive watched the ad and i dont get the reward.
Love this. Virtual butterflies! I've been playing for a while and wanted to be able to play on multiple devices. Jessica at player support really came through. Thank you.
With the newest Ant event, almost every time I play the video for skipping time, the app just shuts down. Would be great if it got fixed soon, since it looks like I am not the only one. But overall, the game is great and relaxing.
Cute game. I already deleted this game tho , it's not fun anymore.. everything took so much time and the moth harvest didn't stack , so you saying I have to open every 5 minutes , can't I just close for 10 hour and collect the 10 hour worth of moth harvest.. I even spend RM7 on this game and all I got is 100 glowbucks and everything use a lot of glowbucks and I'm impatient to wait.. I re rate it to 2 for now.. I hope it will get better in the future and more fun and easy to play..
I lovw this game and everything in it so far, I only wish events were longer especially certain ones or that there was some more to do in the game in general. I also love the ad system and that they don't just pop up and its convenient to the player to watch them i just wish you could use them more frequently because I wouldn't mind watching more ads if I get rewards for it.
I love this game so much it has so many possibilities and finding out what moth an unknown species is just makes it so satisfying but my top 3 favorite parts about the game are 1: no adds 2: super relaxing gameplay and satisfying sounds and 3: the amount of different and awsome looking moths that you can earn or hatch
This game is incredibly cute and relaxing to play, however, one issue I'm encountering is that every time I try to redeem something by watching an ad, whether it be speeding up an egg or spinning the wheel for the snail, after watching the ad, the game closes and I don't end up with the reward :(
Video ads force close the game. Losing out on all my extras and speed ups. Two events now ruined. Bn playing since june. Both flutter abd flutter starlight same problem. Got automated responce about splash video problems. Unistalling
Pretty fun overall. The only issue I have is that almost any ads crash the app when I close them, so I watch the ad but don't get a reward. Happens on the butterfly one too
I loved the game but out of nowhere I lost all my progress T^T I had so much I din't want to start over I hope I can get my progress back ( I went off for a long long time to see I lost my progress )
Amazing graphics, fun facts, and you don't have to play all the time to get far which is nice. Play at your own pace and no pay to play stuff. Very few ads unless you choose to watch them for boosters and stuff. I find it soothing and it helps my emotional state as well.
Honestly such a beautiful game, each moth just surprises me, and I love the little noises the bark bugs and leaf bugs make. Definitely a game that will keep you up after hours.
I gave a 5 star review to Flutter and this game gets the same! Flutter: Starlight is very calming and relatively easy on the eyes. It's not too hatd to progress either! 10/10 once again, Runaway!
I love this! It's relaxing and a great destraction. Even with the long wait for some of the moths they have a -30min if you watch an ad and the flowers free pollen is great to pass time and collect money from the moths in the forest. Amazing, would 100% recogmend
I love all the different moths and the game mechanics it's quite time-consuming though takes a very long time to get coins but either way I still love the game :3
I play on my computer and anytime I move my mouse parts of the screen gliches and wigs out. Other then that the game is wonderful the creatures, music, and soundaffects are aborable. thanks!
There is a lot of waiting but I love the game alot. If your not a grown up then getting the glow bucks is hard. Kinda wish that there was a way to exchange coins for glow bucks. Then by an easier way we could all have more fun. Just and idea, anyone else agree?
Look, y'all gotta do something better with the wisp mother. Its really frustrating that I only catch 1 wisp every 6 hours! The garden event is much better. Makes me wanna uninstall
Paid for purchase, never received items... I bought the $4.99 mushroom booster for the event going on right now. Directly after the purchase, as my bank sent its usual notification about me spending money, the game crashed. I couldnt log back in for a minute or two. Once I did get in, my items I purchased were not there, even though I was definitely charged for them. I'm really disappointed, I have played this game for a long time, and spend at least $10 a month on it...
Right now you cant add friends, plz fix it Also I'm stuck with a mission I cannot complete right now because I dont have a moth for it, I dont want to waste currency just because I cant do the mission Other than that the game is great to get on every once in a while and do a few things, you can even set it up to stay on and piddle around with the pollen while you wait I love that you can make small amounts of pollen for free and its only 30 second intervals Also everything is adorable
Getting boring .. !!!! Getting the same moths now over and over , have pretty much forest cleared but still getting same moths .. No other animals , frogs etc like i should .. Its just getting boring now .. Will uninstall soon if it keeps up .. Needs more to it , needs to give more to players , reach goal after goal but still nothing ....... Still boring ... !!!! Tell me again who i have to notify regarding this game ..!!!
The game is really cute and I like the themes, but I would like some more information on how to actually level up butterflies and moths, and how to get the rare ones as that isn't very explanatory in the game. Overall it's a really sweet and fun game, sometimes the controls aren't always the best but other than that nothing is wrong (Edit: THIS OWL IS SO ANNOYING. it asks for a specific moth (which i send) and then it says 'Err, i suppose we could send this one out?' LIKE EXCUSE ME WHAT DO U WAN
The game is pretty great all around, I only have one or two issues. For one, I sometimes will struggle for quite a while trying to get fireflies into the frog's mouth, it has to be on a very specific spot, and two, it takes quite a while to gather up the money to expand your area by one space. The second one isn't as much of an issue, but I'm definitely struggling with the frog issue.
adorable and relaxing and it's also the most addicting game I have. I love my little moths Just wanted to point out a couple quirks: -As you level up your moths they actually give you LESS coins/minute and you get more pollen by doing the 30 second shift repeatedly than doing longer shifts. This just seems like a counterintuitive design choice to me but it's nbd -Small glitches like event timer showing 2 numbers at once and the fireflies sometimes freeze up outside cage You should get it
The game is very relaxing and a nice time passer and theres barely any ads so it makes this game perfect for when you stress the song and the voicelines of the bugs and other things are very calming
This is such a lovely game, it looks great, the music and ambient sounds are really soothing and for a casual type game it's surprisingly addictive. I also love the facts you learn along the way. Plus it combines moths and mushrooms- two of my favourite things!
I love this game, but the not infrequent crashes are annoying, especially when I it happens 90% of the time when an ad finishes. Sometimes an ad will finish, the time gets deducted, and then a few seconds later the game crashes and reverts and I don't even have the option to re-watch the ad. It'd be 5 stars if the crashes were fixed.
coins and small amounts of premium currency can be acquired via ads that are accessed via specific prompts that you have to actively seek out which is very appreciated. microtransactions are higher in price (around the $7-14 aud range) while i enjoy the simple gameplay and moth facts, i dont enjoy how much of the content is gated off for specific events, although these events are fairly frequent it makes later gameplay a bit of a drag with not a lot to be done but wait for the next event.
I love the game and would give 5 stars if the app didn't shut down every time you watch a video. You don't get any rewards for watching the video once it's crashed too. I've updated the app and tried closing and re-opening. Your Starlight game has the same issue. Please fix this!
It seems like every other time i actually give in a buy stuff i dont actually get it its a great game super simple but its annoying when i pay for something and dont recieve all of what i paid for this last time i was supposed to get a special flower that hurried missions but after i paid $10 i only received the coins and double wisps
Good game to check in on during the day, fun to sit and just watch your moths, generally good gameplay. Definitely a long haul game. The ant events (ran to collect past event moths) are my only real gripe. I don't feel like the ant events are long enough and its a shame i can't get a notification for when a harvest is ready. Can definitely go without paying a penny and no random ads, plenty to watch for free goodies though. Deeply recommend this game.
It's very nice, beautiful, cute, simplistic, optimistic game. The art style is really appeals to me and it inspires me much. Also there's some few bugs but it's not that worst... But it could be, but there's confusing part on how to connect your/my account to save your/my progress, but i got into it.(Goodluck fixing the game very smoothly :3)
I love this game a lot! The art style is so cute and I love the little scientific facts paired with the collection style. Sadly, there is an issue with the game sometimes kicking you out after watching an ad without giving you to reward for it. Fix that, please, so I can give you full stars for a game that deserves that!
I just downloaded the app and I'm already having trouble it keeps reloading when I hatch an egg or emerge a moth smh fortunately the butterfly sanctuary is better but please flutter do better
Honestly the longer I play this game the more frustrated I get. The other game from this developer, Flutter, is much more fun and engaging, I just wish they had done the same with moths as they had with the butterflies, it makes this game feel like an in-app purchase trap and it's hard to play sometimes because of it. And the events are a joke, don't ever think you'll finish the goal without sinking money in and even then there's no guarantee.
This game is very cute and fun, I like collecting the little moths. The ads aren't overwhelming like most free to play games. The amount of time it takes to hatch and grow the moths is a little annoying at times but nothing too bad.
Overall I love this game. Its relaxing, and so much fun to hatch new species. The details in the game are gorgeous and I think the developers put a lot of thought into the game. If I had to change one thing though it would be to be able to collect the coins from your moths while you're not playing. I'm still going to keep playing regardless. My new favorite!
Flutter Starlight is an incredibly relaxing game where Event Moths are easy to obtain, and progressing is a marathon not a sprint. It doesn't demand anything of the player, so you can play as much or as little as you like and everything is still just as within reach as before. However, the best part of my experience came from the customer support. I got to speak with a staff member named Jessica who helped me more than I was expecting. It may just be a simple game, but it means a lot to me.
Super cute, the moths are all colorful and cool! The gameplay is also very relaxing. A good game to play when you're bored or yoy need to relax.
I love this game! The new update is really nice. All it did was make the moths fly MUCH smoother and a bit faster, and Trevor can eat the fireflies faster, which is very nice for someone who has a large forest. I have no complaints about this game, except the Ant events. It's impossible to get to the end without buying speed boosters. I like the wisp events more because if you play it right, you can achieve all of the moths, or buy flowers if you really want to. Great game, and thank you!!
* EDIT still Love this game, but can't log in for the last 2 days! What's going on? I'm unable to collect any flowers for the event because of this. PLEASE PLEASE FIX! Love this game. It's beautiful and interesting.
Love this game but I can't get in my account because I switched phone so now when I signed in my Starlight with the same email as always but just a different phone it's trying to make me start from the beginning AGAIN!! I'm mad about that... Can someone please help me?
The app in itself is very amusing and addicting. I love the design and the graphics. Though there is one problem. The app keeps on crashing after watching a video. It is my only way to gain extra points and flowers but it crashes the instant the video stops wasting away the time I watched the ad. I hope the developers of this game can find a way to solve this issue.
Relaxed, Low Stress, Fun, Science & Outdoor ish. I love it so far. Not sure how to work with the owl (complete missions). Only 2nd day but looking forward to it. Brings the outdoors to indoor device. Fun for adults or kids.
I really really love this game. I get so excited whenever I get a new moth. The only thing that is a bit irritating is sometimes when I go to watch an add (speeding eggs/pupa up or for the wheel) the add plays through like normal but then I click X to close the add and I get kicked from the game completely and have to reload it. It is annoying but that won't keep me from playing!
It is a very fun relaxing game, I love playing it, the main issue I have is when I watch adds to get rewards or reduce hatching time, after the add has finished and I press the x button to close the add and go back to the game, the game crashes and I have to reload the game and it does not recognize that I've watched the add and I don't get the rewards for it ...
Their privacy policy is bad. They take no responsibility for how advertisers they allow to access you through their game use your data & think it's reasonable to expect us to read the privacy policies of all advertisers. They also don't 'allow' anyone under 16 to play despite making a very childlike educational game.
I like the game a lot, but whenever I watch an ad to get a reward, there's about a 70% chance that the game will crash afterwards and I lose my reward. Also, I do ant events whenever I can, but I never make it much further than halfway through them before they end. I have a job where I can't be on my phone every 2 hours playing a game. It would be nice if they were made easier so they could be completed on time. Glowbucks are super overpriced so there's no way I'm going to spend money on them.
The game is okay at first, after a while you rarely get the drops you need to make more moths. The game glitches all the time when watching the videos kicking you completely out. Gets boring nothing new to do.
Beautiful game. Calming and i always get excited to know which new moth ill get. reasoning why i gave this 3 stars, is because it takes WAY to long to expand their forest, as it gets higher in price and takes way to long to get all the coins. Also, an hour for a moth to hatch and an hour each to feed it 1 leaf is waaaay to long. Thank you for your time if you read this.
Starlight is okay, but gets very expensive fast. Moths sell for nothing, but fusing can cost a ton. If you want to place decorations be prepared to spend a good chunk of coins on the slots. The coin reward for moths is pathetic as well, especially when comparing it to the butterfly version.
so previously i had given the app 5 starts but the game keeps deleting progress. i lost a couple event moths and i would spend money on something only to have the pollen or the upgrade on the moth not be saved. super disappointing.
An amazing game by far! I've been playing for almost a month now and my butterfly nest has grown tremendously huge and I havent bought anything from the store! This game does have in-game purchases but from the things I've seen, nothing has been expensive. But nevertheless I've grown huge in-game without the money. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!
It's a blatant scam to get you to watch ads. The app shuts down after you watch it and you lose the reward. Everyone has this issue, even on their other games. Don't let them freely insult you and take advantage of you
Casual collecting game, no intrusive ads. Customer support is atrocious. Enjoy the game for what it is but don't spend money on it.
Best game ever! However, it's really good, but the only thing is... Well, it's just gets really hard cuz I mean like, it takes ages & Ages to hatch an egg and feed your baby caterpillars and yeah, it's just a bit ._. & . - . but in any other ways, it's the best game yet, ty (which means thank you). for making this game I LOVE discovering moths they are so cute. Again thank you for making this game. I just love it.
Update. I contacted the support team about this game and flutter. Still no fix. Video ads force close the game. Losing out on all my extras and speed ups. Two events now ruined. Bn playing since june. Both flutter and flutter starlight same problem. Got automated responce about splash video problems. Unistalling
It's definitely different I like it I just am learning how to play it which is not hard but some things that that are new to you takes practice to get better at just like anything that you're not familiar with
Great game, except I don't like that you have to pay to fuse or place decorations. You actually get money for fusing in Flutter, I don't understand why it costs so much in this game. Also, why pay to place decorations? It gets ridiculously expensive very fast to place decorations. If they're rewards and don't offer perks, why should we have to pay so much to place them?
I lost my first forest when my phone suddenly died. I hope they can find it for me, but I'm enjoying starting over, anyway. I really love this game! The forest sounds are so relaxing. If you are looking for a quiet game that helps heal all the stress, try this one! It's fun from the very beginning.
The game keeps crashing after every single ad. Considering you need the ads to make any kind of progress in the game, this is quite detrimental. Please fix.
I love the game but I don't have any friends who play it. I have invited friends but they are not interested. So because I have no friends who play i cannot collect the moths, mushrooms and flowers that go with being social. This is the same problem with your butterfly game. Its very disappointing.
I like this game. The graphic is good, also the gameplay. This game is relaxing πŸ˜ƒ. Also, the flowers have some special abilities now 😝. Also the events are good !, we can lay their egg if they visits 🀩
I love it , it's fun, but the almost constant events is a bit much too handle, especially when it's extremely hard to try and get most stuff in the events even with consitant playing, I really do enjoy it but missing out on stuff sucks. Also frequent events doesn't give much rest time in-between to chillax. I still recommend the game though!
The animation + moths are beautiful but if you use ads to speed stuff up there's a 50/50 chance it'll crash (it's especially annoying because you have a limited number of ads that you can watch)
Very cute and relaxing game. My only issue is when I go to the snail to watch an ad the game would crash.
It's a fun relaxing game. Something to pass the time, or calm down with in stressful times. I like to play a little bit before bed to help me sleep.
AWESOME GAME! Can you make like somthing to mute the sound? I know that there is not much, but sometimes, when I put it on the sound on loudest, it has some sound. Can you make a butten were you can mute all of the sounds? That would be awesome! I just started playing and I basicly don't have any adds! AWESOME GAME!!! I recommeded 100% to everybody! Just try! AWESOME!!!
Love this game BUT It definitely needs more balance. It makes no sense that I can SELL a flower for under 2000 coins but to buy that same flower, it costs 50-100 glowbucks. 50 glowbucks= $2. This game is turning into a cash grab, quickly. You literally can't even finish an ant event without spending ACTUAL CASH. You can barely finish any event without spending cash!! It's cool they offer ads to help with extra perks though. But the amount of goodies for what you spend is not really worth it.
Every time I play a video for credit, after the video,, I get an error and the app shuts down. No credit or reward. Every single time, it happens.
The count in game isn't fun. Example, for lvl2 flower, the lowest option only need 30 secs for 3 pollens. It means 60pollens in ten minutes. But the 10 minutes option only get 18pollens? Not worth for the waiting. Also same as the coin produce by moths. The lower the moth's level, the more profitable. Indeed it produce a small number of coin, but in LESS time. Meanwhile with the same moth in max level will produce a nice amount of coins but in FAR more time needed. 3 stars bcs of those points.
Its a lovely little idle game that I can play to relax and unwind, or really whenever I want to. It's not high demand or overly complicated either. As an animal/nature lover, this was a good fit for a destressing game that I could play in my free time. The game is bright and colorful, and though the mechanics act off soemtimes, it flows smoothly. Plus, the animation and design for each moth is astounding.
The game was so beautiful, nice, awesome, and very realistic but the problem is the glowbucks and missions it's so hard. The mission is very waste of time, the glowbucks it's so hard to get and the ads theres have a limit I think you need to change that with no limit but the game play actually i very very very like it except in glowbucks, missions, and ads it's so hard and waste of time. I wish you're game will improve and have a more new moths & rewards etc. Soon keep it up guysπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ
It's so cute and i like learning about different species of moth, the wait time is a little annoying later in the game, but it's fine and i get that they have to make money some how
Can no longer log in. Game demands Facebook login, then crashes if I dont log in. Demands login again. What
it's a nice idle game, however often when watching ads for rewards/time skips the game crashes after the ad has finished playing, and you don't get the rewards. today, approx. 4/5 ads crashed, with the past 3 in a row.
This game was a lot of fun at first, but I am having trouble being kicked off the app after watching videos. Which is pretty disappointing.. Watching an ad only for it to be conpletely wasted. Overall fun game, but the bugs make me want to uninstall.
Cute ripoff. Made the mistake of spending money. Got a bunch of stuff lost my purchases and all my stuff. Have contacted them two different ways with screenshots and still hasn't been fixed or reimbursed. Disappointing. Do not buy or play.
Very nice and calming. The added bonus for me is the sound effects are so relaxing that they help me in going to sleep if I have trouble.
Concept is amazing, I love it. Giving it a 4 stars due to the various bugs in the game, I'll go ahead and list a few. Some of the goals don't count as finished when completed, game closes when I use an add after closing the app for some time, and toad treats don't let me move them, or Trevor just wont eat them (only sometimes). Other than that, the game is really nice.
I really like this game.. but it's so slowly to get the caterpillar or a butterfly.. pupa. But it's cool ha! Because i really like a butterfly actually... i have a mini garden in my house and so many many caterpillars.. and butterfly's. And thanks for this game because my all butterfly's is up to hundred of butterfly's now...in my mini garden and for this game thank you to create so much thanks....πŸ€—πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹